this is our second location we just set
everything out now someone decided they would cut down a tree okay location
three seems to be working a little bit of tapping in the corner
but we’re gonna go for it anyway people don’t respect the studio welcome back to
another freestyle Friday every single week we’re gonna cook in my way recipes
are free you know I keep it hot so got that pen and paper let me show you what
I got what I got what I got a little bit of protein to keep you looking hot quinoa
beans on the spot hemp heart sprinkle it on top what’s up
everybody welcome back to another freestyle Friday today we’re doing a
monster protein salad this thing has a lot of protein grams we haven’t actually
added it up yet but we’re gonna and you’re gonna be like wow that’s a lot of
protein for example quinoa sh!t ton! protein chickpeas holy smokes protein
tofu and hemp hearts have a lot of protein
so let’s just jump in and let’s just jump right into it all right the base of
this salad is gonna be boom pop lies in the spinach game did you know that
Popeye makes spinach I wonder where this company pays his protein to quinoa is
also the base boom I just cooked that down chickpeas just from a can and tofu
so let me quickly just show you what I did here for the tofu this is Szechuan
tofu there used to be more but Beck and I have been kneeling and chilling at it
so all I did is heat it up a skillet or a pan toss the cubes in there cooked it
down on a high heat added some Szechuan sauce and just let that rip and holy
smokes my curd is for the chickpeas I’m gonna
add a little bit of zest to it and I’m actually gonna just saute those get them
Brown so a little bit of oil 1 cup of chickpeas have has 10 grams of protein
we’re gonna dump that right into our corn where your flavors up you’re gonna piss
whatever veggies you want you can throw in there I’ve got tomato pepper a Bhagat
cucumber a broccoli high in protein hey scientists with it what’s the
protein ma just Leonard three grams for every hundred I think they’re done I’m
just in the kilim okay now let’s talk sauce yeah I like my up here rib oh I
like my dressings extra acidic lemony so I’m going to add a full lemon and now if
you notice then life hack here always build your dressings in a Tupperware
container so you don’t need to wash things twice
you like that back that’s freakin genius thank you that’s one lemon medium-sized
what do you call that bin yeah oh my god you guys saw that okay so
I’m just gonna mix that into lemon we’re gonna add a quick tablespoon of the gods
nectar here in Canada maple syrup mmm let me get to Sweden a nice part about
dressings guises as you become better at making them you will simply test them
and discover the three pillars sweet salty that’s it
wow that sounded good that’s a yeah that sounded really good and I think that’s
true like you’ll just get a 5-4 like Oh needs more lemon both knees we’re
vinegar Oh needs more sweetness both needs more
salt and you’ll just get good at it and then you can just become a mmm okay a
little bit too much of God’s nectar definitely put him away well sweet for
my liking I’m gonna add a little salt I think it needs a little bit more lemon
so I’m just gonna throw another not quite half do it in there I love like
fresh tasting dressings and like lemon or lime really helps give it that flavor
yeah that’s the hit are you looking where wow this is such a quick freestyle
Friday now all we do put it together we’re gonna start with the spinach we’re
gonna throw that right in the bottom that’s like a nice generous handful oh
we’re going to do a little bed of quinoa one two three so that’s three
tablespoons no oh then it’s four okay over here I’m going to throw in orange
pepper cherry tomatoes from raw broccoli some cucumber avocado or grilled
chickens yeah and it’s in that Szechuan tofu does not look in st. last but not
least and address it we’re gonna do a generous pinch of hemp seeds now given I prep things ahead of time
obviously makes a big difference but if you are looking at something like this
as far as meal prep before work what I recommend is like I did do a big batch
of quinoa do even cut up all the broccoli that’s gonna stay fresh I
wouldn’t do the tomatoes maybe not the peppers but those things you can cut
quickly big thing a tofu that way you can just scoop scoop scoop scoop scoop
the dressing will stay good for at least a week hit it with the dressing and then
boom you’ve got a delicious bootable delicious high-protein bootable I
thought it’d be a cool idea if we sat on the side here and eat my Buddha bowl so
I’m gonna take a bite I’m gonna try and get a little bit everything Wow here’s
what have to say first things first the dressing is a little sweeter then I was
originally going for it but it works because Szechuan cargo by Szechuan tofu
has got heat the chickpeas that I did with cumin and turmeric have their own
little flavor going on and then everything else just pairs so well
together highly encourage you to try this one if you liked it go ahead and
smash that thumbs up if you want to see more lunch ideas leave a comment below
and be sure to subscribe to our Channel every single product new bits are coming
at you holy smokes I’m starving I’m gonna sit
here and smash this stay hungry friends


  1. yummy my new favourite is chick peas.. Can’t get enough of them in my food lately.. Thanks for the new ideas tofu in that sauce looks so delicious.. Need to try this.

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    Awesome recipe, as always! 🙂

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  5. I've recently started adding maple syrup to my vinaigrettes. It is soooo good with a good aged balsamic and olive oil and some s&p. My favorite!!! Unfortunately I can't eat soy though. Soy makes phytoestrogen and if men eat too much they can develop moobs. I'm just super sensitive to estrogen so it gives me huge headaches!

  6. Looks so delish. I eat lunch 4 bkfast & dinner. I also eat bkfast 4 every meal. Food should not be categorized. Food is people too.

  7. I hate buzzer leaf blowers or any gas powered trimmers… they have them at my workplace all the time! The noise really bugs me. Nice recipe! I'm not vegetarian, but it sounds really nice. I am trying to eat more protein and veges!! I like quinoa as well. Fun vlog 😀 😀

  8. I hate buzzer leaf blowers or any gas powered trimmers… they have them at my workplace all the time! The noise really bugs me. Nice recipe! I'm not vegetarian, but it sounds really nice. I am trying to eat more protein and veges!! I like quinoa as well. Fun vlog 😀 😀

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