The Worst "Health" Foods for Kids

The Worst "Health" Foods for Kids

there are many so-called health foods out there for kids that are total junk in fact they'll create a lots of problems and so sometimes I'll have a parent parent that will say well you know my kids are skinny so it's okay that they eat the junk or my husband he's thin so he said he can eat anything you want right so I'm going to talk about all the other problems that occur in addition to being overweight when eating junk food so let's actually do that in the white board over here let's go inside so let's talk about the absolute worst so-called health foods for kids right so number one the biggest one would be juice parents think that juice is healthy for kids fruit juice right so they do the juice ease they do the orange juice grapefruit juice and they sent it home with their lunch thinking that has some kind of vitamins that is just pure sugar that is going to raise the sugar so high in their bloodstream because it's leaving worse than taking a coke that or soda they're going to basically get all the sugar and the setting up for a hypoglycemia low blood sugar than a high sugar down the road it's just going to mess up the pancreas and it's going to deplete a lot of nutrition in the body and it's going probably give a lot of dental problems too so if you plan on going to the dentist and giving you know a lot of cavity replacements then just keep feeding the kid juice I even see little babies drinking juice bad I dia okay so now you might say well what about orange juice what about vitamin C there is no vitamin C and orange juice none whatsoever why because when you heat all these juices are pasteurized that means they're heated and it kills everything in it including all the vitamin C the only vitamin C no orange juice is the stuff they add later but it's synthetic it's not even the real thing so you're just drinking sugar water and you're going to just create problems with with more sugar with the kids you know hyper irritability ATD all these other issues so if you just cut that out that would be wonderful and you can have them do other things like I like the like the carbonated water and the flavored stevia they have flavored coke root beer lemon fruit berry you can take ten drops of liquid stevia put it in some carbonated water and they think they're drinking a soda there's no sugar in it it's great I give it to my kids all the time my big kids they're like 21 22 and 19 so so that's important to avoid juice okay so that's number one okay now number two flavored yogurt first of all plain yogurt has 10 grams of sugar flavored yogurt has about 38 grams of sugar per serving size if you get one of those tubs it's like what is it four serving sizes so we've got 38 times four there is so much hidden sugar in yogurt it's crazy so the the go gogurt or whatever you call it and the different things that parents put in their lunches that's just pure sugar now even the vanilla has 38 grams of sugar so again that's hidden sugar we want to get the sugar out your chill your children are going to be less irritable hyperactive if you do that it's going to make your life a lot better okay so that is number two let's go to three weight gain shakes so your child needs to gain weight right so you give your child ensure or maybe Peter sure or some type of drink which is loaded with vitamins and calories to gain weight well let me tell you something first of all it's tons of sugar the first ingredient is like sugar okay so we got hidden sugars and it's all synthetic vitamins so you're really not getting the real deal if you want your child to gain weight the best food to give your child is potatoes red potatoes yams sweet potatoes starches instead of anything any refined sugars okay so avoid the weight gain shakes because they're not going to actually gain weight in a healthy way okay number four whole-grain cereal well first of all most of that whole-grain is made from flour that's been sitting in the shelf for about six months and when you grind the grain you lose a lot of nutrition right away and anything that is refined grain like breads pastas cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes those foods for children should only be consumed in my very small amounts not in large amounts like you see with the pasta dinners and all that you're just basically creating a situation where the child is raising their insulin and they're going to create be speed on the road a lot of problems of sugar and it's not the best food so in place of that you do proteins proteins are fine a lot of vegetables that maybe they'd like you have to find something fruits are totally ok with your kids nuts seeds for kids there's even a great book that I have that you can get recipes for your child and these are this is like the brownie and the cookies and the English muffins and the bread that you can make without the sugar or the flour pancakes peanut butter cups cookies even ice cream so this might be something that you want to get some ideas or recipes for your children so they could so they're not like feeling deprived because I know when they go to their friend's house they're probably eating all this jaakor at school but you want to set the standard at least at home to start eating healthy and give them alternatives my kids do not know the difference between the junk and this right here this is healthy junk they don't know the difference I don't I don't even perceive the difference actually this is better because it doesn't leave that aftertaste in your mouth so again kids got to watch out what you give them don't give them the gummy bear vitamins those are not real vitamins give them a food based vitamin but these are the most common so-called health foods that people say oh it's healthy but it's really not healthy ok so apply this information and I will see you in the next video


  1. I quit refined sugar and grains for 2 years and ate clean. Meats, vegetables, sweet potatoes, etc.. deluding myself, and believing the hype. I felt more lethargic and it yielded zero health benefits. I finally started eating a moderate amount of ice cream, etc.. a few months ago, and I feel fantastic. Nobody on earth can convince me otherwise. This "sugar is poison" craze is nonsense.

  2. If something is "marketing" as healthy, it probably is not. There is no marketing for telling you that vegetables are healthy.

  3. So my boys are two years old and they are on transition formula from Enfamil or Similac I don't give them cow's milk but I do give them good karma oat milk goat's milk water never any fruit juices they do like their vegetables they love meat they eat carbs I think maybe in moderation but a daycare they give them graham crackers and stuff like that for snacks so if you could do another video on the keto baby and how to feed your toddler's I would be greatly appreciated and I will share it with as the world

  4. If you want the 100% spiel on sugar , cereals , factory juices and all refined products look no further than Robert Lustig. Sugar is just as toxic as booze but without the kick!! 100% Truth.

  5. I see nothing wrong with juice when it's watered down a bit. A few glasses a week for my kids to give them something different than just water and milk all the time. And my daughter is super skinny anyway.

  6. At the end you say dont give gummy vitamins because it's not real vitamin…but isn't it better than nothing? My kid is in the 8th percentile for weight and just doesn't like to eat that much. She doesnt mind going to bed with no dinner just because she doesn't like what we are having..she doesn't mind. So isn't giving her a gummy vitamin fine in that situation, or still no?

  7. There is an influencer in Guatemala who always posts about their kids brunch/meal. Her kid is no more than 6 years. All she does is feed him unhealthy snacks (doritos, Cheetos), yougurt with kisses, mozzarella sticks, cookies. Basically a lot of sugar. And he is eating ice cream most of the time. There is true that there are some healthy relationships but a healthy relationship also includes a healthy diet. If I loved my kid that much I wouldnt pamper him with treats and show them how much I love by feeding him with sugar. Thats not right and it is so sad because she uses these meals as an example, the thing is that she actually believes these are healthy, she is honestly so silly.

  8. This video is really taking advantage of the uneducated who doesn’t know the differences between glucose and carbohydrates. I thought this video would be stuff like “prepackaged flavored oatmeal” or Nutella (which a LOT of parents think are healthy).

    Sugar is needed for human life…

  9. Of course there is NATURAL VITAMIN C in orange juice. Dude, there are modern ways of preserving orange juicy by heating it up and NOT destroying all The Vitamins.

  10. Depends on the juice, right ? Cause my 2 yr old son just doesn't want to eat any fruit nor vegetable and in despair, I started to buy juice but I read the labels and I buy the ones who are organic and most natural. Believe me, I tried to make smoothies at home but he just won't touch it 😫

  11. Just a question : is it safe for a 5-yr old to consume synthetic sugar? Because stevia doesn't do so well with sweets and homemade candies..

  12. Well you can't say that all juices are heated their are some juices cold processed in which the vitamins are not destroyed.

  13. I'm so glad you brought up gummy "vitamins". Those are garbage! I give my daughter Juice Plus chewables, they are Whole Food! She loves them… we do too!

  14. Amazing stuff Dr. Berg! As always. Hey, just found out my wife is pregnant. Looking at baby food, what would you recommend?? I saw Gerber brand has so much sugar, any help would be so appreciated. Thanks Dr Berg

  15. Great great video Dr Berg how about milk any type of milk whole milk/soy/almond milk? Thanks for making videos about kids healthy diet that’s import thing.

  16. I don't understand the thumbs down I guess thumbs down runs with dumb town thank you for saving lives Dr.Berg specially my children & all children

  17. Dr Berg, I have recently enjoyed watching lots of your videos and agree wholeheartedly with your approach to healthy eating and weight loss. I have started a keto diet for myself to lose and get healthy. However, my ten year old son has struggled his entire life with LOW weight, and by low I mean he has seen nutritionists and has been diagnosed with severe malnutrition and is currently about 15% points below 0 on the growth curve. His problems started around 12 months when starting solid foods. He has almost no appetite at all and when he does eat, it’s about 3-4 mouthfuls and he’s full. He’s also allergic to a large number of foods, including dairy, nuts, beef, potato, peanuts, peas and other legumes, but is fine with wheat and soy. His nutritionist has recommended a feeding tube, but has given us the option to try to get his weight up by diet. Your recommendations in this particular video are wonderful for the average or perhaps skinny child, but what opinion would you give for a child who has eating difficulties and who is in a constant calorie deficit? He is 60 inches tall and weighs 54 lbs.

  18. What do you recommend for an enteral formula for a child on a G'tube if Pediasure has sugar, etc? Not many options out there

  19. Wow, my 8 year old eats/drinks all of these. He's very picky. He drinks apple juice. He drinks a 'nutrition' drink – Boost for kids for breakfast. Not to gain weight, just for vitamins. He's a little chunky but this is what he will eat. He only likes pasta, pizza, Mac n cheese, He eats bananas, no veggies. He loves yogurt. Is organic vanilla yogurt ok? That's why he drinks nutrition drinks but obviously, not good…

  20. Is the booklet still available? I clicked on the link and its a dead end. I would like it if still possible.

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