Three Minute Product Review | Body Shop Vitamin C 10 Day Glow Boosting Concentrate | Danielle Elaine

Three Minute Product Review | Body Shop Vitamin C 10 Day Glow Boosting Concentrate | Danielle Elaine

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s
three minute product review, I’m going to be reviewing The Body Shop’s Facial Radiance
powder mix. It’s from their Vitamin C range. It’s a serum that lasts for 10 days. I’ll
insert pictures of what the actual serum looks like and then what the packaging looks like.
And you put it on it the morning and at night. And it’s meant to help with hyperpigmentation,
dull skin. I don’t know if it was more psychosomatic, but I feel like this product literally just
brightened my skin up so much. I just felt like I was glowing, which sounds ridiculously
cheesy. But genuinely, I felt like my face was just so much brighter. And my neck, ’cause
I used it on my face and neck. I felt like my face and neck were just so much brighter.
Like, ridiculously so. I dunno how bad I must have been looking before. It wasn’t even that
I had to wait until the tenth day to see results. I was seeing results from about Day 3. I’m
not sure just how much the pictures captured. I’m not sure the pictures do my skin justice.
I felt gassed. I was gassed. I was feeling myself after using that serum. I just feel
like my skin has come so far. Not just because of that serum. I’ve been using loads of other
products as well. But I feel like my skin was just brighter, I looked more awake and
for a uni student, looking more awake is always valuable. I would definitely use it again.
100%. I would use that serum again. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time, but because
normally it’s £15, I was just waiting for The Body Shop to do a deal. And I’ve forgotten
exactly what it was. I feel like it was maybe “Buy 2 things and get free delivery” or like
“Buy 2 things for 25% off”. They were running some kind of deal. As they always are. I love
The Body Shop. But with the deal they were running at the time that I bought it, I got
it for like, £9, maybe £9.10. Something like that. So I thought it was worth giving
it a try and I’m so glad I did. If you are experiencing hyperpigmentation or you feel
like your skin just needs a bit of a boost or it looks a bit dull and tired, try the
serum. Honestly. I’m shouting now. I’m just so excited, because that serum… My face
looks excited, can’t you tell? I would definitely recommend it and I would 100% try it again.
I hope this review wasn’t too rambly. Thanks for watching guys. I’m just rubbing my legs


  1. I'm trying it out now and I don't know if i'm trying to hard but I think I see a difference in about 3 days too!

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