The Magnificent Milk Myth … Debunked | Brooke Miles | TEDxWilmington

The Magnificent Milk Myth … Debunked | Brooke Miles | TEDxWilmington

Translator: Napakcha P.
Reviewer: Carl Luc Campbell What if you discovered that something you’ve been taught
since childhood was completely wrong? What if more than five billion people
on earth could prove it? Humankind has been a huge fan of milk
and all things dairy for thousands of years. Of course, the caveman
wasn’t milking cows, but when animal domestication
came about, so did dairy. We’re all taught the wonders of milk. Want strong bones? Drink milk. Want a great source of protein? Drink milk. Want something
for dunking your Oreo cookies in – milk and cookies? Drink milk. Besides, how can you dispel the advice from people like Martha Stewart,
Heidi Klum, Taylor Swift, Wolverine, Austin Powers,
Bart and Lisa Simpson, and hundreds of other
real and fake celebrities who all wore milk mustaches? Until about three years ago,
I wore a nice, thick milk mustache too. As an on-again, off-again vegetarian
since the age of 14, I relied heavily on dairy
for my protein and, of course, calcium. But for me, dairy was more
than just nutrition, it was a full sensory experience. (Laughter) The creamy-mouth feel of whole milk
on a bowl of crunchy raisin bran, the stretch of greasy mozzarella on
New York-style pizza, and the occasional decadence
of a full pint of chocolate Häagen-Dazs after a long day at work – occasional! But on December 31st, 2012,
I vowed I would never eat dairy again. And, on that fateful day,
I scarfed down with tears my last pint of chocolate Häagen-Dazs. Why would I torture myself? Well, a few months before that,
a couple of vegans came into my life. Let’s call them Jennifer and Anna –
because those are their names. (Laughter) Now, vegans, just so we’re sure, don’t need anything
that comes from animals. No meat, no dairy, no eggs, nothing. Naturally, I thought Jennifer and Anna
were cuckoo for cocoa puffs, but I grilled them with questions. And you know what? They convinced me. I had to become vegan. Now, to be completely transparent here,
it wasn’t because of anything they said, but I just looked at them,
and they were hot. And I say that platonically: I’m married but – I had just turned 40,
and I wanted to be hot too. (Laughter) Within three months of becoming vegan, I lost 15 pounds and required
two fewer hours of sleep every night – that is without any physical exercise
or other changes to my lifestyle. The biggest change I made
was wiping away my milk mustache. Now, today I’m not here
to push my vegan agenda on you (Whispering) – a little bit – but I am passionate about making sure you’re an advocate
for your own health. Let’s dispel some big myths about milk
and look at the science behind it. First, there’s calcium. We need calcium to survive. We need it for our bones,
our muscles, our nerves, and thank goodness for cows, because for the longest time
I thought calcium came from cows. As a matter of fact,
it should just be called “cowcium.” (Laughter) Okay, I was wrong. Calcium, it’s an element on
the periodic table, it turns out, and it’s formed during supernova
explosions in space. It’s also the fifth most abundant element
on the earth’s crust. Okay, so how do cows get calcium? The calcium is in the soil,
it goes up into the plant, the cow gets hungry, it eats the plant, the calcium goes to the bloodstream, through the mammary glands
and squirts out as milk. Okay, assume these are udders –
it’s the closest I have. Sorry. (Laughter) Okay? (Laughter) So, okay, in that case, so – the cow is actually the middleman, right? Why not just eat the plants? –
Kind of makes sense. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of plant sources
that are more calcium dense than milk. For example, fresh and dried herbs like basil, parsley and thyme,
sesame seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, almonds, tahini, tofu, garlic -yum! –
Brazil nuts, blackstrap molasses, and also lots of dark
leafy green vegetables. Now, you have to look at more than
just calcium levels: there’s also calcium absorption. And this is where the scientific findings
totally depend on people’s agendas. If you ask pretty much any vegan,
and plenty of non-vegan nutritionists, they will say that calcium
has much higher absorption rates when it comes through most plant sources. Dairy producers and others
will say the opposite. Whom do you believe? One thing is for sure. The countries with the highest rates
of dairy consumption overall have the highest rates of osteoporosis, the highest. They include Finland, Sweden, England,
and – woohoo! – the USA. Aren’t we proud! (Laughter) The countries with the lowest rates
of dairy consumption overall have the lowest rates of osteoporosis. Take China, for example. There are 1 billion people living there who are eating
a virtually dairy-free diet, and you don’t see them walking away home
every day and breaking bones. They seem to do okay, and they don’t have nearly
the rates of osteoporosis that we have here in the United States. To be fair, there are other factors
that contribute to osteoporosis, such as your vitamin intake levels
as well as physical activity. But let’s look at the worldwide trends. Moving beyond calcium. Did you know that humans
are the only species to drink the breast milk
of another species? It’s creepy, I think. (Laughter) Mammals produce milk
for their particular offspring, for their species. For example, human
breast milk is designed for a human baby to grow slowly physically
compared to other animals but have rapid brain development. Cow’s milk, on the other hand, is designed to take
a cute little baby calf and beef it up to nearly 1,000 lbs in its first year of life. It’s no wonder
when I stopped drinking milk, I dropped two dress sizes. Now, another distinction that humans have: we’re the only species
to drink milk after the weaning age. Milk is meant for babies. Most humans after the age of 5
lose the ability to digest lactose, which is the sugar found
in all animal milks. When I say most humans, I mean three-quarters
of the world’s population, or five billion people, primarily in Asia, Africa
and South America. Now, if you’re wondering, it happens I’m in that one-quarter
of the world’s population. How did that happen? Archaeologists chalk it up
to a genetic mutation that occurred thousands of years ago
in dairying communities. So, if you can drink milk
without a problem, you can proudly call yourself
a genetic mutant. Yes! (Laughter) Now add in other things
like antibiotic residues, recombinant bovine growth hormones, toxic residues, and that whole milk and cookie disease
we heard about earlier today, and you have to wonder: Why is it that the USDA recommends three servings of dairy
for adult men and women as part of a nutritious, healthy diet? You have to remember that the USDA stands for
United States Department of Agriculture, and it has more than one mission. One is certainly to provide
nutritional guidelines, but another one
is to support agribusiness, and they’re completely public about this. As a matter of fact, the USDA has
an agricultural marketing service and they have a dairy program
as part of that. The whole point of the dairy program
– and it’s on their website – it’s to basically help US dairy producers
efficiently market their products and make sure that US consumers have access to a sufficient supply
of these products at all times. That’s practically verbatim. So, obviously, you can’t be
an advocate for consumers and the people trying to sell
to consumers at the same time. Now, today we’re not going
to be able to dismantle the USDA or transform an entire
nation’s mindset about milk, but we can make a difference
one glass at a time. So, the next time you’re about to pour
a nice tall glass of milk for yourself, or for your children, ask yourself: Does milk
really do the body good? I challenge you to pour
that milk down the drain, get in your car, go to the supermarket
and get some almond milk or soy milk. They make for nice milk mustaches too. Thank you. (Applause)


  1. She has some good points. However creating a gene in order to not have issues with milk is called adaptation, or evolution. And no wonder I grew so big (6' 10 ", or 208 cm), I drank whole milk fresh and unpasteurized from our farm.

  2. FDA = just another corporate infiltrated government agency that supports corporate wealth over citizen health ..only it's far worse than that ! They will actually support the cause of a illness if it means continued corporate profits ! These are sick psychopaths making the rules we are forced to live by while they rake in the profits. There is overwhelming evidence of this , do your own research.

  3. i am so happy to be climbing out of the matrix and becoming vegan. i also hope this woman is a teacher she is great!!

  4. Why do people in some countries have a higher rate of osteoporosis? There are both genetic and nutritional components. Certain ethnicities have a higher genetic predisposition to osteoporosis. There’s a strong genetic component. I feel this is over simplified.

  5. And that's why i don't let vegans in my life. Ain't nobody messing with my head. Dairy is awesome! Our 1400 dairy cows at our farm will tell you the same…

  6. If you heat it and mix it with coco & add marshmallows, it's delishus. It's not that we need it…we want it.

  7. Some people can’t do dairy. If you like dairy, try A2 cow milk. I’m not convinced to not keep eating dairy. I am convinced that commercial farming can be atrocious. Shop your local farmer.

  8. Just kill the carbs and sugar. We are not baby cows so milk isn't an option. Grass fed beef/bison is good. Fish also.

  9. Dairy in America is poison….lucky for others, there are countries that actually has GOOD dairy!
    And I consider vegans as naive illiterate people that has no idea of what they are doing to the environment!!

  10. Im with her but the china example of a million or whatever mot drinking milking and how theyre not breaking bones walkinghome…. what lol

  11. We (humans) are also the only animals to cook their food. Almond milk is not milk — look at the ingredients list: it’s a chemical cocktail. And, btw, humans are the only animals to attempt to make “milk” out of almonds. Eat the nuts.

  12. Imo milk is ok 1 or 2 days a week. Its this idea that you should have it every day that needs to be debunked. The next biggest villains in food are sugar and gluten especially corn based.

  13. Soy milk, are you out of your mind? You need to do a research on Soy products (Estrogen). However I agree with your rest of the presentation.

  14. Not convinced. What about India? They drink loads of milk there. Human genome has even changed over the thousands years to accommodate digestion of lactose. At one point the ability to drink milk was selected for in populations. I am not a fan of how the animals are treated, but i don't see a problem with milk.

  15. This person is pursuing a counning agenda. The Chinese refrainfrom milk due to a race based alergy to lactose. A lot of Chinese are plagued by bone issues as they age. There are no conclusive evidence regarding risks of milk intake. However. the conditions of dairy milk productions are questionable.Maybe she should focus more on the insatiable urge for meat ontake and the inhuman treatment of the pathetic animals. Voila!

  16. What a BS !!


    #2 MY CAT DRINKS COW MILK. HE HATES REGULAR NON-ORGANIC MILK, BUT HE LOVES ORGANIC MILK, so we're not the only species who drink other species milk. I never tried it, but I assume dogs would do the same thing.

    #3 It's much easier to open carton of milk than wash and prepare vegetable salad, most people are too lazy to make salad, and a lot of people don't like vegetables.

    #4 Absorption of calcium from liquid like milk it's much faster than from vegetables.



  17. But it is recommended for pregnant women especially to drink at least 4 glasses of milk a day to help baby development?!

  18. Don't throw any food down the drain, that's the pinnacle of waste. All foods have pros and cons for different applications. If you raised and forced an animal to produce it by buying it, use it.

  19. Notice those milk drinking populations ended up being the most technologically advanced by FAR, and run the planet.

  20. The USDA is trying to compensate with cows because the animals we used to get milk from that were free in the wild and had milk that would actually do you good were killed off for target practice and Furs and money so now their grandkids get to live on what's left LMFAO

  21. We are addicted to cows milk. However, we aren't cows, we are human and should drink human milk. Therefore, vegan women should replace cows for the production of human milk.

    Thumbs up if you agree.

  22. Osho said in 1980 .. man is only living being who drink milk of mother of another species…Even if u offered ur wives milk to calf they are not interested …And all other species are having milk only when they are are babies not like us throughout the age

  23. and along comes veganism and suddenly milk is no longer good. never mind the millions of people now we have to rely on this pathetic philosophy

  24. an orange contains more calcium than a glass of milk. the calcium from the orange is easily absorbed by the body while the milk is causing acidosis

  25. Just go ahead and say it…… veganism is just about animal rights! I will just keep eating my venison stew with a big glass of organic raw milk, thank you for your concern….LOL

  26. I love my milk and cheese, also my hamburgers, pork chops, fish, chicken, leather shoes and belts and my ice cream. I always wonder why these people think they have the right to tell the rest of the world to eat. God created all this world to sustain us and I enjoy using his good gifts.

  27. This women hasn't looked into, pasteurisation, separation, evolution. You could use the same arguments to say cooking food is bad for you because naturally we wouldn't have cooked food .

  28. In a country X, a large majority of dairy products is produced by a company Z. The company has been influencing the food guidelines and monitoring vegan activities closely. Vegan "milk" options have been meanwhile increasing in the market, while the milk sells are declining. Cow milk and its products still represent the majority of market, while vegan options are offered almost exclusively by two brands (imported). Now, the company Z has decided to come up with a brand B (seemingly different than what they are usually called). The brand B offers all vegan products. True story. Remember, we want people to keep their jobs. And they can. So these governmental arguments that they need to take the industrial interests into account over the health of entire population are baloney.

  29. Ok her goes. I know I Kno. I know!!!! But anyways. If we want to drink milk we could definitely just drink human milk. Yes it sound sketchy BUT. Open your mind. Let's say we just gotta have milk from a nice warm mammal. There are hundreds of thousands of HEALTH non diseased woman who can could and would be perfectly able to provide milk. Maybe not in the outrageous amount we force from cows. But we could easily have a nice quart of human milk sitting in the fridge. It's just everyone will likely be close minded and only see the potential negatives. If you take the time to ponder this idea in truth it is far less bizzar than drinking from cows, goats, or trying to find utters on an almond.

  30. Is it possible for a Vegan to NOT be annoying? "Didja know humans are the only species that drinks the milk from another…etc.." we are also the only species that CAN. we also fly without wings, create nuclear energy, and live in climate controlled boxes.

  31. She forgot to mention that you can eat ice cream also, being vegan. I just finished a pint of coco nut milk ice cream. So delish!

  32. So many claim soy is detrimental to men . Maybe it is, i dont know.

    But if its so bad for men how come chinese men ( biggest consumers of soy) are still quite manly after their society has 3000 yrs of eating soy?

  33. i can say at age 65 with arthritis i loved milk until i found answers to the lies about milk ,,,another thing is all my friends that never ate any milk or milk products DO NOT have any arthritis ANYWHERE ! and that bones are not made of calcium but something like 62 trace minerals etc etc etc ,,,,,if your a person who wants to learn nutrition check out , here on utube Ms Barbara O'neil ,,,she is very educated and smart and has the proof of her knowledge with experience ,,,,now i will finish this and see what she says ! thanks for sharing

  34. I knew this was a vegan agenda pushed by this clueless lady who doesn't even know how nutrition works and the power and nutrients RAW MILK has not pasteurized let alone homogenized, so lady please do your research, you are a waste of time

  35. I say nix nay on the soy milk as well! Un-fermented soy is bad for the body! Go with Coconut milk and coconut beverage, you will be glad you did!

  36. Lack of muscle mass vitamin d and vitamin f cause osteoporosis. We get plenty of calcium across the board. Malabsorption is the real issue. Veganism causes more pollution environmental disruption and degradation than animal husbandry. How will we feed the world with plants without burning massive amounts of fossil fuel? It takes tractors to produce that product. When you abstain from meat your saving an animal but killing the whole planet instead.

  37. Milk has saved millions of lives over the years, keeping millions from starving to death. Like anything else, moderation is the key to most things in life. I promise to let you eat all the grass and seaweed you want, just leave us meat and dairy lovers have the same promise. You vegans can get off your high horse because my belief is that lack of meat and dairy products causes problems also. I will take 100 strong and intelligent carnivorous men and put them up against 100 veggies only eaters , whom tend to be smaller , weaker both physically and mentally. Guess who comes out on top ? 100% of the time the carnivores do. PERIOD. Do your own research. Historically and Scientifically.

  38. Short asians didn't drink milk when they grew up up in Asia. Tall asians drank milk because the grew up in the U S.

  39. But have you considered going carnivore? It healed my Lyme disease when nothing else did. Was fighting it for a year then within 3 weeks I was 100% better plus depression gone. Ribeye’s, bacon, lots of animal fats. Some liver. Humans don’t have cow stomach’s, human stomaches are almost identical to wolfs.

  40. Well, she look like a vegan. No one desires this person. She looks like, and sounds like, a second grade teacher that never gets a promotion

  41. Just another person TRYING to control humankind. There are millions of the same type BUT none tell you the REAL reason for their interest in propagating YOU into their ideals…. its MONEY nothing else but making $$$$$'s. NO problem with vegans-vegetarians-meat/vegetable eaters…MILK drinkers… BUT PLEASE dont JAMB your ideas into everyone else. Lets see…I'm in my early 80s. Meat and vege eater, drink Rum, Beer and MILK regularly, smoke and only just stopped PAID physical work. Have followed my fathers father and his father's habits as described above and the youngest one DIED age 98….. car accident and his father died 104… shearing (with clippers) a sheep…. THEY did not have the MEDICAL and SCIENTIFIC assistance thats available NOW. Genes are genes passed on…. my targets to remain beer/rum/MILK drinking/smoking/ meat and veg. eating to surpass even my immediate forefathers ages. Tell you what smartarse…. the chinese had, a few generations ago, PRONOUNCED BOWED legs…. LACK of ingestion of calcium for bone strengthening…. NOW since their remarkable "incursion" into the western way of life MILK and powdered MILK, for their babies UP are and have becoming LESS bow legged than their immediate ancestors in fact the "disease" is all but wiped out… FACT. So go an tell the Chinese about NOT to drink milk or ingest its byproducts. BUT after all this BLOG is really only for the "better type" western hypochondriac who relish any YUPPY idea. Next year it will be DONT drink water… fish swim in it.

  42. Actually , if you drank RAW Milk instead of the highly processed and artificial growth hormone laden toxic processed milk ( pasteurised milk ) you would be better off and have better gut health also from the good bacteria rich raw milk .

    And yes , before you all spew the Government Propaganda about Raw Milk being unhealthy for you ….. first just go and look at the countries where they DON'T Pasteurise first !

    France don't and Italy have Raw milk vending machines !

    I grew up on a dairy farm and drank warm cows milk minutes after it had made it's way to the milk vats ! ( stainless steel storage tanks )
    If it's illegal in your country then ask … why ??
    Then investigate how your parents or grandparents all survived drinking it if it is so " Dangerous " !!!

    Critical Thinking …. anyone ??

  43. I was 18 stone 6.3” but had a back problem. I went vegan and I went to 14 stone 6.3”and felt great. Then I went to 13 stone had flakey skin, bad teeth no energy but kept going for 5 more years.
    Then one day I ate some chicken and some cream and some cheese and some steak and some bacon and guess what ???? I was sick as a dog. You can’t eat all that in one day. But I started eating meat and dairy in a very balanced way. Now I’m 6.3” 15 stone and a 58 year old model. My point is balance

  44. Why not cut out the "middle man"?

    Because of Bioavailability. Lots of vitamins and minerals are just too hard to get from plants since our digestion is not made for it.
    But a cow has the tools… Eats the grass and makes all the nutrients easy available for us.
    Eat a small piece of liver and you're with vitamin A for example.

    I've tried vegan for two years and it wasn't that great. If I have to supplement to my diet then it can't be right.

  45. I drink milk as a fuel . She is the only species that complained about milk . Milk does a body good and Pontiac Builds excitement

  46. Yeah, and humans are the only species , who wear clothes cook food, use phones, read books.ect..
    And she's talking about store pasteurizated dairy , raw organic dairy is actually extremely healthy.

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