Utter and Final Abs Annihilation Workout

Utter and Final Abs Annihilation Workout

hi guys so here we have a very high intensity abdominal workout starting with the straight leg sit-up not too much time to explain about really these exercises because right now I want to talk about intensity you know this work I was filmed while still in Melbourne I never got a chance to really make video out of it but I now really feel it's a good time because right now the dominating team has been sort of this intensity and pushing yourself and so this workout really fits really nicely on this and this is a bicycle crunch by way to these three exercises sitting crunch bicycle crunch and now the last one is to line leg circles that you just repeat basically for three rounds for the given reps no rest at all and so the intense day as I mentioned it's a crucial thing is one of those key elements and you want to get results you need to be able to push yourself it's only see most people they know you know you can find so many exercise you can fight pause of exercise from you to just go there or surf around you can literally find like hundreds maybe thousands of exercises and you know kind of okay this I need to do and you may have even have an idea after that how to do with the good form so that's the second tip so you have an excess and know how to do it with the proper form but the third step here the intensity and actually the time of the tension and into the intensity are both often lacking and this is something that you need to actually two skills you need to develop and learn to push yourself see most people they really don't push themselves the point where they have created any significant stimulus for you to make a real change in your body so you need to know how to actually stay under the pressure stay on the tracer for a long period of time many people I think quit way too early their sets way too early to training at a point where they feel probably the the first point of you know when it's getting tough but as you can see here right you know in the middle of this set you know I'm I'm pretty much showing it my face that it's getting pretty hard you know and I let the form go little my legs come off the floor and and that's find that's the point in these workers you see there are different type of workouts like if for example athlete 20xx what do I do that you know there you actually learn you're just focusing on the form mostly and the time under tension and but that's a different thing in then there are other type of workouts where you are not so much focusing on the form you are using your original good form that you have it if you're not trying to improve it you maintain a good form and you work with what you have and you push till the end as you can see here this is the very last exercise here of this set so remember really you it's it's only half to know what to do the other half if you want to get anything done is that you need to know how to push yourself to the point where you created significant stimulus to really create muscle mass or gains in size and strength and endurance so here is one extra round that I did I really wanted to just felt like okay it was hard let's go let's go pushing it further and this is something that is the whole intensity thing and this pushing even when you feel like okay I'm done it's part of the word 20xx which is our new program and we're aren't actually I wanted to make sure that people on earth like get this there's like zero room for actually error because I do the workouts and I show when you look at me doing those workouts you can follow along and actually see how to push yourself in there like in real time sort of like having a trainer with you pushing yourself and this is one of the kind of easy sort of shortcut or secrets to actually get great games and great results is to have someone there to push yourself you don't always have to do anything everything by yourself so we're at 20 X X or there isn't work as to what that would be just for apps or just relay extra just the shoulders the workouts are full-body they combine basically they always work pretty much the whole body in with different multiple different sizes after the bicycle crunch is one of the exercises in the world trading 26 but the routines always contain some sort of pressing pooling excited squirting xn and so on but here I let you I'm gonna let you enjoy this this set and what you till the end and see me struggle a lot more this you can see in the world training workouts just visit the webpage where truenicks come and join the army and fire up with the intensity see you guys in the next video boom


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  2. Man…u don't need anymore make abs exercises… Otherwise u will became a square alive walking..💪🏻 🤖

  3. U r unstoppable and, inspiring, sir! 😊😊
    U r panting but, continuing! Y not just take a few seconds off in between!? In stead, of doing things painstakingly!

  4. I really like "follow along," videos. They keep me motivated thru the workout; reminds me to maintain good posture. Thank you.

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