they’re the superstars of fitness the
men whose perfect bodies inspire millions every day but what did these
famous influencers do before Instagram? let’s find out with fit media’s top ten
Fitness celebrities before they were famous. with millions of followers to
their name these guys have made it but everyone has to start somewhere Tom Coleman’s physique is a daily
inspiration for his fans but before there was Instagram his life was very
different I’m Tom Coleman, 27 I’m a roofer from
Essex. a love of training helped the roofer build an impressive physique
which caught the eye of photographers I’ve done quite a few photo shoots, I do enjoy before long he was winning competitions
and stepping out on the international stage. What you believe, you achieve, current following 1.2 million fans what’s up guys I’m Zac Ainsley I’m 21
I’m from Newcastle the gym helped Zack Ainsley come out of his shell I was heavily picked on in school, I would do anything to avoid school I would do
anything to you know be alone cuz I had no friends really has a kid and the gym
is just the most perfect place for me it’s therapy as well Zac went out into
the fitness world looking to get noticed face body and a determination to succeed
Zac was perfect for Instagram it blew up instantly after post my first picture
online I think I had 10,000 likes the next day and you know I couldn’t believe
it Zac currently has 1.4 million followers we first spotted Ross dickerson at an
expo Ross Dickerson with machine Fitness shredded as anything the condition I
got in, I had quite a few people coming up to me and asking me if I compete and
asked me what I do to get in the condition that I do this kind of
inspired me to kind of compete for the first time just enjoyed myself and I was very lucky
enough to win first place in absolute shock you is probably the
best experience of my life great inspiration to just keep me pushing
further in the fitness industry really in 2020
Ross has 1.4 million fans Ryan Terry was working as a plumber who
enjoyed going to the gym when I grew up I did lack confidence quite a
lot and that’s what kind of spurred me into the gym. a friend put him forward
for a modeling competition and the photo was used by a supplement company. it’s
still very surreal being that guy on that poster from being an average
plumber to to being that guy on the poster. but he wasn’t always comfortable
in front of the camera. I didn’t know the first thing about all the posing and it was really really uncomfortable for me. as his body
developed so did his confidence I’d loveto take this further see I can make a
career in doing what I like and maybe break America if I can. and he
certainly did that Ryan became a multiple men’s physique champion
respected around the world with 1.5 million followers these twins couldn’t wait to get out of
their hometown. from Kendall which is a really small small town really dislike
it their reason to train was the same as millions of guys. I do it for the girls. [laughs] social media helped them get all kinds of attention I love taking photos okay because I can post them on facebbook. soon they’re matching
physiques got noticed in the fitness world. as we’re twins, we want to look the same
that’s like a selling point combined following 1.8 million I’m tavi castro I’m 22 years old and I’m
from Rotterdam the Netherlands Tavi Castro’s first sport wasn’t fitness. I
used to be a football player for the Canadian youth national team and I’m
just really really good with tricks I can walk around the whole day with the
ball stuck on my head and doing all kinds of stuff – just keeping it up. but
then he decided to change sports well today I’m gonna be up my first
bodybuilding competition it’s a little bit different still a junior tavi caught the eye of
the judges my big dream is just grab everything I
could possibly get and break into the industry and make something out of it
Tavi is now a DJ businessman and influencer with 2.8 million followers coming up the construction worker who
now has three million fans and the unseen first interview with a celebrity
with six million followers. if you want to follow in the footsteps of the
superstars of fitness we’ve got workouts and training tips that will help you
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fit media channel for all our new videos we don’t believe Andre Deiu ever
actually worked in construction I’ve been training for two years, I’m
17 years old this is his first ever competition which
included a theme we’re round in the following five years Andrei
earned a place among the best in the world. fans of this channel have followed
his incredible transformation as he heads to the Olympia 2020
Andrei continues to inspire his 3.1 million insta fans another 17-year old now. hey guys
natural teen fit this model Jeff Seid Jeff had already been training for
years by 2013 he looked like he was fresh out of the superhero factory I
asked for a weight set for my 12th birthday and I saw results pretty fast
snapped up for a fashion brand it was the start of his amazing career, like
looking pretty work hard for it so it feels good to show it off
looks body charisma it was like Instagram was invented for Jeff Seid. now
it’s insane how the fan page that has about 135 thousand likes. that’s now
grown to 3.9 million followers moving on to even bigger stars now I’m Sergi Constance. Sergi was a model
in his native Spain with the body of a god and a face to match. on a trip to Las
Vegas he won a magazine cover model search multiple photoshoots followed
and when Instagram came along Sergey was one of the first stars to go viral when
the people put good comments out in the photos I I feel very proud I like to do
this for for the people. and the people loved it in their millions and I want to
say you thank you so much for this one million followers. in 2020 that’s now 4.3
million fans 2012 our cameras spot a brand new face
in the crowd with an impressive body Simeon had never spoken on camera before
and he’d never been on stage no I’ll know when I’m ready and then I’ll hit the stage. you’ll see a showman on stage definitely. when the showman
finally hit the stage he became a huge star six million fans now follow Simeon
now time for the biggest Fitness star on Instagram what’s up everyone, I’m Ulisses. quality and
consistency have kept Ulisses jr. at the top of the fitness world for more than a
decade long before Instagram Ulissess shot to fame as Musclemania world
champion a genetic masterpiece a dedicated
trainer with an old-school skill for posing that makes him a living work of
art in 2020 Ulisses is followed by seven
million fans we hope this video has inspired you to
stand out from the crowd to help you create your own exceptional physique
you’ll find workouts for every body part here on fit media channel including
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  1. Funny how Jeff Said continually introduces himself as natural. As if it's a preemptive strike before someone brings the subject up.

  2. Love that FOLLOWs are so important to y’all, but BOTS and fake accounts don’t count as followers. When this is legitimatized, then you can brag about it. Otherwise, GTFO with the lies. Even if you have millions of followers, I highly doubt they are clients instead of bots or thirsty trolls.

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