The Effects of Social Media on Mental health PART ONE

The Effects of Social Media on Mental health PART ONE

so we're here now with tophi and he is a psychologist and he's gonna talk to me about mental health and effects of social media on mental health actually I have a lot of questions and I've been getting a lot of questions about it tell me about this you know generation this year 2019 what are the differences you've been seeing over the past years well I heard from a few doctors that there have been younger children who were you know going to see psychologists and psychiatrists to talk about depression or something to do with their mental health okay after the bell if you will look at them – one setting primarily people nowadays substitute personal interaction for computerized interaction so they use social media in order for them to really get along with people and the problem there is that social media then presents a very destructive facade because the person is not really allowed to be himself or herself now it goes both ways it becomes a very good protection for those who are shy and not that outgoing but it also becomes an avenue for pressure for those who are very much into it let's talk about the pressure why is there such a pressure to be part of social media I know that the Philippines I think it's maybe the number two user instead Facebook there's like a hundred percent penetration why are parents and the younger generation feeling this pressure okay because primarily Filipinos are very sociable individuals we don't want to be left up okay there's always this thing among Filipinos that what is the end thing we want to jump to the bandwagon and be a member of that now when Facebook opened up everyone wants to be a part of it what happens here is that we now try to identify ourselves with the people that we follow in facebook so because we are trying to identify ourselves with them we now want to achieve a level or a status that they are experiencing and because of that we are also pushing ourselves too much to be in that status for example a lot of people will have what we call vacation goals or travel goals okay and whenever they post those travel goals in Facebook those people who are reading about it then start to question what they have they say okay I'm the same age as him I haven't been to that place what's wrong with me so it then starts a cycle of self-doubt and then from there if the person's psychological health is a little bit unstable the problem start so you now become a little bit more annoyed with who you are it don't become dissatisfied with what you have and the depression will settle in sometimes it can be a little bit positive it can motivate you to work a little harder but sometimes it can also develop a lifestyle that you cannot sustain so Facebook can be inspirational in that sense but it can also be very destructive because I also found that yes there are Facebook and then when you go off it you just you know feel so bad and you're like where does it stem and I feel like you're right because you self-doubt and then you kind of have that maybe jealousy yes moving inside you definitely and it also start to question yourself even though you for a fact that you also have your own achievements to be proud of yeah so it then becomes a battleground of who's who when you when you go into social media and unfortunately for us Filipinos we also have this attitude of one-upmanship okay if you have this I'll have this one and I'll show that I'll make sure that it's bigger and better than yours social media oh definitely let's put it this way if you go for example to the middle-class income communities one household will then have an extension and then another household will have an extension now the one in the middle will then ensure that his extension of the house would be a little bit grander than the two other neighbors that flank him it's like that there is a one-upmanship attitude among Filipinos if that's what you have I'll have something better than yours and Facebook becomes a readily accessible at very dangerous media in which this kind of behavior can then develop in a very bad way that's why you know it's also important and very imperative that parents really try to check what kind of pages or who are the friends that their children log onto in Facebook because primarily it is a responsibility of the parents to at least not necessarily secure but to orient the child on which is right and wrong okay but I also feel that parents you know tend to do the same or or feel the same what I'm saying is like parents experiences as well oh definitely yeah and it's even an expanded level because for adults too little bit more serious yeah that's why for example nowadays a lot of people then get a little bit easier when it comes to the midlife crisis because they now start to question themselves like how come this guy who is younger than me has to tree achieved more than what I have and I'm a 40 year old guy who's living in let's say for example with his parents and I haven't left off in my career so it's it then Bruce more problems if I would say so just to give some balance I think the best benefit to Facebook is that and flow social media in general is that it connected a lot of people especially those Filipinos who are living abroad I think that's the best benefit appeal we got from them yes but it also breaks them apart so to speak I feel like also because we are constantly on social we're always exposed it's become a habit where you check it when you're waiting in the back you check your social media and people zone out and that's also the reason why well there's only one answer to that and that's convenience because of this kind of software's everything is out in our fingertips you want to hear the news go to social media you want to be entertained go to media outlets like YouTube or Amazon Prime for example that gives you quality program do you think like phone addiction is oh definitely in psychology there's what we call screen exposure addiction and this happens with people who just can't let go of their gadgets and I don't blame them because primarily from a biological perspective we have a part of our brain it's called the limbic system that gets a little bit stimulated whenever we do that yeah the dopamine is the chemical that it releases and because of that sudden surge of happy hormones we then feel so relieved so happy about what we do so reinforced of our action that you try to repeat it as much as we could that's why if you will look at it it has become a habit now that whenever we have free time the first thing that we will do is to go to our phone or our laptops and check the internet even if everybody I'm chatting with is there yeah yeah just because it's an addiction not to measure it gives you a protective barrier against a very sudden or a very intensive reaction that you might get from other people if you're talking to them personally it gives you a wall that keeps you safe from those kinds of battering however though the only problem of among social media practitioners is that because information is readily available to a lot of people social humiliation is very rampant also that's why we also have a term now called social bullying where in with the bully use a social media to relieve me somebody else and they hide behind anonymity yes the problem is that social media can also promote a sense of validation coming from other people the photo and we wait for people to like it because it's a way of measuring and this generation now is is preparing so it's like we have this metric system where we measure how many likes we have and then we have we're constantly being hammered with different photos and where we compare each other when it comes to body or you know codes or vacation or the material things that are that's very true and it all adds up yes and that's why from there the person starts to doubt himself and from the idea the person then try us tries to stare up certain things that already technically stable with him and that's where the disorders not you get a little bit anxious if I will post this who will comment on it what kind of comment can I get from it even though for a fact that what you just need to do is to really just validate yourself for your own efforts rather than allow other people to judge and mode who you are so you think that they should have the intention like what's my intention of forcing definitely it should have like the motivation for me to post this is just tell people that I enjoyed my vacation and explains it's not technically due to let people you know exactly something like I find myself cute now might believe later it's very telling of this culture that if not if people won't like this photo I'm going to just take it out yeah and that's very wrong because you don't let other people decide who you are at the end of the day their comments will go away but the effect of their comments on you will stay and at the end of day you will be the one to really deal with it not them you know I and I'm battling with it and I think now I'm in a much better place I feel a little bit more safe but I try to compartmentalize because it's part of my work so I'm like okay I have to do this because it's part of my work but I still go through it like I still at night thinking okay oh my gosh tomorrow's another day what am I going to post how do I deal with things like that like social media sometimes we value our self-worth what our social media is okay now here's what I want you to think about whenever you need to post something take out the idea that it has to be something palatable for others rather you're going to post it because it was a part of a good experience that you had that's it now whenever people comment you can read it you can understand it you can try to invite with you if you want but at the end of the day this is what you tell I do not have any control on what they think it's their opinion at the end of the day it is me who knows the truth about Who I am and that is what I want to believe in if other people say you know you don't look good it doesn't match who you are it it seems a little bit off at the end of the day it's you who has the real feeling about what you posted yeah and that's what is more important that you need to hang on to yeah yeah that's true because I'll be honest you post things thinking about if other people are gonna like it and actually my husband always tells me that but I don't care what other people think I'm opposed this because this is my best memory of my shop and I'm like yeah but no one's gonna like that business ya know it's that it's not actually being shallow it's actually a product of an evolutionary process that we have undergone before the last hundreds of years an evolutionary process that we have undergone through for hundreds of years already we always become happy if other people agree with us and it's a part of being in a group when when people start to create communities they always have this motivation that because we are part of one community we should agree with one another people always has this motivation that you have to like me because we're together nabob because we're kapa Philippine or cup for business minor things like that you have to like what I say but it doesn't work each and every individual has their own thoughts and those thoughts may or may not be the same as yours then just have to accept that that's the fact love and the more that you fight it the more that you lose the more that you get better it seems simple enough but when you're on your phone and you're closing we have so killed me again don't get a like it's a battle it's a struggle okay I mean but but I I get where you're coming from it's really exercising that mental fitness and and telling yourself I'm doing this for myself the start is always the hardest part but here's what I always tell my patients you're suffering right now that's why you're talking to me how long would you like that suffering to to continue for yourself how long are you willing to enjoy that kind of distressing feeling that you have right now and when they say now you know what I want to let go of this feeling right now then okay then start it sometimes to say a lot of people who say that I'm not yet ready I don't think I have the right mindset just yet but the truth of the matter is that when are we really ready is there really such a rule of thumb that we can say okay now I'm ready yeah there's not exactly you just have to start it in order for it to get going and the more that you prolong it all the more to to just let yourself suffer from something that should have been irrelevant in the first place


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  2. Ms. Belle, thank you very much for this content. You don't know how much help this makes for someone like me who is struggling in validation and self-doubt. I really appreciate this a lot. πŸ’•

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