Top 10 UNHEALTHY "Health" foods

Top 10 UNHEALTHY "Health" foods

coach Greg and we're gonna discuss the top 10 foods people think are healthy but really are not so gonna get right into it but before that remind you I'm not a doctor I'm not a registered dietician I'm not your coach well it might be some use coach but just take this advice with a grain of salt you know do what you will with it all right car bliss foods is the number one first reason here okay car bliss means like there's no carbs in it so all you people with your keto bombs your creams your salami z' your your fatty meats and stuff I ask people what do you think are healthy so I get all this information people think it doesn't have carbs so it's healthy so they're eating all these crazy high fat concoctions anything with no carbs and I think no carbs no problem that is complete BS just because you're keto it doesn't mean you're healthy what you're eating has to actually be healthy not the fact that it doesn't have a carb stop being a car before go to a psychologist and get yourself treated you are a car buff Oh number two Nutella I know probably most of your like really Nutella people actually think that's healthy yeah it's on the list I eaten – tell us why do they think it's healthy probably because it starts with the word nut just because there's a 1% of it as a nut doesn't mean it's healthy Nutella equals KitKat there's no difference it's full of sugar a lot of sugar and full of fat it is not full of healthy okay Nutella is bad you are spreading a melted KitKat on your toast for breakfast that's what you're getting you're putting it on your pancakes because you think or you've convinced yourself that it's healthy it is far from healthy it is a freakin chocolate bar Sochi I don't know why people can't understand the difference between sushi and sashimi sushi has a ton of Rice's the sticky rice it a high carb high-calorie concentrated food item you eat and everyone seems to go on these buffets they post pictures look how much sushi I'm eating anything it's healthy why do they think itself because there's a little bit of fish in the middle somewhere a little tiny bit of fish and it's healthy well they're forgetting about all this that surrounded it it's like thinking trail mix is healthy because there's a little bit of peanuts in it but all the other crap or a no Henry bar has knots in it and it's healthy cuz there's nuts this is sushi not healthy as in no healthy sushi sashimi that's the raw fish without all the that is healthy so when you're eating sushi think you're eating McDonald's and that'll clear things up so when you go out there and you eat know you are eating pizza you're eating McDonald's you're eating Wendy's you're eating sushi all in the same category of health just think of it that way and don't trick yourself skinny pop popcorn I mean how can people still be fooled I don't know how many videos I've done on this stupid skinny pop just because it has the word skinny doesn't make it healthy skinny vodkas and healthy they water it down and put less alcohol skinny pop is full of fat amazingly Doritos now I've also had a lot of people tagging me in popcorn videos and they're eating movie popcorn it is not the same thing when it's cooked in a ton of oil you're doubling the calories doubling not healthy anymore and you put butter on it it's not as healthy or adding crap to it you can't just do that high buttery flavored you can't just go to the store and pick any popcorn you want and eat it and be like oh coach Greg said popcorn is healthy and be like yeah it's healthy it doesn't work like that smart freakin pop popcorn or will record Bacher's the one that I like the best I tried a lot of them there's some that are about equal get even the light is not light enough light is okay it's better than full fat you need to get the lowest fat you can the lowest calorie the lowest calorie concentrated that is what you need is equal bread and I might've pronounced that like crap Zico zekiel I can't pronounce that I don't know what it is I hate the taste of it is it healthier than normal bread marginally a little bit just because you're eating as ECAL zekiel doesn't mean you're some health nut you're sacrificing taste for marginal gains it's not worth it if you're gonna eat bread eat the freakin bread that you want to freakin eat the difference is negligible oh it's sprouted oh it has more fiber Oh instead of 2 grams it's got 3 oh my god it's so much better my life is gonna I just extended 10 years to my life because I have 3 grams of fiber instead of 2 oh but it's lower and sugar all that white bread is so much sugar oh yeah the four grams of freaking sugar in the white bread is gonna kill you four grams versus one oh my god I just saved myself so much sugar trust me it's not the stinking bread that you're eating that's making you fat it's the fact you eat too much freakin calories you're gonna have cheat meals you eat all these candies you're gonna have pizza that's what's doing it not the slice of bread that you switched over from whole-wheat white to Zeke no choose the bread you want and realize any bread is carbs now you don't need to be a car befouled but you got to realize it's a high calorie dense food there's a lot of calories in that little slice kind of like rice there's a lot of calories in it doesn't mean you don't eat carbs it means moderation you don't eat 19 slices peanut butter the reason for this is because you were brainwashed this ingrate primary when you went to school and you had peanut butter and jam sandwiches and you were told it's healthy and it was part of the can of food guide as they meet an alternative section so instead of me instead of like fish tuna chicken you could have meat and alternatives the alternative was peanut butter for your protein peanut butter is so low in protein I can't even understand how they call it an alternative to meat it's almost negligible protein if you had to survive on a bodybuilding diet eating all peanut butter you would be getting enough next to no protein if you just ate peanut butter you'd have to eat the whole jar you'd be fat because he'd be getting six thousand calories a day peanut butter is too many calories it's high calorie dense foods and it will make you fat it's perfect for bulky it is a healthy bulking food so if you're a skinny and you want to put on 50 pounds for a football or for a powerlifting eat that's thinking peanut butter that's good for you if you want a six-pack and you don't have one already get away from it if you are a triathlete and you do three hours of bike riding a day and you need calories and you need them fast go for it most of you are not that brown rice oh I eat brown rice I read that white rice negligible differences teeny differences teeny bit more fiber you think the one extra gram of fiber is gonna make a difference no you don't eat rice and bread for fibre you eat fruit and vegetables for fiber if you're not eating fruit and vegetables you're just an idiot you don't care about your health I don't care if you like it or you don't like you eat the stinking stuff anyway when your parents graze you and your six finish your peas you finish your peas or you had no dessert same applies when you're 40 it doesn't change finish your stupid vegetables it doesn't have to be broccoli and crap it can be food that you like it can be a vegetable that you like it doesn't have to be a shitty one most people I meet broccoli they don't even like broccoli eat a freaking find one you like mushrooms maybe cucumbers maybe tomato whatever one you like start eating you're gonna get a ton of fiber and if you can't eat too much just throw in some fruit at least some so much goodness and fruit and vegetables eat that stop eating rice to try to get healthy rice is not healthy per se it's just carbs is just energy sure you need some but you don't need to load up on it just don't go crazy and don't think and don't kid yourself that if you eat brown that you're some fitness freak and I've eat white you're not healthy it doesn't make a difference negligible differences gluten-free foods I don't care if it's gluten-free or not gluten-free does not mean healthy gluten is not our enemy gluten doesn't kill us it's not the plague I don't know what kind of knowledge got spread out that all of a sudden people are all scared of gluten it's gonna just kill us all it's not a virus you're not dying from gluten if you're celiac and you're one of those rare people let's say it's one per I don't know what percent it's a small freakin percent small more people get skin cancer you don't see people freaking out about going outside every day it's a small percentage of people who have celiac or have a major gluten intolerance that's gonna affect their life and have to watch it you go to all these restaurants oh it's gluten-free pizza slice creeps across ya pay three more dollars for that one because it's got no gluten cuz it's healthy now no it's still pizza it just got gluten out of it what do they do instead they usually add more sugar so when you're eating gluten-free breads and gluten-free this half the time it's not even as good as the original you're just taking out one thing you're putting in another it'd be like oh this is fat-free they take out the fat and add a ton of sugar so wow it's fat-free now it's triple the sugar is that better oh I'm scared of fat oh now I'm a car befo OH so if they take out all the carbs and add fat it's not healthier okay simple simple simple stop with the gluten obsession trail mix this is the stupidest idea of health and dieting that I've ever heard it's basically how many calories can we shove into a small space and take it with us so that when you're going for a walk in burning off 300 calories in your one hour walk that you can consume 900 calories because oh my god I need all this energy or I won't be able to complete my one hour hike in the woods so I got to bring me a big bag of trail mix trail mix is just like nuts and take fruit and dry it down and concentrate the calories into a small space so that I can eat one drop of it and have a thousand calories whoop it's good if you're on the moon and you need to fly over for a freakin two weeks in a spaceship and there's no room for real food and you freeze dry it that's what it is it's not to eat for normal human beings this is just way too much calories a dried fruit let's add some chocolate oh I know let's add some some candies to it let's add some Smarties in there mix it up and and trail mix delicious 6,000 calories as you're eating it and watching TV done and you're fat why because you had trail mix stop with the trail mix and last probably the most popular stupidest thing rice cakes rice cakes rice cakes are just I mean all I can remember is Bill Cosby was eating rice cakes on this diet back I don't know it was I was a kid it was probably in the 80s or something and he was on a diet and he couldn't eat all his delicious food and so he had to eat rice cakes and it was I'm eating air and I swear was Bill Cosby that made people think that rice cakes were healthy because everyone was oh it's a diet rice cakes no rice cakes are bulk food rice cakes I eat to carb up rice cakes are one of you need a lot of energy really quick rice cakes is like calorie dense into this small little package of carbs and calories and what do people do at rice peas don't even need to play no I want to do that I'm peanut butter to it cuz that's healthy and what the hell let's put some jam in there that's a freakin chocolate bar it is it's a chocolate bar you got your fats and your sugars and your blah blah blah carb ma chocolate bar so all you guys dieting and you're eating your rice cakes you know what you're eating it cuz it tastes freakin delicious if you're gonna eat it eat it but don't think you're eating it cuz it's healthy or needed in your diet to be healthy you're eating it cuz you want to eat on your diet and you can't that's why we eat rice cakes so everyone thinks that they're trying to fool themselves into I'm the most hardcore dieter in the world I'm more hardcore than you cuz I eat all healthy your diets not as good because you eat popcorn you eat french toast you're not healthy you don't diet as hard as I do but I I'm better than you because I eat rice cakes no I'm better than you because I get my healthy fat from peanut butter know your diet isn't better than mine just because you're eating peanut butter rice cakes trail mix and all the other I listed and your cheat is so much healthier than my cheek cuz you had sushi no you are wrong you're kidding yourself because you want to feel superior in your own head that's how people live that's how we live our lives we convince ourselves that we're good we want to be better than other people we convinced ourselves it's an excuse to do what we do you want a self justify that's what people do in life why'd you get fired for your job your boss sucks it's not the fact that you suck it's your boss everything's like that every single topic why didn't win the show the judges are idiots the other competition we're all on steroids and you weren't fit it's tough suck it up stop thinking your diets better than everybody else's and start eating foods that you want that are smart intelligent and satisfying and forget about trying to I don't know satisfy our own ego just open your mind do some research and find out some real if you want to see another video I have another one it's gonna bloop up up in there it's on the top 10 foods to avoid when dieting this is and I also said what to replace them with so you can learn a lot of you thought this video it's interesting go there Greg do CENTCOM that's my website follow me Instagram Greg Doucet I have B be pro or IFBB Pro Greg Doucet I forget what it is but follow it anyway


  1. Honestly I don’t think there’s such a thing as a “healthy food.” If anything, there are healthy diets where you’re getting a good proportion of fats, carbs, and protein. Sushi may not be healthy if you’re already eating a shit ton of excess carbs but it may be healthy if it’s one of your high carb meals (maybe pre or post workout meal).

  2. The reason people are mocking is the fact you sit there claiming certain foods are unhealthy whilst not having he same mindset whilst taking Anabolics etc. I'd prefer to consume an unhealthy tub of Nutella than inject anything into my body that could have major long term consequences.

  3. This guy doesn't know the difference between rice and fish and a candy roll with a bunch of fat and sugar in it. Fair enough.

  4. I’m subscribed and watch your videos all the time. But you’re wrong on most of the foods you’re mentioning here. You clearly do not have the latest evidence, that’s where you are at.

  5. Ppl who think sushi is healthy
    I’m not sure greg knows this

    U realize that sticky rice is rice with sugar in it ,…. it not just rice.
    They add a ridiculous amount of white sugar to the water when they cook it!! That what makes it “sticky rice!” So yes it’s crap!!

  6. Sorry Greg but i have to inform you about fats. Fats are good for you, fats are healthy, yes – saturated fats too !! That is why Keto people can eat 70/30 in fat/protein every day and loose a lot of weight while having very healthy blood levels. You seem to be a bit behind on the knowledge about the fat fad and how bad it is for you. Also, we know today that the theory of counting calories really doesnt work because calories are not the same. There is a significant difference to 100 calories from candy vs fat/protein, the bodys reaction is so very different , thats why you can eat yourself to satiety in hig fat meals, never counting calories ad still loose weight faster than people on high carb low fat diets.
    Youre a bodybuilder from the old school, have been brainwashed to think that fat is bad and you should live a low fat lifestyle. We know today thats just not true. Carbs make people fat, not fat. Get with the program Greg ! Go search Dr Jason Fung, and learn new stuff about nutrition and health, today !!

  7. Gregg seems fixated on just macro profile of food. What ever happen to "real" food & "unreal" ( processed) foods

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