The Liver & Gallbladder FLUSH Using Acupressure

The Liver & Gallbladder FLUSH Using Acupressure

hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we're going to show you how to do liver flushing now what is liver flushing we're not going to be using olive oil or magnesium salts or beets we're going to do it manually with acupressure okay so check this out so the liver is right here it's the size of a football okay and the ribcage comes around right underneath here and so what we want to do is you want to gently press up underneath that rib cage like right here just my thumbs just to make sure there's no not to – tenderness and we're just holding this pressure for like a minute okay and then we ease up more down this way pressing into the liver right here we're just holding this pressure we're basically taking the liver as an organ and getting it to drain properly through the little ducks it's called the bile ducts okay because a lot of times the liver is congested so we're going to just call the liver flush we're just going to press in here can kind of ease on down here spend like like a minute right here here in here I'm just going to press on that's that spot there a lot of people have congestion in this area because the gallbladder and the liver is all just jammed up so this allows everything to drain properly and it will feel a lot better but now I'm going to show you how to do it so you're going to take your thumb and you can take your other thumb and you can press into this spot up there but you want to come kind of come up underneath at an angle in this way yeah perfect okay so you feel that there so you can feel a little soreness right ticklish okay yeah well it's better you tickling yourself to me right so as she's holding that pressure you know we're just holding it gently we're not pressing too hard and everything is kind of draining through and then we'll slowly after about a minute we'll come right here okay and you press right there and then you press right here okay and you just hold that pressure now if you have a massage tool this is a tool that I have you can hold to a lot of my clients have this tool and it allows different sized devices to press into you can feel that there right so that way you don't have to strain your hands and you could work on holding this pressure and you can see this we just tilt it this way this is going right in there just gently and that the way I like this one is that your your doing it no one else is doing it you can adjust the pressure you can go light and just hold it there for a period of time of course don't do this with a like a machete or a knife okay so now we're going to lower it right here we come down there we just hold that pressure do that for two minutes and you can go right here now a lot of times people want to know what about if I have my gallbladder removed okay what do I do well if it's sore if it's too sore to press right there because you have an incision in your trauma the cool thing to do is you can work on the opposite side the pancreas and the pancreas actually is works together with the gallbladder which is right here to help digestion so you would work on the pancreas because if you don't have a gallbladder guess what your pancreas is working really hard to produce the enzyme to digest so you're going to have to work on the pancreas if you don't have a gallbladder work on the opposite side okay now you might find that this is sore no it tickles the muscles kind of muscle jumping yeah okay so then we'd work on this side we work a little lower here do the same exact thing on the left side and you could even do both sides just to make sure because you know it doesn't hurt to kind of get your digestive organs kind of work down I mean think about it you work on the muscles you to massage but who works on the organs right it's kind of like visceral massage and we're working on the organs getting in getting them to drain properly because it's just a lot of people have let attention if there's problems through either side a lot of times you have a stiff neck because the nerves go right up and through up into the neck it's called a phrenic nerve you got the vagus nerves they go rub into the neck of the neck will be stiff and you work this out your neck feels real nice and relaxed okay great so you can try this at home and put your comments below


  1. Doing this is easier on an empty stomach but it only mitigates my right hand pain for a minute or so, will it get better with more consistency?
    Also how long should I apply the acupressure on each part?

  2. How many times a day should I do this? How to know if its working?
    Edit: I just saw how often in the description but is that even enough? I'm mainly doing it because it alleviates my right hand pain

  3. Ouch, its a bit painful when I do that! Almost makes me want to throw up! Loud gurgling and I feel my pulse strongly on left side as I switched. This was fascinating, thanks. How often can I safely do this? I apparently need a liver and gallbladder flush with the discomfort it invokes. Cool discovery!

  4. Yep. When I tried to press in the pancreas region, it was pretty sore. I did both sides, a bit. I feel odd. I don't even know how to describe it. It is almost a nauseous feeling, but, it isn't. My head feels dizzy, but, it doesn't. I think I am getting more oxygen, suddenly. I don't know. Maybe it's less stress. Whatever it is, I feel better. Just really, really really odd.

  5. Brilliant! After I do this, my tummy starts to rumble, its a great feeling because i've not heard it do this for many many years. It feels like my stomach is working once again.

  6. EXCELLENT!! This really worked for me. So, I researched it further, and added squeezed Lemon juice to my diet, and BOOM, I am 99.9% better!! Thank You Doctor Berg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 p.s.*I also added ACV daily, and it has cured my indigestion & acid reflux 100%* Doctor Berg He's our Man!!!!

  7. Is it weird my liver felt a little sore?! And after I moved down a bit I felt a little gurgling where I was pressing.

  8. Does applying pressure here cause the valve at the bottom of the common bile duct to open so that the bile can drain through?

  9. I have symptoms of hyperthyroidism but endocrinologists say tests are normal. I even had bilateral nodules but docs said they were small and no prob

  10. Hi doctor actually im sefering from constipation but these days im having upper back pain in left side so im affraid about this problem please suggest me what i should to do?

  11. Jesus christ, this is like magic. And so simple. Ive had pain behind my right shoulderblade for many many years. Ive tried massages, workouts and many other things, nothing ever helped, but the moment i started pressuring and massaging the liver, it went away- I cant even describe how good it feels, not having it hurt. Thank you so so much Dr.Berg !! <3

  12. Thank you for sharing your knowledge I appreciate it very much. Will definitely do this funny enough instinctually I have done something similar but now I see your full technique. Thank you so much.

  13. I love Dr Berg, his videos and following his advice on fatty liver saved my life. I started massaging my liver with a soft tennis ball because anything else hurt too much and massage all the way around my rib cage on both sides wherever its tender, then added a small nerf football using the pointed ends to massage tender spots have since added a regular size football that I lay on and roll It over the tender spots, it has made a huge difference in my health I am coming back to life. Doing that and following his other advice I am feeling better all the time, thank you so much Dr Berg.

  14. Ok, what happens if the person has their gallbladder infected. How does this technique aid a situation like that?

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