good morning today I wanted to have a little chat with you about a newish athletics apparel brand named Cora Fitness and they launched back in February of 2018 so I've got some notes here they're using what I now call ambassador marketing to recruit people to make sales for them so I was on Instagram and I saw an ad to become an ambassador for Cora Fitness and so I took a look at their website and their perilous to be really good quality and it fits with my style so I was like sure I'll apply to become an ambassador lo and behold I got chosen which I later found out a ton of girls are chosen so that that really doesn't mean much I was then given a 30% discount code and that's the first thing where I was like this is a little bit weird because I've been an ambassador for other companies and 30 percent is low so I decided to look into it a little bit more and I found that in order to participate you are required to do two posts a month for them on your Instagram no everybody rents their page differently but for my page that would be kind of aggressive sales which is fine so that's just another thing that was kind of off but I decided to keep looking into it because I thought you know their apparel looks great so um so the other thing that I want to mention is you're probably gonna buy a top and a bottom or I know at least I was gonna buy a top and a bottom from Chora that's gonna set you back a hundred and fifty dollars so if you're a college student or you're working minimum wage or you're in debt like this is close to an investment and so that's just another thing to really think about before you dive in the the other shady tactic that they use is I'm telling you that you get to choose a charity of your choice – part of your purchase will go to a charity of your choice and that sounds great but nobody's asking the question of what percentage of your sale is going to this charity so I didn't give this information I found out from another girl who asked them because they don't disclose this information that it's anywhere from five to fifteen percent so they weren't very clear with her either I'm gonna guess I'm gonna go with its five percent because they're a for-profit company so a pair of their leggings it's gonna set you back eighty five dollars so of that eighty five dollars less than five dollars is gonna go to the charity of your choice and they're gonna take home the other eighty you know there are for-profit companies so it's just something to think about I also didn't like that when they gave me my ambassador code for my friends and family it was fifteen percent that's so low their their apparel is expensive and I usually personally don't accept codes unless they're twenty five percent or above um because I want people to be getting a good deal from me and offering fifty percent I wouldn't feel like I'm giving people really anything so I just want to point out that Jim sharks pants are literally half of the cost their forty forty five forty or forty five dollars and Jim shark sponsors athletes this is basically my main point here is that Jim sharks sponsors athletes so those people have been vetted targeted and specifically chosen to be a part of their brand and that's that's important because those people are going to be getting a repost on Jim sharks page so I actually contacted court three different times before I got a response that was not their autoresponder which is another thing that's just a little tacky so I asked them okay so for these two posts a month that you want from me can you guarantee me a repost on your page and they said no we can't guarantee you repost of course they can't because they're had so many ambassadors that they haven't vetted the quality that image quality to make sure that it matches their brand so they can't promise anything no offense you could be working for them and your image quality just isn't there they're not gonna repost you so you're not really going to be getting anything from them it's my point so but they did tell me that they choose an ambassador every month to highlight on their page I looked on her Instagram I don't see any evidence of them highlighting anybody I see all of their marketing photos which are all very cohesive so there's just no evidence of that to me but the important thing here with ambassador marketing is that they want these people to feel special they want you to feel like you were specifically chosen and when you're specifically chosen and you feel special of course you're gonna make a purchase so it's really genius what they doing with ambassador marketing the last thing that I want to mention is that they have you sign up on a portal where you can track what your sales are so just know what I understand that this is a sales position and and the big point that I wanted to make was just with the being sponsored versus being an ambassador when you're an ambassador you are basically signing on to take over the company's marketing for them and do it for them whereas when you're sponsored you are specifically chosen by a company and they will give you free product to promote for them that's the biggest things I just I just want people to start to kind of come out of the haze of oh my god I've been chosen to be an ambassador it's like but you've been chosen to do is do free marketing for them you're not sponsored you're not getting free items because they really believe that you're following is they want their product in front of your following and yeah so just just things to be aware of things to know about kora it seems like they've got a lot of great ideas and goals so if you want to be a part of that cool it's not for me and I wish that I had just had this information you know I wish I could have just looked on YouTube to figure out more about them and make it super easy for me but yeah so good luck in all of your endeavors and I hope that you get sponsored so have a good day


  1. There is a difference between "Brand Ambassador" and "Affiliate Marketing."

    Many companies now days intentionally confuse the two in order to mislead aspiring models. This is a "Affiliate Marketing" program, not "Brand Ambassador."
    Brand Ambassadors are typically paid to personally endorse a company, or product, which isn't based on how much you sell.

    Mislabeling "Affiliate Marketing" with "Brand Ambassador" is not honest or truthful. Kora should take a long look at their business model and the ethics of being truthful to its followers.

  2. YESSSS GIRL 🙌🏻👏🏻 Love this video!!!! I recently applied for pura vida and bangs shoes ambassador programs. I was so pumped when I got accepted. Soon to find out the details of what it actually entails is a total pyramid scheme to me. You’re literally just a pool of a thousand girls who are told to buy their products and be their marketing guinea pigs. You’re essentially in a cult lmfaaoo no thank you, i’d like to feel a little more selective than that. These “discounts” are enough to convince you you’re special and saving money but honestly its nothing. I loved your point about being a college student or making minimum wage, its so true. Buying bangs shoes would’ve been an investment for me and i really would rather invest in a pare of vans over bangs shoes. I also saw the quality of instagrams and girls they we’re choosing for their programs and it didn’t look like there was much in common with these girls. Just normal quality posts, any type of demographic..i’m not judging! I’m just saying there wasn’t much in common with the rest of my ambassador group. But thank you for exposing the truth behind being an ambassador!!

  3. 1.) 2 post's our month is easy.

    2.) 15% discount for friends and family is good

    3.) 30% discount is good for an ambassador as well

    4.) Yes. They are sketchy about their net profit donation. For a company who likes to show off about supporting charities and seem like they big take pride in it, BUT not be transparent about how much they specifically donate is very fishyyyyy. No one knows if they're taking money from the donation etc.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I appreciate your honesty and I think you made very valid points. I reached out to them first thing and asked about how much of the proceeds go to the charities and they said the same 5%-10% which I don't feel like merits me spending that much thinking that i'm really 'giving back'.

  5. They’re a VERY new company with high quality products that are donating a percent to charity, giving their ambassadors a discount and giving a discount code. They can only discount so much before they lose money. While the marketing may not be perfect they’re doing their best. Maybe you should do more research on a company before applying to be an ambassador?

  6. I really think the only thing you can hope for is that they are more selective with who they choose as an ‘ambassador’. If you like their product then that’s all you should really care about. Gymshark has sponsored people but that is only for a select few who have 500k+ followers and have made their passion as a fitness influencer their career. I think that we all just need to look at this big picture because there are many companies doing this in order to grow. No one is forcing you to do anything but I think if you (speaking generally) really wanted to make something out of it, there has to be some effort on your end and then it would be Kora’s job to notice and reward that effort.

  7. As a business 15% for a share code is good! I’m still going to give them a try 2 times posting a month is nothing 😂

  8. Only 30% off $90.00 plus they still change you shipping when you're an ambassador! They chose me to be an ambassador too. Urg.

  9. Y’all need to educate on marketing. If 2 posts a MONTH is too much, then straight up dont be an ambassador. Youre signing up to be a rep for the company. Thats under a year old. Not sure why everyone expects free handouts without doing work?

  10. Thanks for the vid! Personally, I’m still interested in this brand and gonna try the clothes, but this was super helpful and informative! I’m glad I know more about what being an “ambassador” would actually mean 👍

  11. I just signed with kora now i am waiting for my code and I want is to build up an audience by the way follow me IG les_gai 😂 I ordered seemless leggings so excited. 👍👍

  12. Not sure where your comments/concerns are based from. We personally know an ambassador who receives free items each shoot, gets paid for the shoots done and has really enjoyed being a representative for the company

  13. Thanks for this video! I was chosen, and was debating whether to accept it or not, but now I know all I want to about it, and I'm not signing up!
    Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!!

  14. Great Video, almost bought from them, thank god I didn't. They dont even list the material there leggings are made of. Check out lovehershop on insta, they give you two pairs for $50, and give you the option to keep, donate the second legging or send to someone else.

  15. Don't really agree tbh. Example: I find a new item that I like in a store/online. I buy it and then proceed to tell all my friends about how much I love it. Ambassador marketing is just plain old marketing. Also, it's no different to referrals "refer a friend and you both receive x% off your next purchase' It is completely up to you and your friend as consumers on whether you decide to buy the product. Also, if I have bought the product I am much more likely to give a full honest review rather than if it was sent to me by, essential a company I work for, like sponsored athletes. Not bashing on sponsored athletes at all, as I know most are honest. But as a consumer, I watch and read reviews by people who have spent their own hard-earned money on the product, rather than those who were sent it for free, just so they could do a positive review. With all this said though, their leggings seriously are the bomb and compared to some other companies, the price is pretty competitive.

  16. I think you stated clearly some questions or concerns someone else might have if they were considering going down this route so I appreciate your honesty. I don’t feel as though you were negative about the company. You simply raised some valid points that aren’t necessarily made public when trying to become an ambassador. Makes perfect sense

  17. Really good to know! I was looking for a fitness ambassador program and I always go straight to YouTube to search reviews.

  18. There is a difference between ambassadors and sponsored athletes. Ambassadors for most fitness companies don’t get free items, or even super heavily discounted items. Sponsored athletes however, do. Kora is a pretty small company plus they’re donating to charities. Plus, the ambassador program is great for building a social media following. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I just wanted to put my own 2 cents in

  19. Don't agree with everything said in terms of the coupon codes and not giving ambassadors free items but I do have an issue with Kora not offering any level of support or partnership with the ambassadors they sign on. As she said their Instagram page is highly curated and only shows professional photos of THEIR athletes, NOT normal everyday customers wearing the clothes so, there would literally be NO chance for a feature. In addition to this, it seems hundreds of people are chosen to be ambassadors–assigned a code and sent on their way. Kora doesn't even do so much as 'like' photos of a majority of ambassadors who take the time to post their product. This makes things especially difficult when you're trying to sell/promote a product that expensive. Their clothing is nearly as expensive as Lululemon so, good luck to them if they choose to continue this way of doing business. I was an ambassador for a week. Tried the clothes, not worth it.

  20. I understand where you’re coming from, but they are a really new business so they can’t give away everything for free. They will most likely change their discounts in the future but I think 15% is actually a good deal for a company that isn’t even a year old. Just my thoughts

  21. Hello,
    We are so sorry that you are unhappy with KORA fitness. We wanted to leave a comment to clear the air with any frustrations and hopefully put some ease to your concerns.
    After watching, we believe the biggest confusion was the difference between an athlete and ambassador for our company.
    We do give 30% off for life, for our active ambassadors. We believe this is a fair deal for anyone who wants to represent a brand, be a part of a bigger fitness family and spread the word. In return, getting a discount off apparel, and earning commission of their own referrals.

    We believe our apparel prices are on par with the quality we supply. We manufacture with some of the best factories in the world. With the ambassador discount, we believe this is a fair price for the quality we create!

    Only ONE item is asked to be purchased to promote our brand. This can be anything from a hat, to a full set etc. We don’t want our customers to feel like they have to stretch too far to be a part of the team, however as an ambassador, we ask that you purchase apparel so you can authentically say you trust and love the brand yourself, and you would be willing to spend the money so your followers can rely on KORA too!

    We are sorry that you feel like we are not being honest about the portion of money we donate to charities. We do indeed give away 5-15% based on the amount of money brought in with sales that week. The more money we make, the more we give away to charity. However, you can always count on 5% to be given to the charity you chose.

    Many ambassador programs give away 15% off to other friends and followers and we also allow 5%-15% (based upon amount of referrals) to be earned for the ambassador commission on each sale! This gives room for an ambassador to grow further with the company.

    We also sponsor athletes, like Gymshark, Nike etc. If you go to our Instagram page, we have our athletes that we do promote and sponsor. We select these carefully and go through a vigorous interview process.
    As our business just started this year, we were looking to find passionate followers to join in and spread the word, while also giving back and giving discounts to them in return. This was the development of the ambassador program, which is why we do allow many people to join in.
    At KORA we encourage our followers to become their BEST self IN and OUT of the gym. By accepting many ambassadors, we put an emphasis on equality and believe there is room to grow and start wherever you may be in your personal fitness journey!

    We do not feature our ambassadors on our feed, however we do highlight our ambassadors on our Instagram stories all of the time. We normally have a new ambassador up every week. Thanks for the positive criticism, it is always great to know how we can improve, and how to better articulate the meaning and purpose behind our program, company, and message. Thanks for your time!

    Be your best,
    Team KORA

  22. If anyone is looking for a good ambassador program to get into, DM me on Instagram @thrivemichael | If you qualify, I can get you on as a brand promoter for our supplement line.

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