This man fasted for 150 days and survived (My Thoughts)

This man fasted for 150 days and survived (My Thoughts)

what is up I have warriors it's your boy Edward VIII and today we're going to review this process that was done by a channel called the fasting fat man I believe and what he did was he fasted for 150 days and he lost a lot of weight I think he was 550 pounds when he started and he got down to about 300 or so pounds are like 310 or 320 I'm not exactly sure how much weight he lost but the thing that that stands out that sticks out is that he fasted for 150 days that's a lot of time without eating and I know that his videos are going to inspire a lot of people and I know that it's gonna be inspirational because of what he did I mean if you look at his first video I think he started recording at day 8 he was 550 pounds and it was very obvious that he was morbidly obese and he was able to reduce a lot of that utilizing the intense prolonged fasting of 150 days now I wanted to comment on this video because I got a lot of questions on it a lot of people wanted to know my opinion you guys know my opinion when it comes to prolong fasting I don't advocate for prolonged fasting and the reason that I don't advocate it's not because it doesn't work or I think that it's unhealthy it's because the science isn't there really for prolonged fasting it just doesn't exist there are some studies you know done some case studies here and there but nothing concrete that can that can make me confidently let anyone utilize a prolonged fasting protocol and the reason that this is the way it is with me is because I care if you guys get sick or if something happens to you or if you pass away you know and I don't want none of that stuff to happen to you I mean it's easy for me to hop on that train and get a bunch of views it's it'll be so easy if I'm it's it's a natural it could be a natural progression from intermittent fasting you know just talk about intermittent fasting and talk about prolonged fasting and grab the audience in every direction that's that's easy to do but it's not the thing that I would feel confident doing knowing with where the studies are and and sleeping at night knowing that I might be affecting someone physically so I don't push things like prolonged fasting because like I said the studies aren't really there yet in the circumstance of John I believe his name is John if you were to prolong fast he had the ideal body that will be primed and ready for something like a prolonged fasting of 150 days now I don't recommend anyone do what he did because you might have some underlining medical issues you might be susceptible to some health issues if you go into a prolonged fasting regimen especially a regimen of 150 days and he took a risk he did take a risk and one of the things that's the most riskiest things is when you do the refeeding something called refeeding syndrome where everything starts to imbalance itself because of a complete shock of all of these different nutrients and electrolytes coming in one thing that John made sure to do was that in his water fasts and his one hundred and fifty day water fast he took electrolytes so he took his potassium magnesium calcium sodium and chloride he would take the tablespoon of apple cider vinegar he also had coffee and he would also take a few scoops of Himalayan sea salt so he was giving himself those electrolytes and other minerals not taking in the nutrients that he can while also not taking in so many calories one thing that cannot be overstated is his ability to to motivate I'll be remissed if I just looked at the scientific case study of him doing this 150 day fast but not touching on the appeal that he has it was somewhat very uplifting to see a man changes his life and then also do it for reasons like he had a child and he wanted to you know be there for his child in the future so you know he took this position and he went into it and he succeeded with 150 days which is which is a crazy feat and he was able to pull it off but he would uh kind of start all of his videos with a with a poem and a lot of people gonna look at it as a poem but that's what he was doing he was giving some sort of poetic touch to what he was going through he called himself the amazing fasting fat man the the amazing shrinking man using these kind of grandeur terms that just it was uplifting to watch and to see him succeed so I remember seeing him get to the 150 days and thinking to myself okay I'm glad that he ended his fast I'm glad that the fast ended and that he's gonna go into the refeeding stage and refeeding stage was what I was really trying to see if he was gonna continue the videos because that's the thing that that mattered to me the most I wanted to see I was looking at this as a case study and considering the amount of weight that he was losing it did appear to me that he did fast for 150 days so I wanted to see what how he would refeed and he I guess he went into it you know slowly I definitely recommend if you ever do something like this to you small/small when you start refeeding only because the acid in the lining of the stomach your intestines none of those things are ready for food none of them but you want to take in something that needs to be digested I would recommend something like smoothies you know some type of things that's liquidy but it has a thickness so it's offsetting the you know so it's not as thin as water there's a thickness there it prepares your body for that reef eating and doing this for a few days before going into a full you know solid meals and then even that and then even at that point you know eating things like mashed potatoes you know things that are softer softer things just to give yourself a better chance to offset refeeding syndrome faster for 150 days puts you at an incredibly high risk for refeeding syndrome and he didn't appear to have any symptoms from refeeding syndrome but that's not to say that you won't have those symptoms so just be very cautious it is motivational what he's done and I hope that it motivates people to want to lose weight but maybe you know motivate you to stick to your intermittent fasting protocol maybe motivate you to stick to your to stick to whatever regimen that you have that helps you lose weight because he overcame what he needed to overcome and do that and you don't have to do it one for one and just say well he did this I'm gonna do that my motivation is gonna be to do 150 days your motivation should just be to lose weight and whatever path you choose if it gets you to the end result that's the main concern now he's on the keto diet utilizing the o mat protocol which is one meal a day so he gives himself I think maybe one hour and he eats during that timeframe every day but it's a keto meal one thing that he did control is his hunger he's no longer super connected to food emotionally so he switched that off mentally now he feels confident that you know he doesn't even feel hungry and he's able to you know meals comfortably without failing unsatiated he feels satiated mentally and physically but he is having some trouble right now not anything that's too crazy but he has something that is called fecal impact ation is when your feces actually gets clogged in your intestines and it makes it really hard for you to go to the bathroom basically because it's kind of blocking everything else and this can come about from a fast as long as 150 because none of those things were being utilized you know the intestines weren't really being utilized so they start to shrink your stomach starts to shrink and intestine starts to shrink because you're not utilizing it they shrink and when they shrink when you do start to utilize it you have a potential family something like fecal impact Asia and even intestinal irritation because of the fact that you haven't eaten but I wanted to put my two cents in it I think what he did was brave and and it was motivational for someone to see somebody to do something to that to that effect and and and be successful I mean for him to you know who's from father if I have to go from 550 to about 300 and something there there that's successful he's still losing weight every week consistently utilizing the diet protocol that he's using and he went about it the correct way he didn't just do it with a blindfold on he made sure to take his electrolytes he also did blood work during its entire fasting regimen he will have his doctor do his blood work he would do a cardiogram things like that to make sure that his heart is working correctly to make sure that his blood profile was still healthy so he was doing it he was doing it the right way but he wasn't this abyss of the unknown because there's only been case studies of people fasting for so long and this was just another case study looking at and his process was documented on YouTube and this can be viewed as a case study so to see the reaction to see how he reacted to see how he reacted from the refeeding buddy that was amazing it was very intriguing to watch to see where he would go with it and how far he would go because he initially had a 30-day fast it was supposed to be a 30-day fast and then he extended it and then it was supposed to be like 90 days and then he extended it to 120 and then he extended it even more so he kind of left you Hank it kind of gave you he kind of left you with cliffhangers and the days that the the the fastings was supposed to end would normally be one of his more viewed days because people wanted to see if he was gonna continue or if he was going to stop fasting and I'm happy that at 1:50 he stopped because it's tempting to just keep going considering the fact that you've lost so much weight considering the fact that it's been very successful for you considering that you have a YouTube channel that's predicated on you continuing this fast considering all these different factors for him to be self-aware enough to just stop at 1:50 and not keep going for like an entire year it shows that his mental state is one of the best mental states that you can have to even take part in something like this he had that cognitive thought to to stop he had the self-awareness to know that he cannot let this YouTube thing pressure him to keep going to the point of having complications or anything like that so I'm proud of him for what he did I'm proud of him for being cognizant enough to to end it when he did and not be pressured to continue and of course his refeeding has been pretty much successful so you guys wanted to know how I felt about this and this is how I feel I'm not advocating for anyone to do prolong fasting you don't have to do prolong fasting to lose weight but you can be inspired to do what you need to do to lose from something like this so kudos to you for completing something like this and yeah that's my thoughts on the fascinating fat man if you want to go ahead and take a look at his channel I'll have a link down in the description below I want to go ahead and thank my patrons from my patreon I'm gonna go ahead and put their names right up here and of course as always guys I'll see you on Wednesday for another FAQ peace


  1. Well, DUDE did his own study and it worked for him! Perhaps he needs to recommend prolonged fasting especially if it works for him!!

  2. Why do I lack the discipline to do IF. Can u help.? I watched alot of your videos and start my journey but fail efter the first week. Its only i think of what to eat coz of my work. I work 6am-3:30 sametimes 1:00-6pm. Can u help with schdule.?

  3. Waiting for the “science” is funny. Especially since fasting has existed as long as it has in many forms. There’s more to life than western science.

  4. Since I do MISS and weight train every day, I just eat OMAD with no carbs until I get to my goal body weight and goal waist size. If I dont lift weights, then I dont eat that day. So i try to lift weights every day to eat a couple of tunas a day. 🙂

  5. yes, prolonged fasting is very questionable, i've been doing some research and I find more data in consistent short term fasting

  6. He did an amazing job with discipline. He researched, saw his doctor, got in his nutrients and accessed should he continue discussing and giving his wife's opinion consideration. The studies aren't there but a lot of people are doing these prolonged fasts and learning on their own. His refeed process was so smart. I look forward to seeing him reach his goal of 195 lbs.

  7. Could consuming (Hydralytes drink) during fasting period nullify the fast? I am trying to get into a Ketogenic Diet (Carbs have been my staple diet in the past) and by the way I have been doing OMAD for on and off for about well over 2 months straight. For the record, I have been doing intermittent fasting for over 15 years even when I didn't know anything about intermittent fasting (because I like to have larger meals in one sitting). And I feel so much more alive and great now that I am on OMAD. Furthermore, I do Body weight training (I was a Gymnast during adolescence) and am trying to progress my way into Advanced Calisthenics.

    Once I'm done with my training I am beyond exhausted so I have found out upon experimentation that Hydralyte drink post workout helps me to continue with OMAD for the nest day. Back to my question I hope to clarify whether what I'm doing maybe harmful in the long run as well.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. the science is so obvious you don't need any studies. If you have any excess fat then you have plenty of food to survive. why keep eating if you're obese and trying to lose weight. your body will burn off any food intake first b4 touching stored fat. prolonged fasting is the most effective method for weight loss. i did 48 hour fasts for one month eating a lot of food during my eating window and went from 170 to 154 while maintaining most of my strength. Ive gone back to OMAD and continue to stay at around 154.

  9. I fasted for 28 days last year and it saved my life. No longer diabetic (type 2). I’ve since done IF/OMAD with 48-72 hour fasts every now and then. It’s fine.

  10. i love it when food addcited people shit talk about prolonged fasting
    me for example, im a high level athlete, im have more muscle then most in my age, yet i do regular fast for at least 3-5 days and breaking it with omad keto

    i also absolutley enjoy it when im out with friends, and see them all how addicted they are…like every 2 hour they need to eat something, or want to go somewhere to eat
    and i just sit there, havent eaten in days and in great shape and have a insane clear mind and insane energy…while they are just sick….that is the everyday proove for me that i do anything right

  11. Jason Fung is a doctor and Cole Robinson is a coach are just a few people who have evidence of prolong fasting. Cole's instagram is extensive of numerous success stories. Dr. Sabi also had success with curing different ailments through fasting. Maybe because fasting isn't bringing money to doctors and food companies is why it isn't promoted. Jesus fasted even fasted. How bad can it be?

  12. I think had he continued to live the life he was living he would have been taking an even bigger risk. Prolonged fasting saved his life. Not only did he lose weight, he reprogrammed his brain. By reprogramming he retaught himself how to eat properly and let his brain tell him when he was full. The reason people fail diets is because mentally they trip and fall. The brain needs to be programmed.

  13. John is amazing he and was under a doctor's care during his fast in addition to taking electrolytes. Although a 150day fast isn't for just the average person wanting to lose weight, for someone who is severely morbidly obese and not wanting to go the route of surgery, with proper supervision it isn't the worst choice that could be made. For someone weighing 550lbs, the risk of them having a major heart attack at any moment could possibly outweigh the risk of a prolonged medically supervised fast. I watched him from the beginning, and for me seeing him reach his goal of 195 lbs and maintaining it is just as important, if not more important, as watching his 150day fast.
    ADF is my fasting protocol of choice, and I can say that watching John succeed with 150day has done nothing but strengthen my resolve to continue what I'm doing. ADF isn't difficult for me, but of course, there have been days where I struggled on my fasting day. Now all I have to do is think about John's journey, and I breeze through the tough fasting days.

  14. Just ate a bag of BBQ chips for dinner topped up with coke yuck. Disgusting after listening to this now looking for away to smoothie detox

  15. I really enjoyed this video. Thank you for standing your ground on prolonged fasting AND being able to give him his praise. This is a very classy approach to something you are still learning about but unsure of. You gave great advice while pointing out all the things he did right throughout his fast and afterwards. I also like this mellow vibe. Good job!

  16. I'm glad you did this video. I am such a fan of yours also of John(fasting fat man). I know that you do not advocate prolonged fasting but I'm so proud of John educating himself first and weighing his odds and then taking responsibility for his health. I'm thankful that he brought us along. No everyone shouldn't but there are people morbidly obese who under the strict supervision of their doctor they should. Thanks as always for bringing us your fans awesome content.

  17. I love you and your content. The information and honesty you bring is incomparable. You are truly blessed, and will continue to be. 🙏🏾 thank you 😊

  18. He didn’t take any risks, he engaged with his doctor and did his homework and took responsibility for his health.

  19. Thanks for liking my comment. Starting 2 days fasting then eating on the third day. Any suggestions? Thanks again for the warnings about the dangers of prolonged fasting.

  20. I followed this guy the whole time. He was under a doctors care the whole time and did it safely. When you're morbidly obese like this guy was you can go that long.

    When you're a big giant fatass and you take electrolytes you don't get refeeding syndrome. Refeeding syndrome happened during the nazi concentration camps and the Japanese POW camps where the people were starved to the bone and when they started to eat again they died.

  21. One of the best things you mentioned was using fasting to break the unhealthy emotional connection with food. Now when I feel hungry, I don’t panic. I just think… I’ll eat again, when I choose to. Also, committing to fasting helps fight stress eating because you consciously force yourself to find another outlet besides food. IF is life changing!

  22. Refeeding syndrome 😂🤣🤣. Term used for the Jews that came out of the CONCENTRATION CAMP gouging themselves on food! The problem was THEY WERE SKIN AND BONES! Sadly most died b/c of the influx of sudden calories! We fat ppl won’t have that problem! Fat IS STORED FOOD PERIOD! Skinny ppl shouldn’t fast. Duhhh. I find it AMAZING how fit ppl ALWAYS got advice and most of them has NEVER BEEN FAT or had slow metabolisms! It’s like TRUSTING A SKINNY COOK! 🤷🏾‍♂️. I keep my blood sugar at 65-75 and my blood pressure is a constant 93/60 in which ALL MY DOCTORS say is not conducive to life🤦🏾‍♂️😩. But yet here I am!

  23. I did 90days of Just alkaline water! Didn’t need all the extra supplements and electrolytes! My ONLY regret is not posting the proof on YouTube and becoming a star ! A cousin of mine said she had severe cramps with out the supplements! Bottom line is “you have to know your body and how you feel CONSTANTLY🤷🏾‍♂️. I lost 124lbs and IMMEDIATELY ate a cheeseburger 🍔, fries 🍟, and sweet tea from Buffalo Wild Wings
    on day 91 and felt fine! Today I’ve only gained 8lbs back and still at my ideal body weight of 190lbs With NO LOOSE SKIN! 👌🏾

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