(upbeat music) – Hey, munchies, welcome to the channel if you’re new or if you’re not. I’m Alyssia, and I’m
so excited you’re here. In the past, I’ve made videos featuring both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. I do shop at both of these stores. It seems like I actually shop at five different stores somehow. But in my $2 items Trader
Joe’s haul video last month, I put out some feelers about
a price comparison video between Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, and you guys commented yes,
that you wanted to see it, so I took on the task. Is one store more
affordable than the other? Obviously I could not
compare every single item in both stores, so what I
decided to do was make a list of items that I buy regularly and that happen to be a list
of a hundred items coming from the produce department,
as well as pantry, dairy and fridge, freezer,
and meat and seafood. I went to each store and made a note of the prices for these items, which, like I said, are
household staples for me. So please note that I don’t go and buy all of these items every week at the store. These are just things that
I tend to buy in general when I need them. So by making this video, I
definitely know where to go when I need to buy certain items now. So let me share what I learned. I won’t go through every
single item of the 100, but instead I’ll give you an overview so that you can take my general findings and use it for yourself. First of all, I will start by saying a lot of what I expected is not what I found, starting with produce. I usually buy bananas at Trader Joe’s because they’re like 19 cents per banana. Whole Foods bananas were
49 cents for a pound, and it turns out that three
bananas is about a pound, so depending on the size, which means it’s 16 cents
(cash register dings) per banana, so Whole Foods
actually won that one. Also, I was surprised for some reason that bell peppers were
all cheaper at Whole Foods regardless of their color and whether or not they were organic. You should note that I did
do my best with this project to compare organic to organic and nonorganic to
nonorganic at each store, but sometimes one store only
offered one or the other, so it’s not perfect, but I still got good information overall. Avocados are another item that I’ve always bought at Trader Joe’s, but the four-pack bag of organic avocados actually cost more than
the one at Whole Foods. That being said, not everything
was cheaper at Whole Foods. Cauliflower and shaved Brussels sprouts, while not in the same size packages, which is another thing I tried
to account for in this video, they end up being about the same price when you calculate out
the price per ounce. But every other item
of produce I looked at, which was like 15 other things, ended up being cheaper at Trader Joe’s. I went into this project thinking produce would not be cheaper at Trader Joe’s, mostly because they prepackage
a lot of their produce, and it seems like it costs
more because of that. However, when you compare the
prices per pound or ounce, it was actually cheaper, from
apples to carrots, berries, tomatoes, guacamole, spinach, et cetera. So that is a surprise. Trader Joe’s wins on produce.
(cash register dings) But what about pantry items? Well, only two items were
cheaper at Whole Foods, applesauce, which actually did cost more, but it was a pack of six applesauce cups rather than a pack of
four at Trader Joe’s, and organic pasta sauce was
also cheaper at Whole Foods. There were more items equal
in price here, though, so almonds, avocado oil, canned beans, both organic and nonorganic, broths, coconut cream, gluten-free
pasta, and maple syrup. Again, not all of these items were the exact same size package, but I accounted for that
when comparing the prices. Oats were a little bit
cheaper at Trader Joe’s, but they also came in a smaller package. However, the Whole
Foods oats were organic, and the Trader Joe’s oats weren’t. I usually do buy organic oats. So to determine where you’ll find the more affordable option
for your needs will depend on what’s worth it to you. Again, with everything else, that’s 29 other pantry
items that I compared, they were cheaper at Trader Joe’s, nut butters, nuts, almond flour, cereal, coconut milk, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, ketchup, chips, sugar, breads, gluten-free or not. They were all more
affordable at Trader Joe’s per ounce or per pound. Another thing to consider,
though, is quality. So the coconut aminos, for instance, at Trader Joe’s is almost
2 1/2 times cheaper than the Coconut Secret
brand at Whole Foods. That being said, the Coconut Secret brand is
a better product. (laughs) I use the Trader Joe’s coconut
aminos too, don’t get wrong. That price can’t be beat, and sometimes I do choose
that over the quality, but every time I do use
the Coconut Secret one, I’m reminded, oh yeah, this is better. So you’ve got to determine
what’s right for you. But it is fascinating that so many of the pantry items were cheaper at Trader Joe’s than Whole Foods. Dairy and fridge is next. It wasn’t particularly
predictable or consistent here when it came to organic
and nonorganic items. Nonorganic whipped cream cheese
was cheaper at Whole Foods, as was organic orange
juice and organic eggs. Who would’ve thought? But then there’s so back and forth. So organic sour cream was cheaper at Whole Foods
(cash register dings) than it was Trader Joe’s,
so if you’re buying organic, Whole Foods is the way
to go for sour cream. Almond milk was cheaper at
Trader Joe’s but was not organic, which it is at Whole Foods. And the brick of cream cheese
was cheaper at Trader Joe’s but is not organic, while the Whole Foods variety is organic. Organic dairy milk, though, was equal in price at both places. Everything else, that’s 10
other items I looked at, including feta and goat cheeses, Greek yogurts, both large and small, and nut cheese, string
cheese, and Parmesan cheese, were all cheaper at Trader Joe’s. So, again, more items overall
(cash register dings) were cheaper at Trader Joe’s. And it is more of the same
with the freezer goods. So frozen bell peppers were
the same price at both stores, both Whole Foods had a larger
bag, and they were organic. But frozen acai, frozen berries, both organic and nonorganic, and veggies like cauliflower rice stir fry were all cheaper at Trader Joe’s. The last section may be
the most important, though, meat and seafood, Because protein is usually
the most expensive part of our grocery shopping, it is good to know where to
get the most affordable option. This was a surprise for me. I have read tons of articles
that say meat and seafood at Trader Joe’s are not
the most affordable option, but I did not find that to be the case. The one meat I have always purchased from Trader Joe’s was the
85/15 organic ground beef. I thought 5.99
(cash register dings) was a great price, but I didn’t
realize Whole Foods sells a free range 85/15 for a tad cheaper. It’s not organic but still not bad. Now, everything else was
cheaper at Trader Joe’s when it comes to meat and protein, so whole organic chicken,
tilapia, wild-caught salmon, organic and nonorganic lunch meat, organic chicken breasts, bacon, and even plant-based patties
were more affordable. The only item worth considering at Whole Foods is the
chicken apple sausage. It is organic at Whole Foods, but it is also almost twice
(cash register dings) as expensive as the Trader Joe’s option. At the end of the day, it
is up to you to determine what is worth it to you
with the organic goods. So what did we find? It seems at a glance that
Trader Joe’s is the winner, but as I said, it’s
hard to compare organic and nonorganic items, and not all things come
in the same size packages, so I decided to take
a more macro approach. If I bought every one of
these items at each store, all 100 items at each
store, what would it cost? Hmm, I did my best to even them out for the size differences
in the comparison, and when I added it up, it was (palms drum) a hundred dollars more expensive to buy all of those items at
Whole Foods than Trader Joe’s. It was about 400 bucks to
get it all at Trader Joe’s and 500 bucks to get
it all at Whole Foods. So this means in general, it was about 20% more expensive to get these items at Whole Foods. I also decided to see how the
two stores’ prices stacked up within each category, so comparing items to see
if there was one department of each grocery store that was more affordable, for instance. So if meat and produce
was significantly more or less affordable at
one store or another. And when I did that, the
calculation stayed true. Whole Foods was about 20% more expensive. Some departments were a little bit more, and some were a little bit less. The freezer section
was the only department where Whole Foods was
only 10% more expensive rather than 20%, but this
was a tiny sample compared to all of the other
departments that I looked at. Ultimately, I compared 100
items that are staples for me. Your staples could be
drastically different. But it seems safe to say
that Whole Foods is overall around 20% more expensive, although there are some
things I will continue to get at Whole Foods because I prefer the items or the quality. So what does this mean for shopping? I will likely continue
to shop at both, (laughs) but if I only have time to hit one store and I need a ton of stuff,
I will go to Trader Joe’s because I know it will
likely save me money. If I have time to go to both, then I’ll get what I want
or need from Whole Foods and then the rest from Trader Joe’s. We should also consider sale items. Trader Joe’s doesn’t do
sales, but Whole Foods does, and sometimes the produce and the meat or protein prices will
equal those of Trader Joe’s. It just really depends on
the sales week to week. Okay, I hope you found this interesting. Let me know if you wanna
see more videos like this. And let me know in the comments, where do you prefer to shop, Whole Foods or Trader
Joe’s or somewhere else? I will see you next week
with a brand new video. And remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.


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  8. Trader Joes is new to our city; but we are LOVING it, just need to find a time to go when it isn't packed; it's a rather small store and aisles can stack up quickly. We also do a lot of shopping at Dillons (Kroger for other states) and even Walmart.

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    This video reminds me, that I'd love to see a video educating us about when to buy organic and when it's not needed.

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  23. as someone who works for whole foods full time (and did before Amazon bought us), if you have Amazon Prime and shop according to what's on sale, it really cuts the costs. some prices are higher at Whole Foods because a lot of our items are fair trade, and to fairly pay the people who grow those products we in turn have to make said products more expensive on the shelves. it's like saying thank you to our farmers 🙂

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