They're RUINING Fitness Youtube (Real Truth)

They're RUINING Fitness Youtube (Real Truth)

there's nobody by my side [Applause] that's exciting new project coming okay what is going on everyone welcome to another episode of these science applied series oh I'll be back later IBM what are we doing today bro yo we're gonna look at raptures bro like the new car Ford Raptors I mean why not you need one you're right yeah it's the money bro a Bradley hi Tim nice to meet you tell me about the Raptor bro you look at the do some money mudding with it maybe some samal shit off-roading you look like a big guy you working on yeah we offer bro come on bro I'll totally do some off-roading bro yeah kind of get my arms a little bit bigger these days how many days the week do you think I should train arms every days arm day bro what do you mean yeah bro we just did arms just did arms bro how much does this Cobra Oh bro you got that right now just throw cash down oh we can put this bro in the zoo oh shit bro well I'm getting a quick on what's crackin guys juji move from here back with another video today we got a very special infinite repeatable power lifting program update if this video gets 10,000 likes for the first 10,000 people we are willing to give away our power lifting cap program update by borsch psycho himself there's been some arguments in the past about whether percentage based programs worked for the natural lifter such as Allen thrall who's completely unnatural and it works for him we're also working with mix Wes today to find out if natural lifting is the way to go hello my strong strong felons hello my strong chunk flutes hello my strong fucking friends hello my strong strong forklifts hello my strong strong frontiersman hello my strong strong fugitives hello my strong strong forts hello my strong strong farts hello my strong strong fyords hello my strong strong fox hello my strong strong Fox hello mr. Armstrong Fox a little on strong strong friends hello my strong strong friends hello my strong strong fuzzies all righty how's it going I got this huge announcement today that you gain hard mass lean mass get that Hollywood physique you've always been looking for and I'm not against sparkling water or bottled water so I came out with this new product and it's called Santino green oh oh Callum did you get some new wheels man be careful night [Applause] [Applause] I do have a girlfriend it's triple a let's go get some full day um eating Yeo Joo G mu foo if you guys want to learn how to become an influencer like myself it just dominates social media swipe up to learn more my contents pretty stale right now I'm going to be doing a powerlifting meet in five weeks I'm gonna prove everyone wrong I'm gonna put so much mass on my body that I'm gonna win that Pro Show and it's gonna be open or a classic physique this is summer shredding 90 days join me take the thumbnail I didn't want to make a video like this but the biggest question that I get asked is a my natural a lot of people tell me that you can't grow traps as a natural athlete I tell them look at old school strong men above the knee rack poles is a time-tested theory what's up guys Kenny ko here shirts off channel down what's going on guys it's Nick strength of power I just want to give a shout out to six time Olympian Dorian Gates his quad sweep Frank Frazetta three-time Chelsea Award winner he has some salt the anti drawing near strength power Sonya but Eric my high school get drastic hopes to 25 Eric you know a natural physique but my 16 year old three few passes read wasn't much better shape it's not a workout edit without orange and teal yeah excuse me sir is it okay if I apply a bit of science to your workout oh yes please talk to me about science okay what is going on everyone and welcome to another episode of science applied today we're going to be talking about the legitimacy of masturbation as a tool for grip strength the current research shows that muscle blood flow is restricted during the crib strength exercises and the theory is that increasing masturbation will alleviate that problem I find it quite interesting that a study last year showed that men in the age group of 25 to 29 masturbated alone 84% of the time what I find even more compelling is the amount of penises inserted into anuses in this category of males except science is a very interesting video on masturbation while masturbating does have physiological benefits it's important to mix up your techniques muscular imbalances could lead to a lack of grip strength with ones off arm and I'm an advocate of waxing one Skerritt with left and right hands and just like any other exercise during masturbation if you feel any pain during or after the movement you should stop doing it and much of the other research on the Internet is antithetical to the theory that I haven't in mind here thread on the forms backs up my evidence a notable exercise science researcher Scooby 1961 also gives credibility to the theory we have proposed this is completely off topic but Ben Greenfield fitness has a fantastic article about how to make your penis stronger with a private gym now we could go over many sets and reps schemes and I have those in mind but I think the most valuable option for yourself is to choke ones chicken as often as possible this increased intensity and volume hopefully will lead to a greater blood flow in the forum and increased grip strength so that's it for this one guys I hope you really liked it before we go I have to think my sponsor for this video hers which is the only science-based blooper reel days a week ago the gym what this don't do it what's crackin guys what's cracking guys how you can train ready boys okay forklift hello my strong strong kid I got I got a do a jaw Hitler joke yeah wild is this burnout oh yes like a smoke this thing and get old messy you know I got puff here in my hair just a reminder up energy drink is still available if you get someone that's different someone that's unconventional someone that is better smarter more intelligent talk to you a little bit about turn for the camera give a fucking turn Martin if I can work harder than you it'd work hardly fucking everyone in this industry no one understands the pain I go to every morning


  1. Yo since yall are on a break im going back and watching everything since before i initially subbed.. fucking gold. Love your work Tom! Keep up the great work you two!

  2. I don't like Eliot or Christian Guzman, the latter comes off as too materialistic and shallow. Your impression was hilarious!

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