we're in Burlington Vermont nice not one but with 250 world champion tell about it sir Wow we're up in there with Matt's phrase secret women we've been brought shame or out here we're up in this barn his property right now gonna be sharpening some axes putting holes in wood why not I'm pretty damn 5k maybe even like a pump session yeah the bomb session if I've got child needs now chocolate roll the poorest oh we just finished one blog now we're on to the next water huh wait what time is it it's 347 in the morning what time you go to bed 247 gah wake up get that energy let's go [Applause] you get some extra Z's on my drive bro I wouldn't say there are extra seeds maybe that extra Z you got Newsies which is extra sup boys Sami already up cooking breakfast get some breakfast oh oh maybe we'll get some of that feeding the phrases what you know about it I know about textbook ghosts let's go all my friends over good morning what's up how are you doing it has everyone on the show today it was great on the show what's up is you have some boats oh yeah oh it's peanut butter and bananas caramelized bananas beating the phrases yeah what you doing right now okay what's up dog what's up there youtubers what's up youtubers would you say that this is textbook good yeah textbook oh yeah we call it X Bordeaux mm-hmm that's how you hold that bananas you're telling the buttery brothers the butter is the best ingredient stop more of a marker pan are the margarine men so this is like the best set up we call this thing Lamar Zuko gs3 and Pete different people different companies just hit you up or people that like have experience with it all the kind of just hit you up and give you tips yeah that's a good good luck you won mm-hmm is that like gloves yeah let's go yeah let's go what is this at your building I'm making an axe throw on board an axe throwing board yeah we did it we did it one night Nashville that's Sammy just had so much fun doing it I I had fun too damn right I can make one of those I just want to be like the kid the little guy is that you go father hold the flashlight no we did this on ESPN now so you know it's real sport it's a real thing bro oh man I got a cut through pulling five I'm actually thoroughly impressed man I wouldn't I guess that you're an engineer though right thank you went to school for this wicked spot wickets Matt I used to be able to do derivatives and integrals you know now it's like these big words and I'm just gonna take in this disrespect I'm gonna take it as aggression till I figured it out here's the engineering school right there smacking yeah man that's perspiration at the wood that's a 1986 that's pressure tree forever I'm seeing a unicorn grow some good-ass hooch that's about eight feet yeah I mean let's throw some hatchets now yeah you know let's break her in you know sickness begun Oh apparently the claw hammer is not good door hatchet huh so we do it in Australia guys keep up the good work move it move it beep covered issue I'd float 5k active discovery not enough axe throwing board whoa whoa yeah take him out yeah man I'll take titties I put him in yeah try to Hannah you know to hand dance man I feel like yeah [Applause] oh the black Chanukah can we Photoshop shit oh you're using nothing fires me up like a black circle I'm embarrassed for you yeah if you hit bullseye you're tied for third time Saturday second second get your hypotenuse is out get him yeah so we head over to the property show you guys around okay drop this off we hit the gun range for a little bit okay um get him oh hey you head on a sweater vest I was like I said my summers in Monaco the Catalina Wine Mixer I sold 18 helicopters ready the Catalina Wine Mixer now let's go let's go [Applause] but the rest across the games feels like the game's field just chasing brah just looking at that back hello love yes Sam and I cleaned it like down to like Russian the floors type thing if luma I was out here with buddies no today and like as I'm walking in the sugar in house it's just like I saw its ass hop out of the window I had a little stubby tail and I didn't want to sound like an idiot but I was like I think that was a bobcat and then the neighbor came over any aside oh yeah oh you saw the Bobcat he's gotta be feeding it for years oh he's like I put out cat food for it can't trust cats though especially where did the hair go dude I'm all about the hairless cat man it's what we've been over this I would put some exotic lotions on it make it smell uh portable portable air fresheners Bath and Body Works thinking like a cucumber lemon pepper mint strawberry oh and I'd get it right this time I'd get it in the folds of the crack of the cat's you know Christmas Christmas cat you know just seasonal flavors you know maybe like oh I got some spice for October yeah basic puss I haven't missed yet that's how you do a blade bro yeah [Laughter] you know anything about this bro nothing okay Matt will pay should be a thing of three oh yeah that's a 2120 yeah I think that's a Cal Cal 110 it's this thing what's this thing I wouldn't worry about that guy RC p90 yeah yeah man I have all the attachments in the Call of Duty franchise freedom dunder-mifflin only true fans now every shot bullseye baby let's not look into it man I got this one as a prostitute I didn't get a single thing that's a Dueling tre heber you'll be shooting on the right side trying to get all saddles on the right over to the left Mars you'll be on the left trying to get them all over to the right Hebrew an awful means you hear that you're hitting it too close to the inside not get enough power flip it over I know about that I don't know about the inside come on man and the winner is look at them all could totally go for a sandwich right now hey yo what's up let's go get sandwiches is everything in me to not just open this up and take it down let's do it sweet tell me the stories my favorite diet water stop I usually get turkey and cheese with apple on it and then once I felt the punch card I get one of these get it no just this one's four dollars more than a turkey oh man this sandwich is so good you wouldn't even know about okay what's the workout shame but I thought fab 50 Inc 150 lat pulldown 150 seated row with a cable and then a hundred and fifty tricep extensions of the cable I'm all about it well Biddy one Biddy want they want bitty yep yep yep we'll get it forgiveness not good Ruben's Jack stack and Jared son can she get it on this there's it illegal you want guys like these I want ads IKEA and you go wide you grow wide what you say is what you're saying that's right I'm losing count I just go I just go pretty sure that's like 4500 win this year you'll know why let's go there's your biggest muscles yeah buddy blow that up what are we doing right now so I've been excited about this run because Sammy taught us about this in Cookeville how often you do this man when I'm in Vermont once a week every eight every Tuesday okay what's your 5k time dude it varies every every week as we do different trails yeah it was like a mountain biking Center okay and then once we they offer a 5k a 10k Sami how's your 5k you want to know I make badass pancakes and I can run a 5k she doesn't look like it but those legs are made for running looks like you lose tricep extensions it's a lot of those quick twitch one in Rome man remember this just in catch this number this number doesn't come back you've never run a 5k no okay I mean I've ran in the world but never a 5k official with a bib on man I think you heard that arm saying a tragic bass fishing keep it up machine oh my shoes I got muddy quick llamo but all over your ass Jane got great ass they're so competitive so companion shit my shoes don't die yeah well twice you wonder why 24:19 my legs is so heavy yeah bro yeah take one gateway shake huh sanim found him madam what we're doing some shoulder taps and some weird habits of hole yeah man I'm a big fan of Fitness shit out then let's go when she knows she's gonna be on camera she puts on baby the fact that Matt knows what bass player is because you told me hey areum look good feel good pleases its base maybe it's mabeline training montage let's go [Applause] [Applause] definitely keep this one that's our show today everybody thinking and I was this Matthew Fraser – you're Claire – what else is going on tell her about ah I mean I'm just trying to make sure that you guys like make sure you subscribe because we got to get some subs up we're trying to make it all go make it stay butter you still say eggs are pumped from them Bob k bro I'm like already blown up man I can't wait for what's next I don't know what it is but we know it's gonna be awesome so stick around we out yeah a word oh you do think we're gonna miss out on those dead okay but in all seriousness we're in front of some random person farm we have got to get out of yeah I don't know where we are bears go you gotta go


  1. Almost choked on my own sandwich watching Shane throw those axes. Keep the footage rolling guys, this is fantastic!

  2. Thanks for making my day! Watching the buttery bros is like being a kid in a candy store! Sasweet as!

  3. You guys have done it again! You guys absolutely funny. Matt and Tia make you laugh out loud with ease, but Shane stole the show. Hilarious! Well done! Looking forward to the next one!

  4. Ok, the Buttery Bros definitely need a private jet, come on Gates or Musk, the people have spoken, hook these boys up!

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