Trying Out Blendid's Smoothie-Making Robot

Trying Out Blendid's Smoothie-Making Robot

Blendid's Chef B is an automated kiosk capable of making up to three dozen 12-ounce smoothies in an hour. The smoothie recipes were created through joint collaborations between chefs and nutritionists. The kiosk has refrigeration systems, blenders, robotic arms and 20 temperature-controlled dispensers. Depending on how many ingredients goes into each blend, it usually takes about 2–3 minutes to finish. Whether you like things more sweet, or sour, or fragrant… you can add more, or less, of any specified ingredient. You can track the progress of each smoothie order from a video screen on the right of the kiosk. All the blends were created by resident chef Kristen Rasmussen, a culinary nutrition and food sustainability expert with a passion for real food. Want to check it out yourself? The robot is located at the University of San Francisco's Market Cafe.

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  1. The arm seems quick enough but slowed by the fruit extraction process, I'm wondering why that is so slow

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