1. Article used in this video: https://www.jazminemedia.com/2019/07/twice-mina-receives-harsh-comments-from-k-netizens-jyp-does-this/

  2. I wouldn't exclude her leaving the group. If her stage fright is mainly mental and not linked to her knee pain, it's a pretty serious issue that needs time to deal with. On that regard, JYPE have been quite elusive. As far as we know, Mina might as well have had some internal conflict with the agency itself, idk, maybe for her contract, or been tired to idols' very strict schedules.

  3. How can someone possibly blame a person like that, like being sick and having anxiety issues is her(Mina) fault.

  4. I am not from korea but I really want to say that most negative and narrow minded k nets …. Fuck u all seriously u did the same thing when sana post about Japanese culture on Instagram and now again shame on u……..

  5. Why does JYP always read hate comments. There are 98% of nice Supportive comments but he just happens to only see hate ones

  6. Mina , you are not my bias
    But , I still love you
    Without you twice is nothing
    Get well soon
    I love you.

  7. jyp always threatens this stuff but nothing is ever heard off…. its like the boy who cried wolf at this point… kinda getting annoying… sorry u cant stop what people say about anything.. its just life…

  8. How could someone say one bad thing about Mina she and the rest of Twice are AMAZING‼️ get well soon Mina take all the time you need ♥️♥️♥️

  9. I really wanna know what happens to those who post malicious comments. I wanna see them in jail. Isn't it enough that jonghyun left because of stupid pressure from people who are so obssessed in criticizing others. Always remember that not all people can tolerate extreme bashing and criticism. Mina is a quiet person she doesn't deserve to be bullied by useless people. Anxiety is dangerous, don't let her suffer too much from it.

  10. Why can't people just leave her alone.. jeez I'm glad she is taking a step back. We need all members to be happy and healthy and if this is needed for that. I'm definitely not complaining. Glad she does this.

  11. This is to much!LEAVE HER ALONE!She worked hard and hard to be part of twice?!Those K Netizens trigger the ass out of me..I aint letting this happen to any japanese kpop idol..racist sh*tty people

  12. I’m so glad JYP really takes these issues seriously and backs his artists. Let’s hope Mina is doing okay and wish for a good recovery. We love our penguin 🐧💚💙


  14. Knetz boycott Japanese goods? What will happen to Korean idol if Japanese boycott all their products and kpop idol too?

  15. Girls health and safety should always come first.
    Mina, please take all the time you need to be well and happy again. As matter of fact all Twice members should take a much needed rest and recover.
    We will wait for you all , no matter how long it takes. I rather see you all healed physically and mentally. You have all my love and my prayers. I love you Twice.

  16. Minari's anxiety and stage fright may be a cover for some health issue she may be having.
    It is no secret, she has had problems with her leg.
    Her leg may be bothering her again so much that she cannot dance or stand on it.
    I hate to say it but I think Minari will leave Twice this year.
    Five years may be enough for her and she may want to focus on other opportunities in her life.
    Keeping 9 women together for a 7 year contract is very difficult,
    Even SME couldn't do it with Girls Generation.

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