Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Review – Everything about Animal Pak

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Review - Everything about Animal Pak

i fu grow an animal sponsored athlete I played college football in the States at the University of Rhode Island on a football scholarship I wore into the weightlifting side of the sport than it was the actual sport I didn't even enjoy the sport that much bodybuilding was always something I was into so I approached a couple guys I knew who did bodybuild after I was done football and they kind of pointed me in the right direction I'm more of a volume guy when I played sports obviously it was about max power max effort but I got into more volume training when I got into bodybuilding and I just found that it worked better for me because I could use a lesser weight and get more blood to the area and just have a fuller look to my body as opposed to just being some guy who goes around and throws max weights and usually ends up getting injured pretty easily so I think there comes a point where once you're once you begin you kind of have to push yourself in order to break through plateaus and kind of really wake up your body to the concept of growing past what it really wants to and I think more importantly than the fact of you having to constantly be lifting more weight is like people really don't get how much you have to feed the body in order for it to grow so your diet has to be there as well if you want to grow and you want to reach your potential and give your body what it needs to recover from how hard you're pushing it you're going to need supplements like this I think animal works for anyone who's dedicated to working out and stay in a selfie as I can think it's more about a lifestyle of animal and like I'm being dedicated to something and being a part of something not many people can identify with when I wake up in the morning I have animal pack animal pack got everything you need in it got antioxidants in it it's got obviously vitamins and BCAAs and whatnot so I mean you can't meet that in terms of getting your body going for the day and giving it what it needs I also take my one animal Flex the big guys we push a lot of weight it's important for us to keep the joints healthy and everything lubricated right so even a product like animal flexes if you take it twice a day or once a day depending on your even your set that comes animals back it's always important when you're working out to keep Croesus our own levels high and keep yourself ready to grow all the time so I take that before workouts just to stimulate the growth process Animal Rage is probably the only pre-workout product I've ever tried that just doesn't make me jittery or make me anxious or am I feel kind of smooth and it's like a sustained energy it's not really up and down peaks and valleys so everything's kind of condensed into before I workout and later on the day I mean if I'm dieting or if I'm putting myself through a really intense session of training in the sense that I'm going I might be going a little harder that a couple weeks or whatever I'll take another hand on the pack at night if you want to take your health seriously and take your nutrition seriously you're going to need to do that to grow right so someone who gets up every day and eats the same six meals and hits the gym for the same amount of time and it's a cardio and it's dedicated to their life I think that's what brings everyone together because everyone's on the same they're on the same plane in terms of the way they approach their life and the way they approach their training anybody who's looking to get that all in one shot and take care of themselves like they should in order to facilitate growth and recovery you can't be


  1. β€œMet some guys after I was done with football and they pushed me in right direction β€œ lol πŸ˜‚ sure buddy

  2. β€œIt has uhhhh vitamins and what not in it” buahahahhahaha why don’t they get an average guy and not a nuclear silo marine fighter pilot lookin ass mofo

  3. FUNNY, lol what you use mate deca 300 or test-e TEST-e or sustan ? but realy you not can use big when use only leagal produc πŸ˜€

  4. Supplements are for the retarded kids. Steroids are the real deal. Steroids changed the world of bodybuilding because without it you could not even look like a proper competitive bodybuilder.

  5. Animal Stak ? really dude you take a Test booster ???? AHAHAHAH cmon be serious stop fooling people the only test booster you take is the one going in your ass ! Fitness industry trying to sell crapy useless products that don't work to people who have 0 knowledge ….

  6. in my experience the pak of 11 pills work. you feel good once u get passed the harsh size of the horse vitamins. never crush it…. just dont, you'll regret it! once you eat them shits, you better train that day. train smart, train hard. and when u feel like stopping, train harder. and eat ho e cooked stuff, or Boston market, or hispanic or Jamaican food. just real food. try to avoid fast food joints. enjoy

  7. Universal is always on point. Clean products, trustworthy and you know what you are getting in each pack.

  8. well regardless u do aee this guy in the gym everyday im sure but however u most people on here just go once a day and or 3 times a week and say no way bruh i put in real time and effort thiers no way a human being can get that bug natural even on supps gtfo man be commited figure it tf out god dam

  9. working out in the gym for almost 5 years made me realize that you can't gain pure muscle mass with just supplements and rest. sure you can get ripped, but not as big as those guys you see in youtube, they all take steroids.

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