The Food Industry Is Lying To You About Health & Nutrition – Here's Why | Vishen Lakhiani

The Food Industry Is Lying To You About Health & Nutrition - Here's Why | Vishen Lakhiani

so it's Fitness week at MindValley and I am pissed off this week let me tell you why came across this article in The New York Times this is from just a couple of weeks ago let me tell you what it says it says in Asia's fattest country nutritionists take money from food giant's know what is Asia's fattest country it's Malaysia I Malaysian I'm filming this in Malaysia Malaysia is where MindValley HQ is based and I grew up in this country and as I read that article I felt sick sick because what the New York Times exposed is how government officials in Malaysia take money from food giants like Nestle and then a swayed to take what is essentially crap and marketed as healthy food I want to show you something and some of you in certain parts of Europe might be familiar with this brand from Nestle it's called Milo look at the box it shows a guy doing Taekwondo which is a martial art it's very popular in Malaysia I studied Taekwondo as a child now the thing is I was trained as a kid in Malaysia to take two to three glasses of Milo every single day because of advertising that said this made me better at sports then I read that article and I decided wow surely Milo can't be that bad so I looked at the ingredient list let me show you something this is a can of Milo and everything below this blue line 40% of this can is nothing but pure sugar in Malaysia this is considered healthy I wouldn't feed Milo to my child as a as a recreational drink it's 40% sugar but the article in New York Times talks about some even more disturbing stuff this is honey stars right nestle paid the government hundreds of thousands of dollars to advise them on nutrition as a result honey stars which is one of the highest sugar content of any cereal gets a red sticker from the government from the health body of Malaysia saying this is a healthy choice product again this is the problem in the world today guys big pharma and food companies are not incentivized to make you feel healthier they incentivize to keep you sick they incentivize to keep you pumping your body with sugar because sugar makes you hungrier so you buy more of their poisonous now this isn't just a unique problem to Malaysia if you are in Europe you may have heard the controversy with Nutella recently people had to sue that Italian company Ferrero that makes Nutella because they were positioning that Nutella which is essentially palm oil and sugar with a little bit of chocolate they were positioning it as a breakfast food that is healthy because apparently it contains a tiny percentage of milk which we also now know is completely unnecessary to the human biology now if you're American it's you're not off the hook as well I went to school in America I was a teenager in America during my college years and as a 19 and 20 and 21 year old before I would rush off the classes I would eat something called pop tarts right because I watch television and I was told that pop tarts was a healthy breakfast choice because apparently it contained fruit well what they didn't say is that contained artificial fruit and pop-tart was nothing more than sugar and carbs but I as a college kid thought that this was actually healthy what we want to do in mine Valley is help fix that so this is why this week on MindValley we're releasing my master class with Eric Edmonds of wild fit you see Eric and I believe that we want to help get rid of this horrible lie and in this master class we teach you how to rewire your brain to change your relationship with food because get this if you're trying to lose weight if you're trying to have a healthy BMI if you're trying to expand your longevity exercise is great that ninety-five percent of your body shape has to do with the food you eat but we've been brainwashed and conditioned to spend money on what is essentially poison now let's fix that we can unbraid wash you to help you eat food that's actually healthier for your body and I just want to encourage you guys to check out this masterclass I'm as I was doing research on this this this week I just kept getting increasingly disturbed by what I read can't wait to see you guys in the program


  1. What do you have for breakfast? Do you think it's healthy?
    Uncover the truth behind why we eat what we eat… and how you can return to the path of vibrant health and vitality in this FREE masterclass👉

  2. oh my hi vishen. i have follow your videos for some time, but i really didnt thought u are a malaysian! lol at first i thought this mindvalley was founded in america. btw thank you for your infos about these kind of foods, it really hep me to be selective whila having my meal

  3. Stop your guerilla ad campaign you stupid cunt. You're not pleasant enough to be the next tai lopez. No one considers milo a health drink and it's sad that your entire business idea is dependent on that one assumption.

    Don't prey on dumb gullible people like a cunt.. Especially starting your videos with "Stop! Don't exercise!" it means don't exercise until you give me money.

    Both you and your lover look like constipated coke addicts and I'm shocked, this is very low effort, baity scam.. Were you hoping to get sued by milo for clout? Answer honestly.

  4. I found people who do mind work or be inactive , and lives in AC environment should eat low sugar and salt (sodium) diet…. By this u will not excess thirst and craving for food(sugar)

  5. Food companies are causing the biggest crime ever by feeding you animal products. Animal products are extremely harmful for your health. Yet we continue to depend on animals for our nutrition when we have immense choices out there.

  6. In US, meat, dairy, sugar, pharmaceutical all have their men in the government making food recommendations. If you want to know what I'm taking about, look at…
    "How not to die"- by Michael Gregor

    Forks Over Knives

    These videos will give you an insight.
    American food companies = 80% greed.

  7. This is true but quite wrong in giving people perspective. For the commenters, do you know the sugar content of most fruits that you eat? You'll probably be surprised and immediately stop eating them. Trends of Internet today are showing danger of things but didn't show the good or at least the minimal requirements of that "danger". In case you're wondering we do need sugar especially our brain. I do BOYCOTT some of the products shown but for a whole another reason.

  8. Totally getting rid of this kind of products from my children diet.

    I always thought that milo is safe though it's sugary. Thank you for sharing this.

    I signed up for superbrain . Looking forward to learning more from mind valley and seek better and real education for my children.

  9. I’m so glad Mindvalley is fighting for the health of Malaysians, and people all around the world.
    Thank you for doing this.

  10. I dont know who the heck U guys R. But im so sick and tired of U every time i play a Youtube video. Just so U know.

  11. In Singapore, Milo cans are decorated with the "The Healthier Choice" mark..

    Thank god i had stopped drinking (As i suspected foul play in their marketing) Milo, years ago.

    Thanks for the brave and solid confirmation!

  12. Cereals from boxes are the most unhealthy food . It’s a poison give some bananas 🍌 and any fruit 🍇 to your children 👶

  13. People know just one thing everything that come from industry it means in boxes or cans isn’t good for you !!! Only fresh fruits; vegetables, grains and fresh water are

  14. I'm glad you bought up the fact that breastfeeding milk from a mother cow is not essential for our bodies but more than that it is the biggest lie that it keeps us healthy when in fact it depletes the calcium from our bones and this is why 90% or more of the world's population suffers from something.
    Animal babies and their mothers do NOT need to suffer to give us energy.
    I am almost 60 years old and I still run in the park with my bull mastiff. I gave up consuming all animal products 3.5 years ago and I feel stronger and healthier than I've ever felt in my life which is kinda weird to me – I did not know I would become healthier – I went Vegan to Stop the suffering of the innocent and my body has thanked me everyday for not inputting poisons into my system . I don't get hurt like I used to. I lift heavy containers. My back is healing. I no longer have insomnia. I rarely get the flu which only happens when I'm going through mental trauma.
    50 million vegans in the world proves we do not need to take energy from innocent Sentient beings to live. There are numerous vegan athletes winning competions. We cannot talk about compassion and choose who to leave out. There are NO excuses left

  15. Wait a min, did he just do it to sell his masterclass?! Just watch the end. I thought the intention of this video was only to point out bad food. No, it was about there s bad food out there, but learn how to avoid it at our paid 'masterclass'. Great and disappointing at the same time.

  16. Well, this is just the beginning. The list just begins at Milo. Only eat your staple diet and fresh food.

  17. It's not their fault people are brain dead wirh food. How can you think poptarts replace real fruits. It's just do some basic research.

  18. Just see the World Health Organisation (WHO)'s logo: Two snakes/serpents coil themselves in a magic stick. Snakes are known in all human's cultures as something a liar, tongue-twister and misleading infomer.

  19. To much sugar is the dark secret to de populate human by make us 😷then taking💊… Waiting for end of life. Mr vishen.. I hope u open ur eyes.. I don't know if u know who controlling the world. And thanks the video sharing Is caring…

  20. Why not make a video about alternative malt drinks and healthy cereals ? That would be educational and would allow us the consumers to choose healthier alternatives.

  21. … I don’t know where you got pop tarts were healthy because the contain fruit but I’ve literally always known pop tarts are more like dessert for breakfast and can’t be good for anyone ..

  22. Way too much sugar. I agree with you. I'm on a journey to lose my weight and I must cut sugar and carbs. Malaysian traditional food is also way too heavy with carbs and fat too. Doesn't suit lifestyles today. We aren't working in fields, on the high seas or in plantations anymore. Also, the portion sizes were smaller in the old days.

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