Trying to Get Into Fitness & Health Reaction

Trying to Get Into Fitness & Health Reaction

Hey buddies its ya girl AyChristene and today we’re
checking out jaden animations trying to get into fitness and health I have a lot
of requests to check this out especially after seeing the odd ones out close the
buying clothes video so we’re gonna see a what of how she feels about getting
into fitness and health I think this video came out in February it’s New
Year’s it’s a swole and healthy okay so it’s
probably got a deal with like you know use resolutions stuff like that but
we’re gonna see what some story link for this videos in the description box below
for you to check out now let’s get started that means people have already
started giving up on their New Year’s dear you said like the ultimate I’m not my resolution okay I don’t into my life
right away rather than waiting until next week or next year lifetime cool my
opinion that no one asked for into the ring okay these people were actually
punching the ground around a bush that’s funny that’s funny that’s a cute little
take on that same beating around the bush let’s stop beating around the bush
and talk about the most like looking at people losing weight yes you know many
pounds by drinking this tea from a weird plant you’ve never heard of lose 10
pounds in 30 nice is free what your money it’s all true pay attention to us
oh dear just people who want your money sure the scale says body says yeah but
that was all just water weight and also I don’t feel very good
out here Wow yes life that’s why they’re called
lifestyle changes true I’m gonna pay 200 gems for this diet shake feel good for
two weeks lose ten pounds and then give up in a month
changes happen going to the gym let’s be honest with ourselves here that’s a weak
excuse for a resolution it is easier to follow the trail exercise more okay I
like a lot of sports okay my last year of high school to focus on YouTube and
art I didn’t care about what I was not moving around people do when they reach
a similar problem what all right here we go again oh my gosh now they think they can
make that video like my name is Timmy and like they like those kids I don’t
know if you guys remember that video was freaking buddy why are so many of them
so fake the weird hip-hop music and the smile hey hey exercise seemed fun and
all that but I freaked I do entire workout smiling and talking and making
cheesy eating pizza jokes alright now whoever did that burn in
those quads everything perfectly and I totally know you’re panting like a dying
animal over the year pizza in the fridge looking at you Brittany okay is Jayden
finally selling out now turn that thing off
I’ve never talked to fitness Blender they’re not paying me to say okay you
don’t even know I exist yet videos and tips are completely free programs
they’re like 15 bucks you aren’t going to see changes well Jim
don’t murder yourself so smart and so I first started trying to get back into
working out yeah that’s how you can get all right go through it alright so many
times we even try the whiz thing that we tried with that Shante
Austin I think was his name and it’s like is it p90x I don’t know
it’s one of his because he’s got a lot of extreme videos and suck good we could
not get through five minutes it was it was grueling it was really really bad
and after getting like through though he’d be like okay that’s the one we were
our first goal it was so hard our first goal was to see if we can complete the
warmup because it is so extreme and it’s so extreme but it’s all calisthenics and
your body like you could push your body to the limit and get a lot of good
results and you would be sore for like a couple days after not completely the
more but that’s how intense it was and this is a funny this this is relatable
because I’ve been through that and the warm-up thing yeah right it’s like
straight up okay that made me think of the guy from one punch man I forgot his
name but he like rip off his shirt and then get completely naked and have like
angel wings and he’s like glistening like he was dipped freshly in oil or
like butter I don’t know his name but if you watch
one punch man you know I’m talking about you feel amazing it’s the closest thing
to take healthy like Venn diagram style someone could be thin doesn’t mean
they’re at all true so I’m gonna be super swollen buff but 24/7 and someone
could be eating super healthy but not healthy yeah I use a really bad
relationship with eating I’ve talked about it yes in college I developed an
eating disorder and a fear of eating food and I would go like an entire day
eating almost no no no Jaden I think that eating 600 calories today
is just gonna flow to you to all your hopes and mouths no nope it’s just
exactly exactly you can trust me the future bitcoin is
an everything you can oh my goodness I wish
the back I’m getting out of here before it controls everything yeah you can’t
abuse your body and expect anything everybody oh great I could totally run a
marathon and write an essay I’m so energized and my brain is so clear
thanks for feeding me literally one cup of gas into your car and then drive to
China the dumb brain versions of those TV and email scams where they’re like
hey give me your credit card info social security number and mother’s maiden name
and I’ll give you a million and be mindful and respectful about exactly you’re doing this for you that’s
important that dumb hip-hop music while you look at that is not hip-hop music
that is not hip-hop music that is like some 80s or 90s workout video she found
I want people to understand but I like like Zumba I used to forget love Zumba I
can’t really do summer now any work since I can’t right now for
health reasons nonetheless like yoga is something that’s healthy that you can do
that’s really great for you it’s all about finding what works for you and
sticking to it that’s really the bottom line but I do I do agree that a lot of
people kind of and I’ve done it we’ve all done it where we’re like hey I’m
gonna do this some of the workout more and we are vague and we don’t really
hold to it because it is big versus saying hey us doing it specifically and
she said you know Alice has done one Rosanna pansino and she looks freaking
awesome and it’s not even about the look like she’s healthy you know you can see
the health the happiness and health in her where she was like she’s started up
with like a goal of how much weight she tried weight training and then she just
kept up in the goal when she met and when she met it and it’s happening that
the specificity that can help you know sticking to hey this is what I’m gonna
do specifically this workout was specifically this goal type of thing and
work towards that and you can make it it is hard at times but once you get the
hang of it it’s really good and they say that I think it’s 21 days if you do a
have it for 21 days you have made something I haven’t and it can be really
good so keep that in mind and if you do something for 21 days in a row
it can become a habit keep the good things in mind and makes you do less of
the bad things that could be bad for you and that doesn’t mean you can’t eat
donuts and there’s like a there’s a fitness guy follow on Instagram that
eats one doughnut each day and he works out hard it’s all about what works for
you and I want to get one us donuts man I want to do it right now I’m gonna get
me a doughnut let me know your thoughts on the video down below and about what
it speaks to you and regards to working out and all that stuff if you like the
video check the link in the description box below and check out joy chain the
animations you like this video has the line on that like button don’t forget to
subscribe and follow me on instagram twitter twitter i love you guys as


  1. When Jaiden said the logical thoughts and the bad thoughts, I immediately thoughts of Logan and Virgil. XD

  2. I swear to Heracles I will RUN YOU OVER WITH AN EXERCISE BIKE IF YOU PLAY THAT STUPID MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND that’s basically me when I’m reading Percy Jackson and then my friends start playing inappropriate music like MY DUDES SHUT UP also if you read the heroes of Olympus series
    But in all seriousness
    Hera is really a jerk

  3. 9:41 Oh no, Christene doesn't know that James from the odd1sout used to make subscriber specials by swimming in sprinkles equal to the number of subs he just achieved…

  4. I am fat and I like being fat becaus my body is happy with me and I eat only breakfest and my belly heart me when I dont eat

  5. Do you want to get skinny …. good but don’t get to skinny or you’ll look TERRIFYING OR STARVE YOURSELF 😦😱😳😖😫✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼

  6. Thanks for reaching to this I'm happy you watch Jaiden Animations .Also I failed my new years resolution… was making a comment that will never be liked 🤣😂

  7. Its not that i dont eat because im trying to lose weight, its more because i dont feel hungry or that im just to lasy to get up and make something

  8. I tell myself a list of things I know I’m doing wrong and need to stop but I’m to used to doing it so I just forget and it messes me up.

    messes me up REAL BAD

  9. At my gymnastics we often have to do Shawn T and WE HATE IT
    we also always make fun of the people in the background

  10. 5:54 i can relate, in gym class, we `jog` but its that competitive state were its totally fine, then people start to race one another without even talking, so it goes to full on cheetah mode,…. we have tto do that for 3 whole minutes
    And "oh no! Bekkis tying her shoe, guess that mean another minute of toture for the whole class!"

    Thats just our warm up…

    Me:*wines * b-ut I'm tried

  12. Can you watch Daniel Coz Mulan (I'll make a man out of you), be prepared, and Disney Villains Medley.

  13. My friends sometimes will ask me "Why do you always eat less food?" And I would always reply "O-Oh, um..I'm…FULL! Ya! Im full" then they walk away believing me. I'm going through what Jaiden used to go through too, and it even made me think that my family, friends and teacher probably hates me.
    Edit: Now I'm a bit better expect for when 2017 me. Now, my studies are failing and NOW I FEEL LIKE MY TEACHER DO HATE ME (💔〰💔)

  14. but honey you’ve got a big storm coming
    i like how christene didn’t even notice the meme reference jaiden snuck in

  15. What she meant by "pull a james" she means theodd1sout every i think its 100 subscribers correct me if im wrong but i think its 100 subs he puts how many he has in sprinkles on a cake😁

  16. I don't eat alot like noddles i will eat a meat ball and 5 bites i am used to eat the hole plate the ask dor more

  17. Hi My Name is Catrina!
    And My Name Is Huegh
    I’m Sarah, I’m Emma!
    And I’m Joe To You

    (That’s What Are you looking for)

  18. See i really like sports,I've got really low self-esteem see i just think people judge me all the time😅

  19. I try to get into workingout a bit at home but its really hard for be because im embarassed by it and i wait for everyone to leave house or be asleep
    ;v; help me

  20. Im just gonna day this adults need 2000 calories a day and need to lose 500 a day so don’t think that 600 calories is enough not even close people you should maintain 1500-2500 calories a day

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