The Ordinary Review • Skincare Under $10!!! • DECIEM Skincare

The Ordinary Review • Skincare Under $10!!! • DECIEM Skincare

Actually, I think this should be made as “The Extraordinary”. ♪[Upside Down by JPB plays]♪ The Ordinary is a brand under Deciem company. So, they call themselves “The Abnormal Beauty Company” because they really are. They’re very innovative. They’re very disruptive. The founder has a lot of balls like [laughs] I look up to him. I think The Ordinary is yet, by far, the most attractive brand because of the price point and also all of their names of the products have no marketing bullshit whatsoever. It basically named after the scientific active ingredient that they use in each product. So,it speaks to a lot of skincare geeks like me. But, at the same time, I think a lot of you guys were very confused and kind of lost if you especially don’t know what these active ingredients do. And I think The Ordinary website itself did a really good job in explaining each active ingredient. And they made a complete regime. For myself, I spend like hours and hours just reading the entire website. Now, Deciem does ship to Korea and Deciem does, in fact, have a flagship store based in Seoul. But they don’t carry The Ordinary yet in the flagship store. So, I think the girl was saying is going to be available soon– Okay, enough rambling. I’m going to jump into the products. Starting off from Vitamin B3, which is my favorite, Niacinamide 10% and Zinc 1%. So, niacinamide is a wonderful ingredient in suppressing the melanin production. So, if you do have acne scars, hyperpigmentation, or uneven complexion and you want to brighten those spots up, niacinamide is a wonderful, safe, and stable ingredient that you guys might be interested in trying out. It’s also a naturally moisturizing agent as well as a good anti-aging ingredient because it can actually boost the collagen production from within. Especially if you do have oily to acne-prone skin, this is a wonderful ingredient for you guys because it regulates the sebum production. Therefore it can prevent future breakouts and prevent clogged pores. However, this is not an acne treatment. So, you don’t want to expect this to kind of diminish and vanish all the breakouts you have. This is more like a preventative ingredient. Zinc 1% is there for charging your skin and clarifying your skin. Niacinamide is supposed to be highly effective from the strength or the concentration from 5% and above. And this guy took it to another level, which is 10%. And I did see wonderful wonderful results after using this. My acne marks kind of faded a little bit in conjunction with other active ingredients that I’m using in my skincare regime. But this guy pills like crazy! So, I can never layer this underneath my makeup. Therefore, you have to use this in the night-time skincare routine. As far as I know, The Ordinary carries four different kinds of Vitamin C derivative. And, of course, a lot of people choose the L-Ascorbic acid suspension but that guy also has a lot of controversy because of the texture and the grittiness. It’s kind of hard to work with it because it’s super grainy so it doesn’t seem like it’s penetrating well enough. A lot of people love it. A lot of people hate it. Instead, I went for something that’s more stable and easy to use in your skincare regime, which is the MAP 10% aka Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. So, this Vitamin C derivative is fairly new or fairly newer than L-Ascorbic acid but it’s supposed to be way more stable. And it’s stable in neutral pH, which means it’s not going to be tingling. I haven’t had any irritation after using this and it comes in an emulsion or kind of lotion type. MAP is a water soluble vitamin C derivative. That’s why it needs to be kind of buffered and surrounded by oil and silicone. So, it definitely does feel a little bit greas–not greasy greasy but a little bit oily and silicone-y. So you do kind of have that sillicone-y feeling remaining on top of your skin. This worked wonders in fading my acne marks and like dull spots and evened out my complexion when used with niacinamide together. And this is another reason why I love MAP so much because you can actually use it WITH niacinamide without being counteractive. So, I love love love MAP and niacinamide together. If you’re using L-Ascorbic acid, they do not recommend you guys to use niacinamide and zinc serum in the same routine because it can actually clash and degrade its efficacy. Now we have Retinol 1%. Now, retinol is a vitamin A derivative ingredient. It’s supposed to reverse that photo aging. It can actually brighten up your complexion and it also helps diminishing and banishing your acnes and blemishes or any kind of skin problems. I feel like a lot of dermatologists just prescribe retin–retinoic acid. So, I actually did test this guy on my neck area just to see and gauge how my skin reacts and how my skin kind of tolerates retinol product. But I don’t think I’ll be using on my face because I know even though you have to go through a certain purging stage and the peeling stage and it can be irritating if you’re a first time user, I’ve been having rashes and it’s peeling like crazy and it hurts so bad. I heard Advanced Retinoid 2% is way more milder and way more gentle. So, maybe if you’re interested in trying out any vitamin A derivative from The Ordinary, I think that’s a safer choice to go for. Moving on to acids… First, I’m going to talk about Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%. Azaleic acid ingredient, itself, is a very wonderful like proven-to-be-effective ingredient in reducing rosacea, redness, and inflammatory acnes because it can inhibit the growth of P-acne, which is the acne-causing bacteria. So, I was really really inrtigued. That’s why I bought it. I don’t like it. It just makes my skin SO painful like even though I used the tiniest amount on the only spot–like one spot– the next day I wake up with this really paper-ish like flaky skin. So I feel like it’s super duper drying. I have this kind of burning sensation. So, I can’t go to bed because it’s like almost painful to go to bed. So, if you do have sensitive skin like me I don’t think this is an ideal option for you guys. Moving on to one of the most popular products, as well. This is the Lactic Acid 5% with Hyaluronic Acid 2%. Lactic acid is a group of AHA–alpha hydroxy acid. It is a chemical exfoliant to resurface and retexturize your skin and it actually accelerates the cell turnover. So, I love AHA in general and I think 5% is like a decent like mild yet very effective concentration to use. And I had high hopes because lactic acid is naturally moisturizing It is a humectant, so, it draws moisture into your skin. And it also is supported by hylauronic acid 2%, which is another water-retaining ingredient. So, it’s supposed to be more hydrating. However, whenever I use this I wake up with SUCH a dry skin. I’ve never experienced anything like that kind of dry skin with other lactic acid products and my skin gets kind of rough the next day rather than it smoothens my skin. Man, I really wanted to love this item because I LOVE AHA and I LOVE The Ordinary price point. Now, we have my favorite serum so far, which is the “Buffet”. I LOVE this guy. I would definitely repurchase this. I highly recommend this to every skin types out there. I was initially drawn into this product because of the name itself, having the ballsy name called the “Buffet”, while every other The Ordinary products are named after the active ingredients. Judging by the ingredients that they put in, I think this should be worth like over sixty dollars, to be honest, because it has a variety of proven-to-be-effective peptide complexes including matrixyl 3000, [matrixyl synthe 8?] and other amino acids and a lot of different weights of hyaluronic acids. So, peptide is really really important in our skin because it’s actually building the amino acid and the mortar of the brick of your skin. So, it makes your skin appear more firm and more plump. And it boosts the collagen level. A lot of people would benefit from this product. So, I highly highly recommend it. Now I bought this 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil. I. Love. It. So. Much. Because I do have oily skin to more acne-prone skin And this is a wonderful dry oil that’s higher in linoleic acid than oleic acid content, which makes it really penetratable and really well-absorbing. So, it doesn’t leave any greasy film on top. So that’s why a lot of oily and acne prone-skin love love love rosehip oil. Rosehip seed oil is rich in vitamin A, which is retinoic acid, and vitamin C. On top of that, it has numerous antioxidant qualities. So it’s highly highly recommended to every different skin types out there because it can not only moisturize and nourish your skin but it can also regenerate new skin cells, it boosts the collagen level, and it can actually fade your hyperpigmentation. I love mixing with this with my other serums and with my other moisturizers that I have or I apply this on its own. So, highly highly recommend this. Last but not least, I have a makeup primer. This is the High Spreadability Fluid Primer. It’s basically a silicone-based primer that is supposed to blur out the look of the pores and also smoothen the bumpy skin texture. If you do have those skin textural issues and you to kind of coat that evenly and fill in the ridges a little bit, this will be a good primer for you guys. It does have a very strong chemical kind of silicone smell and it’s not that– It’s not that pleasant applied on your skin because you’re basically coating your skin with silicone. But I guess that’s what it does and it does what it claims to do, which is smoothing out your pores and your makeup does apply more smoothly. Yeah. Let me know your favorite product from The Ordinary range, if you have tried it. I would love to explore more and buy more products from The Ordinary and possibly make the “Part 2”. Please share this video with your friends and family if you found it really interesting and informative. And don’t forget to subscribe to this Youtube channel down below by clicking that red button down below and I’ll speak to you guys soon. Bye! 🙂 ♪[Upside Down by JPB plays]♪


  1. Unleashing the #skincarenerd inside me again… Sorry if the language was too complicated😭 I hope I provided a good ingredient guide for you!💚🌴 성분자체가 넘 어려워보이시겠지만 디오디너리는 국내배송도 하니 꼭꼭 구매해보세요🙌🏼

  2. thank you so much, i struggle with fungal acne and the ordinary has many products which doesnt trigget this kind acne !

  3. Does anyone out there breakout from risehip seed oil ?? I’ve read comments some love it and some breakout so I’m torn on whether to buy it.

  4. Awesome review I recently just got into the ordinary. I have gone through about half a bottle of the niacinamide 10% and zinc 2% or whatever and so far I've really liked it. I thought I was going to have to get rid of it because I was having a weird reaction to it but it was the mixture with the toner I was using they don't perform well together and since splitting them up I've been really enjoying it!

  5. This is my first time enjoying your YouTube channel. Great work! I’m looking forward to more great content from you. Thank you so much!

  6. This brand got me into skincare.The fact that it is affordable made me buy.I still pay quite a bit though because I use like 8 different products from them now daily :p.They really made a difference along with a tretinoin cream I use.The concentrations seem to be really high from what I understand,so niacinamide for example is 10 per cent and also I use the 23 per cent suspension Vit C.Both sting like hell 🙁 These along with the buffet and caffeine eye cream are my favourites 🙂

  7. It is important to remember that the Ordinary products should not be used on their own and are meant to supplement your "regular" routine. Maybe that's why you got such a bad reaction from some of the products.

  8. hi, does the ordinary products have seal? im worrying for buying fake products.

  9. I actually had a great experience using niacinamide + zinc serum under my makeup. face looks plump and smooth but I also used a primer and lightly tapped it into my skin about 30 minutes after applying my skin care products

  10. Hi… How do i layer great barrier relief and the ordinary MAP? Which one should be applied first? Btw i really2 love gbr😍

  11. Hello Liah! I will be purchasing the Niacinamide serum, Magnesium Ascorbal Phosphate, and Rosehip oil as you suggested these for acne and PIE skin. How would I use these? Rosehip oil in the morning and the other two at night together? Is there a recommended combination?

  12. I want to build a good skincare routine using basically only the ordinary, raw shea butter, and I have one of those LED light face masks. The only thing i think i would want would be like rose water (does such a good job to refresh your face through out the day) and maybe a nice essence. I wanted to believe the voluifine ampoule thing from sidool for my eyes but there are so many reviews saying it does nothing. Oi building a routine is hard !

  13. Hii. I've been using the ordinary niacinamide for about 2 days now and does it normally sting when you apply it at first? I haven't apply anything before it so I'm wondering why it stings and makes some parts of my face a bit red..

  14. Please can you explain more about the lactic acid and the aha products why do the ordinary lactic acid dry the skin ????!

  15. Anyone tried The Ordinary Sunscreen ? Is it any good? How about The Ordinary Moisturizer ? Would you recommend it for people with sensitive skin?

  16. I just found out there is a serum that is quite affordable, after seeing your video … 😁 I will use the ordinary product for my acne prone skin. After a long time, I used a cheap product labeled "acne", my pimples decreased, but my skin condition became rough and there were many blackheads … 😥 Hopefully by following all your suggestions, my skin condition will improve … thank you a lot Liah Yoo .. 😍

  17. Do you have to refrigerate/ keep the magnesium phosphate in a dark place/ refrigerator so it doesn’t oxidize?

  18. First of all I'd love to thank Liah for making such informative videos. It was a great help to me who was quite lost with what products to go for to bring back the calm and clean looking skin from adult acne invaded skin. Not only did it affect my confidence but also the pain I had to go through everytime new cystic acnes came out was indescribable. I tried numerous acne products in various price points but nothing really seemed to be working and my skin was getting more and more irretated which was a massive stress for me. So I started doing research on Youtube on adult acne and products and came across Liah's videos. (Lucky me!!) I loved Liah's holistic approach to the skin, flexible and variety options on the products and the way she was delivering the information – thorough and easy to understand without bombarding with unnecessary extra information and jargons. I started making changes by taking Liah's advise and tried to find out what my skin really needs since May and now I have managed to get rid of all the cystic acnes and trying to work on the scars and marks. I am truly happy that I am now out of pain and have the confidence back. So thank you Liah and please continue to be you and share your awesome knowledge with us 😍 👍

  19. 리아님 좋은 영상 감사합니다.
    리아님 덕에 좋은 제품 욕심내서 구매는 했는데
    지성 타입이고 현재 턱 주변 화농성 여드름으로 고생중인데요 ㅜㅜ
    막상 구매하고나니 어떤 조합으로 사용하는 것이 좋을지 추천해주실 수 있나요?
    제 평생 이렇게 심했던 적이 없었고 8주정도? 피부과에서 처방 받은 약을 먹어보았지만
    효과를 못보고 현재는 약을 안먹고 있습니다
    [나이아신아마이드,로즈힙,뷔페,MAP,모이스처라이징 팩터스]

  20. Thanks so much. Of all the TO reviews yours delivers the clearest message. I’ve been using mainly The Ordinary for a while and still exploring. They recommended Granactive Retinoid to me over Retinol for less irritation. The new cleanser is good and just launched a 150ml format, together with the hero products you mentioned in bigger sizes. Just got them all~

  21. I have 19 years old and so I dont have a "teenager skin" anymore. Can I use niacinamide? (Because in your video of teen skin you said that teens can't use that ingredients)

  22. Hey, I just wanna say thank you for this informative and honest review ❤️ I used to have bad cystic acne for the past 4 years, and I almost went to the doctor to get accutane treatment. Then I found your video and decided to try niacinamide out. I use it whenever my acne is acting up and now my skin condition is improved significantly. Couldn't thank you enough ❤️keep up the good work! 🙂 x

  23. Can we use these together? I mean will any of these react if applied together and in which times of the day we can use them ? Can we use all of them as a teenager?

  24. Hi Liah! I know it's quite late to ask but I do hope you will notice my comment 🙂 Can magnesium ascorbyl phosphate 10% use as moisturiser??

  25. Interesting,i noticed the higher concentrated vitamin c serum did pill up a but, but i did find that it soaked in well!

  26. Please suggest ordinary skin products for dry skin ,and I am having wrinkles around my eyes and laughing lines .rest my skin is good and clean

  27. Hi just wondering am I able to use the niacinamide and buffet together or separately . Not sure how to layer them!!! ???

  28. Can you layer rosehip oil on top of the niacinamide and MAP? Or should I use the oil in the morning and the other two at night? thanks

  29. the ordinary is just.. fucking awesome. the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution was only used 4 or 5 times by me… since then i didnt use it anymore. why? cause it PERMANENTLY changed my skin from extremely dry so that the skin peels of to seesomely hydrated skin. it caused me to itch my skin waaay less since the itchy sensations of the dry skin are gone + it makes me more confident

  30. I am starting to do some research about skincare esp i have an oily skin. I wonder which comes first to all of these products. Which comes first niacinamide or rosehip or MAP? Pleasw can somebody answer meeee

  31. Please make a vid recommending what products are great for your skin type! I have soo oily skin and I can’t find any tips 🙁

  32. Hi Miss Liah, Im your newest subscriber. And i keep on watching your vids since the day my friend recommended to watch your vlog. And it is also my 1st to put an effort to take care of my skin and focus on the main concern which s oily skin and acne prone skin.
    Dont mind my last comment about the order of using the products. I research about it. And if anyone wants to read just check this link :

    1stthing is cleanss your face(ordinary doenst have cleanser)
    2-.toner (they do have toner)
    3. The niacinamide (i believe it is serum)
    ** retinol shoud bd used during AT NIGHT
    4. the magnesium( emulsion)
    5. Rosehip seed oil (oil which u keep on suggesting to apply seed oil to our faces💙)

    And yes i ordered everything. I hope this will end my suffering.

    Thank you miss Liah AGAIN . i love rice too because IM ASIAN TOO

  33. It’s my first time watching you and I MUST say, You’re a freaking amazing reviewer!!
    THANK YOU! ♥️💖 keep it up girl!!

  34. I'm so scared now that Estee Lauder has bought over The Ordinary company… I hope the prices don't summit!! I rely so much on The Ordinary ever since my acne has been healing…

  35. LMAO
    Seeing this demure Asian woman saying "balls" really hit my funny bone. 😄😄😄😄
    Thanks for all the info on The Ordinary. I'm REALLY late to this brand. 🙁

  36. Love your soothing voice!!!! I don’t get annoyed at all which I get when listening to you tubers with high pitch voices. And you describe the products & their ingredients in a simple way which come across to simple people like me.

  37. Para las chicas o chicos que hablan español yo tengo una video en mi canal comentando sobre algunos productos the Ordinary ✨

  38. 오디너리 왕팬입니다. 나이아신 아마이드가 너무 밀려서 루틴을 뷔페 전으로 바꿨더니 밀리능게 90%정도 줄어 들었네요. 낮에 나이아신을 바르고 출근하면 유분 조절을 해줘서 화장도 지저분하게 안 무너 지고 조터라고요. 밀리는 것땜시 불편하셨던 분들 루틴 함 바꿔보셔요. 그래서 밀린다면 걍 밤에만 바르삼

  39. 안녕하세요 영상 잘 봤습니다. 질문이 있어서요. 디오디너리 나이아신아마이드 제품읖 현재 쓰고 있는데요, 다른 블로거들 리뷰 한거 보면, 비타민 씨 제품이랑 같이 쓰지 말라고 하는데, 정말 같이 사용하면 안되나요? 현재까지, 나이아신아마이드 쓰고 나서 비타민씨 세럼을 발랐거든요. 헷갈리네요 꼭 알려주세요

  40. Anyone got bad reaction to rosehip oil? 😭 i wanted to like it so much, but it made my acne worse. I used the one from Thursday Plantation, btw.

  41. Been watching your videos and started using the ordinary niacinamide+ zinc. I am thinking of using retinol in.the evening for my acne prone skin but as a newbie which one is better and less likely to irritate since I never tried any retinols.

  42. I really have bad blackhead like I have strawberry nose and I have small black pores on my cheeks can someone recommend me one oridinary product for my blackheads and pores

  43. I don’t usually have acne, but when I do I have small bumps on my forehead and I have a feeling that it’s not acne related. Besides all that I do have deep painful acne that will hurt to touch. It stays for a couple days then goes away on its own sometimes. I have scars and some indentation on my skin that has been there since middle school. I’ve tried what I could afford to help my skin but nothing has worked. Overall even when the time of the month comes it’s just a crazy mess of acne.

  44. I just bought the ordinary niacinamide 10% and I am using a face wash with 2% salicylic acid. I hope it works for me <333 I have a lot of redness on my face, and acne scars, as well as combination skin, and acne prone

  45. 4:18 그거 버리지말고 보습크림 3 : 그 크림 1 로 해서 농도 낮춰서 테스트 해보시고 얼굴에 발라보세요.훨씬 괜찮을텐데.
    레티놀 함량이 높은걸 그냥 고대로 바르신듯.. 연고도 그 농도로 된거는 희석 시켜서 바릅니다

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  48. Does Fopobiacne Secrets (do a search on google) help me break free from acne? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about this popular natural acne treatment.

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