Traditional Maharashtrian Food in Mumbai | Gudi Padwa Special 2020 | #bha2pa

Traditional Maharashtrian Food in Mumbai | Gudi Padwa Special 2020 | #bha2pa

Quick Disclaimer: I shot this video way before the Corona outbreak. If you want to try out the restaurants in the video, let things get under control and go back to normal. Then you can go. Enjoy! Hello! I am Savani, this is Indrajeet. I’ve specially invited him from his town to mine, which is Girgaon and Dadar. To eat special Marathi dishes for Gudhi Padwa. -You know, when I was a child, we’d have parades in Girgaon in the morning. -Listen… Firstly, Dombivali gave you the whole concept of parades… Which I skipped for you today… In this episode, we’re going to visit some of the old Marathi restaurants in Mumbai for Gudhi Padwa, and try some Marathi delicacies like Pohe, Piyush, Misal, Kothimbir Vadi, Batate Vada and Puran Poli ice cream. What better option to begin with than Mama Kane? We’re going to have a Batate Vada and drink Piyush. -Piyush Mishra… Mishra sprouts bhaji is really nice here, is what I was… -A truly bad pun! Thank God the food is going to be good today, or I could not have put up with this! Eat with your hands for this episode, at least! Such a townie she is! It’s a nice Vada! So, basically… Usually, I don’t like Vadas because… the besan coating outside is either too thin or too thick. This isn’t like that. It’s pretty perfect, right? -Such tasty chutney! -Try the Piyush… I’ve only had Piyush once and I did not like it at all! -But, I can… -Try. -It’s really sweet! -It’s supposed to be! Whenever I had rehearsals or other stuff to do in Dadar… After that, I’d come to Mama Kane, have Misal and then take an hour-long nap in the train back. My home is like 15 minutes from here. Look Savani, your journey ends at the point where our dreams begin! So, don’t give me this townie rubbish. -So… How did you find the breakfast? -It was nice, but I’m not full yet. Let me take you deeper into the town… in Girgaon. Let’s go… Tu nikla teri gully se… -It’s a Marathi video; the song has to be Marathi too. -Like how? (Singing in Marathi) You left your gully, now you’re in mine. -In my gully… -In my gully… -Let’s go. Yes! Let’s go to Girgaon. -So, where are we? We’re in your zone. -Yes! We’re at Madhav Ashram in Girgaon. This place has been here since 1908. Crazy! So are we going to get food from 1908? The food will be fresh, but it’s had the same menu since 1908. -They have a Modak plate on Sankashti and Angaraki days. But today, they’ve prepared it special for us. -Wow! There’s no sugar; it’s a proper Modak made with jaggery. -The jaggery flavour… -Too good! What all am I having? There’s papad, pinch of salt, lemon… There’s coconut chutney, salad, rice and dal… -Boiled potato sabzi, masalebhat made especially for us… -Yes! We have potato fritters, and another separate potato sabzi. Whoa! Aha! -Savani, this is genuinely good! -Thank you! -It’s cracking! So, I’m beginning this new year on this note. -It feels so nice when the restaurants you pick serve good food! -Yeah, it does. I mean, I’ve not cooked this but I’m taking the credit like, ‘Hah, I knew it’d be good!’ We ordered two more Modaks. I’m going all out today. This is comfort food, man. Really! So, now we’re at Vinay Health Home in Girgaon. To have snacks. You wanted Misal in the morning, right? Let me order it for you. We’ve had a lot to eat, actually. But we’re still going to order something here because they have a lovely menu. They have a section called ‘Marathmola Vinay’. Dakshinmukhi Vinay… which has South Indian dishes. There’s a section ‘Thodkyat Mahattvacha’ (Best sides), which has papad, Puran Poli etc… It’s like… It’s lovely! He’s as star struck as people visiting a city for the first time… -I’ve already decided what to order for you. -Yes. -Perfect. -We’re having the Special Misal. Pohe… Pohe here is my personal favourite! And… Kothimbir Vadi. Works! I’ve found out the ingredients of this Misal, okay? -Okay. -It’s not just a basic Misal. There’s onion, then… -Coriander. -Coriander, then chivda… There’s farsan, poha chivda, and there’s also potato sabzi with sprouts and stuff. And, do you know… There’s pomegranate in this, which is unique! -It’s nice! -Try Pohe. -Yes, I do want to… -It tastes like potato. -Hmm. It’s a good choice! And now, this brownie-like Kothimbir Vadi… Kothimbir Vadi is my all-time favourite; I can eat it anytime! There’s coconut chutney to go with it. I can feel when I break it that it’s soft from the inside and crunchy outside. Amazing! It’s like… I mean, the coriander taste does exist. But there’s no strong flavours. Full-full! Enough! -I’m going to call it ‘full-full’. -Yes. -Visit Dombivali sometime. -Yeah? What will we eat there? -Please write in the comments where in Dombivali we can take her. -Yeah. The Dombivali crowd can share in the comments, where we can go. So, today, we tried traditional Marathi dishes at some of the oldest restaurants. But now, we’re at a modern restaurant- Aswad. We wanted to make the last chunk interesting, so we came to Aswad, which is a big deal in Dadar. The thing about tradition is it gets better with a modern touch. What we’re going to eat now is exactly that. Puran Poli version 2.0- Puran Poli ice cream. Class! -Too good! -This is Puran Poli ice cream. -It looks so good! They’ve served a little puran with it. -Oh! Is that puran? -Hmm. And it’s cold! Puran is usually hot, isn’t it? Yeah. But it tastes nice! -What say? Should we dig in? -Yes! This is Puran Poli ice cream in the shape of a ladoo. -Just a… -It’s a scoop of ice cream! No, just for fun… Excellent! -It’s not just the flavour. It has small chunks of Puran Poli too! -Yes. It actually has a nice texture like a Puran Poli. Amazing! Too much food, too much fun! We have had proper Marathi food that we wanted to eat on the occasion of Padwa. But this is a small part of Marathi cuisine. Yes. Marathi food is so diverse, we can make videos on cuisines of ever small town in Maharashtra. If you want to watch these videos, subscribe to Bharatiya Touring Party, and like, share, comment… Keep loving us! -What are you going to do now? -Go home and sleep! Oh okay. What about you? I’ll take a taxi to the station. -What time is it? -It’s 4:30. Okay. There’s a 4:35 train I can catch. I’ll go to Dombivali. I’ll catch an auto, then a train… Then down… I’ll get a shared auto there. Then I’ll go home.


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  9. Talk better you two newbies, this boy judging Mama Kane's was so bad and boy ukadicha modak is made with jaggery only, your extra smart comment that it didn't have sugar, is your lack of knowledge. Please be respectful when you go to our treasure these authentic marathi restaurants . Your jokes sound insulting. Do some better homework before your next video.

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