1. THOSE CAAAAAKES 🀀🀀🀀 Iβ€˜m going to have to hunt this place down!

  2. 4yrs ago…damn time went by so fast. love the food! and scenery! Need to do a vid on nightlife clubs. Do K people celebrate a version of Thanksgiving?

  3. μ˜€λŠ˜λ„ 잘 λ³΄κ³ κ°€μš” μˆ˜μš”μΌ μ˜μƒλ„ κΈ°λ‹€λ €μ•Όκ² μ–΄μš” γ… γ… γ…  πŸ₯°

  4. I love the Seoul landscape & the charming neighbourhoods. You guys capture it beautifully! Seeing you edit, really makes me appreciate the effort you put into your videos. Big Kudos!
    Wow, those desserts in 'Scoff' looked ahhhmazzingggg! I always enjoy seeing your neighbourhood furry family too & also looking forward to your winter wishtrend skincare box Sarah πŸ™‚

  5. κ·œνš¨λ‹˜ μ°¨λ €μž…μœΌμ‹€λ•Œλ§ˆλ‹€ λŠλΌλŠ”κ±΄λ° μ˜·νƒœκ°€ 정말 μ’‹λ„€μš” μ„ΈλΌλ‹˜λ„ ν‚€κ°€ ꡉμž₯히 ν¬μ‹ νŽΈμ΄λ‹ˆ κΈ°νšŒλ˜μ‹ λ‹€λ©΄ 두뢄 같이 ν”ΌνŒ…λͺ¨λΈ μ΄λŸ°κ²ƒλ„ ν•œλ²ˆ κ²½ν—˜ν•΄λ³΄μ‹œλŠ”κ²ƒλ„ 쒋을 것 κ°™μ•„μš”:)

  6. 항상 κ·œν˜Έλ‹˜ μ„ΈλΌλ‹˜ μ˜μƒ μ•Œλ¦Όμ΄ 였면 λΆˆμ„ λ•λ‹ˆλ‹€.
    μΌμš”μΌμ˜ λ§ˆμ§€λ§‰μ„ μ˜μƒμ„ λ³Έλ’€ μž μ— λ“€λ €κ΅¬μš”.
    μ„œμšΈμ— 예쁜곳이 μ°Έ λ§Žλ„€μš”.
    μ˜μƒ 잘 λ΄€μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€.

  7. wow that area does not look like Seoul at all! I need to go back to Korea to explore it, and of course eat all the gluten haha

  8. When it comes to residential living — give me quaint old neighborhoods and structures over modern builds any day. Loved the walking tour!

    My goodness that bakery — those cakes would not have been safe with me around lol.

    Loved seeing the dumplings too — I've been craving them for ages but unfortunately the one place that used to sell them here in my little patch of Wales doesn't carry them anymore. *sob*

    Yay to the upcoming Wishtrends box — right after payday so perfectly timed lol. My skin is wrecked and hardcore wintry weather hasn't even set in yet.

  9. I'm sorry, I spent the last minute or so of the video wondering if Kyuho was going to sneeze again xD
    Anyways, thank you guys for the video! My Sunday isn't complete without it ^_^
    Have a nice week everyone! πŸ™‚

  10. Scoff is so amaaaazing, best scone I've ever eaten and those BROWNIES. It was an adventure to get there, though, Naver maps kept leading me all around in circles trying to get me to walk through a solid wall, lol… Totally worth the trek.

  11. ….anyhow I'd like another "talks" video, maybe about your travel habits (eg. travel essentials, how you pick the next spot to travel to, quirky habits only done during travels, etc.) and future travel plans/wishes…

    Enjoyed this vlog as always πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜†

  12. Another awesome video (and of course, seeing the cats, especially Beemo, makes it purrfect). I so wish I could go eating around Seoul with you two. You find the most interesting places to eat

  13. 뢀암동 μŠ€μ½”ν”„ 정말 λ§›μžˆμ£ γ…Žγ…Žγ…Ž(μ•„λ‹˜ μ„œμ΄Œμ— μžˆλŠ” κ³³μΌκΉŒμš”?) μΌμš”μΌλ§ˆλ‹€ 늘 μ˜μƒ 잘 보고 μžˆμ–΄μš”!

  14. μΉ΄νŽ˜λ‚˜ 맛집같은곳 λ”λ³΄κΈ°λž€μ— κ°„λ‹¨ν•˜κ²Œ μ¨μ£Όμ…§μœΌλ©΄ μ’‹κ²Ÿμ–΄μš”! 항상 μ €κΈ° 어디지 μš°μ™€ 가보고싢닀! ν•˜λŠ”λ° 화면이 μŠ‰μŠ‰ μ§€λ‚˜κ°€μ„œ 정보 μ•ŒκΈ°κ°€ νž˜λ“œλ„€μš” γ… γ… 

  15. Loved the place your friend showed you two ! The location of the streets looks traditional & authentic . And that pastry place looks very yummy !Β  ( those handmade chopsticks holder/stand that Sarah got looks so cute & unique . )
    Would love to visit there one day …actually wish it was right now cause I'm having cravings from watching all this sweet & savory food , LOL (>~<) !!!

  16. Youtube: hey, look this video from 3 years ago!

    Me: ok..Wait today is Sunday, 2hearts1seoul post videos on Sunday
    check the channel
    Why didn't you notify me YouTube???

    YouTube: …

  17. μŒμ•… 리듬타놓고 λ…Έ! ν•˜λŠ”κ±° κ²λ‚˜μ›ƒκ²¨μš” γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

  18. love you guys and thanks for filming the video (not because of the food in the video πŸ™„)

  19. OMG, how I love you guy's channel. It's my favorite from YouTube, I am always excited when a new video it's released. Congrats for you and greetings from Brazil ❀️✨

  20. The Californian in me is cracking up to the name of the bakery Eat more Gluten. 🀣🀣🀣 I want that bakery here in California.

  21. μ„œμšΈ μ‚΄λ©΄μ„œλ„ 이런 맀λ ₯을 또 잊고 μ‚¬λ„€μš”γ…œγ…œ 곧 경볡ꢁ역 λ†€λŸ¬ κ°€μ•Όκ² μ–΄μš©γ…Žγ…Ž λ§ˆμ§€λ§‰μ—” 늘 κ³ μ–‘μ΄λ‘œ νžλ§πŸˆπŸ’›

  22. Hey you two! My boyfriend and I are headed there from Dec 26 – Jan 10. Where is a fun place to be at on New Years Eve/Day?? Also, recommendations on what to do and how many days to stay in each city would be greatly appreciated as were trying to see Seoul, Suwon, Jeonju, Busan, Jeju.

  23. Guys I love your videos. I have a question and sorry if i missed something in other videos but what do you do for living now? beside the youtube channel? Greetings from Connecticut USA .

  24. Oh wow I finally made an upload 24 hours before I usually do. Maybe there's some point to staying up during finals week? ΰΌŽΰΊΆβ€ΏΰΌŽΰΊΆ

  25. Moustache looks like he has had a pretty tough life.
    @7:49 we can see several boxes of cat shelters. Are those the ones that you guys made a couple years ago, or are these different ones? The ones that the catch and release groups in Toronto distribute are 2/3 filled with straw for insulation and warmth. What do you put in yours to help keep them warm?

  26. The pastries look so delicious! Especially the brownies! Scoff Bake House is on my bucket list the next time I'm in Seoul.

  27. What's the name of the dumpling restaurant? And what's the name of the neighborhood – it looks like someplace to put on my "must see" list when I get to Seoul?

  28. This is my favorite neighborhood in seoul. it felt like yeonnam but traditional and less tourists it felt like when I visited in the spring.

  29. μ΅œκ·Όμ— κ°œλ΄‰ν•œ κ²¨μšΈμ™•κ΅­2 λ³΄μ…¨λ‚˜μš”? μ„ΈλΌλ‹˜μ΄ μ’‹μ•„ν•˜μ‹€κ±°κ°™μ€λ° κΌ­ λ³΄μ„Έμš”!!

  30. Wow very interesting. The whole area seemed so different. I could spend my whole vacation just exploring that area. Stay happy, healthy, and safe. Blessed be

  31. κ°•λΆμ˜ 운치둜 λˆμ„ λ–‘μΉ ν•œ 강남이 λ”°λΌμ˜€λ €κ³  해도 따라 μ˜¬μˆ˜κ°€ μ—†λŠ” 큰 갭이 μžˆλŠ”κ²ƒ κ°™μˆ˜λ‹€.

  32. I laughed at the sign in the dessert place β€” eat more gluten! Don’t have to tell me twice. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Might be bad for you but ain’t none of us getting out of here alive anyway. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€ͺ❀️

  33. I can feel the diabetes lol. All those desserts looked yummy though! How come you guys chose Sunday as edit day rather than some random day during the week since you don't have a "normal" 9-5 schedule? Then you could use the weekend to hangout with your corporate friends or explore places?

  34. μš°μ™€…저도 ν† μš”μΌμ— κ²½λ³΅κΆμ—­κ°”μ—ˆλŠ”λ° ㅠㅠ두뢄 λ§Œλ‚  μˆ˜λ„ μžˆμ—ˆλŠ”λ° μ•„μ‰½λ„€μš”.. μ €λŠ” 인왕산 λ“±μ‚°ν–ˆλŠ”λ° λ„ˆλ¬΄ μ’‹μ•˜μ–΄μš”~!!

  35. κ°•μ„œκ΅¬μͺ½μ— μƒˆλ‘œ μ‹λ¬Όμ›λ”ν˜•νƒœλ‘œ ν¬κ²Œμ˜€ν”ˆν–ˆλŠ”λ° λ‚ λ„μΆ”μ›Œμ‘ŒμœΌλ‹ˆκΉŒ κ°€λ³΄μ‹œλŠ”κ²Œ μ–΄λ–¨κΉŒμš”? μ‚¬μ§„μœΌλ‘œλŠ” μ—„μ²­ν¬λ˜λ°

  36. I just love the traditional streets of Seoul, i stayed in a traditional hanok when i was there and it was beautiful. Almost as beautiful as ManduπŸ˜€

  37. μ œκ°€ μ‚¬λŠ” 동넀 λ°”λ‘œ μ˜† 동넀인 것 κ°™μ•„μš”…

  38. μ•„λ¦„λ‹΅λ‹€λŠ” κ·Έ 골λͺ©κΈΈμ— μ‚΄μ•˜μ—ˆλŠ”λ°μš” 사싀 μš”μ¦˜μ—μ•Ό μ‚¬λžŒλ“€μ΄ μ’€ μ•Œκ³ μ„œ μ–˜κΈ°ν•˜μ§€ μ˜›λ‚ μ—” κ·Έμ € ν‰λ²”ν•œ λ™λ„€μ˜€μ–΄μš”.

  39. λ‹€ 쒋은데 전깃쀄 λ„ˆλ¬΄ μ •μ‹ μ—†λ„€. 지쀑화 μž‘μ—… μ’€ 해주지

  40. I loved impromptu mini dance party haha. Btw you guys are awesome at selecting the right kind of music for your vids. I watch your channel during breakfast and before bed and the music always has such relaxing, cheerful vibes. β™₯️

  41. 그런 μ‘°μš©ν•˜κ³  예쁜곳이 더 이상 μž¬κ°œλ°œμ΄λΌλŠ” μ΄λ¦„μœΌλ‘œ 없어지지 μ•Šμ•˜μœΌλ©΄ μ’‹κ² λŠ”λ°…..μ„œμšΈμ€ μ •κ²¨μš΄ 곳이 ν•˜λ‚˜μ”© μ—†μ–΄μ§€λ‹ˆκΉŒ μ’€ 삭막해 μ§€κ±°λ“ μš”……많이 μ•„μ‰½μ§€μš”…..γ… γ… γ… 

  42. 첫눈 였면 은평 ν•œμ˜₯ λ§ˆμ„ κ°€μ„œ 촬영 ν•œλ²ˆ ν•΄μ£Όμ„Έμš”..
    κ²½μΉ˜κ°€ 쒋을 것 κ°™λ„€μš”…

  43. λ§Œλ‘κ΅­ λ§›μžˆκ² λ„€μš”.. 수제 λ§Œλ‘μΈκ²ƒ κ°™μŒ.. 무쑰건 λ§›μžˆλ‹€. 저건..γ…‹

  44. December is almost coming, can't wait to see youguys to decorationg your lil chrismast tree, keep warm in december Kyuho & Sarah.

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