Trying Dollar Store Skincare for the First Time

Trying Dollar Store Skincare for the First Time

boom Showtime hello world or what’s up
guys welcome back to today’s video I literally cannot I can’t I just can’t
where do I even begin with today’s video if you’ve already clicked on this video
you know the title you know the thumbnail today we are testing dollar
store skincare now is the appropriate time to send prayers today guys we are
testing dollar store skincare now this is something that I’ve wanted to do for
a really long time I’ve seen other youtubers tried dollar store makeup but
I haven’t seen anyone to do a full dollar store skincare routine I’m about
to take you guys with me shopping in just a second but I have got everything
at cleanser serum lotions potions so who knows what is gonna happen in today’s
video I don’t know what to expect this is either gonna be really good or really
bad wait until you guys see the face mask that I picked up oh my gosh the
face mask is to die for alright guys we are inside the dollar
store I have to find the skincare what am I getting myself into guys I’m distracted look at these little
cute plants only $4 I think I’m gonna have to add this to my cart this is not
skincare but okay you guys so we found this skincare section and the first
things first I love these I’ve bought these at
Sephora for like $5 or more apiece a dollar fifty for two these facial
cleansing scrub ease you’re coming home with me
okay so I just talked to the store employee and she said that the facial
cleanser is sold out so we’re gonna have to use these face wipes Nivea $4 okay
there’s a couple different selections here mmm no I don’t know that one looks
like the hand cream and that is so oily what is this one dry and sensitive skin
yeah I think let’s get this one who is she who are these beauties oh my
gosh metallic pink silver and gold whoo what okay we are going to have to get
one of these which one should I get you oh my gosh okay $4 now for a face cream
collagen what’s this one Argan night creams as well I don’t know which one
should I get you guys this one just looks like much more masculine I feel
like I’m a little bit more drawn to this black one is this the one let’s get it
okay so so far face wipes face cream a face mask I’ve got my silicone sponges
or almost a bear now look if we didn’t look weighed out here we almost forgot
our serum a collagen anti-wrinkle facial serum no honestly this is the only serum
that’s here so we’re gonna have to get it now I thought it would be fun to add
in a little bit of lip chap we can’t neglect to these kissable winter lips I
used to use this when I was in junior high these awkwafina lip glosses I’m
getting it look at all this makeup you guys lipsticks face brushes foundations
I mean that is a whole other thing what is this hair chalk oh my god I can’t
believe look at all of these hair accessories I’m shocked
can you guys believe all of the things at the dollar store as we saw the
skincare section was pretty big I don’t know who’s buying their skincare at the
dollar store but obviously there’s people out there because as you guys
heard I talked to the sales associate and she actually said that their
cleanser was sold out when I asked where the cleanser was she was like yeah duh
it sold out oh my god is there a waiting list for this dollar store cleanser I
have got to go back and get my hands on it all right
so are you guys ready for this entire dollar store skincare routine I cannot
let’s first take a look at the receipt here so for the entire skincare routine
it only cost me $17 and 55 cents I got one two three four five six items for
1750 those little cleansing sponges were a dollar fifty the face mask was four
dollars the cream was four dollars the wipes
were four dollars the serum was four dollars and the lip balm was two dollars
okay so I feel like I can’t put this off any longer
let’s try out this dollar store skincare routine so the first step is the Nivea
three and one gentle cleansing wipes for eyes lips and face now I picked the one
for dry and sensitive skin it says I can even remove waterproof makeup mild and
gentle for daily use and these wipes were $4 now we’re already starting the
skin care routine off on a very wrong foot if you guys saw my video from last
week skincare mistakes you’re probably making and how to fix it one of the
biggest skincare mistakes you can make is using a face wipe without washing
your face afterwards but you guys know I couldn’t find a cleanser that sold out
cleanser from the dollar store so all we’re gonna have today is wiping our
face with these Nivea face wipes I do not recommend this there is literally no
excuse for not cleansing your face after using a makeup wipe they can be full of
harmful chemicals and if left on the skin that they can irritate your skin
they can break you out so let’s open these together I can’t believe we’re
doing a dollar store skincare routine okay these obviously have the Nivea
scent they smell like the typical Nivea hand cream let’s just take this out of
here all right so I can’t believe this is what we’re doing today you guys mmm
you know what I don’t mind the scent it does smell like the Nivea cream but a
really mild or light version of it oh my skin is definitely looking
hydrated let’s take this under the chin okay this definitely it wasn’t very
saturated I’m gonna actually use a second sheet oh yeah now we mean
business all right there we go now my skin is feeling a lot more fresh I
really wish that I could have used these little silicone cleansing brushes if you
just need a little help cleansing these are perfect you just put the cleanser
right on the pad swirl it around your face all right now my skin is definitely
tingling I am experiencing a little bit of I don’t want to say the B word
burning but it definitely is tingling let’s hope that that goes away now next
up is going to be a face mask oh look at this you guys this is the lux beauty
hair age-defying metallic wash off mask this also contains hyaluronic acid and
I’m not gonna lie but this package got me I mean look at this it is pink it is
shiny it’s metallic I mean I cannot this face mask it cost only $4 okay now I’m a
little bit disappointed because when I picked this mask out I thought that it
was a peel-off mask I thought it was a metallic pink peel-off mask but I guess
that’s a little bit too good to be true I’m still here for this pink color it
says it’s recommended two to three times a week so let’s open this face mascot Oh y’all know y’all this is so can you guys
see this oh my gosh this is this is everything it’s really hard to see on
camera but it is a really shiny metallic pink the texture is really weird it’s
super watery it’s almost like a pudding but the color of it you guys I can’t
it’s jelly ah oh it looks a little bit gross on camera oh oh oh I literally I feel like Kari this is not
a very glamorous looking mask it doesn’t look quite like the picture on the front
if you guys could see this in real life it definitely is reflective I can see
where they were going with the face mask I don’t think they got there all the way
but let’s put this back on because I don’t want to get this all over my pants
surprisingly it actually feels a very cooling and calming the red color is
kind of me out in real life it’s a little bit
more pink but I don’t think I’m here for how it looks but it actually feels
really cooling really calming and kind of feels like if you imagine an aloe
vera gel it doesn’t have any scent it’s not burning it’s not stinging this is
very interesting I am a little bit worried to leave it on my skin because
there are quite a few dyes in this face mask and I don’t want it to dye my skin
I also don’t want it to irritate my skin or break it out but for today’s video
I’m going to leave this on my skin for fifteen minutes before I rinse it off
I’ll check back in with you guys and then we’ll rinse it off and see how it
goes okay surprisingly my skin it doesn’t
even feel that bad you guys it actually feels pretty well hydrated and it looks
really good I am a little bit confused it actually feels almost firmer it
doesn’t feel tight or dry at all this whole area here feels very smooth very
lifted I am a little bit confused literally what just happened okay we
need to move a right along because I don’t want my skin to dry out now next
up in a skincare routine obviously is serum we were lucky enough to find from
the Dead Sea collection another collagen product this is the anti-wrinkle facial
serum with dead sea minerals spectacular moisturizing and soothing effects are
provided by the innovative ingredients with anti-wrinkle properties and of
course it’s paraben free now this serum you guys was $4 for actual dollars
literally 12 quarters 16 quarters math has never been my strong suit 16
quarters and let’s open this up and see what kind of magic we are gonna find
this okay I’m not mad at this look is this literally this is a glass bottle
our glass bottle I mean I feel though that this is a really big box or such a
tiny serum you guys what is this have any of you guys tried a dollar store at
skincare before let me know in the comments down below are there any of
your favorite products from the dollar store please let me know
all right here we go a nice big dropper fall I’d say that’s
an appropriate sized amount let’s go ahead and press this into the skin
I’m literally saying prayer inside my head right now oh my gosh please please
please please please please don’t let my face fall off all right I’m not the
hugest fan of this serum it is a very thick formula I can feel it all over my
skin it’s drying down a little bit sticky but you know sometimes that
provides the hydration so there is a lot of oil in here so I don’t want to use
too much because I am NOT trying to break out I feel like one pump is enough
it feels hydrated through my nose area through my forehead I definitely could
use a second dropper full of serum but just because I’m not sure how it’s gonna
react with my skin I don’t think I’m gonna use it today I’m gonna put it back
in this gigantic package and call it a day oh my gosh this has a urea in it
it’s not something that’s normally found in a foot cream that makes like your
foot soft oh my gosh should I just put foot cream on my face okay so for
moisturizer we’re using from the same Dead Sea collection the collagen
anti-wrinkle night cream again with dead sea minerals with a spectacular
moisturizing and soothing effects okay both of these products the serum and the
moisturizer say the exact same thing suspicious okay so four ingredients I
see argan oil shea butter sodium hyaluronic this sounds like a pretty
thick heavy moisturizer there’s a vitamin E there is hydrolyzed collagen a
vitamin b5 those things actually don’t sound too bad let’s go ahead and try
this cream on now this cream was $4 as well so $4 for the face cream $4 for the
serum and $4 for at the face mask how do they sell these things so cheap where do
they get them do any of you guys know where the dollar store gets their
products please let me know or don’t let me know in the comments down below you
know what I’ve got to say that these skincare
rocks actually look like products that you would see at t.j.maxx or at winners
when you get them out solo I’m like okay I feel like I’ve seen this before on the
winners shelf and I feel like it would be priced at like $6.99 899 what do you
guys think am i on to something here okay let’s open this moisturizer up and
get this party started peel this off hmm really no scent it
just smells like a light moisturizer very light fragrance it does look like a
thicker style of cream oh very thick I’ll show you guys on the back of my
hand here it feels very much like a Nivea or very much like a body cream
this is going to be super hydrating and I’m gonna use this a very sparingly
alright so I’ve taken a pretty small pea-sized amount here I’m gonna put this
on my fingers now I do notice as soon as I started rubbing the product together a
scent started to appear a very floral scent they didn’t really smell when I
open the package but as soon as I started rubbing it between my fingers it
actually smells pretty strong now kind of smells like a grandmother’s perfume
I’m not gonna go crazy because this is such a thick formula with shea butter we
want to take this slow and steady okay so just as expected that
moisturizer is very thick as you guys can see my skin is almost looking
borderline greasy at this point this would be okay and I guess it is marketed
as a night cream so this is not a cream that you’re gonna be applying during the
day and hitting the streets my skin is very greasy and if you’re someone who
wears makeup out there your makeup is gonna slip right off of
this base but you know what for a night cream if my face doesn’t break out this
potentially we could be onto something I mean compared to the beginning of
today’s video my skin is definitely looking more hydrated more supple more
full I mean without a doubt it is definitely looking
shiny or greasy or perhaps I mean tomato tomahto
so the skincare routine would not be complete without treating my lips so I
picked up the awkwafina hydrating lip balm now these bring me right back to
junior high and I don’t know if I got them at the dollar store but I
remember these when I was in junior high and I remember them tasting really good
so that’s why I picked them up today which flavor should I use
I honestly think I’m just gonna go for blue because I’m totally in like a
refreshing mood oh my gosh okay this is exactly like I remember from junior high
now this one is a minty flavor they actually glide along the lips really
well now they’re only a dollar a piece two dollars for two and I’m so happy
this is literally exactly what I wanted okay guys so I guess that’s it I guess
that is a wrap on today’s video trying a dollar store skincare routine without a
doubt my skin is looking a lot more fresh and illuminated hydrated supple
but I mean tomorrow is going to be the real test please pray that my skin it
doesn’t fall off in my sleep please pray that I don’t wake up with a face full of
acne I mean I guess it will be worth it to test and try these products but
honestly if nothing happens to my skin and if I wake up with a luminous radiant
glowing skin I am gonna be shook I mean I got this whole entire routine for
$17.50 every product under five dollars that is literally confusing and it makes
me question my entire existence if you guys have any affordable skincare
suggestions please let me know in the comments down below I’ll try and find
these products and link them in the show notes down below as well if you liked
today’s video don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up it really helps me out hit
that subscribe button and turn on the bail notification if you made it to the
end of today’s video you know that Romeo and I love and appreciate you so so much
thanks for sticking around until the very end and of course we’ll see you in
the next video bye guys


  1. As soon as I saw that it was dollar store skin care I started praying for ur skin 😂 please read the ingredients first

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