1. Ohne Mampf kein Kampf

    Das Motto hätten wir auch in der österreichischen Armee. Verflucht war diese Zeit geil 😀

  2. Your time for the 1km was good, but the minimum standard 6:30! Thats a 10:30 mile pace for less than a mile.
    What kind of test is that for a military unit? I can't imagine the German soldiers find that a challenge at all.

  3. PFT in a Building, what what what??? Ein Soldat kennt sich bestens in seine Materie aus. Das heisst auch draussen, Schützengraben ausheben.

    Vorallem allein ohne Aufsicht und Tester, da kann ja nix werden College Boy

    Servus lass mal das Bundesheer samt -wehr ran, wir machen das schon

  4. I’m also a german army soldier. I never did sport at any time of my old life and did the bft easily. This test is a little bit too easy for fighting companies. Just my opinion.

  5. my father was with the army in the GDR army and the do a3km run and have only 12 m time otherwise they were not allowed to hve weekend and that was evre morning

  6. 6 minutes timeframe for 1000 meters??? That cannot be right. I mean, are you drinking coffe in between??? In school at 16 years of age i made it in 4 minutes and 17 seconds. Guess what grade i received for this? C- ! If you wanted to receive a grade A you had to run 1000 meters in less than 3 minutes and 50 seconds. But you did a very good job with 3 minutes and 33 seconds

  7. Your Chin has to be over The pull up bar at any Time. The Test is over as soon as your Chin ist under The bar

  8. I do believe that the german basic training is superior to that of the american army branch but the germans have only very few veterans

  9. 3 km in 15 minutes running is the basic fitness test in Turkish Army . If you cant run today, you can run tomorrow ,or the day after ,until you run it.)

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