Top 6 Fitness Essentials | Need It

Top 6 Fitness Essentials | Need It

– Hey, guys, it's Courtney. Today on our episode of Need It, I'm going to talk to you a little bit about things I must have to stay in shape. I love fitness, I love working
out, I love feeling healthy and I know all of us can get
a little busy in our days but there are things that you can use to stay a little healthier even if you can't make
it to the gym that day. Okay, guys, so my first step
in staying fit is breakfast. I love starting my day with a smoothie. It really fills me up and just gives me energy to
get going throughout my day. I wanted to mix it up today so I put banana and
granola in my smoothie. Yep, so good. So the next item I'm going to talk about is just a cute gym outfit. I love workout clothes. I love buying them, I love wearing them. I just feel better at the gym when I like the clothes I'm in. If I feel like a slob at the gym, I'm not going to have as great a workout and if I have something
new and fun to wear, it excites me and then I'm way more likely to go to the gym the next day. The first item on my cute gym outfit look is always a simple sports bra. You really don't need anything too fancy. This one does have a little bit of a back so it does make me a little happier especially if I have a fun
shirt on to go with it. My favorite part about this shirt is one, that it's sleeveless and then the best part is the hood. I just feel like I could beat someone up if I really really needed to and that motivates me in the gym honestly. Here, I have one of my
favorite shirt alternatives. It's Dri-FIT so it
really helps with sweat. If you're having a really hard workout, it won't stick to you too much, keep you nice and flowing. And now I have some of my favorite pants. These are nice and tight. They hold everything together. I love the pattern. It's really fun. Kind of gives me more energy at the gym. If I'm having a tough
workout, I look down, I see I'm in fun pants then
I'm like okay, I can keep going and it has really snazzy pockets
where I can put my phone, I can put my keys if I really want to. The one thing I really need
during a workout is my music. I love love love listening
to music at the gym. I have a trap workout playlist on Pandora that just really gets me
going, keeps me motivated, keeps me running up those stairs. So this here is my favorite water bottle. I love this one because
I can put lemons in it, cucumbers, oranges, anything
to kinda freshen it up and keep me going throughout the day. It's great to take with me to the gym but also just carry with me
through my daily activities. Drinking water keeps me hydrated, speeds up my metabolism and
even helps to clear my skin. So next I have my yoga mat. The great thing about a yoga mat is that I can not only take it to class but get a workout in any
place I really want to. If I can't go to the gym,
I can make one at home and you can find a yoga mat
in most department stores for less than $30. Last but not least, you have
to refresh after a workout. To help clean up my face,
I'll just rinse it off and then I put some moisturizer on. I absolutely love this moisturizer. It has sunscreen in it which was always really really important for me growing up in Arizona and it makes my face feel fresh and replenished throughout the day. After a workout, my hair is
always really sweaty, oily and I feel like I might just
have to go home and shower. Dry shampoo lets me freshen up, revolumize and get to either work,
coffee, dinner with friends. Okay, guys, so those
are some of the things that I feel like I need to
have a healthier lifestyle. If you have any recommendations for me, I could use a little help so please comment with them below and don't forget to like and
subscribe to Kin Community. I'll see you next time. Bye. (upbeat music)


  1. This is a bit drastic but I find that if I eat clean 'I.e. Unprocessed food' I feel much better, and it really keeps my weight stable. Also love DVDs.

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