Try Not To Eat Challenge – F.R.I.E.N.D.S Food | People Vs. Food

Try Not To Eat Challenge – F.R.I.E.N.D.S Food | People Vs. Food

– I’m actually so ready to eat this! – Maybe the bread is…
– Can we just eat the smell? ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) Okay, so we asked you both
to come in with empty stomachs today, and that’s because it’s time
for another Try Not To Eat challenge! – Aw man!
It’s a Try Not To. – Try not to eat.
– There’s a fork here, I’m like, oh I’m hungry!
– I wanted to eat though. – I always have room for food.
– But, I, me too. – (FBE) Today, we are gonna have
you guys watch popular scenes from the sitcom Friends.
– (gasps) I love that show! I’ve watched that like
over and over and over again. – (FBE) We’ll present you with
the food recreated by a chef. In fact, all of the foods
you’ll see today were actually suggested
by members of our FBE SuperFam. – Okay!
– What did you make us? The shepherd’s pie trifle
or something? – (FBE) So the rules are simple.
For every Friends food you eat, you will get a punishment at the end.
– Oh, there’s punishments now. Oh, prize.
– I’m so hungry too, so I’m probably gonna
eat everything. – (FBE) If you succeed
in not eating any of them, you will be rewarded with
a special delicious treat. – Dope.
– Alright! – Wait, so we can’t even
eat nothing, right? – Called a Try Not To Eat challenge. – My grandmother said she got
the recipe from her grandmother. – (gasps) The cookies! – (in French accent)
Nestle Toll House. – Nestle, okay.
(audience laughs) – What was her name? – (in French accent)
Nestle Toll House. – To, what is that?
– Nestle Toll House. – Nestle Toll House?
(audience laughs) – (in French accent) Nestle Toll House
– Toll House! – It’s like it’s not Target,
it’s Tar-jay. – You americans always butcher
the French language. (both laugh) – Phoebe, is this the recipe? – (screams) Yes! (audience laughs)
– (laughs) This is iconic. – Oh. – It was such a heartbreak
moment for her. – (FBE) The first food
comes from the great (in French accent) Nestle Toll House,
and are Phoebe’s grandmother’s famous chocolate chip cookies.
– Damn it. – I’m good!
– Yeah, I’m good. I know what they taste like.
– Why you ruining the cookie? – Because!
– That’s just disrespectful. – It feels kinda hard.
It’s not my thing. – I can pass on cookies.
– To be honest, I’m not a big sugar sweet guy either.
– I love cookies so much! – No, like hands down favorite food.
– I can resist, I can, I can go to Ralph’s after this
and get cookies. – That one looks so good,
but I think I’m gonna chill. – I personally prefer
Pillsbury. (laughs) – Shouldn’t be an issue for you.
– I know! – If you don’t mind,
I’ll take both of them. – Oh, by all means. – Well.
– Don’t tempt me like that. (buzzer rings)
– Oh my God. – Oh, that’s a commercial
waiting to happen. – Oh my God. – To prove how much you mean to me. – (gasps) Oh no, it’s the meatball sub! – Here.
– Ooh, a sandwich? – Now I like a good sandwich.
– Wow, the sound. You could hear him bite into that.
– It’s some good ASMR right there. – All in my mouth.
– Whoa! – See?
– Mm-hmm. – Hey, whoa, dude, what are you doing? – I thought you were showing me
how much I mean to you? – Yeah, with a bite. – Oh like…
– Oh damn. – It was Joey doesn’t share food!
– Exact! That would be me! – (FBE) So for your next dish,
we have Joey’s delicious meatball sub that you definitely won’t
want to share more than one bite of even with your best friend.
– Damn! – Yo bro, that looks fire.
– Aw man, that looks good. – Jesus, this looks better
than what he had on the show. – Yeah, there’s definitely like
the onion, the bell pepper and everything.
I’m thinking, shoot, man. – I’ve never won anything!
– Oh, it’s not lunch time yet. So I’m gonna,
he doesn’t wanna eat this, I’m just gonna put it this way.
– It does smell good, and eventually one of these smells
is gonna get to me. – I haven’t kept my eyes off it.
I don’t think it’s worth it. – I just wanna feel
how nice the bread is. Maybe the bread is…
– Can we just eat the smell? I’m gonna hold off.
– I’ll do it since he’s doing it. – I’m gonna eat it!
Hold on, I got on white. Guys, c’mon!
– I know! – You know I’m about to get messy! – I’m good. (laughs)
(buzzer rings) Love that.
– Mmm! – You got the layers too. We’re even!
– Yes, we are! – I might take a bite.
– I’m not gonna do it. – I think I’m actually
gonna sit this one out. – I’m shocked, I’m genuinely shocked,
it smells really good. – You see, my sister makes these
amazing turkey sandwiches. – Okay. – She puts an extra slice
of gravy-soaked bread in the middle. – Gravy-soaked bread?
Oh this is– – It’s like a thanksgiving sandwich.
– Oh, I have to eat this one. – I’m sorry, I believe I ate that.
(audience laughs) – Oh no he didn’t.
– I know! – Oh, I wanna see the sandwich. – (FBE) The third dish
is known as the Moist Maker, and it’s Ross’s personal favorite
thanksgiving leftover sandwich, with stuffing, turkey, cranberries, and a piece of gravy soaked bread
in the center, it’s so good that all of your coworkers
will want to steal it. – Man, some of these smells
are starting to get to me though. I’m not gonna deny. Actually, this is actually
just a good idea for a sandwich. – I’m trying to get that W.
– Yo! – Yeah, I’m gonna have
to eat this one. – Yeah, me too!
– Oh yeah. – Oh, this looks fire.
(buzzer rings) – Uh huh, mm-hmm.
Oh my God. Wow, the bread, it’s so good!
– Wait, that looks so good. – I really wanna find out
what the reward food is, ’cause I know that if I eat this,
and it’s really good, I’m gonna be so mad. – It looks so good,
and I love turkey, but I don’t like cranberries.
– Mmm, I’ll let you know. (laughs) – Go for it, go for it.
– (FBE) Yeah, get in there! (buzzer rings)
– Oh, the crunch. – You can taste the cranberries.
– Yep, I’m good. – But like pretty, it’s good!
– It looks good. – This is the biggest hurdle for me, so I’m gonna test my control
by not eating it. – We’re gonna take another
beautiful bite. (buzzer rings) Whoa.
– Yeah? That looks good.
– I’m putting this in my pocket. – It was cheesecake, it was fine. – Alright, y’all might lose me here,
’cause I [bleep] love cheesecake. – It had a buttery crumbly,
graham cracker crust. – I’ve always wanted
to try this cheesecake. – Rich, yet light.
– Yeah, stop, stop! – Cream cheese filling.
– Oh my God! – I know about this one. – I may just sit here
and have my cake all day. Just sit here in the hallway, and–
(audience laughs) – And then they start
eating it off the floor. – Oh! – When it’s good cheesecake,
it’s good cheesecake. – This is perfect.
She’s gonna eat the savory, and I’m gonna eat the sweet.
– You’ve got that– – Damn sure I’m gonna eat
some cheesecake right now. – (FBE) Next up, we have
Chandler and Rachel’s cheesecake. So buttery and delicious
that you’d even eat it off the floor. Luckily, we’ll let you
eat it off the table. – I like that it’s still kinda mashed.
– That looks so good! – Why’s it crumbled? – (FBE) Because it hit the floor!
– Because it fell on the floor! – Oh, we gotta eat it off the floor.
C’mon, I’m not good, I don’t wanna eat it now.
– Bon appetite, bro. (buzzer rings)
– Ah, damn. Is it good, is it worth it? – Let me tell you,
I’ll let you know, one second. – This guy. (laughs)
– Mmm, it’s good. – This is hard for me. I think I’m alright
for the cheesecake, honestly. I love cheesecake,
but I’ve also been super off sweets for a while.
– ♪ We had to say goodbye ♪ – So I’m gonna stay strong
with my lack of sweets. – ♪ Goodbye ♪ – (giggles) I have always
wanted to try this one! – I like cheesecake,
only with fruit in it, or like something else in it.
– (laughs) That is so bougie! – Like chocolate,
so it has to be additional, because I’m not
a biggest cheese person. – Okay.
– Oh wait, we were doing
a Try Not To Eat Challenge, right? – I know, why are we
just like trying foods? (buzzer rings) – Mmm.
– I want the crust. – Oh my God, that’s really good.
– Why not, I already come this far. – Take the crust off. – I think I’m willing
to give up my diet for this. (buzzer rings)
That was really good. – Mm-hmm!
– Mm-hmm, guys! That’s bomb ass cheesecake!
– That’s really good. – (FBE) So congratulations,
you guys have both won this challenge today. – Woo!
– I am so stunned that I turned down that cheesecake.
– Same. – (FBE) I’m gonna show you two clips.
First you’re gonna see the winning food Danny,
that you get to eat, and then you’ll have to see
the losing food that you get to eat. – Here we go.
– Oh great, I’m excited. – Hey guys, the candy is coming,
I just need another 15 minutes– – Oh hell yes!
I knew it was gonna be dope! – I just need another 15 minutes
for the chocolate to cool! – Oh yeah!
– Chocolate candy? – I’m chillin’.
– I don’t even like chocolate. It’s perfect.
– I’m fine now, but it was really scary there
for a while. I mean, someone slipped
a threatening note under the door. – Oh yeah, sorry about that.
Mob mentality or whatever, I don’t know.
– Joey. – Oh my God! – Maybe I should’ve gone
for the cheesecake, ’cause I’m not
a huge fan of chocolate. I regret that decision. – (FBE) So first and foremost,
Danny, here is your winning food that Kendelle, you cannot eat. – Oh my God!
– Yay! – (FBE) The most popular food
in the entire apartment building, it’s the candy that Monica makes
and yes, it does taste like little drops of heaven.
– Ooh! – I win!
– Wow. – Yes, I’m so happy.
– Ok, so we get to try it? – Whoa, these are like…
– Oh my God. That’s the best fudge I’ve ever had. – So this is what victory tastes like. Mmm.
– Shoulda gone for the cheesecake. I regret that decision.
– Ooh, it’s fudge. – Oof.
– Mm-hmm. Up!
– Too much icing. I’m coolin’, I don’t even want it.
– To be honest, it does look good, but I’m not a big chocolate fan. I’m glad I had the sandwich,
and the cheesecake over this. – (FBE) And here’s your punishment. – Oh.
– Oh. – What is it?
– It’s a trifle, it’s got all of these layers.
– Yes, I knew it! – First there’s a layer
of ladyfingers. – The trifle.
– Then a layer of jam, then custard,
which I made from scratch. – This is the most
iconic food episode. – Raspberries, more ladyfingers, then beef,
sauteed with peas and onions. More custard.
(audience laughs) – I’m actually so ready to eat this.
– Some whipped cream on top! (audience laughs) – What was the one
right before bananas? – The beef.
Yeah, that was weird to me too. – Nope, your pages are
definitely just not stuck together. – (FBE) This is Rachel’s beef trifle. When she was cooking it, the pages of her cookbook
got caught together. So not only does it include
ladyfingers, fruit, and custard made from scratch, it also has beef, peas,
carrots and onions. – Wait what?
– That looks disgusting. – I remember watching that episode,
and thinking it didn’t look that bad. Or it didn’t sound
that bad in my head but looking at it,
that looks disgusting. – The peas got me. – This side kinda looks
like a dessert, but this side, is like dinner.
– Looks, yeah. Have to do another one. Is it weird, just weird?
I bet it’s not that bad, just weird. – You know. (laughs)
I might be like Joey, because it… I don’t know if it was the raspberry…
– Mm-hmm. – …but it like really
covered up that beef. – Oh, that is not good.
– That’s a big one. – No, that pea just
kicked in real (gags). Yeah, beef didn’t help in there.
Alright, real quick. – (laughs) He likes it.
– To be honest, this was not that great,
but the sandwich was like so bomb. – I wanna get, okay, I have to take–
– Get a little bit of everything yeah. – I kinda want to!
– What? – Okay. (laughs)
– What the… Why did I smell it?
– Okay, ready? Cheers!
– Okay, here we go. Ooh.
– Oh. – Oh not cool.
– That’s not right. But the aftertaste
is just as bad, so it’s fine. – (FBE) So you guys both won today,
how are you feeling about that? – This is the first time I’ve won!
– Woo! – I’m proud of myself.
Typically I have no self discipline. – There’s a thick layer of custard
and probably like meat juice just like coating the back
of my throat. – Aw, don’t talk about it!
(clears throat) I need a cup of water. – Thanks for watching us
try not to eat on the REACT Channel. – If you like this episode,
hit that like button. – Which Friends food
do you want to try? Let us know in the comments.
– Bye! – REACT producer Mary here.
Thanks so much for watching us try not to eat Friends foods
here on the REACT Channel. If you want to stay up to date
on everything FBE, just be sure to join our newsletter. All you have to do is click the link
in the description below. Thanks for watching!


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    But honestly I'd purposely fail this because I doubt the award food is worth it.

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