The Worms : Stealing Health – A Movies on Intestinal Worms (NCERT Based)

The Worms : Stealing Health - A Movies on Intestinal Worms (NCERT Based)


  1. 3 Prohibited for you are carrion,

    blood, the flesh of swine, and

    animals dedicated to other than

    Allah; also the flesh of animals

    strangled, killed violently, killed by a

    fall, gored to death, mangled by wild

    animals—except what you rescue,

    and animals sacrificed on altars; and

    the practice of drawing lots. For it is

    immoral. Today, those who

    disbelieve have despaired of your

    religion, so do not fear them, but fear

    Me. Today I have perfected your

    religion for you, and have completed

    My favor upon you, and have

    approved Islam as a religion for you.

    But whoever is compelled by

    hunger, with no intent of

    wrongdoing—Allah is Forgiving and


  2. Sir worms ka body m marne k bad bhi kya vo intestine m blockage kr skta h ik jagan pr collect hokar??????

  3. Sir your gives us a feel that you r with me and we r with u …. thank u sir for making this vdos 🤗

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