Virgo Love & Health July-August 2019

Virgo Love & Health July-August 2019

[Applause] [Applause] Virgo hello I you can put the private reading with me here in person in Orlando Florida you just need to go through my website to book and I do a past present future for love health and sexuality and in the past I've got knight of Wands knight of Wands I always get this card in this check when someone's been dealing with a bully or a narcissist but like not your general narcissism that's that some of us have on occasion like nerd like like somebody who's just been like Virgo Virgo hey and for some of you I I feel strongly for all of y'all just say it that this has been another person but for some of you you do that to yourself in your head and that was in your general July spread so definitely go check that out and it's like because you do that your head you attract people to you who do that to you also um um but sometimes I say to my guys I'm not saying that but in the vein of being helpful let's do this I'm a very strong personality I get super excited and I can just feel like hey we're gonna do this business and if someone doesn't say no or not then I'm like I just it can get bigger bigger bigger so for some of you not setting boundaries however hold on I'm a healthy person who does my best to live in the light and if you say Jamie no stop I'm like oh sorry oh oh my gosh I'm so sorry this person and for some of my burgers it's been multiple people it's been unhealthy people people who don't respect a boundary and I feel like it got worse and worse and worse because some of you were not like no stop for some of you you were like no stop and when you got a huge backlash from these people or person you were like okay just kidding so you know that might be some interpersonal interpersonal work you need to do perhaps you've been doing that work this is in the past Center cart mid-july through mid-august the Emperor so the Emperor is being the authority in your own life this could be an Aries alert potential major arcana seen a prior card of an Aries so you could have an Aries coming in or somebody with aries prominently in their chart or just someone who's aries like which is very again charge ahead hey let's do this impatient usually like hey make a decision maybe you want a series in vertigo I don't know but bar charts are complicated ha ha ha cuz we're gonna it's like let me analyze uh the details where I decide to go anything know anywhere ever do anything with you and then Aries is just like pure instinct that's there one of Aries is main jobs so at any rate Mitchell I through mid-august they see you being the authority of your own life you had that message all in your July spread as well and July 16th partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn which is asking all of us weary the authority in your own life and where are you giving too much your personal power away and look at his body posture Virgo I see it that's like you're going to be very like like just kind of like it's not defensive of hearts it's just more like you know my heart is special and amazing and I'm sick and tired of giving it to people like this and I'm going to decide with my own inner Authority what I do and don't want to do with my heart from now on you know I love it I love it and you will really need to maintain this energy if you're dealing with an Aries I might add sorry Ben Aaron all right enough Aries is um I have an Aries story in my chart that I have a love-hate relationship with and um and so Aries can definitely turn with their Hut even with hard in the right place they can turn into this if proper boundaries are not set I'm just just consider yourselves warned mimmo gets tomato let's see what we have king of cups so might be a better partner if you have a choice of partners no they either want to be okay Brewers are complicated but this is potential water sign alert which is Pisces Scorpio or cancer mid-august relator either way Virgo I see you as the Pied Piper vlogs like like just really attractive to others really feeling yourself loving yourself being happy and fulfilled within yourself and that is always attractive to others and just really very um you know what what do i what do I want you know very you've got an interesting message in your general July spread about something that happened last holiday season Thanksgiving Christmassy and it's going to continue on through this holiday season Thanksgiving Christmas II and but this is so Valentine's Day II to me um so I don't know I'm just gonna leave you with that I do I don't know uh it could be mid August or later you meet someone and and then in Valentine's Day time so February ish you you see what that relationship was about doesn't mean it lasts doesn't mean it works out I'm learning to really fine-tune my interpretation cuz I gone to some psychics and received some interesting interpretations and made some decisions based on that and had that be like what so you know um but whether it works out or not it's like I see it as next valance sorry I say it again cuz I'm getting it again next Valentine's Day you will fully see what this has been all about interesting so definitely watch my videos between now and next February haha shameless plug right um but at any rate ready I've been abused bullied etc in the past I'm talking as you per go I am no longer willing to give my heart to people who do this to me I am done I mean thority my own life blue is very connected very spiritual and then I am open-hearted Pied Piper of love no longer going to live my emotional world and my emotional life based on the past wounding on my past wounds on you don't know what they did to me it's been so hard I no longer in that energy I am the Pied Piper of love in all areas is what I'm seeing and this only lines up with your July messages so let's go to the health message real quick in the past interesting it lines up with a love message it's all connected in the past they see it as any health issues you have right now or medical physical stuff I had to do with you not having a voice in childhood I got to be honest I am an evolutionary astrologer and I believe in I believe in Souls our souls have reincarnated and come here many times typically and and like I see it as Virgo it's here to serve humanity one nitpicky detailed person at a time and typically you guys have a story of being victimized not having a voice not and therefore in your adulthood not being able to speak up and say stop that and it's it's kind of I'd just see that over and over again with virgos so medical health stuff has something to do with not having a voice in childhood especially if that's fibroid or lungs or anything really so I am a medical intuitive I've been an RN for over 17 years most of that and post open-heart intensive care and heart-lung transplant team I do a lot of medical intuitive reading so if you are having any health issues again as you can see already we can weave all of this together and definitely come see me for a reading mid-july through mid-august observe maybe keep a journal of your symptoms a journal of your symptoms and what you were feeling thinking or what was happening when those symptoms came about that's one thing I do in readings is I'm like you ever notice every time you get this migraine you're thinking about this type of stuff it's how I'm seeing it they're like oh my god and and they haven't been putting two and two together but I'm able to help with that but just really observe observe your surroundings your reactions to life and other people and observe how you do and don't speak up and use your voice for your own personal power and maybe keep a log or a journal of that mid-august or later the answer is connection forego muse master voice in the Tarot you're the hermit so you need solitude and self-care and alone time and we get it Virgo we got it however aha the shadow side of all that is isolation Heidi locking yourself in your fortress of solitude and not letting anybody in and not going out and connecting and I'm hearing if you really want some healing to occur I there's something to do with your medical health situation has to do with connection that can also be getting connected to the right practitioners which is another thing I can help with as well like our you know do you need Eastern do you need Western do you need a mix of both I can definitely do my best to point you in the right direction but you need the right connections socially emotionally medically I'm just hearing that that is the answer this is how the heart shoots blood and everything to the lungs the lungs oxygen oxygen ADA everything and shoots that out to the body and some of it back to the heart duh duh and then to the brain where we can see and perceive everything clearly and it seeing like something your emotional world is causing physical blockages and that in in that whole cycle and that can lead to fatigue again throat chakra like that is what's happening to me in this reading and I get a lot of physical sensations when I'm doing readings so real quick sexuality just kind of wrap this up and I just kind of kind of like head-on the first thing that comes to me because it is a general video and I try to keep these short and sweet so sexuality were you bullied and then unable to have a voice so were you unable to be who you are you know I feel like we don't get um we don't enough attention isn't paid to this ready that this is just a message I'm getting so go with me on this I'm gonna use heterosexuality as an example but flip it to whatever your sexuality is but so it's like this let's say you're a super effeminate boy straight heterosexual boy little boy and it's like I'm gonna trying to cry saying this but like I I have a friend and her little son loves his primping he's a pretty beautiful little like like nine year old boy very prim P very very beautiful little boy and his dad was like if you don't stop playing with your hair like that FA ggot I'm gonna do something about it and later that day dad took him out on the front lawn and shape the kid's head and and and and that's being reported to the appropriate people but I know that's extreme but it's like our little girls who art um boys and like a shaved head and want to run around in boys jeans I actually was that little girl super tomboy and it's like something about not being able to just express whatever you were going through in your various stages of sexuality as we're developing growing prepubescence puberty etc really affected your current sexuality that was in your July spread definitely go watch it there specifically that was in your something along those lines was in your July spread own it you know I can be too harsh too brash alright I got all this makeup on for these videos but for the most part I run around with a little bit of mascara and face and face stuff on and and wild curly humidity hair I got a little more proofed up for you guys you'll see if you get a private reading from me a little more of a natural girl and a running around in yoga pants and I know I know but I never gonna catch me no man like that I know I hear you all ask me on the train want a man you know right ha ha ha maybe I'll catch the right woman how about that but do you know today just own it own however you are whoever you are and you know what the most attractive thing is being authentically ourselves right so there's that and then what I see is in the future you do figure out how to do that and that's really beautiful and you're able to get more in touch with your sexuality for you virgos I'm getting that that's going to be more over time and that's going to be more just piece piece by piece it's more going to be more of a journey for you guys so I'm this year again think it so much um come see me again in two weeks for your general videos and Virgo all right love it thanks bye bye


  1. Bingo, I am my own bully.ย  Also, Virgo Sun with Aries Rising, so that's always fun lol.ย  The Aries tells me to make a move on a woman I'm attracted to, but the Virgo says, "uh uh, are you sure that's the right thing to do?"

  2. You have the only intro on YouTube I watch all of, it always makes me smile. Thanks for all you do to make the world brighter and better. Your readings are always amazing. Even when bits don't resonate I still come away learning something. ๐Ÿ’™

  3. Yes, Jami…I Am Reclaiming My Authentic Voice. It was Stifled in My Childhood and Earlier Adulthood. Thanks. Sun Virgo

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