(Robby groans) – Where the heck am I!? What do I do? I need to find my way home. After somehow ending up in the middle of the desert once again, I found myself looking for a way home. I walked for hours and hours. I climbed mountains but then suddenly something magical happened. I need water. I need water. Water…melon? (Legend of Zelda music plays) Ah okay, now how the heck
do I open this thing? Let’s see, do I have
anything in my pockets? (Gasps) (Groovy music) Okay well I guess I’ll try it. So we just uh, maybe I can get a rock. Oh man, c’mon. This is so hard! Almost. And it went
through! Okay I just gotta do it all the way around. I’m doing it! Ah no, I almost lost it. I almost lost my coin. There’s some points where it doesn’t want to go through. Oh my gosh I’m not even halfway done. Why is it so hard? This hurts my fingers. Okay, I’m gonna start on the other side ’cause that’s too much for me. If I can just get it in the really thick part of the rind. Ow! Look, my hands are starting to turn green. It’s like I’m the hulk or something. This is so much harder than I thought. I did it! For the love
of five minute crafts, I really hope this works. Okay. Now apparently, it should
just break right in half. One, two, and ah! Why aren’t you breaking in half? Well guys? I guess we can say it works! Who am I talking to? Okay. I wonder if there’s a
cleaner way to eat this? (Inspirational music) (Groovy music) Well okay. I guess we can
say that this one works. Toby? – Oh hey Robby. – Why are you a watermelon? – Oh, I’ve always been a watermelon. – Now why are you a cowboy? – Why are you a cowboy? – What the heck? (Toby singing Lil Nas X Old Town Road) – Robby! Wake up! – Oh what kind of fever dream was that? – What are you doing? – Oh I don’t know! But I
had the strangest dream. You were there, and horses were there and they were in the back? And you were a, oh my God! I think I know what today’s video is gonna be about. (Chill Music) Okay guys so I’ve actually
seen this one around the internet quite a bit,
except people fix toilets, they fix sinks, they fix coffee mugs, they fix all sorts of things. But I think that the
watermelon might actually work. So I guess first thing
we gotta do is, you know, put a whole in this bad boy. Here we go. Oh no I made a slice.
Oh well, I can fix that. Yeah! I think that will do.
Looks pretty good! Not bad. You guys see it here
first, that’s the hole. Put all these, you know,
watermelon guts over. Okay, looks good so
far. So that’s our hole. No we gotta get our ramen.
I think I’m gonna go ahead and break this up actually.
Let’s just go ahead and do that. I think if I make it
into a fine enough mist, and then mix it with the super glue, it should make some sort of solid. Oh no! Well might as well start
filling it up. Get in there. Yeah, that should work.
It just keeps going, ’cause I keep squishing it down. Then I think I need an ever finer mist. I don’t know why I keep saying mist. I actually mean like, really
fine, like almost like sand? Is that working? Oh, yeah
that’s getting closer to what I want. Oh my gosh. Powder! That’s the word I was thinking of. Powder! I’m trying to make
it into a fine powder! Why’d I say mist? I
think that should do it. Feels pretty fine to me! Okay let’s clear all this
extra stuff outta the way. Yeah looks good! Now we
just gotta fill this up with the powder, yeah! Not bad. Okay so here’s our super glue. Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten the gel but you know? Too late now. I bought a lot of this stuff ’cause I knew that I’d have to be
really generous with it. I put a lot on there. Do I
have like a popsicle stick or something? I really don’t
want to get this on my hands. I really should have
thought of this beforehand. Maybe I can use this? Oh no, that’s not sticking in
there at all! Oh no. I think the powder was
probably a bad idea. C’mon, get in there!
I need something flat. Here’s like a piece of
tape, maybe something sticky will not stick against
something that is sticky? Oh, that’s actually drying! Nice! Crud I got some on me. Put
some more on. There we go. Rub that evenly on there,
maybe sprinkle some more. Oh I need glasses or
something. My eyes are burning. Okay I got some eye protection. I should’ve probably done that first. Always wear eye protection when dealing with chemicals like this guys. The vapors can get in your eyes and it’s really not good for them. Put some more. I fully intended on using a whole two or three bottles of super glue so this is fun. Anything to fix my watermelon. Okay, now I’m gonna go
ahead and let this dry for a little bit and then
we’ll start sanding it. Okay so now it’s time
to sand this bad boy. (Power tool sounds) Okay let’s see if I can kinda level it out with some hundred and
fifty gripped sand paper? Yeah that looks pretty good.
Didn’t have to prove much. Okay now it’s time to paint this bad boy. I’ve never really been good at painting so I guess we’ll see how this turns out. So I guess we’ll start off with this really light green right here. Let’s see if we have anything to match. Maybe like something like that? Mix it with a little bit of white? Let’s see if this works. There we go. Actually that’s really close. Wow. Okay yeah let’s try it. Uh,
okay I’m a little bit off. Maybe a little bit more
white? Just a little bit. Not quite but I think
we’re getting closer. How about that? Nope, not quite. Dude, how white do I need to go? Am I too white now? This
is so hard to color match. Aw man. Okay. Maybe some
more of this darker green. Hmm yeah that looks a little bit more watermelony color maybe? Dude this is so hard. I don’t know how the heck you’re
supposed to make this like, if I knew more about paint I could probably make
this actually happen. Now that’s definitely not the color. Maybe more yellow? Yeah that’s
probably way too much yellow. Nope that’s not quite right
either. This is, oh my gosh. I don’t think that this is even possible. How the heck do people do this? I definitely think I
messed up at this point. This is like a mustard yellow
green looking thing now. Is that it? No! Ah! This is so hard! I don’t think I’m gonna get it. I guess I’ll start working
on the finer lines now. So, just kinda like, oh
man. I suck at painting. I really do. Yeah it looks great! Guys I’m gonna go ahead
and say at this point it doesn’t really work. At
least I can’t get it to work. That doesn’t look like
it blended in at all. I’m a failure! No! (Robby screams) Well I guess it’s time
to clean up this mess. (Groovy music) Okay so here’s our watermelon.
We just have to go ahead and cut that in half really quick. There we go, oh! Very
easily, that was kinda scary. It just busted in half. Oh man this looks like a nice watermelon. Okay put this off to the side. Okay now it’s time to go
ahead and scoop this out. Here we go. Yeah, there we go. I should probably not use
a plastic cup like this. But what other option do I have? Oh wait oops. Anyway, here we go. That’s a lot of juice. Almost done. Yeah, that looks pretty good! Okay put that off to the side. So instead of red jello
I actually got blue jello ’cause I thought it would look cool. So let’s hope this doesn’t look dumb. Okay so I really don’t know how much jello I’m supposed to use. So I got a couple of packages. Anyway, let’s do this.
So it says we have to add two cups of boiling water
and two cups of cold water. So let’s go ahead and get our
trusty water boiler in here. Some of you guys call it a kettle and you guys make fun of me because I don’t call it a kettle? What do you guys call
it in your countries? Like I don’t even know. ‘Cause I feel like a kettle is a little different. Maybe an electric kettle?
That would make sense. Anyway let’s boil. Water’s all boiled. We need two cups. Here’s one. Here’s two. Technically a two cup
cup. You can’t even see! Ah man, c’mon. Okay so
that’s one, two cups. Here’s another two
cups. Oh, it is one cup. So this is two cups. Three and four. That should do it. Ah, you’re all foggy. Add two cups of boiling water
and stir for two minutes. There we go, your first
one. Ah that smells so good. Oh man, okay. Four cups
jello, four cups of water. Okay now it just says
to mix for two minutes. Uh, since I added two does that mean I do it for four minutes I don’t know, uh I’m just gonna mix it. (Intense music) Okay that should do it. Now I have to go ahead
and add four cups of this, which I don’t think that
there’s gonna be room for four cups in this so
we’ll see what happens. Okay now time to add some cold water. One, two, three, oh my God
we’re getting so close. Oh no. Okay cool it didn’t overflow. Benji what are you doing in the trash? Okay yeah that looks good! I definitely made way to much because this is like double the size. So let’s go ahead, oh that’s hot. Pour some of this in
here. You already know I’m gonna get this all over the place. C’mon, oh man. If I do it like this. Benjamin what are you doing in my trash? Okay yeah like that.
Yeah that should do it. Pretty full. Okay, now I’m gonna go ahead and put this in the fridge and I’ll show you guys the results tomorrow. Okay so here are the results. It looks like the jello hardened, but I think it might’ve shrank or like a lot of the jello poured
out when I moved it. So I guess I’m gonna just cut
some of that off really quick. Oh there’s a hair. Okay there we go. Get out of here. Now
that I think about it, I probably shouldn’t have
picked a blue background for this so one second.
Whew that’s much better. Okay now we just have to cut this to make it look like a normal watermelon. Here we go. Just, maybe flip it over? Oh my gosh, I feel like
I’m gonna break this. Okay there we go. Did I do it? Oh no! It’s coming out!
Oh no! I messed up! I completely messed up. I mean, at least it looks kinda cool. I don’t know how you would cut this to make it
look like a normal watermelon. Maybe like that? That’s
not bad. It doesn’t really stick to the rind that well. So you just gotta keep that
in mind when you do this. But other than that, I’m gonna go ahead and say this one kinda works. What the heck am I gonna
do with all this jello now? (slurping sounds) Not bad. (Groovy music) Okay guys so here are our
skewers, our marshmallows. I really only need one of
these so get out of here. So we’re gonna fill this skewer
up with some marshmallows. Yeah that outta do it. Perfect. Next we’re gonna go
ahead and get our knife and our blowtorch. Now we
just heat this bad boy up. Okay that should be hot enough.
Now let’s try it, you ready? Oh my God it’s working.
It’s working. It’s working. Oh my God. Whoa it’s working! Whoa! I mean they’re not really cooked but it cut right through the marshmallow. That’s pretty cool. Wow that’s
nice! I appreciate this. Well guys, I’m gonna have to say that this one doesn’t work though ’cause it didn’t really
cook the marshmallow. I mean it kinda cooked this one. – [Toni] Oh it smells so good. – Want some marshmallow? – [Tori] Yeah – Perfect. It’s good? – [Tori] Oh, it’s good. – Well it’s girlfriend approved I guess. Okay guys now it’s everyone’s
favorite part of the video where we recreate the thumbnail. Woo! First I’m gonna have to
hollow out another watermelon. Here we go. Oh wait, I just realized I’m not supposed to do this until later because I have to make the pudding first. Okay so I’m gonna go ahead
and make the pudding. Okay so here’s our pudding
mix. Here’s our milk. Here’s our mixing pan.
I don’t actually have like a mixing saucepan
or whatever so okay. Two cups of water, two cups of cold milk. Okay add that in. Now
two cups of cold milk. Oh well that’s one. And that’s two. Okay yeah it looks good. It says I’m supposed to whisk
it but I don’t have a whisk. Man I really wish that the
mixatron five thousand was here. I guess I’m gonna have
to make something else. Yeah, here we go. Let’s
see if this will work. It’s a little scary but yeah it’s working. Oh it got all over my computer. Oh man. It’s either the dumbest
or the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. I’m still deciding I don’t know. Just so you guys know, that’s a fork. So this is the result of that. Honestly, this was a really awful idea. I completely forgot that I was recording. Well, now I gotta clean all this up. See you guys when it’s set. Okay so here’s the watermelon that I kind of started hollowing out. Well time to finish that. Okay yeah that’s a pretty hollowed out watermelon if I do say so myself.
Okay now time to put some pudding in there. Yeah, I don’t know if I’m gonna eat this.
This looks a little gross. I don’t know if I made this pudding right. I don’t think I did. I didn’t
mix it all the way through. There’s still powder
in it. Okay, I’ll lick some of this pudding off.
It’s okay, it’s not bad. Not the best pudding I’ve
ever had. That kind of rhymed. Okay now it’s time to
recreate the thumbnail. I just gotta go ahead and
set up the background. Okay, seamless. Perfect. It’s good enough. There we go. Got some
watermelon juice on my lens. Okay yeah that looks pretty good. Let’s just grab our Nutella. The goal was to not spend a
thousand dollars on Nutella. Okay here we go! And
yeah, that outta do it. Oh Tori Nebransky. Come here! – Hello! – Would you like to try
some watermelon pudding? I have a spoon for you. And a spoon for, wait one spoon’s for me. There is Nutella in that by the way. That’s Nutella. Does that
look good? Do you like it? It’s good? Is that a good pudding? – It’s great Rob. – Wait are you actually taking it? Oh my gosh she actually likes it. Okay I’m glad you like the pudding. Wow okay I thought that was
actually gonna go to waste. I’m glad she likes it.
Okay guys thanks so much for watching the video. If you liked it, make sure you give it a thumbs up or subscribe right down there. If you guys wanna watch me
do even more fun life hacks and crafts I’ve got a whole playlist that can keep me doing that right here. If you’re guys are new make sure you hit that subscribe button. If
you guys want the shirt, some stickers or any of my other merch, you can click right here. Okay guys, I love you so much.
I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love, and wifi. Awkward ending! Okay, bye!



  2. we name a water boiler a waterkoker im dutch so its a bit weird but it means if i say in english or aerican watercooker

  3. When making a lighter green never use white it makes it lose its color, use yellow instead and if you need it duller then use white. If you want a darker green use red rather than black but only the very tiniest amount

  4. just imagine someone rolling up on Robby watching him film a watermelon with googly eyes and singing in a high pitched voice

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