The truth about my steroid use

The truth about my steroid use

hello more goon to end that the video and before I start I'm gonna take a little stick with this one like it's gonna attract a lot of negativity it's a good job I'm not fussed about this because this video is gonna get a lot you know so what I would ask is that if you watch my videos if you enjoy my content if you derive some entertainment like so you know you like my Luke intros or whatever it is if you want to support me I'd appreciate it if you would drop this one I like just to kind of address their balance you know in the same way that like you know if you say you punch old lady in the face and then you immediately go and give her a box of celebrations like her face is gonna hurt she might have to go to like anybody who's got some nice little like Snickers and milky ways to eat Watchers in the waiting room oh and if you knew and you haven't already I'd appreciate it if you subscribe to my channel because it's sick okay now that's out the way and I've hit my daily quota for weird old lady analogies let's get on with the video okay we're in now so the last made a video on steroids I've had well over a hundred thousand new subscribers to my channel and so on a start today's video by addressing the title and answering the question that a lot of you probably most of you came here for do I take steroids sorry that was probably Co anticlimactic but no I don't take stories now I never have done I can say 99% certainty I never will do now people gonna form their own opinions about this right and that's completely fine I'm not naive enough one is entitled to think what they want to think and that's the beauty of like living in the Western world right or at least not living in friggin North Korea I'm not here to like desperately plead my innocence that all I can do is presenting you with the facts then you guys can make an informed judgment based on that so starting with May 2017 so like a year and a half ago um I took a drugs test why was drugs tested at a powerlifting me and I passed that drugs test now you can look back at my videos at that time I was bigger and stronger then than I am now so I'm taking steroids like they're not working now on top of this last year I took a test for my testosterone levels right and they came back within the normal range again you can go back and look at my videos on that now the significance of that is that if I was taking a steroid Jeff I had been taking steroids my testosterone levels would have either been really really high or had I just come off steroids I would have been really really low it's basically impossible for me to have been taking steroids and then be given an average-looking normal within the normal range reading for my testosterone levels and in addition to this all of my siblings share my friggin Luck's its neck so you look at pictures of my younger brother in particular and even my sister neither of whom really trained consistently at all they both have a these–all are definitely a far like well above average physique and plus like know I'm married I'm 33 I have a two-year-old son I used to be a teacher like although a bodybuilder I know I've never competed I have no intention of competing so it just makes no sense like why would I take any performance-enhancing drugs now the funny thing about situation is that I can't win right like if I make a video at this one where I put my points across and I explain that I'm not taking steroids everyone's gonna say oh he's making a video about it he must win steroids I can literally see the red it forms right now people will say always he's defending his natural stages he has to be on steroids okay but come mostly people that accuse me of taking steroids and I just say nothing like everyone's gonna assume I'm taking them anyway yeah so what can I do like put yourself in my shoes imagine someone is accusing you of doing something that you don't do right you'd want to tell them they're wrong you're not it's pretty friggin annoying anyway this video just tell you the unlock stories there are a few far more importance there were related issues almost I guess myths that I wanted to discuss that are kind of I guess the reason that people are making the exhibition in the first place so the first area I want to talk about is the whole like fake Nazi epidemic right like if you look on Instagram and particularly YouTube you would think it was like a friggin international crisis right like everyone's on drugs everyone's lying about it everyone's a fake Nazi but there are channels whose content solely revolves around making videos discussing with a certain people certain individuals on that tour not now that's fine right yeah it's good concert people want to see it that's fine I understand that you'd make those videos right the problem is that people firstly some people don't have you know great comprehension skills and great ability to kind of make an informed decision on someone and and be people love to jump on a bandwagon white people are ready just looking for a frigging bandwagon to jump on so what happens is like I said everyone will just get involved and just assume that everyone's on drugs right the truth is I really don't see a big issue I don't think they were actually that many like fate Naturals around like outside this I know that's probably just I can think of maybe like I say probably three or four really obvious ones off the top maybe I'm not gonna name it on but yeah everyone knows three or four really obvious ones people who take drugs who claim they don't right but aside from that if you look at the you know the reasonably top level fitness youtubers I really think it's a problem I think there anything there are that many people I think most people are natural and the people that are taking drugs will talk about all that at least you know they won't preach being naturally this kind of state quiet on it I don't think genuinely there are that many people that are taking drugs and the adamantly claiming they're natural so I really think it's a big issue leading on from this there's a new thing I'm seeing like with increasing regularity over the last I guess few months in particular and that is people using their natural statuses like some kind of free in bash like a some kind of incredible achievement and people almost using it as an excuse I think that people will post pictures I've seen on Instagram quite up and all those pictures themselves and maybe they haven't got like you know graters physique but they'll say you know I've done amazing because I'm a natural bodybuilder you know I've done you know I've only made this much progress because I'm a natural body but like admittedly yeah of course if you are a natural bodybuilder then you're gonna make less progress and someone taking drugs obviously right that's just science okay but it's not like you have friggin like no limbs like you still have a body you can still train you can still eat food you can still make progress so I think using saying I'm a natural body mode that's why I haven't made loads of progress it's just like a really lazy excuse fuck if I use myself as an example if you look at my physique now compared to where it was like you know pretty much bang on a year ago it isn't that much different right I haven't got I've really made significant changes in terms of my size or the amount of muscle mass I have all my leanness I'm look basically the same right now I can say oh I'm a natural bodybuilder so yeah I've done really well to make you know to gang-like 0.2 pounds of muscle in a year but actually that'll be a lazy excuse like an easy way out the truth is I could have trained harder I could have trained more frequently I could have accumulated more training volume I could have been more careful with managing injuries I could have beaten more food I could have slit more there are a plethora of reasons or things that I could have done to make myself make more progress right so saying I'm a natural bodybuilder so it's fine it's just a really lazy way out and the third and final thing on to what I'm probably I guess I'll be the most important thing is that people don't simply don't understand the importance of genetics but the role that genetics play in people's physiques like until you've seen someone that has outrageous phonetics people can't believe that it's possible to get a crazy physique without taking drugs the truth is the genetics are everything right it sucks for so young if you have poor kinetics then you know it really sucks to hear that but unfortunately that is the truth what the truth is you could have two people that could do exactly the same training eat exactly the same amount of food sleep the same etcetera except you don't do everything exactly the same but one of them will look ten times better than the other one that is simply because they have far superior genetics like what people don't understand is that people that take drugs are the biggest example so again their name names but if you look at the biggest bodybuilders in the world you know the guys that are winning like mr. Olympia and those kind of things obviously it's except that they're all taking drugs right and they look like absolute fruits they're ridiculously big a lot cartoon characters right but do you think if those guys weren't taking drugs they'd be four ten scopes 10 stone skinny dweebs obviously it still look ridiculous like I don't wanna get sued but someone like Phil Heath right if he was if he had taken nothing in his entire life do you think he would be like a tiny skinny guy obviously still look ridiculous he could he still be you know bigger than everyone else who I better a better physique a more symmetrical like you know bigger more muscle mass than everyone else but my taking stuff always done is taking himself to the next level he's gone yeah the average person's here the field he's gonna be here and he's taking himself to their right because because he hasn't taken that last it wouldn't suddenly mean he comes all the way down here does that make any sense like the point is that the the problem is that lots of people that you know the the most popular example examples of steroid users also have the best genetics but because they're taking steroids that kind of takes them out the equation people can't use those as examples of people with crazy genetics but the truth is there are lots of people that have ridiculous genetics that are neighbor them to get you know crazy crazy what seems like an unattainable physique but it is because they are incredibly fortunate you know the end of the day steroids aren't magic you don't take steroids and suddenly become 3 times bigger and everything becomes symmetrical like you know if you have limitations they're still going to be there if you have a ridiculously small chest taking steroids won't make your chest explode if your biceps start halfway up your arm taking steroids aren't gonna friggin reduce the length of your tender to make your bicep come down to there and be full it's still going to look crap ultimately your genetics you know underpins the way you look and yeah I guess in conclusion all I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't just jump to you know two conclusions really quickly you should look at the evidence you should do some research you should go and meet people like that's the biggest thing I know some people that don't take steroids that have crazy crazy physiques and as a result of that you know that makes me realize that actually it's possible to get a crazy physique without taking drugs so I suggest you go and do the same go out and meet people like I said do some researchers look around don't just jump on the bandwagon don't just make a lazy accusation because you know lastly I know people that you know 100% are not taking drugs but they have been absolutely hammered and being you know having the back sections front of them but they do take drugs and quite simply it's not fair and yeah I totally get it you know I know that you some of you guys are gonna say well you know there are lots of fake naturals out there like the you know there are there are of course some cases of people who are not denying there are definitely people out there people that the other top of the industry that are taking drugs that are claiming that their natural right and that's wrong I completely you know you can really disagree with that on you know on every level but it's not fair that just because of those few people you tarnish everyone with the same brush well that's a massive you know issue with society is that you can't just be heartless for a blanket over everyone and make a lazy accusation you need to have the ability the you know just to take a step back and analyze each case on its own merits and on that note I'm gonna end the video because firstly to physically stop myself and talking otherwise dogs gone forever like is literally a condition and secondly I need to go and take the loads of steroids no I mean I mean not take loads of steroids dammit [Applause]


  1. Pretty late the your channel, but binge watching you now! Haha

    You can't win this argument unfortunately, as you mentioned someone will always twist it into your use of gear, but personally I'd follow you if you used or didnt, your content is entertaining, well researched and just makes for good fucking watch! So respect for addressing this Matt, stay true to you and your family bro! Keep the vids coming!

  2. Consistency and progressive overload and diet is key to build muscle ..a million dollar answer…thank me later 🇮🇳

  3. why would you ! why : youtube . but i really don't care if you stick with the diet and eating right and you have enough money to stick on diet than you can do what ever .

  4. Have to disagree with their not being that many fake natural bodybuilding / fitness channels in YouTube.

    I'd say it would be easier to name the few who are natural rather than the other way around.

  5. Matt, but do you think there is something wrong with chemistry? I don´t think that is not a problem anymore. It´s good a lot safer. Because im thinking about starting with them. Why? Because i just can progress. I have a weird body digestion and physique. SO, just for the push and to get to the bear mode…after that…i will stop.

  6. He's not lying. Clen and other fat burners aren't steroids. And you can easily gain muscle naturally and lean up with just those compounds.

  7. This UK english and you fast talking giving me an hard time 😀 i have to put your video on 0,75 speed otherwise i dont understand everything, even the subtitles wont work right on normal speed 😂

  8. Matt I really like your videos but I hate the fact you are lying about this. You are just adding fuel to the fire of misinformation. Stop with the BS.

  9. how u in shape and wokr out like that and have 11.50 testosterone level… convert to ng/dl its arround 300 right ??

    i''m fat and out of shape, not working out regularly and my testosterone is 712…

    isn't testosterone equal less fat and more muscle ?

  10. You dont look anything like a steroid user m8 …dont even fkn explain yourself….keep doin what your doing brother …give luca a big hug 4 me all the way from Australia…😎

  11. The thing is is no one can really say if he is or isn’t on steroids or some enhancement drug/substance. You can’t say he’s not big enough to be on steroids because there are compounds that you can take that won’t make you bigger but they will help you burn fat and get stronger. When I was in high school wrestling I took androstenedione and only weighed 145 lbs but could bench press 285 for 2 reps and squat 415 for 2 reps all while at 5% body fat. But That’s not even “steroids” it’s a precursor to testosterone. I just trained like an absolute beast. So just because he’s not absolutely huge or weigh all that much or isn’t the strongest doesn’t mean shit. He may be natural. He may be gifted with super sensitive testosterone receptors. Insulin sensitivity and relatively low body fat. But here’s the real issue…. who gives a fuck

  12. i bet those 634 people are just drastically out of shape crying babies who's feelings got hurt and they disliked the video thinking "its not my fault that im fat its society and i would be a god if i was taking steroids, every fit guy takes steroids" as he proceeds to sip on his gargantuan calorie packed soda

  13. I'm not saying this guy is on gear but people must stop trying to confess their innocence by saying they've taken drug tests here and drug tests there. Most of them arents even accurate and the ones that are have ways around them.

  14. most don't believe because they already used steroids and they didn't changed much. So when others claim natty they just can't believe. Great video mate💪🏼👍

  15. Think Mat is a natty. Why ?because I think hes gotta have insane genetics. Why ? Just look at Luca! Genetics passed on to him! STUD!

  16. Here’s the problem with liked videos. Every time you like, you add it to your saved videos. So the only time I like a vid I want to watch it again, so why would someone like a vid if they don’t want to watch it again?

  17. gymshark hoodie….cmon dude…u killing me IF YOU HAVE TO DEFEND YOURSELF WELL THEN THE LADY DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH

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