The Emergence of Distance Health: Top 10 Medical Innovations 2018

The Emergence of Distance Health: Top 10 Medical Innovations 2018

number five the emergence of distance health extending the healthcare environment to the patient's home has been a goal for decades after years of trials experiments and modest growth distance health technologies are about to become a widely accepted standard of care why now experts point to the preponderance of connectivity 80% of Americans now own smartphones and nearly 75% have broadband service innovators from many disciplines have been removing demographic logistical financial regulatory and technological barriers today more than 90 percent of healthcare delivery systems have or are building a telehealth program distance health technologies are also extending far beyond the common two-way video platforms over 19 million patients are projected to use remote monitoring devices that feed regular information to their doctors in 2018 platforms are also being built that enable more interaction between patients and clinicians around the world with momentum building experts believe that the emergence and acceleration of distance health technologies and services are assured in 2018 you


  1. With the increasing use of distance health technology, telemedicine is becoming the most effective way to serve patients. No doubt, in the next few days, telemedicine and distance health technology will grow by leap and bounds. Smartphones and other latest health apps are expected to play a lead role in it.

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