Training On Your Period, Too Much Muscle Mass, Plastic Surgery In Fitness

Training On Your Period, Too Much Muscle Mass, Plastic Surgery In Fitness

it's a problem with you is you're whining like little fucking baby what's going on fam it's your boy Papa swole yo back with another episode of ask papa slowly Oh remember if you want your questions featured right here on the show drop your question in the comments down below with the hashtag ask Papas wooly oh and I'll get to them as soon as I can and before you leave make sure you subscribe to my second channel daily swole podcast to catch my livestream of the daily soul podcast every single day and if you can catch a live stream I would recommend you subscribe to the daily school podcast on Apple on Android every single app streaming live every single day and you can catch the podcast anywhere you want to bang your earholes with Papa everyday so I know you like these videos and I'm sure you'll like that podcast so I hope to see you there I'll put the links in the cards in the description down below so you can click it and enjoy let's get into today's first question of the day and this one is from Taylor T Papas well yo how do you decrease muscle hmm decrease muscle why would you want to do that how can you decrease muscle I have developed too much muscle in my glutes which makes me uncomfortable and unable to fit into my clothes too afraid to Train legs in fear that it will grow my glutes further are you sure that you have muscle there or is it just muscle pushing the fat outwards now that's not trying to be rude but a lot of times women think they're getting really bulky where they're just gaining muscle but they're not eating healthy enough to trim the fat on top now you can necessarily spot reduce fat but if you want to decrease muscle you stop exercising you stop lifting so heavy you can do more endurance type training you could practice more yoga you could do more lengthening activities but I don't know aside from just not exercising and atrophying those muscles in that area aside from what to tell you so some people have certain areas that are just genetically larger and adapt quicker and develop quicker so aside from that I wish you the best of luck but why would you want to decrease your glutes a lot of women are like why would you want to do that a lot of women are gonna be like freaking out in the comments for this but I hope that helps and I'm sorry for your big booty problems Taylor question from Natalie Solorio papas whoa Leo how do I get myself used to eating three meals a day I've gotten used to eating one large meal a day because I don't feel satisfied with a normal sized meal but after this I feel heavy and sluggish and I always go over my macros you just eat three meals a day you're not going to be used to you're gonna feel bloated or when you start eating smaller meals more frequently you're going to feel more full because of the frequency you're not used to having food in your stomach as often you just do it when I first started bulking up and I wanted to eat more calories I was eating more food more frequently it was really overwhelming at first but then eventually I just adapted and got used to it so you get used to eating three meals a day by eating three meals a day question from jasmine ft Papas wooly oh hi papa hi jasmine any thoughts on glutamine love from Iran by the way well love from the United States thank you so much for the love any thoughts on glutamine I don't take it anymore I used to like back in the day when I was taking supplements and protein powders and the other I don't find any benefit from taking it because I feel great now and I felt great then when I was taking it so I don't feel any difference from not consuming those types of supplements I do things like the sauna regularly I drink bone broth I eat a lot of fat so my joints feel really good and I meditate and I stretch and I do yoga those things like hydration sleep those things that people usually just code over and look for a supplement those things are much more important for feeling better and for repairing better than something like glutamine in my experience that along with BCAAs or just kind of supplements that I find to be more or less marketing ploys I don't think they're really effective as they claim to be and a lot of you might like them you might take them it could be a placebo effect but you can drop in the comments below if you take glutamine and you like it but personally I don't and I don't see any difference as to now as opposed to when I used to take them question from make fit or break fit popus wali oh I am five nine currently two hundred pounds and consume 1,800 to 2,000 calories a day I lift five days a week active rest the other two days I have lost 40 pounds already congratulations but I feel I have more to lose but I can't seem to get it off I do workout hard so I'm concerned about dropping my calories will poorly affect my workout what do you suggest I'm curious as to what you're actually measuring just by going off the scale you cannot just judge everything by going scale unless you're getting like DEXA scans or underwater weighing you're getting your body fat percentage checked and you really know what's going on you can't assume that you're not making continuous progress because if you just go off your absolute weight you are building muscle you're training hard you're eating well apparently or I mean I don't know if you've done an elimination diet or anything you can check my content on that but if you've lost 40 pounds on a scale you might not be going down because you could be building muscle remember your body wants to adapt your body wants to hit that plateau your body wants to hit that even maintenance keel so don't think that just because you're not losing doesn't you're not making progress you're still eating healthfully you could drop your calories a little bit and see you don't have to go to a thousand I would recommend that but you can drop it – maybe 1600 1700 and see how that goes up your protein a little bit to maintain muscle size if you drop calories it will eventually affect your strength maybe affect your energy levels depends on how much you drop and what your macros are if you make any changes like that just do so slowly and gradually that way you don't have any sudden funk out experiences or crashes or you know you don't just completely shit all over all the progress you've made if you know I'm saying question from Chris Joyce popus Folio I'm almost 53 and great freaking shape well hell yeah I lift heavy five days a week with a group of guys my age my question can I train like the guys I seem to keep up they have some hesitation you just said you lift heavy five days a week with a group of guys or age can you train like the guys you seem to keep up well you tell me can you you just said you're training with them five days a week so obviously you're doing something right don't overthink it go train you're a beast fucking get a girl question from a small bitchy banana Papas wooly oh hi papa slowly oh hi small bitchy banana what's your opinion about working out while someone is on their period pros and cons since you have a degree in exercise science I wanted to ask for your opinion from a scientific education standpoint rather than just googling answers thank you well you're asking someone with a degree and a lot of experience that's also never had a period so I will tell you things that I have heard or experienced a lot of women work out because it maybe decreases the impact of their period I know a lot of women that say around when they're getting their period made before or during that they're a lot stronger based on what I've seen from former sex members from mamas folio from people your diet is going to be huge in terms of the effects of your period people that eat healthier generally don't have like violent periods especially for people that might have extreme menstrual cycles when they change their diet do an elimination diet start eating healthier just treating their body with more respect adopting more of a healthy lifestyle that the impact or the severity of their periods or their cramps and those reactions decrease drastically I think it's great look if you can work out on your period fucking workout I mean your body will tell you but don't just ignore let's say the sleep the meditation yoga your diet your nutrition right so that's really important as well so ladies those you that are watching this video please drop in the comments down below what your personal thoughts are because I'm not gonna speak out of line but that's just my experience and what I've come across and what I've dealt with what I've talked about with a lot of females before but ladies you're gonna know more about this then I will also put that in the comments down below question from Stephanie Lee hey Papa swallow hey I know you are a big yoga advocate what's your opinion on aerial yoga I've never tried aerial yoga so I don't have a personal opinion on it I do think it's one of those I know a lot of people might hate on me for this I do think it's one of those more like gimmicky things like alright I like yoga that you can do anywhere like on earth any time you're doing something that's like you're suspended upside down you're floating around or you're on a vibration plate that's not realistic you want to be able to control your body in real earth environments but aerial yoga can be great for decompression for people that have really bad joints are looking to really decompress the spine things like hanging inversions can be really beneficial so I don't doubt that that could really be beneficial for some people but if you do that I would recommend doing aerial yoga in addition to weight training to regular yoga to meditation nutrition sleep hydration all those things are really important but if you want to add aeroyoga and you really love it you enjoy it then go for it question from Randy Gerson popus wooly oh if you are feeling particularly weak during a workout is it better to lessen the weight or have you found benefit in keeping the working weight the same and dropping the reps depends what your goal is and what your volume what your split is and all those things sometimes I go to the gym and I'll just be like oh wow I am really not strong today could be silly could be hydration could be my nutrition could be how much that warmed up could be whatever maybe I didn't recover as well from the last workout as I thought but if you're not feeling as strong just push it keep it within the same rep range adjust the weight and you can still push towards failure you can still push yourself hard and do more volume but like I mentioned it depends on what your goal is and what your training strategy is that's really gonna affect the answer like a real specific customized answer to this question but I trust me when you train regularly you're gonna have a lot of days where you just feel weak but you can focus on other exercise you can focus on form you can focus more on you know maybe more volume doing higher repetitions so you can play around with that and see what works best for you but if your goal is building muscle and building a physique then you can just keep the reps drop the weight and adjust the reps accordingly keep the volume and go for the pump question from sunflower Papa slowly oh can you go over the epidemic of plastic surgery and fitness just like a roast session well not really in this video I'm not gonna go off on a tangent but the epidemic Plastic Surgery has been around for a long time and will be around for a long time everyone's always looking for a quick fix everyone's looking for a pill a powder a shortcut to looking better ass implants and breast implants and bicep implants and calf implants and with ah blah blah about why go through all the hard work and effort when you can just go snip snip snip suck suck suck and get it done right away the issue with that is oftentimes it looks like shit the human eye can pick up on that right away and I live in Florida so I see a lot of ass implants looks terrible it looks terrible it looks fake the human eye can pick up on that shit a mile away so I don't know what people really think it looks like because it looks like crap just like fake breasts you can spot them a mile away but we accept that as like normal oh you got a boob implants that's to look better that's what women do to look better but we've accepted that but then ass and plans like boom it's the same thing it's really the same thing breast implants ass implants any kind of implant and altering your physical appearance is essentially the same thing it's for cosmetic and for psychological purposes but it's your choice that's why it's called elective surgery if you elect to have that that's fine the issue with plastic surgery for health reasons or to look better physically you get fat sucked out of your body it doesn't change your gut biome it doesn't change your eating habits and a lot of people that get lipo ends like that it just comes back because they're fundamental habits haven't been changed so they're just kind of scooping off the top and then refilling it back up so not a good look question from Anna o philia Papa's folio as a competitive bodybuilder what's your opinion on competing I've never really heard your opinion on shows PS you're the best fitness channel by far why thank you so much Anna and I've never competed myself I got into fitness via bodybuilding I loved reading flex magazine and watching the Olympia and those guys inspired me but I've never been inspired to take steroids or go down that road and put myself through those extremes what I see from a lot of people people that I know people that I see online that compete is that it really creates a poor relationship with your body a lot of extremes a lot of real extreme stress it gives dieting a bad rap people think that you have to pretty much torture yourself in order to get to these really low body fat percentages and yes for competing sure but now because we have social media we see all these people they do their photo shoots before they go on stage or right after their show so all of a sudden everywhere you saw these pictures are people that are shredded to the bone that's not natural it's not healthy to be 5 or 6% body fat it's just straight up not and whether or not someone can get to that point it sets a bad example for people that are looking at that like oh my god that's healthy that's fitness no it's not it's someone who has muscles that's taking anabolic steroids that's at a very low body fat percentage in order for judges to see separation and symmetry imposing technique and this and the other and it's amazing to watch what the human body can do but it creates a very poor relationship with food it creates a poor relationship with body image and a lot of pro bodybuilders talk about that because now is that they have to I mean it's obvious for people to need to get to that size to feel good to compete and I don't have that mindset of wanting to do that so I don't understand what it's like to be in their head but I think a lot of people would agree that from the ten thousand calorie challenges from YouTube Fitness people online to the extreme bodybuilders to competing on stage it's just not a healthy thing it's a difference between health and fitness and bodybuilding it's like all these little separate segmented things it's not the epitome of health we kind of crossed over and blur the lines between what's actually healthy and oh that person's ripped that's not a healthy physique that's just what they're doing for that specific purpose to win a competition of being super ripped and of being super symmetrical but that's not a healthy relationship with a body that's not a healthy relationship with food and that's why a lot of people that go down that road really have some major psychological issues as a result of that and you can damage your body permanently or have issues with hormone balances and things coming back to normal especially if you're doing anabolics and you know artificial things like that so that's my take well thank you so much everyone for joining me for this episode of ask Papas wooly Oh remember if you want your question featured right here on the show drop your question in the comments down below with the hashtag ask Papa's folio and I'll get to them as soon as I can and before you go make sure to click the link in the card or the description down below to subscribe to my second channel daily small podcast but if you're not a watcher if you're more of a listener you can also subscribe to the daily school podcast everywhere Apple podcasts Spotify Google all the links description down below and the card and you can subscribe and get knowledge nooks banging your ear holes every single day on the daily small podcast so thank you so much for watching everyone thank you for asking your questions and I'll see you next time for the next episode of ask Papa's folio please click the link click the link click the link watch another video like and subscribe I know you want to you know you want to come on everyone knows you want to you love Papa swirly oh you love the man button you love the seat you love it


  1. I don’t train for up to 5 days when my period arrives. People are funny when they say “WORk oUt, IT HeLPS ThE CrAmPs.” I cant even get up and go to the bathroom. 😂 the period pain is real, fetal position for 1-3 days. And just keep my calorie intake lower since I’m just laying there. 😊 good video!

  2. I do train lightly when i'm on my period, but i'm definitley weaker and get tired really quick. I also noticed, that the bleeding gets heavier after i workout, but for me that's good, because my period is shorter that way.

  3. What are your thoughts on an EC or ECA stack for fat burning or focus during workouts? #AskPapaSwolio

  4. I always work out during that time of the month. Just simple walks help. But I always have an issue staying healthy with my food choices. I eat “bad” a few days in a row. Luckily I’m able to work it all off again. But it’s not ok and I hate when I do it.

  5. Working out on your period does help cramps, at least for me. But it depends on how sever it is. If it’s the second day, you won’t find me in the gym but on the couch with a heating pad. Attempting to push through a lot of pain just makes my workout suck. But at the right time, before the cramps get bad or after they subside, it does helps mood and pain levels.

  6. #askpapaswolio are artificial sweeteners and sugars in foods just as bad as regular sugar (such as added sugar/granulated sugar, not naturally occurring sugar in fruits for example)? There are tons of “sugar free” foods out there that are lower calorie, but I don’t how it could be any healthier outside of that since there has to be some kind of sugar added to make those foods sweet. I ask because I see so many people relying on “sugar free” foods and drinks (some yogurts, Starbucks, deserts, flavored waters, etc). and 0 calorie sweeteners, but I don’t see how they’re any different than “regular added sugar”.

  7. If all my stars align then I can work out through my period. But I don't hold myself to it. I used to force myself bc I'm no quitter lol. But I realized that was dumb plus hurtful. I would either half ass my workout or worse use bad form. Now I just gauge it. See what the body wants to do. Regardless I force myself to go outside ( I have depression). Exercise is my mental health tool, so missing a couple of days has a domino effect. I may be cramping but a short walk with fresh air won't kill me.

  8. Are females more biologically likely to store more fat around their stomach/midsection? What exactly is needed for a female to achieve a ripped stomach? Is that something a female should pursue? Is it healthy to be that ripped as a female? I feel like it is so much more common to see guys with shredded stomachs. And not necessarily at below 12% body fat. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question! I love your channel.

  9. #AskPapaSwolio. Hey, Papa, I love your videos. my question is have you heard of Katy Bowman she is a Biomechanist who created nutritious movement?? She talks about alignment, yoga, being barefoot I try to incorporate her stretches into my daily life. Thank you 🙂

  10. Yes why would you wanna decrease your butt!!!!!!!! 😳😳😳😳 please donate it to someone in need …. aka me! 😭😭

  11. #askpapaswolio
    I often exercise during my lunch break which gives me about 30-35 minutes to do some sort of activity. I’ve been doing 25 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill but I would like strength train some days as well. Is it possible to strength train for 35 minutes and see results? If so what exercises should I be doing?

  12. I skip the gym on the first full day of my period because it’s always exhausted me. When it comes all my body wants is sleep so I give it one day to sleep in and make sure I crush my workouts the rest of the week.

  13. I've watched on Stephanie Buttermores and she goes into depth about training on your period. She says that a women can do their heaviest workouts during their period. She goes into scientific studies about it if that helps at all.

  14. #askpapaswolio

    What kind of weird 80 year old man balls do you have that will reach the chin from the ear?

  15. Ok sorry this is long I don't know how to write short comments. All I did was running and some pilates with a band for 'strength'. But after I started intermittent fasting I saw a little muscle leave my body, (Ok, my butt) and I didn't like it. I am 5'6", 21% bodyfat, 25 years. But I DO NOT want to lose more muscle. So I have begun weight lifting finally after surpassing contemplation/anxiety. I LOVE it so much and my question is about how to balance cardio and weight lifting. I used to moderately over train, an average of 10 hours of cardio a week. I am naturally able to put on muscle pretty easy which is why I thought I had to keep cardio UP to not 'get bulky'. But since adding fasting I am almost too reduced and now I want to re-balance. I lift weights + use the machines at a fairly heavy clip – limited resting – for about 90 minutes 3x-4x a week. How much cardio from my week should I DELETE to replace with weight training? I don't want to gain fat, just add maybe 3-7 pounds of muscle #AskPapaSwolio PLEASE and thank you.

  16. I used to not train when I had my period, now days I do train even if I'm on my period. But I cut down on yoga, spinning, swimming and some training positions, when I have my period. I'm a lucky person for only having it for 4 days and for the training that I cut done on, it's only for 3 days. Also if I have any symptoms, it will be on day 1 and never in a way that its to painful to do anything. If it hurt? I take cramp medicine or painkiller.

  17. While I'm more sluggish and have zero motivation to go to the gym when menstruating, I feel it not only relieves pain, but that I can usually lift heavier. I also take time to do yoga to help with the aches and bloating.

  18. When it comes to working out on your period, you have to listen to your body. You might be feeling some fatigue and lacking motivation. It’s proven that working out can help reduce cramps and improve your mood, minus the extreme examples of women that can barely move on their period. I usually have 1 day off the gym for sure just because of body aches and feeling drained, and another day may just feel like a shitty workout. Just do what you can, you may not be hitting any PRs, but getting some low impact cardio, a light weight routine, and some thorough stretching can help your body. I’ve found it really tough to deadlift or squat surrounding my worst day, but for most women it should not mean a week off from working out. You’ve gotta be realistic and know that a week off 1x a month is going to knock your progress significantly and you need to push a little harder. Girl power!

  19. I've trained on my period and honestly lifting heavy is the worst thing that I can do. I was working with a personal trainer and even when I told her, hey feel like I'm dying, need to take it easy, she didn't adjust the workout at all. When I got home I puked my guts out for an hour. It makes me feel like I got hit by a bus (even more than I already am), cardio is bad news bears aside from a gentle walk. However, some very gentle yoga especially yin with lots of blankets and pillows is amazing. There are even videos for yoga on your period.

  20. I’d be intrigued to know your perspective on Stephanie Buttermore’s new “all in” perspective. Every Day Damn Fitness just did a video praising it

  21. I workout during periods although I get extremely painful cramps and pretty bad bleeding during period. Working out doesnt take the pain away from period cramps but while i am at gym, my mind is distracted by weights qnd all. Plus I just feel fresh during/after working out so I like to keep it up. Otherwise I just get icky qnd feel blah during periods.

  22. Training on your period varies from person to person, period to period, day to day. Some days you can work through other days your hair hurts and your uterus is having a knife fight with your insides. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  23. I keep up my usual workout routine when I'm on my period. My cramps aren't really that bad compared to what other females have to go trough every month and I'm very thankful for that. I only struggle with a heavy appetite and bloating 🙄

  24. I will literally drop anything i pick up when im on my period. I lose all grip strength. And other strength. I sweat just standing up – and dont get me started on the nausea- pain and dizziness. If im feeling particularly inspired i might do some gentle yoga stretches, but that is seriously all anyone will get out of me 🤣🤣

  25. I've found eating high iron/veggies before my period helps with the pain but even then I try to workout at home or don't go at all the first day. 1st or 2nd day seem to be the worst so I'll skip one of those days. The rest of the week I just put on some sweats and do the bare minimum tbh. You're theoretically at your strongest the week of, but the pain/feeling like shit part kinda counteracts it.

  26. #askPapaSwolio Ive been training for around three years with weights primarily and done endurance running. Im near my twenties and been eating a plant based diet with the addition of eggs as protein. I eat on a range of 1400-1600 calories but am having problems being disciplined with my calories (not quality type food). How can I start being disciplined? I want to get down to 16% fat and am a 5’3 female at 19% fat. I gained weight a year back due to personal life issues and it’s taken me more time to drop less weight than I did years back when I started weight training. What can I do? I cant eat the same calories as I used to!

    ALSO: sorry this was a long question/rant. The beard looks good!!

  27. training on your period really just depends on the person. i still train but not as much because i feel like death. other people around me take a few days off. it depends on the person

  28. I workout during my period – when it falls on my running day I run, when it falls on my strength day I do it, and I found my cramps reduced greatly when I go swimming. Yes you can swim during your period but on my first day I usually need to get off the pool sooner to replace the tampon. But keep in mind that I have been doing this since I was a teenager and I basically had no problem with my periods (some of my friends are in deep excruciating pain on every period so I don't think anyone in that state can work out, they should just rest, really) – I started to have cramps ever since I add more and more fat to my body. With that being "rectified", I can enjoy working out during shark week better (even though it is always a bit dragging on my first day, but I just adjusted the workout). Working out has helped me to get rid of the cramps I had – no more pressures on my stomach ever since I do workout 4-5 times a week. Oh yeah and I do eat well now, increasing the dose of fruits, veggies, and protein as I go along this path.

    Great video, Papa! You actually answered most of my current questions. Will have to think of another one ha ha

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