the most DISGUSTING mental health channel continues to be disgusting

the most DISGUSTING mental health channel continues to be disgusting

there is a massive part of me that absolutely does not want to make this video because the person I am going to be talking about will absolutely profit off of it and profit off me mentoring mentioning his name the same way he did with Trisha Paytas and now Adam Taylor Nicole Dean but I feel like I should do this because right now I am honestly under the impression that this is the right thing to do I don't want to be a person who see something happen see a man be a dick sees a man pick on and push other people down take Glee out of it and I don't want to be I don't want to not talk about it just because he goes on Instagram and says I'm only going to be doing it because I'm an angry person and I'm doing it for all the wrong reasons he's entitled to feel like I'm doing it for all the wrong reasons that's fine so are you you can think this is petty you can think this is whatever you want but I don't want to allow my fear of what other people are going to take this video as to allow me to not speak up because I do feel very upset and I feel like people should be speaking up like glow smokey she did a fantastic video even if you don't like me go watch her video on this because that is that is how I feel that is how I feel essentially when this all started happening I wrote everything out I did what I exactly what I did before I wrote out all my feelings all my anger all my everything I wrote it out I let it simmer and I'm only now recording this because I feel like it's the right thing to do and I've come I'm not doing this out of anger this isn't a reactionary thing this is all something that I feel very strongly about so there we go despite me having a platform where I do in fact rage about some things I am actually really fucking together when it comes to forming my thoughts formulating my opinions making sure I'm doing things for the right reasons making sure I know what I'm doing my last video on you sir I made a month after our first initial interaction that made me think and cemented you as being gross as hell in my mind and for you to play that office oh she is just angry when I made an entire video essay on why your shit stinks is pretty lame that is what children do when they cannot argue their points well over the past week one of the grossest people on the platform made a video where they I see manipulation in the world around me when it isn't there and that I am very much diluted and paranoid of how my interactions with people so I choose to see things as being negative and being manipulative when they're not and that I should seek out for that which is entirely false I may have a couple screws loose in my little old noodle but that is actually not one of the issues that I do have you see i posted a video about the person who made a video on me a while back in that video despite me not making any money on it because it was copyright claim by UMG did very well and it was one of the videos that came out about this person and ended up with him losing about 20,000 subscribers which for a channel his size or any size really is a serious amount now I'm not deluded into thinking that my video did all of that I'm not saying my video alone did that I am saying that he made sure to have mentioned my he made sure to mention me by name multiple times in various videos so on some level he does hold my video accountable for something in that video that I put up about him I said why I didn't like him and I brought up how he turned a tweet of mine about a struggle I went through into a sales pitch for his own channel I thought that was gross I didn't like it I am an extremely prideful person and the fact remains that I got out of homelessness by my damn self with my partner like me and my partner we did that no one else he is literally the only other person in the world who can claim to have any part of that if any other person tried to take that accomplishment away from me whether it was a youtuber who I already felt uncomfortable about and publicly felt uncomfortable about or my family I would be pissed about that that is not something that anyone should ever attempt to do with me because I don't react to that well you doing that you taking that action made me mad the same way anyone taking that action would have made me mad you are not fucking special I also brought up my little tin foil hat theory that he had seen me previously make a public post saying I don't like him which is something that I know he saw not only did he follow me directly after I wrote that message but his girlfriend did as well and his girlfriend direct to me about it you can say you didn't see it at all and that's fine but your girlfriend sure as hell direct messaged me about it and I have the screenshots so what's the actual proof dude I said that I felt like he was trying to get me to like him or offer me part of his platform which at the time was larger than mine in order to make me like him or hold something over me or make it seem like oh not liking me is a bad business decision and that made me feel really gross I acknowledge in my video that I didn't know if that was in fact true and I said I could be reading into it and I mentioned that that was a theory one that I came up with after I saw him do the same thing to the viewers voice who also had previously stated his public distaste for him but I straight-up said at the very least he turned a tweet about how I got my damn self out of homelessness into his channel catch phrase and I didn't like it and it grossed me out the same way creators felt grossed out when he kept publicly begging them to hang out with him the same way one specific creator folk grossed out when he publicly kept begging her to hang out with him because nothing says I am a normal person you should want to be friends with me like demanding someone hang out with you while they're on vacation and also they don't know you and also they are a beautiful young woman and you're a strange man from the internet it's gross he also likes to say that his girlfriend was a huge fan of mine and she was a big fan who loved my videos and thought the world of me before I outright stated I do not like her boyfriend and that's stucked for me it's suck to hear that someone was a fan of me and I physically pushed them away and I I did something that upset them but I realized after a while that was also false and I know it's false because YouTube allows me to look up comments and interactions from certain people and through that I was able to find his girlfriend's account where she talked to me on and her responses were all promoting his channel all her interactions with any of my content we're saying please check out my boyfriend's Channel please watch his channel collab with my boyfriend check out his channel and that was it she was just advertising for him on my channel so so much so I don't even think it was her account really it was probably just a side account he uses to ask people to collab with him and from himself but not look like he's promoting himself that's another tinfoil theory and I have no proof that that's not her channel what I do have proof of his her public interactions with my channel but she isn't the one I have issues with he is and if it is her account you should probably have a conversation with her about how not to advertise for you because saying please collaborate with my boyfriend who you publicly said you don't like and I already responded to you about not liking him he's not great he drew a false comparison between me saying he was manipulative to me saying someone else was manipulating the public by bringing up their mental health to shut down any negative criticism and said that these two instances are me saying something about manipulation therefore it's a pattern in my life and I need to seek help because I'm clearly making this all up and there's no evidence that any of these things are really happening essentially to break down his point even further I am seeing problems when there really is nothing there because I have been through shit and I'm using that shit as a shield to excuse my behavior and I'm overstepping which is incredibly condescending and untrue as well as being incredibly dismissive to the remainder of what I said in my 38 one-minute video like I said with the Holly Conrad situation being mentally ill being mentally unwell having shit in your brain does not excuse you pawning that behavior onto other people and excuse your behavior and that includes me my mental shit me overcoming shit me going through shit and what I have been through will never be the sole reason why I justify my actions and why I feel the way I feel if I sit down to make a video about something say like someone being weird and gross it's not because I am seeing patterns when nothing is there and I can't back up stuff with evidence of their behavior it's because the actions that I have bore witness to have led me and others to the same conclusion and I will show you the actions I am talking about and I will explain to you how I got there if you were going to say that I simply made this up and there is nothing to combat because I am so ridiculously absurd that I see manipulation and everything that physically takes me out of the argument but that doesn't take siren Cove or ready to glare or the viewers voice or Ashley Kyle przemek or jayob for your petty page or every single of person who made a video about you out crazy make all of them explain how they're all just wrong about you because they all see the world as being manipulative and there's really nothing there and it's all on them do that for them take back those apologies and that promise you said to do better the same way you did in the video where you click they did James Charles situation with take it all back you're not gonna do better you're gonna do the exact same because you're spilling the tea on everyone he also didn't disprove anything I said in my Holly Conrad video he just said I don't think what she that's what she's doing I'm come to a different conclusion than Shannon on this with the zero evidence so therefore Shannon is wrong which is valid but it's also just an opinion and not proof that any of what I presented is in fact false like I said like I basically said hey hey this is what I've seen that's happened this is how I came to my conclusion and essentially he just pull didn't know you on me and said I don't think so you're delusional and just didn't do anything to back it out he just said no and it's like okay but that's not an argument so he wasted my time and your time by taking an issue that was someone weaponizing mental illness and turning in into Shannon's wrong because she is now let's focus mainly on how I can use this to undermine every single negative thing she has ever said about me which is stupid and pointless how can I turn a conversation about mental illness and how we discuss that and make it into your crazy and everything you say is wrong it was an obvious bad move and it was pissed at it if you were going to say I am wrong about something you can go right on ahead I am not perfect I am a huge idiot I made videos on the James Charles situations that I do not stand by I literally just cut my license plates stolen and didn't want to call the top because I was tired I inconvenienced myself with problems and after a very long stupid life I still have shit that I need to work on and I'm aware of my shit and the shit I'm not aware of when it gets called out I realize shit that person was right shit they're correct I do need to work on that and I get to work on it and I do that privately but straight up if you are going to come at me use me in the thumbnail of your video and be so bold and tell me that I'm wrong in your title at least provide me with something concrete and factual the very least do that for me that way I can actually learn something from it don't say I am wrong and then provide no reasoning that doesn't actually help anyone that doesn't even benefit Holly Conrad but he can't do that no he literally just said I don't think that's what Holly Conrad is doing therefore Shannon is wrong about this and also that video she made from about me is just also yeah that's wrong too so she's just wrong don't even listen to her I wanted to get that part out of the way right off the bat because I know for a fact if I didn't address that the comments were going to be made calling me a petty bitch and dismissing the rest of the reason and the rest of what I'm talking about and I totally get where that is coming from I understand that but for me my goal after I saw that was I was going to just ignore it I wasn't going to talk about it I got comments about it and I told those people I wasn't gonna make a video on it I do not care about it he didn't to buck me no one gave a shit and bringing attention to it would only benefit him and he would only get more views on that video but then he started click baiting Taylor Nicole Dean directly after me and I got big mad now a lot of you know this because I've talked about this in the past but I come from a family of addicts I literally grew up around addiction I grew up around a a meetings different members of my family who have been on and off drugs longer than I have been alive and I love each and every one of those members more than I can put into words and because of all of that because I have watched so many people go in and out in sober living and end up in flop houses and almost died on meth and heroin and coke I know that 100% certainty with 100% certainty that what he is doing by click baiting her by talking about her every single day since she's been back to go after her to criticize how she's handling sobriety despite the fact she doesn't even know her hasn't talked to her and literally has no clue what she is doing despite what she posts on Twitter is not helping it's not I can say that with a hundred percent certainty it is not tough-love he isn't trying to help the people who simply can't afford to go to any of these fancy rehab centers and can't afford to get home he's not trying to help people in the future he doesn't have good intentions we know that on the back his title is we need to stop enabling her and not how sober relationships pose a threat to early sobriety it's not a general title that anyone can find or something of that nature he is click baiting the darkest most trying moments of someone's life and then saying he's a good guy or doing it because he means well he can say 100% that his heart is in the right place he can say it but that's a lie and it's not if you need to justify your actions justify why you felt the need to tell a girl who is barely 30 days sober off of heroin that she needs to be a better example for recovery to her audience to imply that she is not doing recovery right because she's not doing the exact same way you did it and you think would be best for her even though she has actual licensed doctors actual licensed professionals helping her and the way you think if you need to justify that by saying well you watch people in your own life die you watched people you know and you loved die so that's what's what and that makes you the authority on what this is you've got me bucked I have watched people die from this since I was a kid I have watched people I have loved more than you can even imagine go down a path and never get better and to think that blatantly disrespecting them click baiting them putting their faces online putting them on blast in public not privately so that everyone can see and advertising my own merchandise off of them advertising my books advertising my like shit like thinking that is gonna be what helps them is fucking ridiculous and before anyone tells me that his latest videos aren't monetized that he unpinned his comments about his book he had to be told by his own fans to do that they were initially monetized he initially had his advertising on there he didn't even have the wherewithal to know that that alone was a bad idea I know what it's like to watch someone you love get clean and involved back into it I know what it's like to watch people relapse and want to be there for them and try to give them tough love and keep doing that just because something works for you doesn't mean you're the authority on drugs and alcohol addiction my father has sponsored hundreds of people probably thousands of people right that's pretty much in motherfucking AAA even though it's anonymous for fucking decades for longer than I have even been alive and even he realizes that he doesn't know what will work for everyone you want to know why because what works for one person not always work for you this is a fucking personalized system it is a personal struggle everyone's going to have the same effect like you know it doesn't mean you get to use their image to market their books to sell your bullshit to bully them about their darkest moments that's not what that means and you want to pretend that a a and na are the only ways to get clean that work that 12-step is just gonna work for everyone and it's not that worked for my like parents but my uncle who tried so hard to make those things work has been doing this for so long and it didn't he got hooked on drugs when he was a teen and he is well over 50 now we took him over and over and did everything we could for him he even lived with my family worked for my dad we provided so much for this man we took him to a a I took him to a e I sat with him in a a and I'm not even a part of it it wasn't until he met someone who was in a sober-living house with him you met someone he started a relationship with he met someone who was good for him that decided who he decided he was going to turn around and be with her so he could be sober with her so he can make a life with her there are so many cases of rehab relationships happening and it causes a relapse and it bucks them up and it's bad but that also doesn't negate the fact that sometimes it works out because I've seen the opposite happened not only with my uncle but with other people so you know what that means it's a personal fucking experience and there's no rules there's general guidelines and they say you know we don't want you to do this we don't want you to necessarily go and start a relationship fresh out of this because that emotional struggle that emotional turmoil of all those relationships might trigger a relapse but it's a personal ass thing a relationship can actually help some of the time but if you don't know if someone you don't know is doing that and they're making an informed decision with actual professionals about it they are making the decision with a professional about it they are working hard maybe don't stick your dick into that situation you are not the authority on this mr. alumni coordinator of a rehab center that your mom got you the job at your first hand experience doesn't negate the absolute lack of professionalism and care you taking your videos you'll make mental illness into a joke you have literally no clue how to handle yourself in a professional or casual saying and you put mental illness any terrible light you preach that you're all about positivity and binding the solution for these situations and yet you sit here in your chair and tell people that they aren't good enough they aren't doing enough they aren't doing the recovery correctly that they are stepping doomed to fail because you say so people you don't know people who are going through their darkest moments and you put them on blast and put more pressure on them so they can hurt themselves more and you justify that shitty little tweets to them after they ask you big you this stop and that is bullshit if you care ever so deeply about Taylor's life where the fuck are you harassing her after she asked kindly to stop by the fuck is she and your son the old well she asked you to stop you cannot be on the moral high ground when you're willfully doing shit like that and you know how it looks you have constantly constantly have to repeat in every single one of your videos that your heart is in the right place because your actions say otherwise you have to constantly say what you mean you have to constantly say that you mean the best for people when the reality is you are pushing a woman down when she is at her lowest and trying to market to yourself from that you are looking at a buyer and asking how can this benefit me and the fact that there are people who are still here who still want to believe you is fucking frustrating because you are gross you're manipulative you are treating people's mental health as a prop and destroying their self-esteem in the process you use your own past as an excuse to hurt people people who asked you to stop who tell you that you are making them uncomfortable people who say I am trying my best and I'm making progress and focusing on me and you just shit on them for no reason so in closing keep the names of people who are in their darkest moments out of your mouth stop click baiting people's mental health issues and taking their agency away from that stop forcing people to comment publicly on their private issues in order to make money stop hurting creators and making them feel worse about themselves in order to sell your bullshit books stop pretending to be empathetic to people you clearly do not give a shit about stop gaslighting creators and pretending that any fallback that happens that is landed on you is shocking reflect on yourself the way you say you do and realize that your giving advice to people while not taking it your goddamn self Oh Taylor Nicole Dean is not someone I know she's not someone who I was a fan of before this straight up the only way I know her is through ready to Claire's video about her situation that came out months ago but now I'm a fan she has to struggle coming off one of the most addictive drugs imaginable all while dealing with this fucking dude saying everything she is doing is wrong and trying to pretend he's doing it from a place of care she doesn't deserve that and she's strong as shit for how she's handling it if you guys want to show her any support I'm gonna link her in the comments down below she deserves all the kindness and compassion with what she is going through and if you are willing to give it to her I ask you please do if you're going to throw shit at her either on Twitter or anywhere else don't be surprised if I show up defending her I love you guys I have a couple of other videos coming down the pipeline that aren't this this is going to be my last video where ever on this guy I am going to be I am NOT going to be talking about his actions ever again even if he continues this behavior I feel like I've said all I ever need to say on this anything further it would just be repetition and that's that on that also I didn't name him because again saying his name would benefit him so if you know you know if you don't then whatever definitely go watch close Mikey's video on him it's amazing it's fantastic I hope you guys continue to have a genuinely great day I will see you in my next video later


  1. Honestly, deflecting people like that is absolutely is terrible. Like it’s been used to shut me up about telling people I need something or someone/something is hurting because I’m autistic and I’m oversensitive because of it. Also people with good intentions have harmed me the most and it’s terrible having to keep their feelings in mind when telling people they’re hurting me.

  2. Nothing witty to say this time. This moved me more than any video I've seen on him. Thank you. 💜

  3. You got like 48 thousand more views on this video than he did on his video of you, he is a piece of shit.

  4. The first video you did on him made me unsub. Trust me you make a difference with your videos on this guy, even if it’s small.

  5. Sorry but, is anyone going to look into Taylor Nicole Dean's bullshit and animal abuse? Animals literally disappear for months on end and later says "oh yeah rehomed that one weeks ago"…. if it were being rehomed would fans not want a goodbye video at the very least?
    It's sus guys, and I think it needs to be looked into. Not saying she deserves this guy's negative attention and her drug use, but jesus christ. Animals literally died because she neglected to check in then when power went out to their cages…. and why? Probably because she was doing drugs and passed out for 10 hours

  6. I can't believe he has the audacity to continue an online presence of any kind.
    He's no professional, that is for damn sure and is literally trying to gaslight you. That is despicable.

  7. JFC I can't believe I ever supported this dude and his channel… thank you for dragging this asshat. Sailor Moon would be proud! 👍

  8. Dont back down CSA!! Keep using your voice! This disgusting man won’t stop the progress all these people are working so hard on!

  9. Not a fan of TND’s choices in life but I even pity her for being the new clickbait obsession of this self important man

  10. He went back on his promise of not talking about YouTubers' mental health after only a few months, and why? For the views and money. He was disgusting then, and he's disgusting now.

  11. Imagine having his balls and preach that you warn for mental health and dont do drama, then gaslight creators and a whole audience to avoid criticism

  12. Oh my god, the editing on this video was so bad. Also, saying your not mad and then screaming doesn’t really help your case. ALSO instead of just screaming and showing one random picture for the video, maybe take time to edit and show screenshots of things you mention so it’s credible. I usually like your videos, but this was garbage. Your lack of editing and just not caring if what you make is shit is gettin old. Try harder.

  13. The points he made were valid though. You seem to just be looking for any reasons possible to attack him in any way.

  14. Dudeeeeeee he has a messiahs complex he thinks he is like the second coming of Jesus and that he is the one that has all the truth in the world like heeeeeeeeeeeeelllll no sis

  15. Oh no- wait what did he do? I’m so confused… I’ve seen like one of his videos and mildly disagree with his points but I didn’t know there were so many people who didn’t like him? I have no idea what the drama is… um I’ll just ignore him😅

  16. Ignore it and it will hopefully go away. This is what his gross troll ass wants. He’s probably sitting there watching this with a big smile on his face because he’s getting the attention that he wants.

  17. He made a new video now and in the thumbnail, your photo is like in a dark side while his body is surrounded by light like an angel. I dont know if that is intentional but lmao I'm dying 😂

  18. I'll never like TND because of the pet drama, and dead animals fiasco (though she was in a bad place at that point). But goddamned, fuck RWS for harassing her when she's trying her best to turn her life around. What good does he think he's doing by criticising someone who's just left a toxic relationship, and who's still on the path to recovery.

  19. If this is the dude I think it is – he posted a video using your name within h o u r s of this video going up.

  20. I subscribed to him late last year i think?? or like a couple of month before The Big Scandal™ bc he was popping up in my recommendations but i unsubbed literally the next day. The amount of content he pumps out of his asshole shouldn't be as frequent as it is, especially covering the delicate topics he talks about. There's no reason to rehash why you think Trisha Paytas is doomed and going over your ~diagnosis~ for her every time she makes a video or tweet. It's all about money and at this point, any publicity is good publicity to him. Sure initial reactions to videos are sometimes necessary but when you have every video like that and you're manipulating people, it's obvious he doesn't actually give a fuck about anyone's mental health.

  21. I’m still trying to get out of homelessness with my partner too. Glad you could. I know the struggle man. 💖

  22. CSA: You're terrible for taking advantage of other people's mental health and profiting off of it-
    TRS: no u

  23. Holy shit I knew exactly who you were talking about before I even clicked

    What an ASSHOLE. Hearing you go off on him like that was so fucking satisfying.

  24. me, trying to figure out if this is about who I think this is
    Edit: Rewired Soul??
    Edit #2: Definetly Rewired Soul ohhh yeah
    Edit #3: his girlfriend has also responded to me on one of his videos after I commented practically an essay about how damaging he is.

  25. I can tell by watching this how passionate you where about it and I 100% agree with you, I'm so glad that you have enough courage to stand up for yourself and others who you think are being wronged, even against such a strong foe

  26. Argh everything you're arguing is so eloquently spoken and hits the nail on the head every time. I was subscribed to this dude up until about an hour ago. I bought into this guy's stuff so much because I needed a bit of help but I cant really get to private sessions atm and he seemed to explain things in a way I could understand. Seeing how he was responding to people in the comments and the way he was talking about and dealing with the situation in general was worrying. A lot of red flags came up, I'm glad I came to watch this video

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