– Fourth day here, four days. (sighs) – [Kru Chan] Deep breaths. (heavy breathing) – [Robyn] This is what happens. – [Kru Chan] The body’s shocked. The body gets shocked! (upbeat music) (yelling) (upbeat music) (yelling) (hip hop music) ♪ Wave, wave, yeah, I swear they
never really understand me ♪ ♪ I need a comma like I need Grammy ♪ – G’day mate.
– G’day mate. – G’day mate.
– What’s going on mate? – G’day, Aussie.
– Oi, mate, oi. – Oi, oi, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi. – Oh!
(laughing) (yelling)
(hip hop music) ♪ Sign a major for the bank ♪ ♪ You over thank the Lord ♪ ♪ That it’s not a penitentiary ♪ ♪ Nice guys are money siders ♪ ♪ And mighty flashy with the birds ♪ ♪ I scribble just to
get my pockets lined ♪ ♪ Til I get authorised ♪ – Good morning world, it’s
17th of October, 2019. Day four of our adventures
here on Fitness Street, slash Soi Taied, Phuket, Thailand. Once again, like the previous days, it’s gonna be a day in the life. Highlights of our day
here to give you an idea of what this place is
like before you get here. (rooster crowing) It’s early in the morning,
it’s seven in the morning, the rooster’s going crazy here. And Robyn and I just woke up, literally like, half an hour ago. So, she’s completely obliterated from the last couple of
days training at Unit 27. So for today’s agenda, not locked-in, but definitely doing,
she’s definitely doing the Unit 27 Kalorie
Killa class this morning. I did cover this off in a previous video, when she did a Kalorie Killa
class a couple days ago. I might do a couple
highlights of this class. It’s probably gonna be
formatted almost the same. I don’t wanna, like, give repeat content. But I might do some highlights. There might be some things
that are a little different. And then I might do a
private class in here. This is Dragon Muay Thai. I did private classes, and
Robyn did private classes here, Dragon Muay Thai, last year. This is what it looks like on the outside. If you’re looking at
getting into some Muay Thai, (rooster crowing)
even just for fitness, ’cause I think Muay Thai is for everyone, not just for someone who wants
to learn the martial art. But it’s really, really great fitness. This is Dragon Muay Thai. This is the entire facility here. But I’m not gonna tour
you in there right now. I’ll save that for another video. And, or maybe later on in this video. And then this afternoon, we’re
going to Rattachai Muay Thai, which is a street parallel
to Fitness Street. (rooster crowing) And, again, gonna show you
highlights of that class, even though we’ve done a
group class there already. I will give you some
highlights of that class, bring some people in from, that have watched the previous videos, or that are just touring here. So you’re not just seeing my
ugly face talking all the time. So, right now, it’s seven in the morning, just starting our day, and we’re at Cocoville, where we usually go to have coffee first thing in the morning. We’re not staying here at the moment, but we’re staying at Phuket
Muay Thai House for a week. But we are staying at Cocoville in the third week of our adventures here. We’re here for a month. But the coffee here is just the best. So that’s why we’re here. I’m from Melbourne, it’s like, a massive coffee culture there, which is why I love, you know, Robyn loves the coffee here as well, so. And also it’s a great ambience, a great vibe, friendly people. And it’s like, Cocoville
is super, super close to the training street, which is just on the top of
that hill over there, so. (hip hop music) It is twenty to ten in the morning. Again, I’m at Unit 27, about to shoot some highlights
for the Kalorie Killa class. They’re about to start the class. This is, some of the stations
have been set up here, on one side of the training floor. And, yeah, it’s gonna be a lot of fun to shoot the highlights. And, yeah, so stick around. We’ll talk more about the ice spa as well. Coming up, I shot a video yesterday. But after this session, Robyn’s gonna jump in the ice spa again. Just quickly, they’ve even got like, a little cafe here as well with protein tubs out here
and a really cool menu. Superfood smoothies,
fresh juices, tea, coffee. Hey gang, you wanna be in my video? How are you? What was your name? – Mickey. – Mickey, it’s Mickey, he’s at Unit 27. Brad, I’m Brad. – Nice to meet you, Brad. – Yeah, you too. They’re still doing the
warm-up here, Unit 27. The Kalorie Killa. They’re outside doing like,
a little tunnel thing. What’s it called? Tunnel war crawls. I did this in school. What’s it called? – Harry. – Harry, you train here, or? – Yeah, so, well, I will
be, yeah, yeah, yeah. Soon to start, soon to start a unit, so. – Oh, as a coach? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Well, fantastic. – Well, Jason, a few years ago, started rekindling the unit, yeah. – I love him, man. – Yeah, yeah. – That’s cool. I was wondering why you
were kinda off to the side. – Yeah, yeah, just observing a little bit. Wait for the warm-up to
finish, then we’ll get started. – Oh, so you’re learning how he’s doing, he’s teaching the class? – Yeah, just getting used to the set-ups, getting used to the set-ups. And just seeing what
the exercises are, so. – While I’ve got you, for people that’ve never been here before, what do you suggest? Top tip, top tip for people
that’ve never been here before? – I think, just come
with a good open mind. (laughing) And just embrace the exercise, really. It’s gonna be hard, it’s gonna be tough. But there’s always a good group of people and I think kind of helps a lot. So, yeah, just come with
an open mind to enjoy, push yourself, and just kind of, yeah, a bit of self-confidence. – And it’s for everybody, isn’t it? – Everybody, yeah. – Did you hear that, guys, everybody. – Yeah, we have a whole, a whole
host of people come through from like, first-time,
you know, class-goers, to, you know, five-year
cross-fitters, so, yeah, it’s all inclusive. – Cool, man, I’ll talk to you later on. – Cool. – You’re a legend. (gentle upbeat music) (whistle blowing) ♪ Yo, coming in, coming in, yo ♪ ♪ Flex, I just wanna
win, I just wanna win ♪ ♪ LABB, who we runnin’
with, runnin’ with ♪ (cheering)
(clapping) (whistle blowing) – Kalorie Killa, look at them go. Look at ’em go, look at Robs go. (upbeat music) You go girl, you go girl. (hip hop music) ♪ Money clip I tossed it ♪ ♪ I heard it’s big bags ♪ ♪ On big bags on big bags coming ♪ ♪ Uh huh, coming in ♪ ♪ Coming in, yo ♪ ♪ Flex, I just wanna
win, I just wanna win ♪ – [Coach] You have 10 more seconds. (hip hop music) ♪ Two, two, three,
three, I’m on 10 again ♪ ♪ Pump up the action ♪ ♪ I’m active ♪ ♪ If he never hear of BeenDope ♪ ♪ He just napping ♪ ♪ Jacksons ♪ ♪ Off the rapping ♪ ♪ Keep it on my body ♪ – [Coach] Three, two. (whistle blowing) – Now they’re doing a bit
of a group exercise here. And, it’s actually a little bit overcast. I’ll get out of the wind. It’s actually a little bit overcast today, but it’s still quite warm. And I’m sweating and I’m
running with a camera, so. They’re training so, you can just imagine how hard it is, so. I’ll try and get a good
shot for you guys here. A little bit of a team
building exercise here. – [Coach] We’re doing
20 team squats together. Three, two, one. Up on four, down. – So, they’re doing 20 team squats. (yelling) (camera clicking) – [Coach] Up, now nine. And up, training. (static crackling) – All right guys, they just
finished here at Unit 27, the Kalorie Killa class. I’m with Lewis, from
just outside of London. – Yep. – Tell me, mate, how do you feel? – Absolutely ruined. I’m not good. – Spin around for a sec. – Yeah. – Just gotta be for the light here. You’re ruined. So, have you been here before, first time? – Yeah, no, it’s the third time. So, I came three years ago, two years ago, and then, back here for
seven weeks this time. – Yeah?
– Yep. – Look at you man, look at this machine. Hey? – Ain’t that good? – Are you training just at Unit 27, or? – No, training at Tiger as well. – Muay Thai, and all that? – No, the Muay Thai, no, the Western boxing, the
kickboxing, and the MMA. – Right, and top tips
for guys watching this that have never been here before? – Just come and give it a go. – Yeah? – Everyone can do it, there’s
even different fitness levels. I couldn’t do it the
first week I was here, but three weeks in and I’m– – How long does it take? ‘Cause this man’s from
the UK, cold climate. – Yeah. – How long did it take for you
to adjust to the Thai heat? – Definitely a week to two weeks. – Alright.
– Yeah. – I just had the same issue. – And I was training once a day, three or four times week. And then you can up it
once you get used to it. – Amazing.
– Yeah, yeah. – You’re a legend, mate, nice to meet you. – You too, man. – Yeah, see you around.
– Cheers. (static crackling) – All right guys, still at Unit 27. The guys have just finished
the Kalorie Killa class. Your name, and you’re from where? – I’m Claudia, I’m from
Germany, originally. – Yeah, look at that, and first time here? – Second time, actually. – Second time. – It’s really great. – Yeah? – I would definitely recommend it. – Right, and how long are you here for? – I’m here for two more
weeks, in total, three weeks. – Unbelievable, and from Germany. From (speaking foreign language)? – Exactly from Heidelberg. – From Heidelberg, okay. We have a Heidelberg back
in Melbourne actually. – Oh, you do? – Yeah, we do, yeah. So, any tips to anyone coming
here for the first time, and they just, I wanna know
like, how should they prepare? What should they think
about before they come here, whether it be Unit 27 or
the street in general? – I would, to be honest,
I would prepare a little. So, if your fitness
level is very, very low, I would at least prepare a
little and get some training. You could go to a gym and
try and get a trainer at home who can recommend what exercises to do. And when you’re here, the trainers here, they’re really, really helpful. Just ask them for help. They will check your level and then they will give you great advice. So I would just check. – And your favourite place
on Fitness Street, Soi Taied? Favourite place? Restaurant, or eatery, or cafe, or? – Oh, restaurant? Actually, Mama’s Cafe is really great if you want good, cheap
Thai food, go there. – All right guys, you heard the lady. Get your ass here. (laughing) – All right, thank you.
– Thanks a lot. (static crackling) – All right, still at the Kalorie Killa
post-game, post-game. We have Yok. – Hi.
– From Thailand. – [Robyn] There we go. – All right guys, check this out. The mountain that this
man is about to climb, on Monday, is Ama Dablam. – Dablam, check this out. Look at that pointy, ridiculous. – [Yok] So, basically,
you’re just gonna walk on this ridge, ridge all the way up there. (gasping) And then, where this really
steep bump there, to the summit. – [Brad] Unbelievable. – [Robyn] And look guys, look at his gear. (laughing) – [Brad] Yeah, this is the
preparation right here. Look at that. – [Robyn] Look, there he is! – [Yok] Yeah, so many
things I have to carry. – [Brad] That’s a total
modelling shot, right there mate. – [Yok] Did you see this
one, did you see this one? Wait, wait, wait. (laughing) Did you see this one, what it is? – [Brad] Tomato sauce? – [Yok] No, Sriracha! – [Brad] What? – [Yok] Spicy sauce. (laughing) – [Robyn] Spicy sauce, just in case! That’s awesome! – [Yok] I’m Thai, sorry, I have to. (laughing) – [Robyn] You have to, yeah, yeah. – I love that, man. Well, we’re gonna be thinking about you. We’ll link this guy up. – [Robyn] Look, look here, check that out. – Follow this man. – [Yok] I’m in training. – [Brad] This is preparation
for the big mountain. – [Robyn] Man, you’re
gonna be amazing to watch. I can’t wait. – [Brad] Yeah man, we’re
gonna follow your journey. – [Robyn] Yeah, absolutely. – [Yok] Thank you so
much, thank you so much. – Follow this guy, we’ll link him up. Yok, Thailand, watch out for him. – See you guys. (static crackling) – All right, so just real
quick guys, Unit 27’s ice bath. Robyn’s about to jump in here, it’s part of her six class package that she’s on, it includes
the ice bath experience. Okay Robs, take it away. Show us how it’s done. – Best thing after class,
guys, when you’re so hot. – [Brad] We’re gonna
time her three minutes, so three minutes in. – Ready! – [Brad] Three minutes in,
Robs, show us how it’s done. – Okay, so you just slowly get in. – [Brad] Oh here we go. (laughs) – [Robyn] Slowly does it. – [Brad] Two, one, and
that’s three minutes. – [Claudia] Good job, wow! – [Brad] Well, done Robs. – [Claudia] That is impressive. – [Brad Newton] Look at
you, didn’t even flinch, you didn’t even flinch. – That’s the best, guys, the best. (laughing) – [Brad] You didn’t even flinch. – You’ve gotta do it. – [Claudia] Wow, I think
she’s the only person I know who says that
it’s the best. (laughs) – Oh, I’m ready to do more training. (laughing)
(cheering) – [Brad] I swear you are part mermaid. – Breathe slowly, right? – [Robyn] Right, yeah,
slowly, just calm yourself. It’s, it’s a really, it’s
actually very meditational, that’s what I find. And the calmer you are, the better. And just slowly, slowly go in. You don’t wanna shock your body. – Three, two, one.
– Three, two, one. – [Robyn] Boom! – [Brad] Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. – [Robyn] Well done! – [Brad] Congratulations, you have graduated from the ice bath. – [Robyn] Don’t you feel
like it’s revitalising? How does it feel? – It is, it is, it’s great! – It’s, the best part is
getting out, to be honest. (laughing) – [Robyn] It’s so true. – Well done.
– Well done. (static crackling) – We’re walking out of Unit 27 and. – Hi guys! Oh my gosh, so, this Unit
27, this Kalorie Killa class that I did this morning, was, it’s an insanely
difficult class to do. But, after you finish it, you feel like, the most
massive sense of achievement because of what you go through. What I really like about
it is it’s teamwork based, so you’re literally
with another two people, and you just, yeah, there’s
just so much support. You’re not doing it on your own. And I would recommend this
class to anyone coming here wanting to do CrossFit. If you wanna challenge yourself, do this class, and then
an ice bath afterwards. (upbeat music) – All right, getting a
protein shake on the street here at Fitness Street
next to Happy Cottage. Right there, Happy Cottage. And this lady is making
us two protein shakes, with bananas. And then, you see all
the protein tubs there. So you can pretty much just
pick whatever fruit you want, and then she’ll put it
into the protein shake, she’ll blend it up for
you, right over there. (gentle upbeat music) (rooster crowing) (gentle upbeat music) All right guys, good afternoon. It’s the 17th of October, 2019. It is one o’clock in the afternoon. I’m at Dragon Muay Thai,
here, in Phuket, Thailand. This is gonna be a highlights reel. So if you’re looking at training here, then you’ll get to see what it’s like, how I get trained by Kru Chan. And, I’ve asked if he could
just, take it back a notch, show us the absolute
fundamentals of Muay Thai. Absolute basics. So, if you’re looking
at learning Muay Thai, you will get to see
how they teach it here. Also, you’ll get to see
me as the guinea pig, go through the learning
process here as well. I trained here last year,
see previous videos. Robs is filming. – [Robyn] Hey guys! – [Brad] This one right here. You weren’t expecting that, were you? This one. (laughing) – Yeah. – [Brad] She trained here as well. – It’s such an amazing, amazing session, that’s why we’re back. – That’s why we’re back here. Yeah, but we’ll do a little
bit of a walking tour as well. You can buy gear here. You pay, I think, 300 baht
for drop-in group sessions. They do two group sessions
a day, morning, afternoon. This is a private session, 700 baht. Stick around, it should be fun. See you soon. (upbeat music) (grunting) I just went fourth day
here, four days. (sighs) – [Kru Chan] Deep breaths. (heavy breathing) – [Robyn] This is what happens. – [Kru Chan] The body’s shocked. The body gets shocked! (upbeat music) (yelling) (crowing) (rooster crowing) (laughing) (upbeat music) (yelling) (upbeat music) – All right my friends, back
at the accommodation here. It’s 2:30 in the afternoon. So, I finished a private Muay Thai session at Dragon Muay Thai. I have a group, a group Muay Thai session at Rattachai at four p.m., it’s a two hour session. It is quite warm right now,
it’s quite hot, actually. So, what I’m usually, what I
usually do between classes, if I’m doing, like, two classes in a day, just so I don’t completely burn out, is I make sure, you know, I have, I’m having a protein shake right now, so. Right here is, it’s about 30 grammes, 35 grammes of whey protein with creatine, one teaspoon of creatine, and water. I already had a full shaker of D-Lyte, which is electrolyte, so I had that first, and then I have the protein shake. And I just had a rinse
off here in the shower. And about to jump in the pool. So, I’ll just jump in the pool
for, like, 10, 15 minutes, just to reset my mind, chill
out a little bit, relax. And then, you know, just keep hydrating. And then be ready for the
next class at four p.m. So, it’s kinda of my
little routine, you know. I recommend you do something like that. And then maybe, do a plunge pool, or, you know, an ice bath,
or something like that. Whatever you need to do to
reset your mind and your body. So you don’t just completely
run yourself into the ground out here, which is easy to do. ‘Cause you, some people get
carried away with the training. But if you can get a
place that has a pool, on Fitness Street, or nearby,
I highly recommend it, so. (static crackling) It is quarter to four in the afternoon, walking on the side of the street, the side street to Fitness Street, on our way to our final class for the day, where we’ll share the highlights with you. Rattachai Muay Thai,
really cool training gym, fitness gym here. I’m gonna show you the highlights. To be honest, it is extremely hot. (traffic rushing) We’ve just been drinking so much water. We’ve calculated today
that we drink, on average, around seven litres of water a day. (traffic rushing) That is not an exaggeration. (traffic rushing) Seven litres, and it is so hot. So all you’re doing is
drinking water and that is it. I am feeling really tired. I had a private session earlier on, and now we have a group class, four ’til six, two hours. So, anyway, let’s do this, Robs. Take us inside. Private sessions, 700. Group sessions, 400. We’re doing the four ’til six class. Let’s go. All right my friends, five
minutes ’til we start the class here at Rattachai. Got all our own gears, we
have our wraps and our gloves, and we have the D-Lyte,
which is the electrolyte. Robs is preparing it. These little guys, you can buy
them from the pharmacy here. And I actually bought some
of these bananas, too, from the Family Mart for after the class for a quick hit of energy. And of course, brought our wraps, and my gloves, and Robsie’s
pink, little, fighting gloves. – Somehow they just make me stronger. – Don’t ever underestimate pink gloves. (laughing) She’s got a heavy hit, this one. She’s a heavy hitter, this one. – Oh, I don’t know about it, this heat. (hip hop music) ♪ Okay, I’m back, I’m fresh on the scene ♪ ♪ Franchise best on the team ♪ ♪ Blue face and busting out the seam ♪ ♪ No, like the sun, like a dream ♪ ♪ Back out, fresh on the scene ♪ ♪ Franchise best on the team ♪ – All right, mid-break with the roosters. Two rounds down.
– How’s it guys? Rehydrate. – [Brad] Always, man. Pink gloves, always wins, every time, hey. – Man, you know what, I haven’t
been doing enough Muay Thai. – Yeah.
– Different fitness. – Same here. – [Robyn] Different fit, you feel it, hey? – Of course. Man, this hot weather. – [Robyn] It’s really hot. – Really love this place, Rattachai. Google it. – Google it. – Google it. (hip hop music)
Keep going girl, that’s it! There we go, there we go. ♪ I been on tail like fourth grade ♪ – All right folks, this is a quick one. We’ve just finished the
class here at Rattachai. We’re just leaving. Buh-bye! – [Robyn] Bye, see you! – It’s six o’clock at night
and it was a great session. We did some sparring here. 400 baht, drop-in. I’ll throw the map up. Come here, check it out if you come to Fitness Street and train. Really nice trainers here,
real family atmosphere, everyone is really friendly
and I’m really tired. In the background, I’ll quickly spin you. This is the little floor right here. And that’s where we trained. (rumbling) And you can hear the thunder
roaring in the background, so. Yeah, anyway, we’re leaving,
Robs is gone, I talk too much. So, we’re gonna get something to eat, probably a Thainese restaurant. We’ll bring you along. And then that’s gonna
be the end of the video. So thank you so much for tuning in guys. I really appreciate it. If you have any questions, actually link, link’s
below for some articles that I’ve written about
this training street that will help you plan your– (yelling) Oh yeah, come over here! (yelling) What’s that? – [Dean] I need to get the screaming name or whatever. – Oh yeah, Brad Newton Vlogs. Just Brad Newton, yeah. – [Dean] Facebook or YouTube? – Yeah, YouTube, yeah.
– YouTube. Brad Newton Vlogs. – Your name and from? – Dean, from Wexford, Ireland. – He’s a legend, this guy. – Take care, man.
– Thanks, man. – I’ll see you tomorrow. – Do you wanna be in it, I can cut– – Yeah, I’ll be here tomorrow. – Do you wanna be in the
video, ’cause I can cut it. – I really don’t mind, man. – Sweet, all right man. Anyway, sorry guys, just, amazing place. I’ll link some links below. I’ve written a couple articles here that will help you plan your fitness trip and training adventures here in Thailand, specifically Phuket on Fitness
Street, so check them out. I have to update them, actually. Anyway, so, I’m off. Have an amazing day, night,
wherever you’re tuning in from, and peace out. Ciao. (hip hop music) ♪ Like a dream ♪ ♪ Blue face and busting out the seam ♪ ♪ Move like a sun like a dream ♪ ♪ Blue face and busting out the seam ♪ ♪ Franchise best on the team ♪ ♪ Blue face and busting out the seam ♪ ♪ Move like a sun like a dream ♪ ♪ Back out fresh on the scene ♪ ♪ Franchise best on the team ♪ ♪ Blue face and busting out the seam ♪ ♪ Move like a sun like a dream ♪


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  2. Another interesting video, Brad. Robin and you make the perfect team. Muay thai is very serious (the killer martial art) but you two bring out the humor. Good clean fun from decent folks. Thank you both Robin and Brad..

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