The Most Oddly Satisfying FOOD Compilation Video Ever !

The Most Oddly Satisfying FOOD Compilation Video Ever !

what now that is how you toss food why is it so satisfying who knew food could be so satisfied actually I knew that already because every time I eat food I'm like what this latte is insane and looks like a unicorn made a Picasso I don't know but it's beautiful and I don't even want to drink it ooh why okay it is so satisfying to watch him slug eyes out of the pineapple I think that's what they're called I think they're called eyes but don't worry they're not realize they're just pineapple eyes it makes all these beautiful diamonds it's so nice I want to try I just want to pluck no no this surgery on a grape times four they did four surgeries on a grape at the same time look how thin they slice it like how you do that also I want to eat one of those slices I just feel like it like it just looks so refreshing who is this how is this honey I don't even care what it is I just want to eat it it's so nice looking the way ages like comes out of the combs this is a real 24 karat gold bar the wage is cracked but honestly I'm gonna buy something gold I want to be able to wear it once you eat it it's gone are there health benefits to eating gold or like are we just trying to like flex weird flex but okay like my chocolate it's gold that's a pretty cool box I'm not gonna lie this is so extra I'm and I'm here for it now I'm not entirely sure this is real food or food slime well I'm gonna take my chances because that looks delicious it looks so good I just want you to eat it all and no oh yes I think it's cookies I think it's cookies I don't know where's this lime what are you we got cookie dough oh she sees us Wow what are we gonna do now Oh more seashells I didn't know there were so many different ways to make cookies Wow okay what well he's gonna make a flower oh this makes me just want to bake cookies you I didn't know was this easy to be so cray okay what are you gonna do now huh Oh ooh rainbow cookies okay what is this one gonna be what easy oh it's a turtle so cute and my uncultured it's like I didn't know I didn't know this was a thing this is gonna be a spider web yeah I knew it'd come it's like any bubble wrap is that even sanitary but that looks like a honeycomb am i right I think I'm right I'm so mesmerized that people make cookies mushroom cookies like that one I don't get when I'm eating cookies I'm not thinking I want to eat mushrooms they're making pancakes wow this is so satisfying the way just pours so evenly and nicely like the perfect pancake every time I love pancakes but I think I love watching them being made even more well even the way he stacks them is magical boy you got skills here's some more pancakes look at him flip look at him go look at the flip of the Reese's I just want to hire someone to just sit in my house and flip pancakes now and then I can just watch and then like eat the pancakes after obviously because I'm not letting the pay case go to waste it's not just the grapes guys they also perform surgery on the tomato that is so nicely sliced like how sharp is that knife boy I don't even like tomatoes and I just want to eat every piece of the slice it just looks so much more refreshing and great oh oh what's happening here if they said they're making little like tears in what is that a potato oh that's the best thing I've ever seen in my life a swirly potato and they deep-fry it so probably tastes like french fries and I love a good french fry in my life oh when they season it oh wow I need to try this this looks so good what can I get this weird I would try and make it myself but I'm incompetent they're making 500 sandwiches in under an hour look how fast they going but also low-key I don't see a single sandwich in sight where the sandwich is that it's a wrap he technically a rapid a sandwich or is it is a wrap a sandwich it's a hotdog a sandwich where do we draw the line let me know in the comments we can start a debate what do you consider a sandwich is this a sandwich or is a wrap a sandwich a hotdog you see the hotdog this is my visual representation of hand hotdog you're welcome oh oh the crunch oh Jesus oh that makes me so happy I love stringy cheese oh my oh you're just like all I was adorable I think she liked the cheese more than I liked the cheese and I didn't even try it but that makes sense no it doesn't yes it does oh look at how fast he's going that's amazing but also I felt a little uneasy like boy don't you care about your fingers I don't know how I feel about this much meat I don't like uncooked meat freaks me out I'm immature Wow look how big that piece of burger bun is okay this is like way too big there's no way that tastes good what is that sauce Mayo I don't get it what is that oh my god I think it's sauce oh we got the another week we have two pieces of me cheese and top burger oh he's gonna slice in half because I guess you can't really enjoy that by yourself try me okay they make it look good in this photo but I'm still not down so the centerpiece lifts up and the steam literally flips the other little dudes on the sides I said dudes cuz I don't actually know what they are but this is amazing how does this even work how does it know what direction to go woah look flipping them even more until they're gonna flip on their bellies I love this this is so satisfying oh oh oh wow look how the yolk breaks it's so soothing the way it just slowly runs what is an adult-film for eggs no yes Oh the slices were too perfect oh they're just slicing candies if someone works oh yes oh yes I don't know what that is but I'm gonna eat it all to myself what is that the perfectly stringy stuff it looks like spaghetti but I know it's like some type of sauce that's a lot of sauce or is it spaghetti I don't know Oh are they dipping a lollipop they're dipping a wally pop my life is better now oh oh no oh no oh the chocolate oh yes there is what is he gonna do what oh you see how he just rolls that boy oh boy what that looks delicious not gonna look like I said melting cheese no that was so much cheese oh yes I love when they make the cupcake swirls the cowfish girls are like my favorite things well I have a lot of favorite things but this is I know I keep saying that but this is one of my favorite things just look at it go why is this okay I actually have no idea what this is gonna be is this candy this is how they make candy honestly I'm not sure oh my god it's candy oh yes where's it open some of the molten chocolate why that is delicious looking it just like it just jumbles oof oof and then they brand it I love this so much it's like they're fairly enough with the moat with liquid and it just opened up that's not food that's art that's art guys oh this is also artist blossoms they're making dough I've never seen this before is this how they make dough Oh wow that's so mesmerizing I could watch that all day also this hello mr. donut oh look at the beautiful like gradient of pink and red oh oh this is like satisfying but also low-key torture cuz I want to eat it all kid that does not look like food that looks like play-doh that looks like play-doh stop trying to poison me dude oh my god it's a bagel it's a bagel though it's a bagel no is ìhow dumplings are made that is so cool I didn't know there was like I guess not there's not somebody just sitting there making them all the time white oh it's so beautiful no way that's food it's food even better it's not just food it's cake it's cake oh look at the way oh look at that look at the cake I'm in love oh oh why is this so satisfying that's a wheel of cheese I think what that's art but really it's a cake and you eat it and it's gone forever that's so sad if you think about it but also as long as you enjoyed it alright so fast go girl how you moved like that oh it's probably spit up Oh oh my gosh you move like that oh look how smooth it looks oh yes I love that color pink it's so like bubblegum oh so beautiful I haven't a suit it looks like finished because smooth it is how are people doing things like this and I can barely function I have a hard time waking up in the morning and people are making these gracious I love watching the little like sprout things come out what do you call that like cake flowers I don't know they look like cake flowers let me have it Oh dere it is it's finished oh it's so beautiful and on that note guys I hope you enjoyed this video I love you always so much stay awesome stay sweet and don't forget me nice other


  1. At 4:00, you have never had a potato on a stick?! We go to eat street often and I always have potato on a stick!

  2. Actually the potato thing is from Japan and you can get it at Japanese places your welcome Azzy :3 Go to Hawaii and you can get it or Japan

  3. Azzyland : its so fluffy I could die .
    Agnes from Gru you out here stealing my catch Phrase some mother fuzzer gonna get sued tonight.

  4. With the mushroom cookies people wont eat them so them be all for you😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❕❕❕

  5. Is it word that she said "wow" more times I'm the "try not to say wow video" than this video? Just me? K

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