Vision Correction Part 2- Nutrition and Chiropractic

Vision Correction Part 2- Nutrition and Chiropractic

so vision and nutrition what you can help or hurt you and those are blueberries in case no one knew they're usually not that big if they were that would be even better so a quick review these are the muscles of the eye and with the exercises the last time which was a couple weekends ago or a couple weeks ago we actually talked about how to work on the strengthening of the muscles but you also have to learn how to relax them so they can change the shape of the eyeball itself to help make sure that the focal point is actually where it needs to be so if you're farsighted or nearsighted it'll kind of adjust appropriately so that is the reason that we're doing the exercises and I'm going to go of just a couple of those real quick just to review now the part of the relaxation really big part is the belly breathing and I like to show off the belly on this one so remember when you breathe in through the nose the belly should go out and out through the mouth this is how we breathe when we were little babies because we just naturally know how to do that that's why babies are so cute you always want to poke them in the belly because their bellies are always going out like that so it's in through the nose out through the mouth and that really helps to hyper oxygenate the blood and that's always good for better vision now the palming this is normally done seated but I demonstrate like so you have the heels of your hands on the cheekbones the fingers cross across the forehead like so and you do the belly breathing so it's in through the nose out through the mouth and you just focus on darkness this is going to really help to stimulate the rods in the eyes those are the ones that see low light and black and white so in through the nose up to the mouth that really helps to focus on the relaxation and this next one is my absolute favorite this is the one that I did one time and was able to get rid of my glasses for two and a half years yep so what this does is as opposed to stimulating the rods that do the low-level black and white light this distant lights the cones which does the color and so what I did even though it's a little more advanced I didn't realize at the time and it was kind of funny watching me I was actually standing outside of a wholefoods true story and I look up at the Sun and it's like super bright it was the middle of day and I did my hands like this and like this and that creates a strobe light effect that stimulates the cells and really helps to rejuvenate vision a lot was amazing and then I found out and I only did that for about three sets of 10 to 15 seconds each and it was amazing I mean you see spots for a while because you're staring at the Sun they always say don't stare at the Sun you're going to burn your retinas and dr. Bates that actually originally came up with this method he he and his students got taken to court saying they were going to burn people's retinas and things like that and he had all kinds of clients celebrity clients back in the 1900s that said I'm fine I'm not how many burned retinas and they did the studies and all the retinas were fine so all those got dismissed so a lot of times the people that are blazing a path through the frontier of new new opportunities new chances for a new way of thinking they get criticized and first at first and chiropractic was the same way so now we're going to talk about three of the main conditions that people worry about glaucoma that's an increase in the pressure of the eyeball itself and we have increased pressure in the eyeball it actually starts to put pressure on that optic nerve and this is going to cause permanent loss of vision which is really bad but we actually have foods that will help to relieve that pressure in the eyeball so if you have any kind of glaucoma or know anyone with glaucoma really important that you pay attention to that and I'm also going to give you a downloadable list of all the foods so it's going to show you what goes with what so just in case you were wondering this is another big one age-related macular degeneration now of course they don't really know what causes this it's the the macula in the in the back of the eyeball in the retina that starts to deteriorate and you can't focus and start to you a blurry vision especially if you're over age 60 I'm not looking at you Gary but it's one of those things that I'm looking over there I'm not looking to you exactly but it's one of those things where it's kind of like with arthritis if people just say oh well that's part of old age well no that that's not that's not how it has to be as patients here know that if you do the proper nutrition have the proper hydration get the proper motion in those particular joints and especially nutrition with the eyeballs because there's not a joint involved technically then you're actually going to heal that tissue and it's going to constantly regenerate it and as you know you get your blood is recycled every 120 days so you have brand new blood cells in there so in the skeleton it's 12 to 18 months you get a brand new skeleton so if you make sure your bones are aligned properly then you're not going to have as much arthritis and eventually the body starts to resorb that I thought that was kind of kind of neat and this is also called ARMD we're going to abbreviate it later so so that's a mouthful age-related macular degeneration now cataracts now this this is the most common thing over the age 40 it's another one that they're not exactly sure what causes it it's in the lens of the eye itself now you've got proteins in there and sometimes it starts off in a really small area and then it can grow and that's when you see people it kind of has a cloudy look in their eye and that's a really big cause of blindness which is really really bad obviously but it's another issue of if you have the proper nutrition proper hydration and the muscles of the eye aren't causing a lot of strain on the lens it's going to help to reduce that and if you already have cataracts there's some other foods in here that'll help to reduce that and help to clear up that lens which is hard to believe I know but true working with the body that's a secret now everybody thinks carrots carrots are always great so I always thought rabbits must be able to see really well because they carrots all day long but what it is it's the beta carotene and those carrots that and there's a poster back there that you can actually see when you cut a carrot a cross-section you can look at and it looks almost like an eyeball and what it is is the beta carotene helps act as an antioxidant and actually helps with night vision as well as maintaining the health of the retina itself so carrots very good eggs yep if you're juicing that's fine you don't have to eat it like I mean anytime you get the contents of the carrot into your system that's good juicing it'll be even more concentrated so it's good but it actually is it is a problem if you eat too many carrots I've seen this in one case if you eat carrots all day long your skin tarts to get starts to get an orangish tent so to cut back if you starts turn orange the eggs eggs are really great they contain lutein zeaxanthin zinc and vitamin D and that helps to fight off the cataracts and the age-related macular degeneration so right there eggs is good and they always talk about especially in California oh you need to have egg whites you don't eat the yo because the cholesterol and all its is not and it's not true the cholesterol that's where all the good nutrients are and that's where all these great ingredients and these great vitamins and minerals are is in the egg yolk itself no doesn't matter I'll say who said that oh I mean if you fry it it's going to reduce the the nutrients a little bit but you don't want to eat it raw because sometimes there's they're not the healthiest and you don't want to a rocky where you're chugging down a dozen raw eggs because it can be a little rough oh yeah you can put you can put some in there yeah now the next one this is the powerhouse this is why it was the poster child for the nutrition for vision blueberries very high in antioxidants and vitamin C now this is what you can do if you have pressure in the eyeball itself eat blueberries every day now that and people always ask well how many blueberries oh I feel like a bushel basket Oh blueberries like no you don't usually blueberries the important thing with this is you can eat consistently blueberries every single day even if it's just a handful every day so throw that in your juice so it in your little smoothie in the morning it's it's amazing I mean this is just blueberries are delicious do I do this every morning in my smoothie next one's good too fatty fish this helps prevent dry eye it has the omega-3 fatty your dry more fatty fish they have fatty fish in Canada well I know well you don't want to get a lot of you definitely don't want farm-raised fish at all it has to be wild if it's salmon you can also do mackerel anchovies the smaller fish really really high in the DHA which is really really good and that is going to be a maiden that also helps with brain function as well the next one's really interesting too it's another one for cataracts legumes so lentils and things like that it is amazing and this is a really neat stat that I found is that countries that have high diets and lentils significantly lower rates of cataracts so in India they eat a lot of lentils and a really significantly lower rate of cataract so make sure you're eating more lentils get that Alex okay JJ you look confused and this is the gods end of everybody here in the office we always talk about coconuts coconut milk coconut water the caprylic acid and the medium chain triglycerides they act as a second source of energy for the brain so you don't have to have the glucose all the time you can actually use this and it has been amazing results with Parkinson's patients that in Alzheimer's patients that aren't quite quite processing the way they should and you can have they did a study where they had Alzheimer's patients draw a clock before the treatment and they would draw just kind of a couple squiggles and you could tell they didn't have a clue they couldn't remember what a clock looked like but then after only a week of I think it was three to six tablespoons of coconut oil they were able to draw a circle and numbers and is obviously a clock so there are obviously some connections that were being made there after the medium chain triglycerides with the coconut milk was incorporated in so I mean why not always be that what you want to be on top of your game have your brain firing on all cylinders so to speak so make sure you incorporate your coconut milk as well as coconut oil coconut water coconut water is amazing because of the electrolytes so if you're drinking a lot of water because we always encourage you to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water then you might get your electrolytes a little looted so if you drink coconut water that actually has the electrolytes in them so you don't have to worry about diluting your electrolytes out you just get a young Thai coconut crack it open we have a great video on the youtube channel how to open up the coconut yeah you can't get that I bet you could get it shipped the Internet's amazing I bet you could get it even even in Winnipeg yeah tomatoes we always know tomatoes are really good because of the lycopene any bright colored vegetables and fruits are always good for you and because the bright color is always always a healthy nutrient of some sort it reduces the light damage of the retina so if especially here in Southern California if you've been out in the Sun a lot getting your vitamin D which is really good it's been so hot lately that you might have a little retina damage just from being in the Sun because even if you have your eyes closed that that those ultraviolet rays are going to get through into the retina so make sure you're eating your tomatoes and it's also good for prostate health lycopene is so that's why you always find that in all the men's health formulas over in Syndrome and all those different places this isn't this next one's kind of neat too yes ma'am yep really I have not heard that but that's good to know so did you hear that as well the nutrients are more bioavailable okay okay here it goes is it too so so steam them or cook them however you like very nice good to know so cook your tomatoes and carrots pistachios another one with the zeaxanthin and lutein what was the other one that had both of those eggs zeaxanthin and lutein so that also fights the age-related macular degeneration so the getting losing your vision because you're getting older get you an omelet with some pistachios in there and you'll be good I'm just killing just kidding you don't eat that that would be a little rough be a little rough pistachios are good though this one's kind of surprising dark chocolate there you go but we always knew the dark chocolate was good for you because it's got that increased level of the cacao in there the cocoa and that helps a lot with antioxidants increases the blood flow Oh also spicy peppers are good for blood flow as well and that's going to help to make sure you keep all those arteries going to the eye healthy and get the oxygen to the eye to make sure it doesn't start to break down that's really important for the macular degeneration as well and the next one everybody's going to love this one too I'd love this one tea and coffee so it helps everything dry eyes cataracts macular degeneration maybe if you threw some blueberries in there it would help with that inner ocular pressure for the glaucoma but this is really really good and I actually read that if you drink three cups of tea or coffee every day no more than three threes the magic number that it actually helps your brain to stay less foggy so it's going to help your vision and it's also going to help your brain to function better okay it's the caffeine you have the caffeine increases the circulation so and once I'm done with these we're going to I actually have a neat little if you were here last time we're going to use break out the string and practice the focusing I'm going to tape it up to the wall over here but that's going to be in just a minute so these are the ten foods that we've covered so far carrots eggs carrots don't forget cook the carrots thank you very much blueberries the superfood mind the way fatty fish but not the farm-raised salmon you don't want farm salmon while wild always legumes helps a lot with the cataracts so lentils things like that coconut is is the miracle nut you know it's not a nut tomatoes cook those as well for the lycopene and sun damage pistachios excellent just don't put them in the eggs that's got the zeaxanthin and lutein the dark chocolate which is delicious and filled with an ox and it's going to help with circulation to the eyeball itself and tea and coffee so now this is going to go over each individual benefit carrots retina health and night vision you can't technically see in the pitch dark but it helps with night vision so you don't get that aura around lights and things like that eggs fights cataracts and macular degeneration armed blueberries help decrease the eye pressure so that is good to help glaucoma so if you do have increased eye pressure I know somebody was here last week or last time that had increased intraocular pressure I don't know if they're here today though wasn't he wasn't no yep blueberries so if he's watching blueberries fatty fish are good for dry eyes the legumes are good for the cataracts and the macular degeneration as well coconuts good for brain function and just overall circulation and brain fog and that's all going to help with vision as well the tomatoes for the light damage of the retina Shashi O's for armed fight the armed dark chocolate that helps with low-light vision and helps increase circulation as I talked about before and tea and coffee that fights cataracts armed and dry eyes now this was only ten of the foods we can actually if you want to download this list plus a few other foods you can go to dr. John DeWitt comm slash twenty Foods and that will give you a complete PDF thing that you can print out and they'll have all the side or not the side of the beneficial effects that's the good thing about food they're not side effects to beneficial effects of those particular foods and this is actually a book that's available on Amazon right now I tried to get copies for everybody today but I couldn't get them shipped out soon enough I apologize for that okay so chiropractic wise there's a study that was done with an ophthalmologist and a chiropractor that talks about these arteries here they go down this is the neck obviously going this way and so these are going to be threaded through these little holes you have holes in the side here in the cervical spine and so when you get a cervical adjustment that takes the pressure off these arteries and increases the circulation to the brain and that has actually been shown to help improve vision so cervical adjustments I know sometimes people get a little worried they think I don't like the cracking in my neck it hurts and that kind of stuff it's actually not the bones cracking it's just a carbon dioxide bubble forming and that synovial fluid of the joints and that they're called ziege puffy seal joints don't worry about all that but that pressure taken off increasing that circulation that's really important that you do that because that's going to help your vision among a million other things numbness tingling the arms you know I know we're not chasing symptoms but we're trying to get you at optimal state and that's going to really help immensely that is also what the cervical curve is for or the curve corrector I like to call it I know I demonstrated this before everybody here is probably seen in a million times but you just go like this you can even do this with a towel at home or something like that just rest your arms like this chin goes up chin goes down and you can relax the pressure and then just let your arms rest just like that and that helps especially if you have a reverse curve in the neck that's going to help heal the ligament back here because this is how the head should be if you have forward head carriage the ligament that goes from here all the way down to here is going to be damaged allowing that to go forward like that but when you do that curve like that that pumping action helps force fluid in here and that's going to help heal that ligament and that's going to get that head back over the shoulder that's going to take the pressure off here that's going to help better circulation to the brain better vision and you're not going to get nearly as many headaches or symptoms in the arms upper extremity numbness tingling and things like that so now I'm going to demonstrate how this works this is to train the bike we have binocular vision so you have two eyes that go out like this obviously and they're more towards the front so that we can focus this way they're not on the side you'll notice chameleons have eyes like on the sides of their heads but they move independently so they can see all around but with us we're more focused this way and so what you do I'm going to stick this to the wall over here and you can try this yourself you're going to have it on the wall here you put it right on the end of your nose and it looks kind of funny but you focus on the front bead and that makes it look like there's a V going out and then you focus on the second bead and that makes it look like an X I know this looks really silly right now but when you do it you're going to notice it's really kind of neat and then you focus and you work the way down from each bead about kind of going back and forth and that's going to show you where you can have some insufficiencies in your vision and some of the muscles you need to focus on strengthening or relaxing to help with that so I'm going to stick this up here right now and don't forget if you want to download your list it's right there also wanted to say our crews we have a cruise and everybody always makes fun of me because of my giant watch but I got this on the cruise last year and it was so much fun really educational we had over 16 hours of teaching with dr. Bergman and we had dr. portela and and some other people that did some really great instructional things while we were at sea and this year we're actually going to the Western Caribbean we're going to go to Haiti Jamaica I believe Mexico and there's one other one I can't remember what it is but that's going to be in February of next year and the deposits are due next month so you can go to owners – / crews 2016 and you can if you're on the Facebook page you can get the link there as well and if anybody wants to go it's going to be lots and lots of fun you


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    1. Do NOT eat until you are hungry. Hunger stimulates your taste buds and prepares your body for food.
    2. Do remember to breathe slowly and deep before eating.
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