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  2. Pretty amazing skills you displayed here friend! Way to go!
    I'm actually thinking of joining the Movement 20XX program, but I have some minor pains in one of my knees and I am not sure if the animal movements would be too much. Do you think I will be able to do it? Will the workout actually help me recover?
    Anyone from the community can also answer my question, of course 😀

    Keep up the awesome work Eero!

  3. I love all your videos. I'm not the thinnest person, but I move very well. I'm very proud of that. I know you show videos with that friend of yours with glasses. I like that because I wear glasses LOL Can you show videos from a woman's view? I want to see what she thinks. I can't be the only woman out there who finds herself happy when I do these movements. The body is a remarkable thing. I once read a book on exercise with the title The Human Machine. Indeed the body is remarkable.

  4. Id love to see you in a fight, doing parkour, chopping down a huge tree, mountain climbing…using all your strength in awesome sports or somethin

  5. Eero.. u r amazing man, but martial arts, executing strikes, it's just not right man, I'm a big supporter of ur work, however, the art of unarmed combat, u need more awareness, of what it actually is, of how to produce huge power with the least amount of effort, to reach a point of almost no energy wasted, to be aware of ur heart rate as u move, and never waste energy. Please, listen, let me point one thing out, at the second 2:08 in the video, that elbow strike, using ur back foot to create momentum and transfer the kinetic energy towards the tip of ur elbow strike, watch ur hips carefully at the end of the execution, it flicked to the outside.. that was unnecessary, wasted energy, the flow of movement had to be pinpointed towards ur elbow, and not to poke out elsewhere. Energy poked out through ur hips and that was not efficient, not balanced, spazzy, clumsy, and to be ARTISTIC in ur movement, u need to be precise and in balance and in order. It's called mma, fuck "mm", "a" is what's lost, Art, it's art, it needs to be sophisticated. Hope u get something out of this. Find someone who's madly in love with the art of combat, not a practitioner or what so called a teacher. A man in love with the craft will guide u through it
    And by the way, u have lots of stiff points as u move in a fighting manner, when u move like a monkey however, ur truly in flow and u need to learn how to implement ur monkey attitude into ur punching, kicking, and slipping, U'll be amazing

  6. Половина времени ролика – обезьяньи кривлянья,не связанные с единоборствами.

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