Top 10 Junk Foods That are Actually GOOD for You

Top 10 Junk Foods That are Actually GOOD for You

Do you have a sweet tooth but still want to
stay healthy? If so, we’ve got some good news for you. As it turns out, there’s tons of junk food
out there that isn’t actually all that bad for you. Sure, it’s key that you enjoy everything
in moderation, but it’s good to know that you can still indulge while continuing to
fuel your body with the nutrients it needs. Now get ready to take notes, because here
are 10 Junk Foods That Are Actually Good For You. We All Scream for Ice Cream Ice cream is the dependable hero of breakups,
failed tests, and bad days. No matter what you’re going through, you
can always rely on ice cream to be there. The good news is, it turns out that using
ice cream as a coping mechanism might not be as unhealthy as we’ve been led to believe. Naturally, eating anything in excess isn’t
exactly the key to optimal health, especially when it comes to foods with a high sugar content. However, when eaten in moderation, ice cream
has the benefit of being a delicious, satisfying treat, while also providing you with some
important nutrients. Unsurprisingly, considering that it’s a
dairy product, ice cream is loaded with calcium and protein, as well as potassium and magnesium. What’s less obvious is that certain brands
contain probiotics and different types of B-vitamins. You probably won’t find these added benefits
in the crazy, over-the-top ice cream flavors, like Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy,
but they’re commonly seen in many other brands, like Enlightened or Ciao Bella’s
Adonia. So next time you’re feeling blue, keep in
mind that indulging in some ice cream isn’t just good for the mind, it’s good for the
body too! Pork Vs Potato If you often find yourself craving a crunchy,
salty snack, skip the chips and reach for a bag of pork rinds instead. They might sound like the least healthy food
item imaginable, but they’re not as bad as one might think, especially when they’re
compared to potato chips. They contain essentially no carbohydrates
and have an impressive protein content, clocking in at about seventeen grams in a one-ounce
serving. A similar serving of potato chips, on the
other hand, might contain less than two grams of protein and as much as fifteen grams of
carbohydrates. That’s definitely a big difference between
the two food items! While they wouldn’t be considered a low-fat
snack, one of the main sources of fat in pork rinds is oleic acid, which is also found in
olive oil and classified as a healthy fat. They also contain a saturated fat called stearic
acid, which doesn’t lead to increased blood cholesterol levels, as many other types of
fat do. So, the next time you’re trying to choose
a snack to munch on while watching TV, consider picking up some pork rinds. Popcorn And Movie Night Popcorn is frequently labelled as unhealthy,
but this bad reputation isn’t necessarily well-deserved. It’s one of those food items that isn’t
inherently unhealthy, but the toppings added to it can easily make it unhealthy. Movie theater popcorn, which is soaked in
butter, probably wouldn’t qualify as healthy. However, by making it at home, you can control
how much oil or butter is added. Additionally, you can choose to add a sprinkle
of seasoning, like chili powder, which won’t reduce the popcorn’s nutritional value,
but will make its flavor a bit more interesting. Popcorn is a healthy snack for many different
reasons. By nature of being a whole grain, it’s incredibly
high in fiber. It’s also full of polyphenols, which is
a type of antioxidant that’s been suggested to be a protective factor against cardiovascular
disease and certain kinds of cancer. Because it’s a high-volume snack, popcorn
is quite filling. So, microwave some popcorn, crash on your
couch, pull up Netflix, and settle in for a well-deserved movie night, and bask in the
smell of freshly popped popcorn – you’ll truly be living your best life. I’m Blue Apparently, not all M&Ms are made equal. By that, we mean that the blue ones might
actually be healthier for you than the other colors are. Some studies have found that the blue dye
used to color the blue M&Ms is linked to less severe damage in spinal injuries, accompanied
by accelerated recovery. This research was conducted out of the University
of Rochester Medical Center. There, this blue dye, which is called Brilliant
Blue G, or BBG for short, was injected into rats with spinal cord injuries. Those injected with BBG experienced accelerated
recovery and regained their ability to walk more quickly. It seems crazy, but weirder things have been
found to be true. Knowing that enjoying M&Ms (or blue Gatorade,
which also contains BBG), might actually have positive effects. For even better health outcomes, opt for Pretzel
M&Ms over the regular kind, since they’re much lower in fat and contain nearly 100 fewer
calories. Just remember to stock up on the blue ones. One Potato, Two Potato, Sweet Potato Can fried food ever really be healthy? Probably not, but some forms of it are definitely
worse than others. One of the better fried food items out there
is the sweet potato fry. If you thought that sweet potato fries were
identical to regular fries in terms of nutritional value, you’re not far off. They have a very similar fat and carb content,
and you’re probably going to consume the same number of calories regardless, but sweet
potato fries are more nutrient-dense than their regular counterparts. Not only do sweet potatoes contain far more
fiber, but they’re a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin A. Most restaurants
will let you swap out your side of regular fries for a side of sweet potato fries, and
it turns out that doing so might actually be worth the extra dollar or two they cost. They also come with the added benefit of pairing
perfectly with spicy mayo. Sweet potato fries also tend to be tastier
than regular fries, and as a result many people actually prefer them. So, there’s really no losing here; it’s
the ultimate win-win situation! Tortilla Chips and Beyond If pork rinds aren’t your thing, there’s
another alternative to potato chips out there that’s also proved to be much better for
your health. Tortilla chips have become quite the trend
as of late, making a huge splash on the health food scene. Ingredients like whole grains make them high
in fiber and extremely nutritious. Many new twists on the tortilla chip have
been released recently. Chips made of kale, seaweed, beans, or other
grain-free products have become incredibly popular, thanks to their great taste and relatively
high nutritional value. Some people are hesitant to try some of the
more “out there” variations, but don’t let the healthy ingredients scare you off. It’s impressive how similar a kale chip
tastes to a regular tortilla chip. Whether you prefer a classic tortilla chip
or one of the many alternatives, your dip of choice should always be guacamole. Avocados are chock full of healthy fats, and
by making the guac on your own you can ensure that there are no unhealthy additives. The pairing of tortilla chips and guac is
the perfect appetizer for dinner parties, or a TV snack on game days. Bitter Chocolate is Better Chocolate As if we needed more incentive to eat chocolate… It’s common knowledge that dark chocolate
is healthier than milk or white chocolate, but what not everyone knows is that eating
dark chocolate from time to time can be good for you! Not only is it high in iron, fiber, and antioxidants,
but, thanks to its flavonoid content, it can reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular
disease and help keep your blood pressure under control. Furthermore, while chocolate isn’t the best
source of protein, there’s still a pretty significant amount – there are about two
grams in a 1.5-ounce bar. The only real downside to chocolate is its
sugar content, which is why dark chocolate is the way to go. To reap all the benefits of a chocolate bar
without the adverse effects of high sugar content, opt for chocolate that’s at least
seventy percent cacao. This percentage is relatively low in sugar,
while also still tasting good. The higher the percentage, the healthier,
but you have to be a tank to be able to handle the bitterness of a 90% cacao chocolate bar. Many people even find the 70% cacao dark chocolate
too bitter for their taste. Consider trying dark chocolate a few more
times. You might find that it’s just a matter of
getting used to it, and you might end up falling in love! Another great thing about dark chocolate is
that there are many different kinds of snacks that incorporate it. From granola bars to dried fruit coated in
dark chocolate, you’ve got tons of delicious snack options to choose from. One-Third of a S’more Often cookies come with fillings or frostings
that are sweet enough to create instant cavities. Because they lack this, Graham Crackers are
the way to go if you’re trying to buy a healthier cookie. As far as cookies go, they’re a bit dry,
but this can easily be compensated for with a tall glass of milk. Plus, having Graham Crackers on hand is always
a good idea, since you never know when you’re going to need to make some emergency s’mores. Not that s’mores have a place on a list
of healthy junk foods but enjoying a sweet treat every once in a while is an important
part of having a balanced diet. For bonus points, try making your s’more
with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. For those of you who are keeping your health
in check, but who are also plagued with a persistent sweet tooth, Graham Crackers are
a great way to keep you happy and healthy. If you have kids, Graham Crackers are the
perfect dessert to pack in their lunch boxes. They’ll love getting a sweet after lunch
snack, and you’ll love that they’re still eating well. A Decadent Frozen Dessert Are you on the market for a dessert that’s
both decadent and still relatively good for you? Because, if so, look no further than Dove’s
Raspberry Sorbet Bar with Dark Chocolate. Actually, Dove is a great brand if you’re
in the mood for a sweet but healthy treat, because many of their products fit that description. These snack-sized bars in particular clock
in at only 150 calories apiece and consist of raspberry sorbet covered in dark chocolate. Sorbet is a great alternative for ice cream,
as it’s lower in both sugar and fat. Despite being pretty healthy, Dove’s Raspberry
Sorbet Bar with Dark Chocolate still tastes great and is absolutely up to the task of
satisfying even the strongest sugar cravings. Even better, because they’re frozen, these
sorbet bars make for a very refreshing treat during the hot summer months. Having a box of these on hand at all times
is a good idea, as it’ll give you an easy, tasty, and relatively healthy option if you
find yourself in the mood for a dessert. With Dove’s Raspberry Sorbet Bar with Dark
Chocolate, you’ll truly be getting the best of both worlds. (Some) Gummy Candies Before you get excited thinking that eating
Sour Patch Kids and Gummy Worms comes with amazing health benefits, we need to emphasize
that this applies to some gummy candies and not all. Unfortunately, Sour Patch Kids, Gummy Worms,
and any other gummy candies covered in sugar or containing corn syrup and artificial dyes. While some gummy candies can have some nutritional
perks, others don’t do much other than taste good. Luckily, if you look hard enough, you can
find many different kinds of gummy candies that are low in sugar content and are made
with all-natural ingredients. Some of these brands include Newman’s Own
Organics, Surf Sweets, and Black Forest Organics. These candies are sweet and fruity, and really
aren’t that bad for you at all. Even better, many of these products have natural
flavors, and are organic and GMO-free, meaning that they appeal to even the most health-conscious
among us. You really can’t go wrong with a snack like
this! You can’t go wrong with more great BabbleTop
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    Didn't knew my favorite color was found in some healthy junk food ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    That sure seems surprising! *DOVE product seems good ๐Ÿ˜‹…. Deliciously well-done ยก! โญ๐Ÿ‘

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  5. I'm sorry but this is such bullshit wrong information. You are overlooking all of the bad aspects of food, and only looking at a few good things. Icecream is healthy because of some added vitamins and because they are a dairy product? but arent you better off drinking milk?

    Pork pieces is better then chips because they have less carbohydrates and more protein. But with the super high meat consumption we already have most of us dont need any extra protine unless you are a bodybuilder, and you are overlooking all the horrible amounts of fat it contains.

    Popcorn is indeed made out of corn, and it are the toppings that make it mostly unhealthy (*and the oil/fat you cook it in).. but the amount of salt on salt popcorn is shocking, and the sugar on sweet popcorn is just as shocking

    If anyone comes away from this video thinking any of this is even a bit healthy that can be seriously dangerous. I dont want to be rude but some people arent intelligent enough to place this within context and understand the subject, and might think that if only they eat only the snacks on this list they are healthy… they are all unhealthy, every single one.

  6. The only downside about pork rinds is like with any pork products, itโ€™s not a kosher food item. Coming from a Jewish background and having had learned about the various food items that are classified as being kosher and not kosher, I wouldnโ€™t even bother to eat any pork products. This same type of thing also applies to the laws of halal in Islam.


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  10. nothing processed or fried is good for you, period. these lies are all about making people feel better about eating junk. remember feelings aren't facts.

  11. I actually prefer blue colored foods such as candy, juices and stuff I don't know I guess more appealing. Dark chocolate is gross but I don't mind the Brookeside it's actually pretty good! I also love pork rinds and lost weight eating a handful a day when I was eating healthy! Good video!

  12. I wonder if injecting humans with the blue dye after a spinal injury would have a similar effect as in the rodents.ย  I guess I am "a tank" because I like the higher level dark chocolate.

  13. I'm sorry, but pork rinds? Really? BabbleTop do you do any research at all? A 1oz serving (which isn't much BTW) is loaded with 9 grams of fat, including 3 1/2 grams of saturated fat which is almost 20% of your RDA for saturated fat. How can you call that healthy by any stretch of the imagination? How about substituting with carrots and broccoli for crying out loud? There are literally DOZENS of foods you can eat as a snack in lieu of most of these "healthy" snacks you put here. It's terrible journalism, but the type of journalism I guess you can expect from a friggin' YouTube channel. It just gives wrong information out that could harm people. You are either as disingenuous as one can be, or you are dumb as a door nail. You choose.

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