Vegetables full of Nutrition Fiber, Amino Acids and Minerals

Vegetables full of Nutrition Fiber, Amino Acids and Minerals

all right you guys I'm back and now I'm gonna show you what I'm going to make here for the road we're gonna have some salad so I'm gonna mix all the greens first and then I'll show you the other things that we're going to put on top alright so again bowls very convenient here I have parsley and cilantro mixed up together so that's gonna be added in here is dinosaur they call it done this is kale but it's dinosaurs more of a long-life leaf real pretty so we're gonna be adding it now here it's a leafy green lettuce now usually these are wrapped up with a rubber band you have to really go in and open up the leaves and just rinse some people just do it like that I mean you can if you want but I have to make sure there's no bugs cuz in one I found a mom and they blend really well with the leaves so if you don't mind eating a crunch crunch somewhere more power to you but anyway just open it up and just you know kind of let water run through it alright so now I'm going to mix everything together and it's really something you can get all of your greens this way now the parsley and the cilantro all right so I'm going to put this in the bowl and then I'm going to add some alfalfa sprouts now they normally you know really fool you can just take it and cut it up with a scissors now this ko could be kind of tough so if you want to soften it up just put it in your calendar and then remove the water break it up like this just pat dry it a little bit and take you some olive oil and it will soften the membrane where it can be more pliable for you to chew all right I want to show you everything here so I had some lettuce that we had over the salad so this is the salad mix with some believe arugula inside of there and then I have what you saw me made combined together with the sprouts so over here I have some celery some carrots cucumbers sliced tomatoes I have cherry tomatoes some peppers sweet peppers radish and cucumber and that's all you need so let's put a little bit in each one so you don't have to overdo it you see people even overeat with salad just keep it simple a little bit because once you start piling on the other one your whole plate or Bowl will be too full so you just wanna you know take it easy now you have the choice to use the cherry or the slice so I'm going to put both and that's it keeping it simple now all I do is put a sprinkle a little bit of garlic powder and sprinkle a little bit of Himalayan salt and that's it now if you want hummus you can get hummus now the hummus that you saw off someone mentioned about that I bought it at the store is from Food Lion and that was the pine the pine nut and that was so so good so you can try that one or make your own so for chef mama Rose I just wanted to come in I'll show you how you can make a simple healthy salad now if you like alfalfa in you get your protein definitely from that so with that said enjoy your salad I'll see you on the next upload


  1. Love you Mama Rosa. I'm committed to eating better. Can you please do a simple easy budget friendly beginners meal plan for breakfast lunch and dinner? I need help with ideas and I really value your input! I eat huge salads with different ingredients and make dressing with evoo and lemon. I just need help with a routine like meal planning and meal prep. God bless you🌹🌹🌹

  2. Thanks for the info. What type of letuce keeping do you use? I like the bowls you use also, great idea to bring healthy food along, I hate to eat out nothing is clean or healthy.

  3. Sister Rosa where did you find those containers? they arrested the perfect size.. thank you for all your awesome videos.

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