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skincare product is my DHC deep cleansing oil I use a cleansing oil and
what is called a double cleanse so I take off my makeup with an oil remover
and then I use the face cleanser afterwards to remove all of the residue
just put this on your face when your face is dry rub it all in it will
completely emulsify all of your makeup and then you just rinse it clean with
water there’s no oily residue on your face afterwards it just literally feels
like baby but smooth skin but everything is completely removed you second
all-time favorite Holy Grail skin care product that I’ve ever used is by
is clinical or I always say is clinical because it stands for innovative
skincare but it is their cleansing complex I love this one because it
completely removes all of my makeup so if I didn’t feel like using the
cleansing oil first in a double cleanse you don’t have to because this will
remove everything I used to always think that it was silly to spend money you
know spend too much money on a cleanser because after all you’re just washing it
off your face so how could you really benefit from the ingredients that are in
here well I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner but I started reading that
they recommend that you don’t just wash your face or rinse it off but they
recommend you wash your face with it but you leave it on kind of as a treatment
mask for a few minutes so that it has time to penetrate all of the good
ingredients that are in here and I just started doing that a few months ago and
I have noticed such a difference in my skin with the texture and my pores and
just overall smoothness and it’s just healthy and glowing and there’s just no
comparison that I’ve ever found this is just an all-around amazing cleanser my
third holy grail all-time favorite skincare product is this vitamin C serum
by truth’ treatment systems this stuff is amazing it is also expensive and that
is why I hesitated to put it in this video but I wanted to be honest with you
guys that this is what I use most of the times I’ve been trying different vitamin
C serums and I really love some other ones and I noticed some more brightening
with other ones but I went back to this one after not using it for a couple
months and I realized just hands-down just nothing compares to this this is
not like any other vitamin C serum that you’ve ever tried most vitamin C serums
that are on the market are made with l-ascorbic acid and that type of vitamin
C is great for many people but for a lot of people like me I don’t even have
sensitive skin but when I use a vitamin C serum with l-ascorbic acid my skin
ends up getting irritated it starts kind of getting burned feeling and itchy and
sometimes I get redness but I also will break out this one will not break you
out it is a completely different type of vitamin C it’s called I think tetra
hexyl vessel a sorbet I think that’s what it’s called tetra hexyl vessel a
sorbet this is oil soluble so it penetrates
your skin so much deeper this will brighten your skin it will help fade
discolorations it will build collagen in your skin which is amazing to help
reduce wrinkles and fine lines this is an investment but it is worth it because
it will last a very long time because it’s not like other vitamin C serums
that as soon as you open it up they oxidize and then they turn orange and
you have to keep them in the fridge and then after two months you’re like crap I
just wasted you know money on that vitamin C serum it’s not gonna oxidize
it’s never going to be sensitizing on your skin your face will never fear feel
irritated with this and you will not get pimples from this it is such a
powerhouse miracle vitamin C serum my fourth holy grail all-time favorite
skincare product will come as no surprise it’s retin-a
prescription-strength retina now I know that a lot of you
can’t get a prescription for this I’ve used retin-a off and on for about 20
years because since I did start getting acne as an adult I’m 46 now but in my
late 20s I started getting acne so my doctor did prescribe this to me and I
didn’t use it properly at first I you know is using it as a cream and rubbing
it all over retin-a is not a cream it is a treatment product and you should only
use like a little smidge a amount like less than a pea-sized amount for your
whole face but this is so amazing at building collagen it prevents acne it
helps with cell turnover it will smooth out fine lines and wrinkles I understand
that many of you can’t get a prescription for this so I wanted to
just show you an alternative if I could not use retin-a or if I couldn’t get a
prescription for it this one right here by Paula’s Choice this is I’ve tried a
lot of retinol products this one is by far the best the strongest when I don’t
use this one I will decide to use this one instead and honestly I get the same
result so and you can just buy this online as her strongest retinol that she
has so if you can’t get your hands on prescription retin-a no worries because
this is an amazing one also the next Holy Grail product for me is
prescription strength hydroquinone this is a 4% hydroquinone this is a skin
lightener so vitamin C as a brightener but this will actually
lighten your skin fade dark spots and discoloration and I have melasma which
is a hormonal type of hyperpigmentation and I’ll get it around my forehead which
you can probably still see some of it under the makeup peeking through and I
would get it around here and the only thing that helps I’ve tried everything
the only thing that helps is prescription strength hydroquinone it’s
not a product though that you can use for all of your life every day this is
something that you really only want to use maybe three to four months on and
then three to four months off so on the months that I’m not using this I will
use things like azelaic acid a kojic acid alpha r butte and a bunch of other
different skin lighteners and brighteners that will help manage the
melasma during that time but it still will get darker and darker and darker if
you watch some of my very first videos I purposely started my youtube channel
when I have been off of my hydroquinone so that you guys could see how dark it
gets when I’m off of hydroquinone oh right now I have it under control you
know to where I can cover it up enough I mean you’re still going to see it but
hey I’ve been told that once I hit menopause
then the melasma will go away because melasma is not just hyperpigmentation it
is genetic it’s from your hormones mainly and of course UV light will make
it worse so heat will make it worse also they are battling hyperpigmentation that
you just can’t get rid of talk to your doctor because this might be something
that would work for you my next holy grail all-time favorite skincare product
of all time is sunscreen this is difficult for me I don’t have one
particular sunscreen that is my holy grail but honestly sunscreen is my
number one holy grail all-time favorite skincare product anti-aging beauty
product ever if I had to live on a deserted island and I could only take
one skincare product with me it would be a sunscreen this one is one that I’ve
been loving for about a year now I like this when I have more oily skin
normal to oily skin when my skin is feeling a little dry and need some
hydration this one is not my Holy Grail I go to one that is a little more
moisturizing if you want to know which ones I am obsessed with I will link that
video down below because you know a sunscreen it depends on what my skin is
doing that day but this is one that I bought multiple times and you know I
like this one because it is inexpensive another thing that I love about this is
it kind of doubles as your face primer so when I use this sunscreen I don’t
need a primer because this really fills in the pores and kind of smooths out the
look of my skin so that when I do apply my foundation it just looks nicer and it
stays on longer my number seven all-time favorite skin care product is this
spring water by event this is basically just sterilized mineral water in a can
and it just sprays out in this nice fine mist I go through so many of these I use
this for everything the number one reason I started using this years and
years ago was when I started back on my retin-a journey again would get that
irritated skin that peeling skin until my skin was adjusting to the retin-a
only thing that would soothe and calm my skin and just make it feel more plump
and hydrated and not itchy and irritated and red and cracking was this mineral
spring water it doesn’t matter if my makeups already done I can spray it all
over my face then I can just Pat it with a blending sponge it is cooling it’s
refreshing it’s amazing to set your makeup if you don’t want to buy those
expensive setting sprays that have alcohol which I don’t advise you to use
those anyways I will spray this on after I’ve done my makeup and then I’ll just
kind of let it air dry for a couple seconds and then I’ll take a blending
sponge and just press it in and it meshes everything together especially if
you put powder on your face afterwards and you know that when you look in the
mirror you can tell you have foundation and powder and all that makeup on this
will kind of make everything blend together but it won’t move your makeup
around and it will just give you a more natural youthful glow to your skin other
amazing thing that I use this for is to spray it on my face right after I have
cleansed my face because if you want your serums and your lotions and potions
and all those to absorb better into your skin you want your skin to be a little
de prior to doing that so just lightly miss
this on your face and then start applying all of your serums and you will
see that the penetration won’t be so much better but you’re actually going to
like your serums and your lotions better when you start using this my eighth
all-time favorite skincare product ever I know you’re probably like wait what
those look like pills they sound like pills well they are because you know
skincare isn’t only what we apply topically to our face you know our skin
the best way to take care of our skin is actually internally these are two
products I will never be without I have a whole video on them so I don’t want to
go in great detail on what they do but this is called estro block Pro and this
is called live detox now I know it’s two items that they actually go together
because if you take this you have to take this with it so if these two
products that go together what this product does it is amazing to balance
your normal estrogen in your body but it gets rid of those bad estrogens those
fake estrogens which are also called xeno estrogens or xenoestrogens and what
xenoestrogens do there in things like BPA or store receipts or fragrances
Glade plugins those sprays things like that they’re in the bovine growth
hormones and animal products they are in pesticides in your non-organic fruits
and vegetables they’re in a lot of different products and what happens is
you know when we’re consuming all of these things in the environment inhaling
them or ingesting them what happens is those products actually mimic our
natural estrogen in our body and what can happen it can throw our estrogen off
balance it can cause an array of issues for women polycystic ovarian disease it
can cause hormonal acne few years ago I started getting horrible cystic acne
like 30 some of them is what I counted down my chin down my neck and my jaw and
didn’t have them anywhere else but only in that area and when I take this it
completely completely gets rid of the hormonal acne most breast cancers come
from estrogen dominance but it’s not from good estrogen because estrogen is a
good thing in your body it is from those bad estrogens those fake estrogen
those xenoestrogens that are mimicking your estrogen in your body if you’re
interested in these and why these are one of my Holy Grail skin care products
ever that I will never be without I do have a video that I will link down below
that’ll go in a little bit more detail this is my ninth holy grail all-time
favorite skin care product and you’re probably like what kind of cream is that
it’s not a cream again I’m not talking about what you would put on your face
topically like applying it to the outside of your face I’m talking about
what you would take internally I’m just gonna read to you what this says it’s my
vibrant health it’s a plant-based advanced daily superfood called green
vibrance and it has 25 billion probiotics it is clinically formulated
that supports the four foundations of health nutrition circulation digestion
and immunity it helps your pH levels it helps with energy with detoxification
and with stress relief it’s gluten flea flea it’s gluten-free non-gmo and soy
free this is a green superfood powder that I mix in our green drinks like in
the Vitamix or the blender or you can just mix it in water but it doesn’t
taste great in water but this has things like a barley grass chlorella broccoli
beets spinach rapeseed polyphenols it has a straggle as’ has a bunch of
different enzymes and probiotics we take this almost daily when I don’t take it
let me just tell you what happens when I don’t take it I start lacking energy my
skin isn’t as glowing I just don’t feel right I don’t feel like myself when you
take this your skin I mean you will see this beautiful healthy glow in your skin
because you’re feeding your skin from the inside out with a bunch of really
really good ingredients and finally my all-time favorite Holy Grail skin care
product that I will never be without is a silk pillowcase now years ago I used
to just think oh they’re just pretty and they’re soft and that’s why people like
them that is not what a silk pillowcase does for me a silk pillowcase this is
skin care I am a side sleeper since I had neck surgery you know I had to learn
how to sleep in different positions but I know it’s not good for me to sleep on
my side and I had trained myself to sleep on my back and I have a
special pillow for that too I can talk about that in another video if anyone’s
interested but I will link it down below if I sleep on a cotton pillowcase when I
wake up in the morning my hair is like Medusa
it’s all over the place and it feels real dry and it’s just like what
happened to the moisture when I sleep on a silk pillowcase my hair will stay
smooth the style I honestly when I wake up the next day I don’t even have to
brush it there’s just something in silk that it does not suck out the moisture
in your hair and it will keep your hair silky and smooth and soft and it will
maintain that style so if you want to do your hair the night before and then
sleep on a silk pillowcase just try it I’m telling you when I wake up you
actually don’t have to restyle your hair because a silk pillowcase not a satin
one but a real silk pillowcase will maintain that style of your hair but the
reason I am obsessed with it is since I started sleeping on my side again when I
sleep on a silk pillowcase I can actually sleep on my side and I do not
wake up with any wrinkles I should have done a before and after photo of what it
looks like on my face when I wake up in the morning after sleeping on a regular
cotton pillowcase I will wake up after side sleeping and I just have these
wrinkles all over my face and they take hours sometimes the whole day to
actually disappear also my skincare seems to stay on my face better because
the cotton pillowcase it sucks all the moisture out of your skin whatever is on
your hair on your face that cotton pillowcase is gonna try to absorb it and
take it out of your skin you don’t want your nice skincare ingredients to be
sucked out of your skin and that’s what happens when I sleep on cotton but when
I sleep on silk my face is like silk in the morning and I have no wrinkles on my
face after using this I have like 20 different silk pillowcases because I do
like to change out my pillowcases every couple days this is a really nice one
and I will link this down below I got this on Amazon I get a lot of things on
Amazon and I love to sleep on just a plain white pillowcase because my linens
are white I actually had this one sent to me and I got to pick the color so
instead of getting a boar in white wine I was like well let me get
a pink one so I have not used this yet I’ve been waiting to do this video
because I want to wash it hand wash it and I want to use this because this oh
my gosh this is like the softest most amazing silk I’ve ever felt again I will
link all of these down below I even have a travel pillow I use the my pillow
travel and I put that in my suitcase and I even bought a travel silk pillowcase
that’s how much I cannot be without silk you guys I hope you guys enjoyed today’s
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guys have a wonderful day


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  50. you both are absolutely wonderful and beautiful. Thank you the information and tips. Look forward in viewing all your videos.

  51. Please make a video on how to sleep on your back. I’m getting wrinkles from sleeping on my side.

  52. Turning 40 in a month and looking to add to my skincare. Do you have any recommendations for white heads on the nose? I have tried scrubs and cleansers, masks but nothing really helps. I work outside mainly (pest control) so I do know that lots of sweating and crap in the air don't help, but I really hate it. 😩😩 Thank you!

  53. Hi also love the Paulas Choice retinol and I am so disappointed that it has PEGs in it so I won't repurchase it any more due to the risk for great cancer but it really was a product that worked xx

  54. I have been rewatching your videos. I finally bought the IS Clinical Cleansing Complex. OMG The first time I used it I felt and saw a difference. Love this product

  55. Thank you!!!!!!! I started taking Estrobock and LivDetox 6 months ago after watching your video. I stopped for a month — HUGE mistake! I am back on them and won't miss them again. Nothing keeps menopausal acne away like those 2.

  56. Great interesting video – thanks. Just for me I have tried estroblock for nearly year and it didn’t help me 🙁

  57. Why all mature women look much older with make-up than without? You're glowing after washing your face!<3 Your skin is fresh and so smooth! Don't add years to your apparance with such strong make-up! Love you! <3

  58. Tretinoin 0.1%, Alpha Skincare 14%, CeravePM and Cerave Nighttime Renewing cream, Hada Labo Cleansing Oil and Hada Labo Foaming Cleanser with HA (for double cleansing)…I also use Nooni Snowflake Cleansing Jelly when I feel like a little more luxury….Bliss Lemon & Sage shower gel and Vanicream in the tub for the whole body. Plus two sunscreens, Mychelle Unscented SPF 28 and EltaMD tinted SPF 41. I think that is 11.

    ANY doctor can write a script for RetinA. You don’t have to go to a dermatologist. If I could not use RetinA, I would use Alpha Skincare’s 14% salicylic acid, which does a great job of exfoliating, and refining skin texture. I still use it, on my arms, and back of my hands. It’s very inexpensive, under $20, and really works.

  59. Just curious if you also get Botox and fillers. I’m over 40 and and my face looks blah but I feel like a lot of ladies my age are getting Botox too. Your face looks great but just wanting to know if that’s part of your upkeep also.

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