1. Trevor James you are a
    canadian…what are you doing in china…your country kidnaps chinese woman..no

  2. 西藏从元朝就成为了中国领土,明清时期一直都是直到今天,持续了1000多年,美国德克萨斯州成为美国领土才200多年。

  3. Bhai aap god ho kya 🙄 🤔
    Aapko har language aati hai dunia ki ..
    Salute hai bhai ✌️

  4. I am from northeastern India bordering Tibet south of Lhasa, I wish I could visit Tibet in my life time😢

  5. I have a friend in Mexico who has a small place by the highway. They cook tripe by first boiling it a long time, then they add spicy things to it. Truckers stop & eat it all day like it was a hearty beef soup-they love it. I could never get passed the smell…..a BIG SIGN outside advertises “Menudo.” People all over that country eat it, I think the spices help make it more palatable. I’ve long since gone vegan, so I have no plans of ever trying it. The vegan lunch you had looks really good!

    A favor: can you film someone cooking that eggplant dish? I LOVE that stuff, but haven’t found an instructional video how to prepare it yet. I’m learning Chinese, but not fluent yet, THANKS!!!

  6. Ive tried monestary food, and it's so hard to believe that it is completely vegan, it tastes really good… In comparison to the vegan food we ate in the west..

  7. 对佛教来说,味道不是他们关注的,平淡而不杀生才是追求的目的,回归食物本质才能认识到人与宇宙和自然的关系。

  8. Think and place yourselves in the place of the Yak. Cooking meat increase global warming. Be VEGAN. Live and let live

  9. Our indian government is giving us fake news about tibet….tibet is 100 times more developed in compared to arunachal pradesh we dont hv good quality roads here n electricity is a big problem

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  11. Trevor's excitement and enthusiasm toward food and respect for the culture really fills me with joy watching his videos.

  12. THIS IS NOT CHINA!! This is TIBET (Bod) , there is a cultural genocide happening there!

    Bod Gyalo BOD GYALO , Lha Gyalo !!! Ki kuso lha gyalo !!!’

  13. It's Solja in Tibetan. Why do you have to overly exaggerate in Chinese twang. By the way, there is no such thing as Tibetan – Chinese, it's either Tibetan or Chinese. And yes, Tibet is an occupied country just like Palestine.

  14. Eating is the great hapiness in the world ! Hello Ranger Trevor , you are a very lucky and happy man , guy !!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Hey! There is no yak butter exist, even yak would not give milk, so how cloud be yak’s butter. Yak is one of the male.

  16. He don’t care about the Tibetans. He just wants to make his videos and listen to what his Chinese wife says. Lol.

  17. I think this video is China sponsor to show the situation of Tibet. Most of time westerner media's are not allowed to visit Tibetan areas freely.

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