1. Wow! I'm so love it. Very very nice. finally I see different version. Since everyone do the same version every year. Thank you for sharing. Love it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love it!! Can you do some more Michael Jackson videos like Billie Jean or Beat It?!? Please and thank you

  3. Hey honey all the way from new Orleans.. My daughter (who is 9y/0) and I loveeeee all your videos… I lost 15lb.. Thank you for giving some of us hope!😘😘 Don't stop what you are doing…

  4. You are an absolute gem! Our fitness class teacher was away for the day so we had to teach ourselves, that's when we came across your awesome video!! We didn't realize our stomachs would get such a harsh workout as well – from all the laughing!
    Thank you! <3

  5. Am i the only one who prefer his instruction voice along the move? I mean, it’s even more cheerful! Love them!

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