The Daily Energy Routine

The Daily Energy Routine

hi my name is prune Harris from imaginal health and in this video it's going to be five to ten minutes and in this video we're going to be going through the daily energy routine that Donna Eden has put together to really help us keep our energies working in cohesion working in communication with each other and when we do this daily routine daily or at least very regularly then actually it's amazing for giving us a really strong network of house which makes us more resilient more able to access our vitality our joy and more able to recover from any health ailments that we're currently experiencing so let's start we're going to start by tapping the cheekbones so this is the part of the daily energy routine that is the fourth uhm and the first one here is wonderful for grounding now let's come to the end of the kidney Meridian so just below the points of the clavicle on the chest and we're going to give that a really good thump or tax or deep smash now if that feels better to you next we're going to go to the sternum right in the center of the sternum and let's do some tapping there this stimulates the thymus gland so essential for our immune system and finally in these four thumps we're coming to the last point of the spleen Meridian which is the very side theme of the body and if you take your hand put it in your armpit roughly where your bottom of your hand comes on the side of the body that's where we're going to be something we're stimulating the spleen meridian here which is so essential for metabolism metabolism of that soon our for our busy energies within a day that feels great so now we're going to move on to helping the crossover patterns in our body and first of all we're going to do a shoulder pull tour coming up to the shoulder grip your fingers over that beautiful big muscle and just rake your hands across to your hip lovely way to help bring in some crossovers through the chest through the heart through our digestive organs and therefore through our whole body when we work with the trunk it feels really good beautiful if you've got tension around the neck as well perhaps you've been sitting working on the computer hour doing some hard physical work and you just needing to help connect the body back together I'm going to reinforce that by doing a cross crawl here so moving our left hand to our right knee I'm bringing a nice figure eight pattern in through the arms as well you can do this whatever rhythm is good for you you might want to go fast and kind of bouncing you might do it really slowly you might be sitting down to do this in which case you can just put your hand on your knee as you cross over great so now we're going to go on to the Wayne Cook exercise so named after a wonderful pioneer in stuttering and stammering someone who really understood how to bring the brain into cohesion for the body so I'm going to simply cross one ankle over the other ankle and bring the backs of my hands together from there I'm gonna bring my palms together it doesn't matter which leg you're crossing first or which arm you're crossing first bring that into the chest and let's take a lovely breath here and releasing find your way to bring a stretch into the spine this exercise helps with mental clarity helps us to feel centered and calm it's my favorite one to do anytime I feel like I'm no longer being my truest self if I'm getting stressed if I'm being knocked off my balance this is the exercise that will bring me back whichever way you crushed your hands now go the opposite bringing that back in whichever way you cross your legs bring the opposite cross in as well and let's do the same breathing again we're reaching for the heavens and relaxing again one last time great final part of our exercise you're going to put your fingers together and you're going to place the thumb into the bridge of the nose or the third eye and let's take a great breath here this really helps bring mental clarity so for those times when you're struggling with memory or forgetfulness this is a beautiful way to help repattern the brain look breath in and as you breathe out positioning your fingers onto the midline of the forehead and just helping it break across I'm coming right through the temples here let's come back and do that again such a lovely way to relieve any congestion in the head we're going to go straight into the crown pull which continues working with helping congestion we're going to go all the way over the midline of the head simply pushing in with the fingers and then really stretching out and you might want to stretch all the way out to the ears you might simply want to do a couple of centimetres stretch here across that midline whatever feels good for balancing your head energy and releasing any congestion here we're going to come all the way through the neck being gentle with the neck not pressing onto the vertebra directly coming all the way to the shoulders and let's take a breath here ah great so already our energies are really really coming together we're going to help work with relieving toxicity in the body and bringing more energy in by massaging the neural emphatic points there's quite a few points here going to take us a couple of minutes once you know them really well you can do them very quickly but for the sake of this video I'll explain where they are so first of all we're going to start at that point below the collarbone where we were tapping k-27 and we're going to massage there and we're going to massage all the way under the collarbone to the arm scenes we're going to go down the edge of that arm scene and some of these places might be quite tender so be respectful of that at the same time I'm gonna go all the way down to the bottom of the pack and under the breast or the PEC muscle staying on the web still we're going to come to the edge of the sternum we're going to go just rib side of the sternum working those places in between the ribs let's do the same on this side as well under the collarbone down the arm scene and the side of the breast under the breast or the pack and up in between those ribs and now let's do the sternum itself all of these points help balance certain reflex points which help balance the Meridian system and in term and in turn move some of the lymph system in us so a great way to get a full body balancing now we're going to come under the ribcage and massage I like to use my little fingers here it's the easiest way for me to massage here you're going to figure out your own way all right great feel my body releasing any tension grounding deeper having access to more radiance more joy all right fingers into the bellybutton one inch out and let's massage there with any of these points some of them at will be sore for you that simply indicates that there's some congestion there so be respectful of those points and at the same time we do want to massage them as deep added comfortable for us so that we can help we bring about change keeping their fingers there let's come up another inch and massage these points and another inch again come back to the bellybutton out an inch down in into this time there's no beautiful points that can help balance the cortisol in our body all right now on to the bowels so we're working with the Houston and the ileocecal valve here fingers down towards the pubic bone and we're going to drag up to the bottom of the ribs just inside the hip bones so nice deep you're almost like just scooping that area so pulling up let's do it four times with as much pressure as is possible and comfortable for you and then once with the thumbs to smooth down there we're going to go across the barre just above the pubic bone working with important points there some of these will be very tender and now we're going to go down the outer edge of the thighs so right on that side view of the body again beautiful for balancing the energy of our digestive system and releasing any unwanted patterns or habits here let's come inside the legs as well just inside the knees and up to the inner thighs at the top couple left to do we will come to this deltoid muscle on the arm and massage those points fair this helps balance our kidney energy which in turn brings in a lot of our vital life force and vitality in our body great so we've done most of the deep balancing now we're going to invite the body to stretch to bring in the space to create movement okay so let's rub our hands together and take a good breath in and place the hands on the thighs we're going to go into connecting heaven and earth let's take a breath in a moment here and now placing the hands together in front of the chest we're going to stretch one up so that the palm is facing to flat against the heavens and one down so the palm is pressing down towards the earth brings in a beautiful stretch let's come back to Center and do the opposite way oh and this all feels so good in order for our energy bodies to really have cohesiveness and balance they need space for our beautiful healthy patterns to connect and slow so this is a great way to ground to bring in inspiration and to help our meridian system as well as many other of our energy systems find their balance ok let's come down towards the ground here as well just bringing in space through the spine you can have your knees bent however is comfortable for you here let's do some figure eights with our arms as we come up as well we're going to go into working with more figure eights here that really help a biofield help the aura the energy system that comes from within the body and surrounds us all so we're going to start again with our hands on our thighs take a good breath in beautiful for grounding bring our hands up to our chest and give them a little rough activate those strong electromagnetic palms that we have and let's just shake off any excess energy there as we take a deep breath in bringing the palms to the ears and releasing our breath and this time as we breathe in bringing our whole bones together and releasing the hands crossing over in front of the body a few times as we make our way back towards the floor lifting our hands up alongside parallel to the floor with our palms facing down and now scooping there's beautiful figure 8 all the way through our system and allowing that to really strengthen and weave our energetic aura even stronger lovely so we've got two left to do now middle finger in the bellybutton and middle finger in the third eye just above the bridge of the nose let's press in here and hook that up we've worked hard and done tried a few exercises to bring in that cohesiveness and so now we're really sealing it in we're helping the governing and the central meridians really connect together hmm and one last one we're going to do fingers in front of the pubic bone with zipping all the way up the central Meridian all the way to the mouth and we're locking that in let's do that one more time central Meridian all the way up lock it in as bring our arms above our head and come all hey back down to the thigh wow so a really great way you can do this exercise at the start of the day the middle of the day the end of the day is going to be a great balancer for your overall energies thanks so much for joining me bye-bye


  1. Good morning Prune & everyone here! Thank you so much. Began my day with this amazing daily energy medicine today. I love and appreciate your offering from Donna Eden and yourself. And i thank myself for doing this practice. In Oneness. Namaste. This is amazing!! I feel more grounded upon awakening.

  2. I have been doing Donna Eden's daily energy routine every morning for a month; I find that with the 4 taps, i feel some sensitivity at the tapping points. When put my thumbs on the area of my third eye i feel an awakening. I seems to me that Prune approaches the exercises a bit to forcefully. For instance, if i tapped as forcefully as Prune, i doubt that i feel the sensitive response to the taps. The door to higher realms opens from within. You cannot force it in. You can just prepare the ground. Just my opinion.

  3. Hai Prune, is placing your hands on your thighs also grounding? I hought I heard you say something like that. Thank you so much!

  4. hello from southamerika . If somebody has breastcancer the rubbing around the chest should be avoided or done? thank you

  5. I feel even more exhausted than usual on days where I do this routine, can you perhaps suggest a reason why this may happen? Thanks xx

  6. Fantastic energy clearing, you are such a great teacher. If only I could be your apprentice and learn to teach others. 👨‍🏫 God Bless you Prune x

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