1. She must have plenty of family and friends telling her YES you look sexy and you have a perfect body your bones look so pretty show us more. These people must want her to die. Or Celine is got a very sick mind, Her fashion show is great something Karen Carpenter would buy for sure.

  2. This woman has what it requires her to be fine. Let her not wait to her Creator as early as not more than few days , she needs serious care , let her not pretend

  3. Sad to see her in this condition. Many people out there starve because there's no money to buy food. I hope someone tells her that she can afford to buy food, good food and get back on track with living.

  4. LOL now everyone is worried. It was like 2 or 3 years ago that i have commented about how thin she was as she aged and some fans just got somewhat angered at what i said, and they say that shes normal and still healthy.
    I think we dont have the same eyes. There is something deffinitely wrong with this …

  5. Hope she realize that she needs to gain weight a bit…drastic loss of weight might get u sick…let’s stay connected

  6. ok lang yan celine dion kw parin ang napakagaling na singer para sa akin.wow nman galing ah kaya pala tao nalng kulang mommy congrats po

  7. She may not care what others say but she should care about her kids, she will die if she continues down this vile path. Too many close top her will tell her she looks great when honestly they no she looks like a walking corpse. She needs people who honestly care around her an not the sort who tell her what she want just so they can part of her life. Her husband would be so sad. Her hair has fallen out due to her weight. She actually thinks she looks sexy, believes people are telling the truth when they say she looks great, they say that when you look awfull cuz women especially can be the biggest jealous bitches ever, these sort want you to look shit so you wont get work or attention for good reasons.

  8. Can you imagine being a team with someone since you were 12 years old? Then he dies at 73. She's only 47. They functioned together. I think it must be very difficult for her, not just because she lost the love of her life, but because of the real dynamic duo nature between them. My heart goes out to Celine. I wish I could give her a hug.

  9. I am a fan of her.that's why i got shocked when i saw her pict.she's too thin now.and i think that's not a sexy figure anymore.

  10. Yan pa lang ang totoong kwento sa nangyaring pag payat ni Celine Dion kawawa naman. Ayan kapatid ayos na ako sa iyo kaw na bahala sakin . hehe ingats

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