The July Special – Zinc Recap – Male Sexual Health – Vegan Gains – Freelee – Hench herbivore

The July Special -  Zinc Recap - Male Sexual Health - Vegan Gains - Freelee - Hench herbivore

my friend Stephanie say friends stop me hey friends it's Daphne hey friends Daphne hey guys its Daphne hey friends stop me hey friends Daphne your flat earth nurse hey friends it's Daphne and welcome back to my channel and I say back to my channel because if this is where you're starting you're totally lost the July special oh here we go here we go alright so with our wonderful lengthy awesome and in-depth video for this month we are offering of zinc video recapitulation we're offering up some information about a carnival or grocery haul and we're also going to be doing an update on some vegans including but not limited to freely fit short eats and maybe vegan games so where do you want to start oh you are so obsessed with the Botox video that's because you don't want me to talk about the zinc issue which is actually kind of increasing the epidemic of grumpy old men and we're going to talk about that in this episode all right so our last video was about zinc and zinc deficiency and the importance of zinc but I don't really think I'm emphasized the importance of zinc enough especially for men and the reason that this is a big deal is because men who go vegan and stay vegan will not just lose their hard-on they will lose their libido and this is related to the zinc deficiency and this is caused by low testosterone and you can just take zinc and it'd be better you have to really eat good food and as we've been discussing this can come in the form of calf's liver which has a lot of zinc in it which comes all together with other nutrients to balance it out if you take zinc by itself it'll throw out your copper and that can give you hair and other problems right just like if you take magnesium by itself throws out your calcium calcium throw out your zinc is any throw out your copper blah blah blah down the line you can't just take an isolated mineral or nutrient and expect it to work it's always going to create a deficit somewhere else so that's why I said in my last video like for reproductive women it's a prenatal or nothing like the whole bullshit show or nothing you're gonna mean like don't don't take egg don't think that you can take zinc as a man and have a solution happen for you because it could create more problems so calf's liver is what I'm saying is really great because ultimately people would want to run to seafood including oysters which they say is like oh that's really good for sex toy stores you know they say wasters is like a natural yeah but that's because I have someone zinc in it so liver so we're gonna work on is the future of our cooking show and we're gonna try to incorporate liver see I have never eaten liver in my life it's disgusting it looks gross I've heard bad things I don't know I'm I'm prejudging it I will I will admit that I'm pretty touching it I've never eaten it but I really ought to and I think that men especially really ought to well that's why everyone cooks with onions and gravy yeah every recipe is like oh how do we mask the flavor of this disgusting shit anyway I'm not advocating that it's yummy or delicious I'm just saying that it's sex in a jar for men and I think that that's like nature's way of saying like well if you're not out there hunting as a man and succeeding and getting the nutrition you need you how can you reproduce do you know what I mean so same thing with a woman whenever she is starving her body and becoming anorexic and growing hair in weird places and she loses her period okay mother nature saying like if you can't fucking take care of yourself you're not fucking capable of taking care of a baby it's not gonna happen and so for a man this is his version of it you got to go out there and hunt the high zinc you know organs eat up shit and and have enough left over for your kid and if you don't your dick isn't going work and that's nature telling you like reproductively you don't deserve to participate in the game because you didn't eat enough zinc you didn't eat enough animal products so men are especially vulnerable to these issues I think so the vegan diet I think a lot of women get on it and they're like Oh everything's fantastic no no like yeah because you don't need any testosterone you know men actually need testosterone and if they're eating a vegan diet then they're eating a bunch of foods that have phytic acid in it which blocks your zinc absorption completely and then they're avoiding all of the foods that actually contain zinc naturally you know like liver or oysters right and immediately the first day that a man starts eating up just a plant-based diet he starts to create a deficit and this wreaks havoc on his reproductive system this is why vegan men can not get a hard-on I get so many emails about vegan men and they're hard on stuff new what do I do like I'm sorry I'm sorry that vegans listen to my video sometimes because they eat knowing they're like I'm the vegan and I I love what you're saying but I don't know what to do like you need to do what I'm telling you to do like I mean I'm not gonna force it onto you but ultimately if your dick is limp you're gonna have to go back to eating animal products there's no other way about it and for vegans to go about saying things like animal products cause people to have erectile dysfunction and veganism you know is the crate for your dick all of that is wrong all of that is backward all of that is stupid profit-driven garbage and for men to have functioning hard-on and I mean a real good heart I don't like this half limp bullshit that vegans I'm Tom telling you they messaged me and they're like dominate I can't get it fully up like it's almost fully up but I've been vegan for like six years and I'm like dude like you need zinc you fucking me zinc without seeing your balls are gonna shrivel up without zinc balls won't even descend in a child don't adjust won't so there's that this is one of the reasons that veganism is definitely going to literally die out unless vegans start and mass doing what Angelina Jolie did and just adopt for children there's no way for it to continue to grow because vegan men are in mass either castrating themselves literally or with the diet eating a diet high in estrogen low and zinc etc etc etc like men who don't eat enough zinc over the course of like literally just three or four years will become uninterested in women so if you're listening for this information and you would like more of it we have done an in-depth video previously called vegan isms number one silent killer which is all about zinc deficiency just really getting in there about it and also a lot of the specifics about seafood and why seafood isn't really your best option for overcoming a zinc deficiency but not enough in there about its relationship to men's health I mean I think I briefly mentioned it but I don't think that I made it the main part of the video which it should have been because when it comes to zinc and men I hope I've made myself absolutely clear that this is an important link zinc and men very important link and isolating that and taking it as a supplement isn't really advisable or I don't know it doesn't not always helpful I don't think yeah so anyway moving on we're going to be doing a grocery haul I want to do a grocery haul and I want to do a grocery haul because I've been bombarded like since I started this channel with requests to do what I eat in a day video which i think is stupid I think is arbitrary I think the snapshot is ridiculous and if I were to provide my audience with something that small you know that little bit of information people think oh well that's all I need to eat or that's all you eat and this piece of information can be taken as all your advice and it's not do you know what I mean yeah and I think that um these requests for what I eat in a day video or a lot like this like blood test request like it's a snapshot vegans or I guess obsessed with individual snapshots that are completely meaningless but like what someone ate for one day is literally not helpful unless that's what they're eating every day or three days a week and telling you to do that for some sort of reason which I don't understand you know what I mean like it would have to be a what I eat in a week video which seems a little daunting so I thought we would go even more in-depth with less effort and do a grocery haul because the grocery hauls that the carnivores are doing are not satisfying me in fact they're leaving me rather pissed off especially like francophone oh did a grocery haul I forget somebody else did one and it wasn't it's not even a grocery haul it's like look when I go out on my local butcher that's not relatable you know like what you could get at your local homestead not relatable people want something that they can actually use to help them in their daily life what can somebody get at a fucking regular grocery store and you and I last night when you did a little bit of a regular grocery store shopping together and I was thinking the whole time I was like wow it's like why aren't we made a video like this because this is actually really good stuff it's really affordable really accessible you know like these carnivores on YouTube are not doing anything realistic except Shaun Baker advertising the butcher box like that okay yeah I'm sure have that shit delivered to your house but like what can someone who's trying to eat more animal products do if all they have access to is a target or a Walmart or a shitty market or a Kroger and you the King Soopers like what can somebody actually go into a regular grocery store and access that is safe and nutritious and affordable high quality got all the fat included no garbage added to it like what can we really show people that they can get and I thought that whenever we we came home with all that stuff looks like this would make a really great video I'd actually like to do more get extra not just this one little snapshot but like a bigger like two we call and then show people like for two weeks we could eat this much and this is what you know this is a good example of what someone could do and I also don't think that a lot of the carnival Falls are relatable because it's not something that somebody coming out of veganism can do or would even want to do they can't even digest that shit you know what I mean like when I first um started eating meat again I had to try beef about 16 different times before I was able to digest it so I don't think that just showing somebody half a cow you got your local butcher it's hopeful like good for you you you know like Kim Kardashian like you're not helping anybody good for you and your big fake ass but you're not fucking helping anybody you know like well if your fucking grocery all that you got at your local butcher and it's all this you know packaged meat and empty you know wrappers that don't have any words on them just plain empty packaging like that's not helping anybody to achieve what you're achieving it's not helping anybody to transition into that it's just not helpful it's just you bragging like I just feel like when Frank Tufano post his videos well what's in his fridge it's just him bragging that he's better than you and I feel like if we gave somebody a video where they could like really relate to the grocery store content do you and I mean like what could somebody actually go into a grocery store and buy that is going to nourish them and not kill them you know what I'm saying and not just garbage I don't even like just go buy a frozen pizza and and call it a carnivore dive I mean like what could people actually go buy that was high-quality anyway we went in there I thought this was really good stuff and I know that not all grocery stores are as great as they are here in Colorado because we've got access to bison and things that don't always exist in other places but anyway I think that for the most part that doing a regular grocery store grocery haul would be helpful I think that'd be much more helpful than what I eat in a day because what I get what I eat a day could vary from just yogurt and honey all day to nothing to a bunch of things to beef jerky and water I don't know like it just doesn't make any sense to do what I ate a day because it varies and it should vary for people for everybody it should vary you know what I mean so what you eat in a day it just doesn't make any sense and that's why I haven't done the video even though it's requested every other video I do what do you mean a day like that's the dumbest thing anybody's like what do you wear in a day like it varies you know what I mean it's just stupid right no you can say oh you're like your tits almost like you tell me don't go to your butcher if you have one well I mean I probably the better option I'm not saying not to go to your butcher I'm just saying that for somebody turning on their computer and sitting down an understanding that you know they've been caught in a vegan trap and they need to get out of it they don't have a butcher they don't know a butcher they don't know about how to go about finding a good one do you know what I mean so I wanted to give somebody something relatable that they could they could do if they you know if they wanted to if you have a butcher or if you have a homestead or if you can manage a homestead or if you have access to a homestead or if your friends have pigs these are all really great and you should always choose that but people don't always have access to that I want them I want them to have access to that I want them to seek out access to that but I'm not there to open up somebody's phone book or drive down somebody's Road and/or get on Craigslist and see if somebody is in the area selling eggs these are things that people could do like I'm not there to do that for people but we could go into a regular grocery store and do regular grocery store haul and show people you know what it is they could get that is decent but anyway moving on to freely fit Shorty eats vegan games uh-huh what is there to say about vegan games beside he's just wow he's looking sadder than ever and people keep leaving me comments and they're like dude I don't know why people report to me okay every time vegan gains does anything and every time Vidya does anything people come report to me okay like I'm the fucking police that's me you better have to take a look at vegan games he is looking awfully pale lately I'm Way okay and then I get another comment Daphney vegan games are going to shit and I go over and I click on a video my god why don't I just subscribe because I've obviously gotta pay attention but moving on to freely much more people comment about than anything she is oh wow okay sure her content has just gotten so boring that even her own viewers are like girl no okay like the thumbs up and the thumbs down and views on her last video it's just for audience just losing complete and total interest she's just boring everybody like we get it okay you think you're fantastic you don't talk you eat out of the jungle occasionally you film yourself pretending to eat oh this is where it gets really tricky people don't understand Louise what do I want to set her philosophy okay people think that freelee's philosophy is just veganism and saving animals and that's it okay but it's not in fact that's like way lower on her list than you would ever possibly imagine freelee's number one value is getting things freely that's why she has actually renamed herself freely I don't know what her actual name is but her YouTube name is freely and has been for almost a decade now and she calls herself freely because she wants free shit does anybody understand this she wants to live life for free okay she doesn't want to pay for food she doesn't want to pay for clothing she doesn't want to pay for water this is why she could quote-unquote lives off the grid and gets shit out the jungle not because she's ethical not even because she's vegan I mean you can say she is but she's not doing it because she's mean she's doing it because she's a cheap motherfucker okay I'm just throwing that out there to tell people the truth because I've watched really for almost a decade almost every video even when I started to disagree and now even when it's getting boring and cringe-worthy I'm still paying attention okay and let me tell you what if you pull on the purse strings you will find the heart of freely all she cares about is how to get things for free this is one of the reasons why she if they're either isn't going to have her boob job replaced or it took her so long to have them replaced we're not really sure what's going on we're waiting on some sort of official announcement because something might have happened but maybe it didn't but ultimately she doesn't she doesn't want to have them replaced or she didn't want to have them replaced simply because it was going to cost money okay she doesn't want to spend any and people think that she's trying to live this super ethical life because she wants to help animals and she wants to you know help the environment and she wants women to be free but ultimately what she wants is ad revenue for herself so that she can get things cheaply and she said in this video this is the most ridiculous fucking video she's ever done in her whole life she's wanting people to understand how bad consumerism is and then she has mid-roll ads for expensive watches and I don't care what people say about ads like Oh Daphne those ads are targeted for you I've never worn a watch do you see me wearing watch what did I ever want an expensive watch right like No her ads were all expensive watches I've never even owned an expensive watch I don't even wear a fucking watch and people were like those ads are targeted for you like this is really interesting that she makes a video about animal rights and the video has mineral odds for bacon for um pork chops it was a pork advertisement like okay maybe that one was for me but I don't wear a watch and I don't know why her video on consumerism it stopped four times for high-end advertisements she's like oh what everybody lives free oh I want to be free we should all live freely stop this video talk about this really expensive watch it's like watching a video on science and it being stopped for you to listen to a message about your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ it makes no sense it's almost like YouTube is playing a joke on some of these people like they just want to put an ad on there that doesn't go with the content and they did this like all the time in Flat Earth they put a fucking globe earth bullshit commercial on a flat earth video or on tsveti I guess said you got commercials and they're putting vegetables and take me as commercials on his raw meat videos and then on Frank de fondos videos there's constantly some sort of vegan bullshit like some sort of carrot nonsense and just all this shit all this like all this not cohesive shit makes me so mad like if somebody at YouTube just sitting there like oh what kind of really stupid contradictory ad could I put on this fucking video like like somebody watching a freely video is interested in Arby's really like I'm not sure I'm not sure it's under its computing I don't really understand and like for her to put in the mid-roll ads I don't think people understand this mid-roll ads are chosen by the youtuber because they want more money so if you watch a video and it stops four five six seven eight nine ten times that was chosen by the youtuber they want you to have to sit through more ads because they want more ad revenue this is her idea of living freely it's not producing a product that people actually want like she doesn't do that she wants you to sit through fucking ad do you know what I mean like it's ridiculous like the best use of your ad space on YouTube is to talk about your own products and your own product should be enough to carry you through and you be you know be able to earn an honest living but she's not I don't think she's earning an honest living I don't think that somebody who is vegan and can earn their living honestly through out revenue generated by or for the fucking meat companies that they say they hate okay so frequently on her videos there are fast food commercials like a sonic I've never okay I've never been to a sonic in my life I've never even pulled up in one to make out with a boyfriend okay I have never even drove but never even driven through one like I've never even looked in the direction of a sonic and when I go to her videos there's a sonic advertisement so you can't tell me that was targeted for me right and then this expensive and for these watches like what is going on here she wants people to live freely but she wants them to do it while attached to some sort of Google ad revenue like this doesn't make any sense like here's what I'm saying if really were to provide people with like the cool things that she makes in the jungle like if she had her shop where she's like hey I make these coconut bowls hey I make this pawn purse hey I make this rug onto some shit found on the floor in the jungle like if she had that going on that would be so awesome but she doesn't she's just got her her titties in her cookbook her at porno cookbook you know and her ad revenue and she claims that this is enough to sustain her off-grid lifestyle which I don't feel like I'm not saying that when she's there filming it's not off-grid I'm saying she's not an off-grid person okay but she's just not like she's probably living in a hotel and going to the jungle to film occasionally that's just I just feel it might be how she's doing it all right up next people were requesting that we talk about fit shorty eats and her baby which oh honey you better get some tea poured for this one because it's juicy is so juicy okay so apparently they have been getting threats that people were going to steal their baby okay mainly because they're starving it you know and people are saying that the baby is actually sick and they're hiding it they don't want anybody to know and so they deleted all the pictures of the baby and they don't want to post any updates on the baby because he's sick and they don't want anybody to know so they're just saying it's just threats you know people want to knock the baby but really people have been wanting to knock the baby then pin posting threats of not being the baby since they had the baby do you know what I mean so for them to just now say oh well it's because of these threats like you live or you you travel the world randomly no one knows where you are you're not under control by any government you've bragged about this no one could ever find you or your baby so what's the problem the problem is they don't want to post pictures of it because he's not he's really not looking so good he didn't look good when he was born and I'm not diagnosing him with anything but I'm just saying he didn't look good when he was born and I'm sure he doesn't look any better now and they don't want to post any pictures of that and like what what else is there to go into detail about it if you go over to her Instagram and scroll through it every picture of the baby has been deleted yeah it just goes pictures of her being you know hugely pregnant – nothing all right so also Christina glows and fully raw Christina they're just too many Christina vegan just too many of them uh anyway uh crickets christina glows was distraught about people pointing out that she's dying how to word it she's distraught that people said the truth and she deleted her social media etc there's nothing else to say they're fully wrong Christina however is looking worse than ever and her videos are getting dumber and just more pluggy you know what I mean my pluggy just that she just talks about whatever products are gonna make her the most money just whatever endorsements she's just a Kardashian at this point that's all but she's become it's just a Kardashian as far as I'm concerned so she does this plug shit they didn't you know that she didn't make you know just companies that will give her money and she made this video about vegan collagen smoothie and it it swept the internet because it was like girl look at your face like she's smiling in this video and she could be fifty sixty two years old like wow that collagen smoothie is really working for your like what's in that turns out that doesn't contain any collagen at all its collagen building it's just a bunch of plants and some plant fats that they think will help you build some collagen because if you're on a vegan Donny they know you need it so it's just pretty much her advertising whatever she can advertise like when she's not feeling well which is pretty much all the time she posts this video about you know some mushroom tea or some sort of lumpy shit she can mix and do her smoothie whatever whatever fit smoothie shake shake you know waist trainer bullshit she can hold up in her videos like a Kardashian she's gonna do and that's just all her channel has become is just how she can fund the purchase of her next BMW and still call herself a vegan which is rather disgusting which I people just need to go watch vegan deterioration as videos on fully raw Christina to understand how badly her aging really is also hinge herbivore oh Jesus criminy she posted a video about hens herbivore and I'm telling you right now that like there's just no better example no better topic than him herbivore when it comes to vegan aging he has in the last three months aged almost a decade and full of honey she isolated his eyes and showed them and she talked about her opinion if she's brilliant by the way and she talked about her opinion of what his eyes look like and she was so spot-on let me tell you what his eyes look like he hit first of all he looks like he's about 70 but his eyes isolated look 90 plus he looks like like his eyeballs came from a nursing home the skin under his eyeballs came from a nursing home and he's just depressed and he's got the San Paco a lot going on and it is just whoo and she when she isolated just his eyes I was like oh I had to pause it and like take a breath I was like oh he's like he's not even 50 right and he is sporting these eyes I should pull him up and show you they are awful bulging sagging awful everything that can go wrong with an eye going wrong with an eye I've never seen anything like it and for it not to be related to veganism would be really hard for me to believe because this is happening to just move them like that maintain this diet long enough like they get the bulging are they get the sagging under eye and they the sunken and face and it's just and children are not immune to any of this people think you know you could just feed your kids whatever they're kids they're they're young and healthy you know they're just young and healthy and they'll be fine but kids need real food and it's not beans on toast you know like it's not tofutti cream cheese they need some real shit and when you look at how vegans are aging especially through really great examples like vegan deteriorations Channel you get to really see what it is that other people close to the vegan movement are unable to see – maybe just because they're too close to it but maybe because they don't want to see it right but you get to see a really good example of how this diet is ageing people and I don't care what people say well Shana Baker he is in his 50s and he looks great and he could bump anybody that says anything negative especially the vegans like he could literally pick up vegans like one okay he picks out vegan gains with one and even the vegan gains is like light fluffy inflated injected fake muscle and just be like thing and just fling him across a football field like meat wins every time and this plant poison overly injected bullshit doesn't win these people that call themselves vegan bodybuilders absolutely just disgusts me


  1. Tried to get a girlfriend to watch one of your videos with me, while she's scarfing down a cupcake, and telling me how when she was vegan years ago, how healthy she was…. Girl… Oh and explaining to me, while eating this cupcake, how dangerous it is to eat only meat… The irony is beyond… She couldn't focus on the content, we weren't a minute into the video and she literally couldn't sit still, which is so unfortunate because the content in your video could possibly save her life.

  2. I love eating liver, ate it since I was a child…there diferent dishes you can prepare.
    Also usefull information about not taking 1 single vitamin cuz then it has drawbacks, like you have Zn deficiency you take only Zn, its not good (does explain a problem I had)

  3. Honestly most “what I eat in a day” is fake
    If I did one I’d never post the bs I eat
    Shit I had a snickers bar yesterday and overate receese peanut butter cups like a fat ass loser
    People want to see perfection ideological diets

  4. It's not about Veganism! It's not about Save the Animals!
    What it is about Is " Notice Me" I'm Flippin Wonderful! 😂 👏

  5. Did you watch Vegan Deteriorations video critique of Hannah McNeely"s "you can be vegan anywhere." It was good, VD make's good points. She was pretty much telling her to go to the hood and try and be vegan on a limited budget. And you have these two girls in some nice store looking for all these fancy vegan things it's like really. You can't do that everywhere. Anyway, your rant about peoples' grocery hauls reminded me of that. Keto Connect is really good about store variation, like going to walmart.

  6. Liver is better raw… It's easier to chew… And hunting parties used to take the liver raw right out of the kill…

  7. I eat a few slices of a pasture raw lamb liver in the morning… i feed what is still left of it after two weeks to the dog then get a fresh one. They are about 1kg each. Healing 5 years of vegan damage one day at a time

  8. The longer or hotter liver is cooked the more bitter it tastes. I prefer bringing a pot of salted water to hard boil, turning the heat off, then putting a 1/4 to 1/2 pound thick slice in and leaving it for 20-25 minutes.

  9. Great video, Daphne! Your beauty is only eclipsed by your intelligence and you are one pretty lady. Your husband is a lucky S.O.B.! Well done.

  10. In the late '70's my mom bought beef liver and tongue because it was cheap. The vegan agenda started in the '40's and started heating up in the '60's. She was embarrassed to buy these foods because everyone was thinking low fat more veg. She was trying to feed her kids good food affordably and I have great memories of these foods. I'm glad I put them back in my diet.

  11. If a man doesn't eat some liver then his dick will only be a sliver! You need to eat meat in order to make meat. 🙂

  12. I took Zinc supplements ever since I was 12 throughout my life. It did not fix my gray hair, but I grew a big dick.

  13. Never been vegan or vegetarian but I had a very soy diet for a while. My uninvited guest never fully stopped working, and it looks like I'll have to take actual estradiol (& pharma grade endocrine disruptors like cyproterone acetate) to even have a chance of making it stop working.

    It does seem a sick joke, the ad system. I get Christian Heritage Party and other right wing stuff before Secular Talk and David Pakman, Modern Vegan before Tufano, ads jizzed just about everywhere because it's "choose your congressman" season in Canada, "fuel your body right – plant based" (HOPE institute I think?) before most carnivores… You'd probably get GOP ads before my shit (on my other channel) if I monetised because I'm a socialist. x)

  14. I'm 64. No ED. Full carnivore. Great sex life.
    My next door neighbor is a 45 year old vegan. His wife talks about his limp dick to everyone! It's hilarious to see her shame him in front of anyone who will listen.
    Shes not a vegan and I e told her that her hubby's issue is veganism. But he refuses to eat meat.
    What a moron.

  15. Christina blows in the wind looks like a Gulag prisoner, but with loads of fake-up – wearing a dress!

  16. Sweet Daphne . When you was vegan,you practice Yoga,Tantra?. If it so,maybe you find some of they're theory's in what it mean reproduction . Tantra ,to not use yours semen for this,to elevate you spiritual and even to make children's in a spiritual way. So,what to wait from this sects . You heard about Osho who put they're discipols to live in common, to work hard,and he and his favorites,to live like a Kings and the rest to work for they . Hard work it's the same like missing: proteins, elements ,etc. It make you malnourished . And all of this it happen in S.U.A. about who other believe that's the most develop country from world . Now,american's still try all kind of extremists diets . At they're level of development,they still not find equilibrium in they're life .

  17. No offense but I’m so glad to discover how pretty you are then & now – There seems to be a popular assumption that women who have their own qualified opinions are physically ugly according to popular beautiful guidelines

  18. The vegans need to stay home, not drive anywhere or travel normal travel and grow their own damn food. Just focus on being a real fucken vegan… Grow food, walk everywhere instead of using trains, planes and cars and don't move but just tip toeing so they don't kill a bug or worm!!! Damn radical freaks!

  19. great video. about the liver, I dislike it too, so forced myself at first to have some. I can tolerate it now for nutritional purposes. I get mostly beef liver once a week, maybe twice. chicken liver is even more disgusting. I get it cut in thin slices and prepare it quickly in the pan. I put some butter heat it up, then the liver, so couple of min one side then the other, then chop some garlic on and put salt and pepper and eat immediately. if you leave it for later, it is no good. you can use garlic powder as well. making liver with gravy, flour and whatnot makes no sense to me as I dislike getting many pots and utensils involved with liver so complicating further something that I eat exclusively for nutritional purposes and sauce it up would just make it worse. however this way tastes pretty good. obviously it has to be good quality liver and no weird colours or smells.

  20. Advertisers are evil. They always have been sneaky and evil. Its just par for the course. They do the opposite of a persons content on every you tube show. If it wasn't so evil it would be funny.

  21. A grocery haul from Walmart would be great! Where I live we've got that or Harvey's… small country town in middle GA. Pickins are slim here unless I pay substantially more at a butcher 20mins away. You'd think it'd be cheaper at this butcher… but no. Our 5yr goal is to homestead on our property.

    Thanks for the content!

  22. Why not pate the liver and mix it with ground beef, that way you can eat it in the form of a burger and not really taste the texture of the liver.

  23. I’d Go directly to meat and fish section, see what fresh and your taste call for (quality steak, pork ribs, belly, shrimp, all kinds fishes; then back for veggie sparingly to complement the meat (I love some mushroom, corn, carrot). A bit of carb won’t hurt , unless you are over weight, probably should cut it out. Eating become rather simple with a meat based diet.

  24. Vegan gains looks like he got punched in the face, and so depressed and sad,like he's lacking something in life and we know what. Literally, this man tries to justify the vegan diet and Sv3ige and others in the comments prove him it's not working, and he STILL acts like it does, pulls out stupid studies and uses studies as a ride or die instead of using fucking logic.

  25. on the channel Health Coach Kait
    is an interesting interview with an ex-vegan-athlete, search for
    ALL VEGANS ARE "CHEATING" // with Bobby's Perspective

  26. Pig liver dipped in egg with bread crumbs i find the best tasting very lightly cooked in Butter ,Lard or Duck Fat .
    They should be crispy on the outside and gradually pink on the inside .Be sure to de vein and take off the white tissue .Cut into 4 slices and season the bread crumbs with sea salt ,black pepper and spices .

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