Vidcon 2019 Panel – Tackling Mental Health Online ft. Dan – Part 1/2

Vidcon 2019 Panel - Tackling Mental Health Online ft. Dan - Part 1/2

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we give you four different continents huge talking about back tonight with these guys okay any questions but super quickly that we do by the second leading cause of death among adults in the United States and so that's why we're tackling this issue it really is around about having conversations about mental health and a stigma so that's what our campaign is really focusing in starting conversations recognizing when your friends are struggling and then how they can reach out to their friends into the start those conversations so that's what you awkward is all about just wanna show you a quick video and show you'll recognize the faces listen my friend anything yourself recently after another are you okay is there anything you know and listen even you don't know what to say I'm here to talk no matter what you're going through just let me know anything you want to talk I'm here [Applause] awkward bye no knocking into those moments and starting conversations with our friends so it's Erica meant to complement of minds we're really focusing on trying to communicate how do we talk to your friend have the conversation listen are you okay that's what we say are you okay asked some one are you I can spin like that right when I needed to texted you know saying they loved me they were thinking about me sometimes a hug obviously I'm not a trained professional in anything I don't know what but I have seen it and I am in it and it it really means a lot on both your channels and in a book and just on all of your job on your Monday what really inspired you to share both like your family journey their personal Michael Holick story yes very good question I and so your honor but I'm also a huge mental health okay I I suppose that the short tips answer is that a little bit more choice because I couldn't see myself doing a career in entertainment without processing what was happening to me for me I'm a verbal processor by sharing my story and sharing my journey allowed me to process it because we were really interested in this stuff I put five three unshared temple in fluid it's all about mental health in America homelessness etc so very good time call but for everybody at work so what inspired me was really just it couldn't not talk about my reality with a platform that I know what it looks like trying to struggle its struggling with mental health I know it looks like trying to maintain your mental health I know how expensive the medication journey and so this is why it was something that I had to say I really am very active and I want my choice I didn't want to talk about fine I've done almost important to you but Gabi why put the most important to you also I want you to talk about how you really use their music are too sure so that's a health tip towards me because it's something that I start with a lot growing up I didn't understand that I was it was something I thought was a very very same thing to say that I was depressed or anxious but Nick grow up in a household where we're here to talk about our feelings or express things to each other so there was just a lot of innards work turmoil all the time for years from like 13 till 8:25 I didn't understand that you just talked about it so then when I started doing YouTube that a little bit and buying them stuff just without the shock that and it was fine but the chandelier last are so long so once that kind of started to settle in and I had to look at myself again I was now dealing the same thing as I already had but now I don't Isaac and I had this channel where I was talking about my life and my feelings and then I'm also getting these messages from people like you saying that you're experiencing these things too and now it's kind of the first time that I realized oh this is so fun why was this so embarrassing for me growing up and what if somebody could have said something to me growing up about that so I just wanted to talk about it so that I didn't know the way I was until those two I was always on camera and trying to shut off everything that I was feeling so I would literally in between takes anything happened it just wasn't affected at all so that was building into the rest of my life I was just like this anxious ball of energy who is something happened like great misplaced anger toward other people and I just had to really hate myself because everybody was looking at me so we're you guys know what we don't have that experience but I just hope that this is very wrong where did I run each other answering your question all right so that you guys understand this you're in that age that I was that I think demographic a big month and it's so normal to feel this way that all of us have gone this way way more people in mind about this way and try to find some type of creative outlet look you guys know that my whole thing [Applause] right if you don't know what your outlet is ask somebody close to you what is it that I'm with that what's your favorite thing about me and if they say you're really kind that take all that energy and throw it into volunteering but they think you're really smart take all that energy focus the others there's more work it just do something positive for other people it doesn't have to be like I'm going to make a song it could be just something that you're good at your take on the negativity and maybe what you talked about about the eyeballs and like that pressure on these we have people watching your content and fighting to keep it very Ottoman and not share those bad parts of your day but Alec you have a situation where you very publicly are going through something and mental health situation or a journey like he did last year and talked about it with your channel talk more about how that goes like anything that you think video at Conte get me back with but then also but taking a break now like what I'd like to take a break yeah so for those more in familiar I don't really sorry to blow up into 2017 and 2018 and I was a huge achievement growing up I watched everyone on this couch terrific and I was teaching so when all of these creative sorry reached out to me was are watching is a fun to come true and I was so scared to lose it so I didn't gave my whole life to it and said yes to everything so I was you know funding out videos and I don't delegate which is another common one but and so I take control and then I am read this but I tour I was going I was like never home and you've mental health problems and so last year during to where it's kids my first panic attack and it was there was alone in and it just already had another heart attack right April last year I was having like a panic attack at the other day and and then so it kind of broke after a conviction last year and I had a very public mental breakdown and that's when like everyone my friends and family kind of just like they resided in the stock and they're the ones who told me you could take a break and so we can't so let me think and it was like that was hard for me because I felt like no one was gonna watch I felt like I might put everything at once what was that would be taken away from me and so I feel like that the water that's why there's a lot of using rubber it out things that because they have an ecology that if you don't we're not gonna care and so I did a video explaining to my vote because part of it was like I mean it out like that like look that's pretty public in I feel aware of the seeing things in I wanted to like just tell my story and also um I I just like I couldn't make another video without addressing it because I just couldn't like make a smile or that was not happy so I wanted to get that across to put I just felt really genuine and yeah it was a it was hard at first in fact some people really like talking about that stuff person I'm better at it now but like growing up I did it and I just didn't like emotions and stuff and so it's it wasn't a full 1 e I'm going to be much we won't see it talking about it and so it's feel like this whole box is just good luck majestic I can really I want to get I think you're on there be in Stockton and it's it's it's been really great I think I've definitely grown a lot from it really cool so much thank y'all for doing that be like that when you've got like a video that got some success and all the pressure that you felt to make sure that you put your whole life into it there is a good side of that which is that when faced with something you go through the fear and that I think that if I had that kind of attention and that you if you do it in a space where people do things luckily we really wasn't that much at the time I think I would've run away so like it definitely broke me down but it's also huge and [Applause] earlier this year our minds about you mental health the reason why it's so important it's the whole concept that exciting visible illness and the whole thing especially with being a youtuber being public or even just anything relates your families in your friend you might not know at all that someone is going through something like this which is why I have to ask it why how to talk about these things and it's got so much better in the last few years one of these things that everybody a trace on it's just getting so much better it's so much better but even when I made my video about the depression that I've been through in 2018 it was like a really terrifying experience but for me it was that assumption that everyone was looking I mean I don't know what you thought about me or my life or whatever but no one would've thought that I was having such a hard time until I spoke about it and then when I did that changed everything so it's just that everyone here that's the entire idea but it's so important to share these things and especially with my mic break as it were it comes back to what you say English is when you're constantly being a youtuber and as you're expected to keep doing something it's quite hard and what I felt was that every time I uploaded the video it's like I was putting a piece of me out and every time I kept doing it especially with the gaming channel that being Phil hang that was very frequent it's like I couldn't read or change behind the scenes because every time I put something out there it's like I was still firs in that version myself I was putting out so I got to a point where I just said there's certain things that I have to deal with in my life is like getting ridiculous now so I think looking a very scary decision to say I'll upload this one video calls transit of my truth literally it's about being authentic and how sometimes you need to go through your rating loud stuff to make a big difference in your eye and I said I am NOT going to come back until I'm ready to actually do this stuff because I can keep doing the same thing that I've been doing so long like pushing forward kind of procrastinating my personal life by doing work which is like a weird sounding thing [Applause] especially platform that was a great example of like oh that's what it [Applause] [Laughter] me saying like I'm not ready to deal with such things yet but this is an issue in my life sexuality is just one of those things or relationships assuming things and especially as someone who's but it's all about that person on the internet it's the whole thing way you're not living a life that most though you are on the inside you will never feel right so you have to sew as hard as it was as same as the decision seems to everyone in my life I was like no I have to do this and it took a long time very successful young person and how do you about that what do you found any sort of like tips on how to avoid that burnout I want to hear that for everybody really takes on hey Baker we don't have a little version of all everyone else's little breakdown I had one throughout I this is the thing I started making YouTube videos very when I started 11 years old and I was just making videos watching and and yeah video players we wanted to do it too and so I started making videos myself and really started my own channel one of us started and by the time I was 11 billion subscribers what is going on you know I had so much happening to me and you know my injuries but I don't think it was as much as I felt like I was gonna lose that I think was more that I achieved my dreams and I still wasn't like happy because I really wasn't like what was gonna make me happy it's interesting to journey everything is always like way more exciting that I could get in there that's like a really true statement that I've learned throughout my life so far socially eating that are given but it goes that's like a burnout side of things as I just like out of ideas and my ideas and IV I attended me too for a very long time and I love me to you and it's the everything that I have but you know as I started to work like visual space and my work on like you know television show or any movies is somebody that I have like unlimited ideas because such a creative space where like taking your time is respected and I get into the space and I throat with this myself like you have to make something every singly and I get into a traditional space and they're like yeah we're really weird like ever since one two three the next two weeks so that they take a small break and we'll come back home at 4:00 to 7:00 and it's late I think we could just write a content this week just that because it's like I was built up this like craziness you know make something all the time always have an idea about next season like that's not healthy but it's never good better than before and that's what we're all doing here and there's a certain aspects to be too bad I can't grow like drove me to back video to make that video to just be like I don't want to edit and I have no ideas this week and this is something I really talk about you guys all said talking about it really helps so I hear that was a big part of it was really just like let me speak for a second putting on something that isn't authentic any work didn't wrap in that same version of myself every single week about growing at all so this is about one week to burn a little and maybe I think that if anyone had thought that but I would have said like here's the standard it's once a week for the rest of your life future generations of digital independent content creators that we've just bought independence is that you get to know selfie platforms in so many different ways to experience an interactive age the YouTube standard that was set during generations that we came up in I feel like that was the only option it's like even like like five six years ago and I was making videos more frequently what I didn't come and write it would take me – two days – why am I here you can't even like say that will definitely come up with an idea once a week is the public as well and so there was like it was a very specific cultures do something so frequently I think my love what you said about these innocent version of yourself that was my biggest thing was before 5d learn when I put this mic for work I help myself even even those moments that like trade my bring to do this and it's happened so many times what you don't come out of this moment so I always Louis it's always like anything so in this case is after the monster all these Ingram happening has an all-time low and I was like that on Susan with the work that I started my channel I'm really excited by the times so I was like to say I know what to do so then I was and I was very perfect they were disgusting first time for three years so me I'm date like you too I don't care I'm literally going to be my carpet or the rain just like a breakdown actually change so anyone in this room ever feels like I'm about to lose it and it's gonna be drama maybe that's a good thing you know focus on so I think I think my friends that I talk to you or tell myself when I need to is like when you do those really live at Lois's it does happen you're gonna goes lows you just kind of kind of get through them kind of take notes for a minute they're like okay what am I feeling right now like what are some ways I can come in through this better let me go back to that hi and you feel better really okay this is what I did last time you get through that and now you can carry this into this next moment I know what happened and just it's a cycle and it's important Olivia but imagine any of us escaped that's what I'm like I almost would use dude so many times but it's early this is awful but I can't let them wait if you let them win then it went and you're gone really but if you just stick with it like though like lies there was people to spare in my life and really I'm sure Gary thought a little point/counterpoint little bit of the opposite side experiences that persist so I was been responsible for my family I take care of my mom's disabled like that's my and obviously I really would but no I obviously but I think that like for those of you you know there's so much more responsibility for like financial responsibilities that like other people's lives will literally not like Twitter sucker like where is content but like literally like you won't be able to make their wrecked you have to give yourself the support you need by taking the spaces and the intervals that you needed it like I also wasn't a regular uploader and I think that that really statement had a lot of different times if you could post a video six weeks and I'm like oh but like you know you if you give something like you can take time now and like pause slow down a little bit you know not have to wait till it becomes unaffordable I guess like you're saying about like the pressure from YouTube for me that requirement as well because that's one of those situations when it might look like somebody's thriving if they work really like to eat something upload and sometimes that's when people need support for most it was find somebody like my family has no money so it's like if I destroy my own career I meant nothing so it's that constant terror or if I do any mistakes of my career that I'm going to go to absolutely zero it's kind of like that existential terror or you know feeling like I it's just me by myself and it's a situation where you're like you said professional yet to be so perfect and I can do all the work you have to yeah my friend did you go oh look at that ministry nation doing is that the other resume and other people are totally fine he's walked a little bit about covering it sort of hiding clerk at yourself the LGBTQ people are much lighter and spurred by the health issues sexually transmissible your Delta Y Q and your audience thought by pilots that sort of effect we're going to help Bernie and they need a lot of here I wanna know what do you have any tips for AdvoCare started with there Heisler bunch of stuff I was like this is like art like this is somebody was an artist this is great work I hope she'd never isn't she playing the YouTube game and so that when you when you but we have to record over again I tell you now that might just happen to this kid that just happened like because what you do the way you hate your art is different from the way someone the way anyone makes that is different you know it's like it's that one time we ran out of our music like you if you choose the creation and it's a beautiful thank you


  1. Dan looks soooo much happier! He is legit smiling the whole time! This is the happiest I have seen him at one of bc these events. You can tell he's in a much better place now and I'm so proud if him 💕

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