This Family Gives Hope To The Needy With Free Food

This Family Gives Hope To The Needy With Free Food

Jeanna: [In Mandarin] Four of our families started this together. Guo Xiong: We went from giving out 200 packets of food in Chinatown to covering the whole of Singapore, 20,000 packets of food. There’s no special reason why we’re doing this. It’s just something that we ought to do. [Light music playing] GX: We are the second-generation leaders of Mummy Yummy. Our purpose is to give out free food to the needy. If they have any difficulties, they’ll let us know and we’ll head down for a house visit to help them. J: Hello, Uncle Tey! GX: The important thing is to recognise their needs. Did the floor tiles break? Through giving them food and talking to them daily they will slowly share their problems with us. We’ll find someone to help you fix the tiles. Uncle Tey: Yes! GX: Is the food good? UT: Thank goodness you give my wife food to eat. I don’t have to worry about her meals while I’m at work. I’m almost 80 now. How much money can I earn? It’s difficult to save money because I’m a Permanent Resident. J: I’ll let you work at my shop. Your job is just to chat with the customers. UT: Will I earn money? J: Yes.
UT: How much per month? J: How much do you want? UT: We’ll need at least $600 for the two of us. J: Okay! It’s a deal!
UT: Okay? J: Many people ask us how we fund our work. We don’t think too much about it. We just do what we can. [Conversation] We fund it with our own monthly salaries. GX: Okay, bye! Most of the elderly can only remember one phone number. So when you get a call from them, you have to go over. For instance, there was this auntie living in Yishun. She had a fall, so she called me late at night. (She said,) “Guo Xiong, can you help me?” If she didn’t have our number who else could she have gone to for help? Okay? [Car door opens] [Elevator sounds] GX: Hi, Auntie! J: We’re here! GX: Can we come in?
J: We’re coming in. Auntie Song: When you all are not visiting I’m like a mute, staring at these four walls. GX: Are you happy that we’re here to visit you?
AS: Yes! AS: I feel very happy that you’re here to visit me. GX: Does (your leg) hurt now? Does it hurt here or there? AS: The pain is so unbearable. You won’t understand. GX: Are you taking any medication? AS: I’ve already taken it. GX: Does it help? AS: It’s useless. It doesn’t stop the pain. I’ve told you all before, it’s best if I just die now. The pain is unbearable. [Sniffs] GX: Is (this position) okay? If it’s not, let us know and we’ll help. AS: It’s okay. GX: Okay. Your leg is propped up like a big boss. [Laughs] AS: A big boss wouldn’t sit like this. GX: Then a villain? A villain would sit like this. Some of our elderly beneficiaries don’t need the food but they feel lonely. They have lost the will to live. So we’ll visit them with our food and volunteers. The main point is to talk to them and understand how they are doing. Do we really have that many resources? I can tell you, we don’t. But why do we do it? It’s because we want to give these elderly folks a glimmer of hope. J: Bye! Producer: [In English] Was there ever a turning point in your life? GX: I think my turning point was when my mother passed away two years ago. To me, it wasn’t easy. (I thought,) “Why did my mother pass away
even though I was doing good?” But I realised that, whatever it is you still have to be very strong. Helping others is like looking into a mirror. You get to do some self-reflection and see your own life. I used to be someone who wanted to be very successful. But right now, I think I’m very… Basically, I’m able to enjoy every moment. Life is very simple. It’s not that complicated. And yeah, there’s really hope.


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  2. These people are paragons of human virtue in such a fast-paced environment where many of the old and weak are left behind. Most would not even consider spending their time, let alone their money, to help these 'invisible' people in need. I hope that there will always be exceptions like them in all future generations to come.

  3. These middle class people , though not having much, try their best to help the poor and needy . Rich people on the contrary are always finding ways to evade tax, shame

  4. If you are interested in supporting Mummy Yummy's cause through a donation or through volunteering your time, you may contact Jeanna at +65 97250118.
    You can also head to Mummy Yummy's Facebook page for updates on their ongoing projects:

    This Chinese New Year, spread the festive cheer to others in need! ❤️

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