Training at Bodybuilding Mecca – Gold's Gym, Venice FITNESS OUTRAGEOUS!

Training at Bodybuilding Mecca - Gold's Gym, Venice FITNESS OUTRAGEOUS!

oh the boozing room shut up hey miss pally I'm Ali and today I'm taking you to the legendary Gold's Gym in Venice also known as the mecca of bodybuilding also known as lace where all the legendary bodybuilders first started including uh I'm actually checking this out for the first time with my buddy Mike who's a member here although he's late and I'm a little intimidated so I'm not going in yet because yep look I'm bigger than this guy just work all that out here remember here a horsemen me till I can get out from the guns oh these old things all right let's go we're doing it well this looks familiar I've definitely seen this all over Instagram oh and like books and documentaries so really they don't do guest I think it's worth the investment thanks to my patreon supporters for helping me check out this and I was just informed that they don't allow filming in here which is crazy but also the guy was like just be low-key and it'll be fine yeah I'm not good at low-key but I'm pulling this off yeah let's do bench cuz that's so like beheading like we do chest and shoulders and shit holy crap this is so big oh my goodness is this I think what is this Oh nuts so there's so much stuff oh my god there's an outdoor area I've definitely seen people filming here so I don't get why I can't I mean I'm doing it anyway there we go so much cardio hey stuff pretty don't awesome dumbbells well you get a tan Mike is absolutely just going for it zero cardio warming up do cardio after sorry don't talk to me a workout this is impressive I've never done any this is some Arnold type right here incline bench it's over here still fitting in my stretch routine you know that stay mobile even if you're a bodybuilder baby if you want to workout the governor's so Arnold will come found us a bit you're gonna do some freaking bench press the meathead Ian most of you guys Mike's here and I have someone just bought me yeah wait this is not in slow motion he's doing something that I never do what is this business Thanks solace is only five less than my maximum that I've ever one rep max test that's it I wanna see if I can be my my dress he's going up by five what you're taking me up by 10 I've ever been no way a little math in your shoes they got it now see if I can break my record there like steps in mega miller like a would say michael actually anchor my feet we're doing item chest workouts all year benchpress since last year some social design it's about working on the so I guess I'm gonna have to this only God duh I know what the problem was was wearing a shirt lesson learned for next time I'll Mike's got me doing incline or working angles to get different rates or muscle usage yet Mike's taking me to the cables now another thing I never do is and upstairs to so many things well let's go check it out sweet most a platform to bounce around and then like stare at all the giant people crushing it this is a really iconic area Olimpia lou ferrigno what happened is this contraption i see people doing this all the time but I've never touched toy you won't get a little trust affection Mike's favorite bicep machine you look like Popeye I've never seen this contraption there's so much crazy stuff here seriously what is this torture device so – no great girls but assisted by some oh my god gay believed and courses track this insanity alright cuz my my elbows always go back whenever what is that this is just getting ridiculous at some point I'm like it's a little too much can we just like pull the bar but look we're gonna strap yourself in the booth that's insane let yourself in otherwise you're just gonna try something up it's right here check this out my body we just like parallel bars but instead just let you easily do a tricep or a city dip with more than your body weight so you can if I go further a range of motion blur your seat or my seat height yeah get your elbows put your feet yeah that's nailed it put your feet up there push down to get yourself in position the managers grab the bar above you there we go yeah so like you keep coming down the bar because you got a warrant yeah now pull pull pull [Applause] pro status pro status let's go for it come on look at those obliques yeah like when you're beating death giants with tree trunks oh my god the trainer's here pointed to my body and said you look good keep it up I'm so mad at another Caroline but also that happened this is what I'm talking about we don't need machines you just need like two heavy things and you show them over your head who needs tables and pulleys when you just work out like a caveman way I do want to talk about this hands are all ripped up he's got some gloves yeah all right well your hands are yeah I got a nice soft supple hands he's an actor he's got a stole gotta keep these hands like nice and smooth and gentle like film it's like oh yeah you're a bird oh you feel that there's rocks talus my gravel like two spin room upstairs people look in there no one's using it oh yeah the posing room shut up oh cool also the camera man's getting on camera it's very tiring going on oh yeah great how dare you stop it oh yeah yeah but aggressive this is because I have a bad form and use too much tax on all my Olympic list oh and it shows the lot of me and we gotta get lower for this one it's like super earring I'm sure I don't work on routine yeah yeah that's so cool you can just smell thank you so much this was awesome it was my pleasure oh wow ll do that oh yeah I'm gonna Instagram and stitcher pretty anywhere you listen podcasters there man thank you it's my pleasure next time bro lift on


  1. Your bench/chest presses, especially the one outside had you lifting your tush off the bench. That isn't quite the optimal form, is it?

  2. I'm not big on going to gyms anymore, that is why I built my own gym at my house. But I have always wanted to visit there to check it out! That gym looks amazing!

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