The Shawn Rhoden Story Will Change The Fitness Landscape Forever !

The Shawn Rhoden Story Will Change The Fitness Landscape Forever !

what some people may be mark of course without was next day all right boys and girls as you notice I made a video two days ago about partying late Dave is about it the huge story let's try and saw an audit as you guys know the follow misses a while I should be blogging about bodybuilding I created this niche I created this nation that I was the biggest bodybuilding partner in the world my Olympia videos for that matter the name it honors Arnold Classic or history of bodybuilding they were the most watch in the world period before YouTube shoots me in the foot because I was making videos on my second channel asking with Marco related to men's issue men's issues and guess what now the two subjects collided bodybuilding and the accusation of Shawn Rhoden who is a men obviously I was talk I used to talk to a lot of bodybuilders a lot of people involved in the fitness industry I didn't have a lot of interaction with we saw Gordon we spoke once when he he was in the Kuwait Pro right now that year he placed second in mr. Olympia he placed number two mr. Olympia obviously second to feel heat and then he wants to to do the European tour and he didn't win a single one he didn't win a single one they gave the Spain Pro Arnold Spain they give it to Dexter Jackson and the Prag I think pride they gave it to to William Vaughn ACK and Kuwait they good they give it to big Ronnie so they played some music chair miss mean the Grammy Dexter Jackson I think William bone a key drag and the guy who plays second get it got nothing he was beaten by guys who has been he has beaten them few few few weeks ago Fuchs ago REO and he was very calm when I had like a small chat with him I think he was via whatsapp obviously yeah I was talking to a guy from Kuwait from there the camera crew and he was next to him right so he passed me Shawn Rhoden and it was a very gentle tour actually was not even mad very gentle giant I think it's from the islands and that's that now you guys know me you know my stance on these kind of situations for me it hits home most of you are are men watching me 99% you you need to to learn lessons god bless Shawn Rhoden this is a very very dire situation very very dire situation a mere accusation can change your life through the worst this is mere acquisitions he had not been convicted at all yet mr. Olympia LLC they throw him under the bus they removed his basically eligibility they disliked he no longer exists right see a mere accusation is he the first one guys know what's up unless you've been living around under the rock didn't see what happened to all those celebrities who have been accused just a mere accusation everything false Johnny dad even Brad Pitt or his wife accused him of maltreatment of his kids you name it right every celebrity a lot of them where are you living guys you need to adapt very quickly so there will be a crease on Roden and after shawn rhoden but for you guys who are mostly Fitness fans you will see dynamic will change especially the Fitness Expos venues there will be no more mingling it is the most is the pageant but bodybuilding fitness and classic physique it is the venue when it's all about physique and being sexy don't tell me that bikini is not sexy are you kidding me did you see the picture in the contest right right there's some gurus some some gurus appeared before the show they take a look at these girls and these girls are naked completely naked are not saying their word in bikinis they're naked totally because of the tan they have some tan so to not smear that tan that completely naked so imagine how sensitive it is everybody is what a physique don't tell me that a rich dude is not sexy for the opposite sex of course same goes with the chicks warm bikinis and sexy clothes so you guys need to know how to navigate to all the new pros listen to me and I gotta mention names my spoke and I met people bodybuilders legends of bodybuilding face-to-face and they told me about stories they used to do back in the 90s 2000 they travel allowed these guys their life is in hotels can you imagine what they do what they go there or the mingling that happens it's insane it's insane I told me about it and that these guys on like face to face and I know some currently competing athletes currently compete at me personal friends of Mines they were to send me pictures from the hotel what they do you guys have no idea they had no idea we went to Dubai brah Dubai Expo that we went to that the most known gym there what the pros were training you would see these bitches man they flocked they flock for like 15 bees like bees baby please on honey tell you that much they were coming these two repeating chicks come in they're trying to mingle trying to hook up with the athletes and the stars so yeah don't tell me it doesn't have what you need to know now it is if you get accused it is your word against that person's work and guess who they will believe you guys know there is no freaking due process in this there is no due process you need to get a clue man we to get a clue if you love my videos about blogging about body builders you say I cannot do them now we got mommy I asked you two to be records with every single who's who and that's in this game some love me some hated me but when I think it is it's easy for me to make videos about physics me I was editing the video once it was it was simple for me but for me this dynamic is more important but when you guys is more important than documenting about a show so hopefully you guys will be grateful which you respect me now follow me and believe me then get a clue take your damn red pill thank you damn red pill once and for all do not let it hit you nearly two days ago I was this close this close to be arrested the system is awaiting for you man to commit a slight mistake I published a video this morning who yesterday go ahead and take a look at the the most the most viewed and the most liked comment is about a dude who can't vote for me about his his friend his friends from New York his he's a Latin guy from New York so these guys when they talk they're quite you know Booker white Walker he moved to Florida and a neighbor called the cops on them he said naw no one I think there is a fight in the in the house next door cops came in they wanted to cuff him up so they said turn around he turn around and what he was what he was doing so the cop was trying to restrain him or to push him so as a reflex the dude had to put his arms and hands forward just to brace for the impact it's a reflex because of that they accused him of resisting arrest they took him out they pressed charges they pressed charges on behalf on behalf of his wife even though his wife was crying she was crying because her husband was been arrested but no they still accused him on her behalf of of domestic violence you guys need to know this truth your wife or your girlfriend does not have to do it the cops will do it on their behalf because they say she's too in distress he could show her he controls her she's afraid of him so they pressed charges they moved in from his house he has a restraining order he cannot go to his house he cannot see his kids nor his wife all right that has he has a file of domestic violence his life is changed because they need to nourish the Beast they need to feed the beast his frickin system the judiciary system just the system is corrupt you got little Gary clue right all these lawyers or these judges they need to get fed by your money by your man money all right they know what something know what so for me I mean these guys were quite belligerent like the two cops two young cops coming at 6:00 in the a.m. I mean they could have arrested me because they have no Cameron or nothing they said hey this guy is belligerent and you know he's trying to pick a fight with us so be careful the system is lurking waiting for you to come in the slightest mistake so be careful I remember guys your biggest instinct your your your strongest instinct is your sexual urge so be afraid it will lead you to your demise how many men are nurse was nigger him he had a kid with with his mate Bill Clinton you guys know what's up Donald Trump every single accusation that comes towards him as a sexual of a sexual nature they know how to target men let argot you why are your your instinct so be careful right be careful what you do every single step you wake up in the morning you woke up in the morning you take sudan red pill you know i remember the rule the rule of the movie 300 the spartans give them nothing give them nothing and take away from them everything remember this give them nothing and take away from them everything money property that's some 3d effects in that Delta right there Deary me money proper isn't it really is please baby please that's what Andres


  1. Word is Kai Greene fell off the elliptical when he heard this news. He quickly signed for Olympia 2019. He already wrote his Olympia victory speech. It has something to do with the stars alignments and orbital tragectories. Also.. We all know that Phil Heath set this all up.

  2. where was the women last year when she got raped ? sleeping on her couch ?
    she did this on purpose just to destroy his career

  3. Lui there trying to ruin the family structure they give women welfare if there is no man in the house it's what the elite want so they can subject there depopulation agenda and that's one of many ways that there doing it…. looking diced to the sox

  4. Women lie ! That's pretty much all they do ; gossip, lie, start drama and sleep around: welcome to the current year
    "When Men stop being the head, they become the tail"

  5. I was falsely accused of rape and prosecuted many years ago. The things that saved me were lack of evidence, her being inconsistent with her story, and she had a history of being in trouble.

  6. Yeah right.. and Trump peed on hookers in Russia… Kavenaugh raped someone at a party etc etc… Most assuredly we need to see the evidence and quite frankly corporations have run amuck and NEED to adhere to the law and NOT punish a person BEFORE they are convicted.

  7. Pro bodybuilding is not "fitness" nor does it have anything to do with being fit. It's a complete misnomer even saying the word "fitness" and the words pro bodybuilding.

  8. dearyyyyy meeeee, ULItitties on a dailyyyyyyyy, dailyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy baseeeeeeeees brahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. lets get back to them videos brah

  9. Apparently shawn Rhoden got his jaw broken in 2017 by some guy for hitting on his girl! And he then meets a women for sex in a hotel. Is in and off with his wife or girlfriend which ever she is / was to me shawn seem like a like he like sex. Sexatron Rhoden could have a problem

  10. Kids listen to this man. He is the reason why I got back to bodybuilding years ago.
    Look at Enzo Amore he was accused and got fired by the WWE and lost everything. The police cleared his name and he's innocent. Still this chick is free and living her life like nothing and Enzo is doing anything for work. Right now he's in the AEW but remember what Lui is saying one accusation and your done.

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