The Falling Man | Behind The Photo | 100 Photos | TIME

The Falling Man | Behind The Photo | 100 Photos | TIME

Took an Express Subway train from times square to Chambers [street] which is to stop just before the world trade Center the first thing I saw was the two world trade centers both of them had smoke and fire coming from I just started making my pictures I was photographing the burning building when Emt says oh my gosh. Look at that, and we started seeing people coming down at the building I instinctively picked up my camera and started photographing them following him as they came down Until I photographed what must become known as the falling man It’s a very quiet photograph It’s not like a lot of other violent photographs from other disasters There’s no blood. There’s [no] guts. There’s nobody getting shot, but people react to it in a way that They feel that they can relate to this photograph That they might have been in the same situation, and they might have had to make whatever choice the man in the photograph made You have to be very aware of your surroundings when you’re in a situation like this you [have] to be careful that you don’t become [a] victim journalists don’t run away from falling building We don’t run away from the fire we run to it because it’s our job to record history [I] Didn’t know I [had] that photograph of that man in that position Until I actually saw it on my computer when I got back to [the] office I Called one of our photo editors, and I showed him the picture I said I [this] is it this has got to be the picture this man was like an arrow bisecting the two world trade centers I Woke up the next morning, and I opened up the paper, and there was my photograph of following that It was a very brave thing for them to use that picture it was the only picture that was like that of anybody falling from the building [the] only picture that showed any kind of human interaction [like] that a paper in Allentown Pennsylvania used the picture they put it on their whole back page in the newspaper And then the editor said that it was that important to photograph And he got a lot of mail letters the editor saying he shouldn’t have run this this is not something I want my children to see Tom [Juneau] the author of the esquire article. He’s the one who came up with the name the falling man That was the name of the article And it sort of stuck I’ve never regretted taking that photograph at all. It’s probably one of the only photographs that actually shows someone dying that [day] We have a terrorist attack on our own soil And we still don’t see pictures of our people dying and this is a photograph of someone dying you


  1. Can you imagine one of your loved ones or yourself inside and choosing which to take I can and I makes my eyes water cause ever way it’ll cause pain.frick those people who did this frick them

  2. How he said that guy doesn’t want his kids to see that..I’m a kid so this may not be any of my business..but I do know that your kids need to understand the world they live in. I’ve understood the world I live in since I was about 8 or 9 which seems like a good age to me. Unless their like 4 or 5 they need to know. Again I’m probably wrong because who listens to kids but really. This is reality…this is life.

  3. They took our People they took our happiness but they will never take away our Faith …….Attacks of 9/11 Will never go away

  4. Imagine just Imagine if the twin towers were still up what wouldve have been the progress in technoligy i mean i was thinking about it when I was watching some 9/11 vids not for fun but for honor lmk what you think btw

  5. We were standing at the bottom, messing with the receptionist for fun, I was a really young teenager at the time, we stepped outside and the plane hit and shit fall from the first tower we ran and ran, and not to long later we saw the second plane hit as we were running, I’ll never forget it.

  6. 0:51 just think of it everyone in that building in this video died and you just saw them minutes before. 18 years later and I can’t believe this still happened. This video is just mind blowing how this tragedy happened. RIP

  7. The first thing I thought of when I saw this picture was that it looks like the tarot card for the hanged man, which is shown upside down.

  8. the thing that really hurt it’s that they really had to decide , do I die to jumping or burning to death , it’s something that really hurts

  9. Either way you would die which is so upsetting. Bc if you stay there and you just burn and you die but if you jump you have no idea where your landing and most likely……..yeah

  10. I was looking through Instagram I saw people falling of from the tower during the 9/11 attack two people were holding hand it made me sad because maybe they were friends or lovers or strange who were afraid to Jump off and die alone may those to die during the 9/11 Rest In Peace 🙏🏻im sorry you die through saying your sorrys or goodbyes or your loves you 💔

  11. Apparent ally this guys son was in a photograph too…
    this is so sad and nobody in the building deserved death.
    I also heard about a kid who won a trip to New York, and was in a plane. He was greeted to death by one who hijacked the plane…

  12. This is our world. This is what we need to change. This is what hurts us. This is what we need to stop from happening again. Pls bruh I’m begging

  13. Just looking at the photo just made me tear up they didn’t have any other choice they didn’t want to get burnt so they decided to jump.

  14. When they say it happend along time ago Get Over it!! No you can't get over it!!! That was some ones Mom, Dad , Daughter,Son, Brother Sister!! It still hurts!! You don't just get over it or Forget! It is Something that happend that scard the ones who live it!! And seen it!! And felt it!! Never Forgotten Never!!💔

  15. Even after this happened ,, PEOPLE GO TO WORK TO THE SAME TALL BUILDINGS WITHOUT HAVING A PARACHUTE sitting in their office… Why..?
    I am sure a parachute can be purchased on Amazon eBay and so on….

  16. People who died in the towers were channeled by a reputable medium and we got some answers. Before you dismiss this comment, listen to the interviews in the video. The falling man is interviewed at about 11:23 into the video. (scroll down to image of firefighters for video)

  17. And here we are, I thought I would actually find out "WHO" the falling man was ' behind the photo'. Instead AS USUAL the MEDIA makes the story about the MEDIA.


  18. Making this decision is hard making your in a tall building and your at floor 108th and fire is behind. You u know what will happen if u jump u have like 59s of your last moments just in the sky thinking about your family and you just want a lucky thing to happen right there rip

  19. Those people on that plain must know, " this is it! I'm going to die today, here, and now."

    Oh jeez, I'm crying

  20. Oh my this is awful I wish this never happend
    Even that falling man we must pray.
    Of every single person that died of
    Helping,fire fighters,polices,
    Children/babies and the fallen
    Stupid man I mean that was
    Really dumb but at least he’s
    Alive and not in hell.

  21. Why would they put the on the cover of a magazine! He was a man loved by a family. You recognize your loved ones! I can't imagine the pain that this has caused someone. It is bad enough that it happened. Now they are exploiting it to sell their magazine! HORRIBLE!

  22. This shit was a done deal a plane won't break a big building the second the plane hits the camera angle changes then goes back to the explosion. And there is only one vid

  23. imagining jumping off… and knowing ur going to die. U get closer and closer to the floor, and out of no where everything goes blank🤕

  24. I know they lived short lives, but I wish we honored the kids that lost thier lives that day, they were on a plan traveling to a science convention

  25. In another video of the Twin Towers a dude commented that his brother and his 2 friends jump together and the dude the commented in the other vid his brother was in the tower i think i saw the part where they jump off i think at 1:01 may the dude brother and his 2 other friends R.I.P :c
    I almost cried when i saw the comment
    btw the part i think i saw people jumping off is on the right side in the middle of the tower basically its just the video screen that is small.

  26. It still makes me sick to my stomach what happened that day. All those poor people. The Man who jumped and the others, I hope God made their fall as painless as possible. As well as all the First Responders, I always pray their suffering was quick. 🙏

  27. Even tho I didnt lose anyone in the 911 attacks I cried because those were people, they were us and when they couldnt escape the building, they jump, and seeing the people jump hurts.

  28. This poor guy. He is apart of a terrorist attack that is considered a joke to some people. "The Falling Man"… Seeing him just like that is severely sad.

    I can't believe it is considered a meme. Not the guy who jumped, the attack itself. If I ever knew whoever this person is, I wish I would've been able to hug him.

    That picture of him falling… He has the clothes that are similar of my dad's. I can see me hugging this guy as we fall towards the earth. It reminds me of my dad so much, somehow.

    If this happened while I worked there, I woulda jumped with my pal, hugging him until the very end. May all of these people rest in peace. They never deserved to choose their own death that day.

  29. It’s crazy to me how he how he just accepted it, he found peace and took his last breath in those seconds of falling R.I.P to all the souls of the 9/11 terrorist attack may they be remembered forever.

  30. You ever had a dream that you're on a roller coaster or that you're falling and your stomach turns that feeling like you're on a roller coaster I would imagine that's what it would feel like when you jump off of a building when you're following your stomach is churning and then all of a sudden your you're gone no pain just that awful feeling of being on a roller coaster when you're falling

  31. Such a gut wrenching feeling. I remember being released early from school i was in 8th grade. My mom was in the living room crying. We were watching ppl that would rather jump then be burned alive. They had to choose their death but whats sad is they had to accept it before making the decision.

  32. I have started trying to watching this a few different times. But i have to stop it 1 second in that poor man. It physical makes me ill. God I pray i'm never in that situation. We will never get close to knowing what thoughts went threw his mind. If anyone knows the mans identity I would really like to know. Prayers always for everyone's life this event has scarred.

  33. I can't belive the horror that occurred in New york R. I. P to all who suffered in this event and hope the people responsible for this will burn in hell

  34. I'm in tears just seeing that picture, I would not know what to do in that situation, my god it's horrifying. Rest In Peace to all 2,977 people who died, I'm so sorry some people are true evil in this world. You are in a better place now.

  35. This is just traumatic
    How dumb can you be to fucking go with a PLANE through a building
    Allah is nobody. There is only one God,and he's not happy about your actions
    I hope everyone who lost their lives are in a better place

  36. what gets me is the video at 0:51–0:58 with the office workers hanging out the windows amid the smoke, some waving towels/clothes around to signal they're there seeking help. I had not seen that video before. Pretty much guaranteed they all perished a short time later. Awful.

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